Wrong By Choice

The recent Supreme Court decision in the “Hobby Lobby” case has provoked one of the most amazing firestorms of manufactured outrage I have seen in a very long time. The sheer number of “offended” people is mind boggling. As a reference point I have been witnessing liberal outrage since 1972.

This manufactured indignation is based on a demonstrably false narrative, ie women can now be legally denied birth control. Those who are “offended” the most, ie Hillary “what does it matter now” Clinton, Debbie “blabbermouth” Schultz, the abortion adoring Patricia Ireland, Sandra “pay for my pills or else” Fluke and all their loyal subjects in the mainstream media have chosen to outright lie to their public. Lets do what the afore mentioned “experts” seem unwilling, or unable to do, have a factual discussion.

Even a casual reading of the case before the Supreme Court would reveal that the owners of Hobby Lobby, the Green family (practicing evangelical Christians) had no moral objection to providing16 of the 20 preventive contraceptives required by the Obamacare mandate. In fact Hobby Lobby paid for these forms of birth control long before the mandate came down from on high. In fact, they still cover all 16 of those forms of birth control. Their only concern was being forced to provide “birth control” that took the life of an unborn child.

Clinton and her cadre of militant mouthpieces knew all this from the beginning. These are the facts that they choose to omit in their demonstrations of “outrage”. This purposeful omission can only mean that for these individuals their ideology is more important than the facts. So I have to ask their supporters, if they are lying to you now, what else have they chosen to lie about? As an aside, why would you now support someone who respects you so little as to lie openly to you? One last question, if you choose to still support these individuals doesn’t that prove you are more concerned with your ideology than with truth?

As for being denied “health care” by this decision. I can only construe condoms and birth control pills as health care if pregnancy is seen as a disease. Liberal progressives may view it as such, but I do not. Lets be honest here, birth control, on average, runs around $3-$5 a month. If your sex life is that important to you skip Starbucks once or twice a month and your good to go.

Furthermore, adding a third-party payer to healthcare will drive up the cost of birth control as no one works for free. In this case no one works less efficiently and at a higher cost than the government. Less costly things like birth control usually experience the highest rise in price as it is the easiest margin to pad. Given the state of Obamacare I suspect it will be far cheaper to pay for your own birth control out of pocket than using the alleged insurance benefit.

Now to the crux of the matter, self-induced abortion. Abortion is “the” religion of the left. They breathlessly demand the right to kill as many unborn children as they feel necessary. Never forget that these are the people who celebrate the murder of some 50 million babies since Rowe v Wade. Given the recent abortion clinic horror stories that even little Barrys’ hallelujah chorus couldn’t completely cover up, liberals began resting their hopes in self-induced abortion. A women taking a pill in the privacy of her own home would generate no nasty public trial. Flushing a fetus down the toilet is quick and pain free (although it provides no fuel for the furnace). This, in part, explains the manufactured outrage they have been demonstrating. The Green family did not want to be forced to pay for Plan B, Ella, the so-called morning-after pill and the week-after pill. By prevailing the Greens have directly threatened the quick, thoughtless, painless, seemingly no consequence killing of the unborn.

As Christians the Green family believe that life begins at conception and that they cannot be compelled to participate in or facilitate the murder of an innocent human being at the demand of the government. I say they are right on all counts. Five of the Supreme Court justices got it right. Astoundingly four of them still believe that killing babies is a right enshrined somewhere in our constitution. I have read the document and I promise you that “right” isn’t there.

It is a rare day of late when the court gets it right. This victory should be celebrated but with caution. We all know little Barry has a phone and a pen so we can expect an executive order or two fairly soon. It is also worth noting that given the courts tendency to decide everything by a one vote margin that just one more liberal justice on the court would seal the destruction of America as envisioned by her founders and facilitate the conversion of the greatest force for good the world has ever known into yet another third world banana republic. The overbearing, tin plated dictator with delusions of Godhood in the oval office is anxiously awaiting his turn.


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