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Publisher vs Platform

In another display of his pathetic need for attention, Bill Maher recently inserted his hate filled ego into the news cycle again by reveling in the recent death of David Koch. What was even more disturbing was the glee displayed by his trained seal audience as Maher savaged a man who literally gave hundreds of millions to charities of all stripes but that is another article.

Right now, the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals is hearing the case brought by Dennis Prager vs Google. Google, ignoring it’s old motto of “Do no evil” because it is now evil, has determined that Prager University, with something like a billion views, must be silenced. While Google won’t admit it, Prager University is an astoundingly effective illustrator of the vile lies, tortured history and massively dramatic failures of the liberalism Google seeks to enforce on everyone but themselves.

Maher addressed this form of censorship to his trained seal audience once back when Apple, Google, Facebook, and Spotify were colluding to get conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Alex Jones and his website InfoWars removed from their platforms.

The clapping seal audience, being well trained, responded enthusiastically to the concept of censorship. In a rare display of sentience Maher rebuked his trained seal audience. “If you’re a liberal you’re supposed to be for free speech,” he offered, adding, “That’s free speech for the speech you hate.” Perhaps not realizing it, he was at the time, making Prager Universities argument for them. His trained seal audience, flexing their intolerant liberalism, refused to even listen to what he was trying to say.

Many, nearly all liberals with a few never Trumpers sprinkled in for diversity purposes, make the argument that the media “platforms” that evicted Jones were private businesses thus immune from the first amendment concerns voiced by critics like Prager University. Left unspoken by these same liberals is the clear fact that the collusion among these “platforms” is symptomatic of a raging, universal urge by those same liberals to suppress any speech that challenges their sad agenda.

It’s this collusion that brings us to the platform vs publisher argument that is the key to the Prager University case. Allow me to elaborate.

A platform is simply a vehicle for anyone to speak from. It is the metaphorical equivalent of the soap box in the public square. The only thing needed to make it work is the willingness of someone to stand up and speak. The public can choose whether to listen or not. Questions and answers can be bantered about, discussed and concepts thrashed out. Ideas can be exposed, examined or ridiculed, accepted or rejected. The process is not always pretty but it is protected in it’s entirety by the First Amendment. In fact, it is the First Amendment in action. As an aside, you will notice that Google, Facebook et al constantly refer to themselves as “platforms”. They do this for a reason. I’ll get to that point in a minute.

A publisher on the other hand is someone who determines/controls the content of what they provide. A publisher decides what you are allowed to know and when you are allowed to know it. If a publisher decides not to tell you something you will never know about that decision unless, as Google is now experiencing, a whistle blower appears. Let that sink in for a minute. If Google, as internal whistle blowers have stated unequivocally, filters and regulates content and manipulates search results, they cannot by definition be “platforms”. They are without reservation, publishers. The problem pointed out by people like me and Prager University is that Google et al continue to, falsely I propose, present themselves as platforms.

Public school victims will see publisher vs platform as a distinction without a difference. If you hold that position, your teachers were vastly overpaid. A fact, unknown to nearly everyone, is that Google negotiated with the Feds an immunity agreement that provided them protection from law suits as long as they were “platforms” and not publishers.

I hear it now. So what sailor? How does this affect me? I’m glad you asked. You see, every other publisher is responsible for the content they distribute. Don’t believe me? Ask any news director. It’s the well established legal principle, that a publisher is responsible for their content, that Google et al seek to avoid.

Like the repressive Chinese government they have so warmly supported Google seeks to limit your freedom. Google et al are simply demanding the legal right to lie to you, with only the best intentions of course, without having to deal with any consequences of being actual liars. They wrap themselves in the cloak of liberty while readying the knife they are going to use to slice and dice the First Amendment out of existence.

Like many of Hitlers brownshirts who swore undying allegiance to Hitler as they were being executed on his order, Maher’s trained seal audience would approve wholeheartedly.


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The Weaponization of Compassion

It has been said that the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled off was convincing people that he doesn’t exist. What is often overlooked in that statement is that his existence does not require our consent.

In a similar vein, one of the greatest tricks progressive, liberal democrats have managed to pull off was the perception that they care about the “little” guy, the oppressed, the poor etc. To pull this misdeed off they turned to one of the oldest tricks in the book. They weaponized our compassion against us.

Nowhere has this concept been more conclusively demonstrated that here in my home state of Utah.

Over the last two years we have been assaulted with “medical” pot, medicare expansion beyond the states ability to pay for it and more “hate” crimes legislation.

I have already written at some length about the fallacy and tragedy of “medical” pot. The medicare expansion is nothing more than an attempt to crash the system to make single payer seem more palatable to a state full of public education victims. In any case, neither of these travesties of “compassion” are the subject of today’s effort on my part.

Today I want to talk about the misguided expansion of so called hate crimes laws.

To be clear, I view all crime as an expression of hate. Such would seem self evident. Never the less, in a desperate (and destined to fail) attempt to please our states vocal minority of “victims” republicans have sponsored an expansion of hate crimes protections. It is the sort of feel good measure that political correctness demands. After you abandon reason of course.

Under the law as I understood it for my 50 plus years, we were all equal. That seemed easy enough to understand. Now it seems, in what is clearly nothing more than political posturing, some people are to be more equal than others. My Constitutional right to be equal before the law is to be squandered in a vain attempt to get certain lobbies and their supporters to like you. This is beyond tragic, it is malfeasance of the highest order. Never mind that the groups you are attempting to win favor with will never like you, no matter how many times you surrender.

The hard fact is that the elimination of “hate” requires a change of heart. If the Ten Commandments cannot accomplish that change what do you expect to accomplish with a feel good, paper decree?However sincerely offered, such a law cannot have the desired effect of changing a persons heart.

The best and possibly most effective course to combat hate is to affirm in undeniable terms the equality of everyone under the law. Leave the moral posturing to the street preacher warning us about the end of the world. Once you start legislating who is deserving of “special” treatment our equality before the law becomes yet another commodity to be bartered about for the political gain of the legislator seeking to trade our rights for his purposes.

Speaking of the devil, after the last two years I can’t help but wonder if he simply traded his horns for a three piece suit, a fancy title and a nice office in a building made of marble.

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Perspective and Context

Finally, tax season is over! The feeling of relief surging through me is difficult to explain but as real as it gets. I can now devote more of my time to writing about things that, to me at least, matter.

After sixteen years doing taxes for the largest retail tax preparation company around you learn how to listen to people instead of just hearing people talk. I’m certain my listening skills were further developed during my stint as an armed security officer. As one of my Chief Petty Officers in the Navy used to say, “The best weapon/tool you will ever employ is between your ears.” He was so right it is scary. People will nearly always tell you exactly what they want or what their issue is if you know how to listen. Take the “mainstream” media for example.

To an objective observer it is painfully clear nearly every source of news pushes its ideological perspective. Little or no context or perspective is included in the “news” today. News without perspective and context is not news, it is simple propaganda. Nearly all news today fits that description. For the record I exclude those purveyors of news/opinion who clearly identify themselves as such, (Me, Rush, The Blaze and even one of my long time favorites, Paul Harvey.) The organization/person who clearly identifies his ideology may also provide news but the reader/listener/viewer can evaluate such news through the filter of the presenters known bias. Those who present ideology as unbiased news or fact and deny doing so (ABC, NBC, CBS, N.Y. Times, Time, Moveon, Salon etc) are simple propagandists and should be clearly labeled as such.

Black Lives Matters is a prime example of an ideology desperate to avoid perspective or context. Does anyone really believe todays average inner city dwelling black man with his government sponsored apartment, ability to travel at will, generous EBT card, free health care, $200 Air Jordans, cable fed 42inch flatscreen tv, $600 Iphone booming out the latest in rap music and free legal counsel is worse off than he would have been as a slave a 160 plus years ago? These “poor” black men risk being killed by their black brothers at a rate orders of magnitude higher than they would have been exposed to as a slave. But, but I hear the peanut gallery exploding, slavery is evil and wrong. Indeed it is and no sane person would argue otherwise but there are some basic facts, perspective if you will, that BLM and their endorsers either do not or will not accept.

At slavery’s height only 1.6% (interestingly that is also the same percentage of Americans that identify as homersexual, I wonder if there is a correlation) of southerners owned a slave. The fact is that outside of plantation life few southerners had any direct experience with slavery. Does that make the evil of slavery any less then? Of course not but it does provide a level of context concerning slavery that undermines BLM’s very existence. But, but the peanut gallery gasps, what about racism? Just because you didn’t own a slave doesn’t mean you weren’t racist. That is true as far as it goes but honestly, it doesn’t go very far. How then do the BLM race baiters explain the thousands of publicly known Abolitionists (and thousands more who remained hidden from public view) in the south that worked diligently and bravely to end slavery? There were certainly many men of wealth who chose not to own slaves. Were these folks racist also?

But, but the peanut gallery explodes, wasn’t the worth of a black man set as three-quarters of a man? To believe that one must remain ignorant of history and avoid factual context at all costs. The three-quarters number was a method devised for the purposes of limiting the number of House Members in congress from the southern states. If slaves had been counted individually the north would have been, politically speaking, outvoted regularly by the southern states. The three-quarters “rule” was a simple math solution to balance political power. It was never engendered as an actual measure of worth. That was a lie told in the Gobbels tradition, long and loud.

But, but the peanut gallery interjects passionately, that was then, this is now! BLM claims that even today blacks are routinely executed by police. While it is not difficult to argue with someone so comfortable in their delusion that reality takes a back seat it does sometimes get tiresome. I wonder sometimes if such people have just decided to be stupid longer than I can be reasonable, thus “winning” by default. Still, according to the Justice Department cops kill nearly twice as many whites as blacks every year. I guess the police have not gotten the memo about killing the “wrong” color people.

But, but, the peanut gallery whispers sincerely, seemingly desperate to prove some point, any point, no matter how small, of their ideology correct. Blacks are routinely given more traffic tickets than whites. That “proves” racism by law enforcement. Well, its true there are stupid people in every group but I believe law enforcement weeds them out faster than most. Still, perspective blows this “tragedy” into the overflowing dust bin of stupid liberal ideas. According to a study commissioned by the New Jersey Attorney General and later leaked to The New York Times, blacks make up 16% of the drivers on the Jersey Turnpike but 25% of the speeders in the 65-mph zones. In the study a speed camera was set up. The sole purpose of the camera was to photograph cars passing it recording both the driver and the vehicles speed. The number of blacks photographed speeding was nearly identical, as a percentage, to the number of tickets issued to black speeders. To your average BLM type this proves only that speed cameras are racist.

The keystone in the destruction of context and perspective is the overriding and fiercely burning desire of liberals and progressives to erase history and replace it with their preferred narrative. Few examples better illustrate this than the flap over the Confederate flag. The Confederate Battle flag, popularly known as the stars and bars, was never the official flag of the confederacy. The simple fact is that the “national” flag adopted by the southern states looked so much like the American flag that soldiers on both sides suffered serious confusion under the stress of battle. The confederacy adopted the stars and bars as a battle flag to eliminate that confusion. A symbol of racism? In a tertiary sense perhaps but to the student of history and the vast majority of the confederate army it was just a symbol of states rights.

Even so, it is not just ideologies or symbols that must be deprived of context and perspective. People too must be sterilized, sanitized or even eliminated from history. Such a fate has befallen one of my earliest heros. His name was Milton Friedman and he won a Noble Prize in Economics. Precious few “college” students even know his name. Those who dare bring him up as a defender of capitalism routinely hear him being derided as the crazy old uncle every family has. Nothing could be farther from the truth. His brilliant and simply explained destruction of every tenant held dear by liberals, progressives, communists, socialists and social justice warriors made him the all time public enemy number one. To understand just how potent a threat he was to the aforementioned busybodies you should watch him on Youtube. Prepare to be amazed.

Today Ivy League and city colleges are filled to the brim with well-indoctrinated perspective and context free automatons given the tragically inappropriate name of student. This is a generation that has accomplished nothing more than the perfection of narcissism, self-absorption, mindless entertainment and the abandonment of virtually everything that made America the greatest country in the history of the planet. This generation is so devoid of actual accomplishment that they must make up tragedies to overcome. Micro aggressions, mansplaining or safe spaces anyone? On some level I believe these purveyors of social justice sense the destruction they have wrought. I believe this explains their passion and devotion to their frankly insane ideologies. They seek, on some level, to absolve their guilty consciences by riding their white horses to the rescue of, insert your favorite grievance here.

To these thin skinned heros of the revolution context and perspective are dreadful impediments that must be overcome, banned and discredited. No safe space can harbor intellectually honest perspective and context. The twin evils of perspective and context require thought and after all, thinking today is a lot harder than it should be. Thus it must be this way because perspective and context destroys the current popular narrative. Whether it’s the war on women, religious freedom, global warming, terrorism, gay rights, the cult of islam, gun control, equal pay for women, transgender equality, Planned Parenthoods mythical mammograms or the neighborhood pedophiles right to use the bathroom/shower of his choice, perspective and context must eliminated.

As one of the leaders of their revolution Hillary Clinton once said, “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.” Glad we got that straight.

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The Art of the Hoax

This is not an article about Donald Trump. Sorry about that.

Having studied liberals/progressives for the better part of thirty-five years I can say with a great deal of certainty that the majority of them live in various stages of denial. Thus, they are often great believers in or promoters of hoaxes. Not necessarily because they are bad people (this excludes those in major leadership positions, ninety-eight percent of journalists and virtually every elected democrat. Theirs is a special sort of vileness.) but because in their artificially constructed world the truth really is inconvenient. These people prefer the certainty of illusion. Lets examine some examples of liberal “truth.”

Ahmed the “clock” boy.

Doing his best mild mannered Clark Kent impersonation Ahmed, while hiding behind his NASA shirt and glasses tells everyone, “I’m the person who built a clock and got in trouble with it.” He insists the clock was his own “invention.” Well, not exactly.

Thomas Talbot, an electronics expert posted a Youtube video shortly after Ahmeds clock was made public that shows pretty conclusively Ahmed did not actually build his “clock”. According to Talbot it seems extremely likely that Ahmed simply removed some existing components from a standard digital alarm clock. Talbot maintains that Ahmed just removed the original clocks plastic case and attached the clocks internal parts to the inside of a suitcase.

“This child, nothing against him personally, never built a clock,” said Talbot in the video. “He did not invent a clock or build it, and I’m going to show you why. … What this is is a commercial alarm clock, as you would purchase in any department store and use at your bedside. All he did was remove the plastic case from the alarm clock. This is not an invention. This is not something that someone built or even assembled.”

A concurring opinion, of sorts, comes from Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. He called and tried to talk with Amed. He explained to Bill Marher how the conversation went this way, “We talked about science, but while I’m talking to him on the phone, as I ask him a question, ‘Tell me what happened because I’m curious.’ Right? His sister, over his shoulder, you could hear, listening to the question, giving him the answer.” Clark Kent unable to speak for himself? Say it ain’t so!

What follows can only be described as the second act of a badly written play. Despite being notified they can collect the “clock”, Ahmeds militant islamic parents made a huge public display of hiring lawyers to sue the police to get their sons “invention” back. Their claim that a bigoted police department will not return the device rings hollow in the face of the truth.

So what actually happened? The facts we know are these. There was no science fair at the school in the week before, during or after Ahmed brought his device to school. His first excuse died instantly. Mr. Talbot demonstrated that Ahmed did not actually build a clock. This makes Ahmed untruthful. When he brought his “invention” to school he was told to put it away and not take it to any other classes. He then took it to six classes. This makes him disobedient. When asked about his device he refused to answer any questions. This makes him suspicious. Are these enough of a reason to be arrested on their own? Not necessarily, but consider this. In the minds of school administrators and law enforcement it was quite possible that Ahmeds “clock” was nothing more than the timer for a bomb held by someone else. His behavior to the point when he was arrested was, I believe, designed by his militant islamic father to foster that illusion in the hopes that someone would over react. Fortunately no one fell for the bait.

If you doubt that there is an islamic overtone to this story consider this. Eyman Mohamed, Ahmed’s 17-year-old sister, is running Ahmed’s social media campaign. She is desperately trying to portray him as a victim of anti-Muslim stereotyping. Perhaps Ahmed is simply following in his big sisters footsteps. Seems big sis was suspended for her own bomb threat at another school.

The hoax, that Ahmed was targeted because he is a muslim, is patently obvious. Yet liberal/progressives feel it must be perpetrated. I believe Ahmed is guilty of many things, the least of which is possessing a hoax bomb. Texas law provides that, “a person is guilty of possessing a hoax bomb if he possesses a device that is intended to cause anyone to be alarmed or a reaction of any type by law enforcement officers.” Ahmed should be prosecuted because someone needs to teach him responsibility. I also believe he and his siblings are victims of malicious islamic brainwashing by their parents. In my world that’s child abuse.

The Popes little girl.

In a carefully staged moment of authenticity little Sophie Cruz somehow managed to wade through Papal security and wrap an arm around the Popes neck. So concerned about immigration was this little five year old that she also delivered a letter expressing her desire that her mother, father and millions of other illegal aliens are allowed to remain in the USA.

Like any good hoax this one was carefully planned, staged and executed. Having pulled off a similar public-relations stunt in Rome using a 10-year-old girl a coalition of Los Angeles-based immigration rights groups decided to try and duplicate their success. Being well-trained little Sophie refused to leave the Popes side until a bodyguard took her handwritten letter and a T-shirt. Had she failed in this attempt the group would have taken her to New York and, if needed, Philadelphia to try again. Lets be honest here, from a propaganda perspective, this was brilliant. Even so, it was still a hoax.

Juan Jose Gutierrez of the purposely misnamed Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition, one of the hoaxes planners, told the AP, “We planned to do this from the moment we learned he was coming to the States.” He continues, “We have been working for a while now trying to sensitize the American public that dealing with immigration is not just dealing with the people who came in without proper documents but that we also have … countless children whose parents are undocumented.” As if somehow illegal aliens choosing to break the law and then have children is now the taxpayers responsibility. Sophie is correct in that she has the right to live with her parents, not in America but in the country they abandoned. Everything else in this story is just part of the hoax.

Black lives matter.

As a purveyor of hate I can think of no group that got so famous, so entrenched and so accepted so fast as BLM. Wedded to hoaxes like “hands up don’t shoot”, or the white-hispanic in the Martin case, BLM is just another a hate group advocating violence based on nothing more than skin color. BLM types probably still believe the Twana Brawley hoax and that their spiritual leader “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan still talks to the mothership (Yes, Louie actually admitted to that) orbiting over the North Pole.

As a first generation American (my mother immigrated here legally as a child) I feel no guilt for things done in Americas past. Neither should you. No one should feel guilt based on hoaxes. But, but, I hear someone gasping in an effort to attempt to prove me wrong. Before you call me racist, insensitive or any other name used to divert attention from the issue at hand, consider the following facts.

It was blacks in eighteenth and nineteenth century Africa that rounded up other blacks and sold them into slavery.

The first slave owner in America was a black man who went to court to defend his right to own slaves.

Every black ghetto in America is and has been run by democrats, some for as long as fifty years. (Being attracted to ghettos, militant islamic types are flocking to Detroit, but that is another story)

By sometimes as much as two to one, more whites are shot and killed by cops every year than blacks.

On far too many occasions blacks cheerfully rioted and looted their own neighborhoods in support of the hoax of the day.

According to the Justice Department the greatest threat to a black man is another black man.

Black babies are the single largest percentage of babies aborted by the hideously misnamed Panned Parenthood.

There are dozens more inconvenient facts like the above but I hope you can see the trend. Black lives it seems only matter when money, votes or the ability to obtain a free big screen TV are involved.

Oklahoma City.

Some twenty years ago when Timothy McVeigh blew up Oklahoma City many liberals and progressives accused McVeigh of being part of the Christian vanguard attempting to “take over” the USA. (Obviously they have never read any of the founding documents.) In fact, and that fact was soon known, McVeigh was an atheist who was quoted saying, “Science is my god.” Good progressives ignored the unsettling realization that in that regard McVeigh was as much a liberal as they were. The hoax, the idea of a Christian attempt to take over the country was too juicy to pass on. The hoax makers would not be denied.

And so it goes, on and on and on. Matthew Shepard, gun control, minimum wage, the Duke Lacrosse team, the religion of peace, the college campus rape epidemic, health care reform, intolerance towards homosexuals, planned parenthood, global warming etc. There is no area safe from the liberal/progressive hoaxsters. In some respects one simply has to admire the creativity involved in creating and the energy used in maintaining and spinning these and the hundreds of other liberal/progressive hoaxes now accepted as gospel in the religion of liberal/progressivism. I can’t help but wonder how many real problems could be solved if liberal/progressives would dedicate just half of that energy to some of the real problems in the world.

It is also impressive to see just how hard so many good intentioned people will fight to defend the indefensible. No amount of reason, truth or evidence will budge the good liberal/progressive from their ideologically pure position. Their faith in their hoax is every bit a resolute as the Christians is in God. Tell a liberal/progressive that and, pardon the expression, holy hell is likely to break loose. The tirade of liberal/progressive indignation does nothing to refute the truth but having soundly brow beaten you, they feel much better about themselves.

The fact is that liberal/progressives need hoaxes. With the truth so seldom on their side the only options left to them are outright denial of reality or the creation of a clever, agenda driven hoax. Denial often makes one look rigid and inflexible or, as liberals/progressives like to say, like a conservative. A hoax on the other hand allows liberal/progressives to exercise their other dominate tendency, the end justifies the means. Because only they know what the rules of the hoax are they are, by definition, better and smarter than you. The ego boost of being the smartest person in the room must be tremendous. On the other hand, a clearly defined hoax removes the need to think, freeing up the liberal/progressive mind for more important things like looking for micro-aggressions.

In the hottest part of hell, Joseph Gobbels just texted Adolph Hitler. “Am watching the American liberals and LMAO!!!!”

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The Iranian Project

During WWII (a subject our children are tragically mis-educated about) the US Army became increasingly concerned about the number of potential soviet spies within the Roosevelt administration. So concerned where the top brass that they set up a secret intelligence gathering project without white house knowledge or approval on the president and his advisers. Contrary to current historical opinion (liberals/progressives refuse to deal in facts in this instance) Joe McCarthy was wrong not in fact but in number. According to the KGB archives accessed after the fall of the Berlin wall, the Roosevelt administration was riddled with hundreds of soviet spies. They were everywhere from his closest advisers to mid level policy wonks to low level functionaries. The soviet success did not go unnoticed. Someone in Iran it seems was paying very close attention.

Many people believe the Kenyan is a militant muslim deeply engaged in the islamic practice of Taqiyya, the great deception allowed to muslims for the advancement of islam. Given his constant assaults on Christianity and deferral to islam it is difficult to refute such an allegation. After all, this is the president who even now insists on deporting Christian families back to the middle east to be at best persecuted and most likely murdered. In this death sentence the Kenyan insists he is practicing tolerance and understanding. Tolerance and understanding for who I have to ask.

Even to the casual observer the Kenyans commitment to islam and Taqiyya should be painfully evident. The Kenyan has admitted that the muslim morning call to prayer is the “sweetest sound on earth” and then issued the call perfectly. He was educated in Indonesia where islam is required to be taught. Then there was the bow to the Saudi King. No president has ever done such a thing. Nor is there any reason he should. A practicing muslim has no choice but to bow to those over him. But, but I hear from the peanut gallery, the Kenyan says he is a Christian. He was just following protocol/being polite etc. Wrong princess, he was doing no such thing. He has said he is a Christian but there is no proof. (Sorry, there is nothing Christian about the sick “church” of the so called Rev Wright that the Kenyan attended for 20 years. Hate of that breadth and depth comes from Satan not Christ.) The main point here is that even engaged in Taqiyya the devout muslim must bow down to his superiors, thus the Kenyan bowed, confirming to anyone willing to see he is a practicing muslim.

By no means is that the only example. Am I really the only one who has noticed that neither the Kenyan or his former secretary of state go anywhere or make a decision without their Iranian advisors consent. The Kenyan literally cannot be separated from Valorie Jarett and Mrs. Clinton has Huma at her side constantly. Jarett has never attempted to hide her militant islamic tendencies and is on record as working to replace the Constitution with sharia law. Huma and her family are deeply and inextricably entrenched within the muslim brotherhood.

We know that muslim brotherhood members now have senior positions in the government. Like the soviets before them they then fill the ranks below them with fellow islamic militants and even worse, sleepers (agents who remain invisible until called to strike). Consider the fact that much of our government may now be in the hands of a militant islamic sleeper cells.

You doubt me I’m sure. Let me really make your head spin then. What if the Kenyan, through Mrs. Jarett, arranged to have Seal Team Six assassinated? From a patriotic American prospective that makes no sense. But to a muslim practicing Taqiyya, it fits hand in glove. This action would serve two purposes. First and foremost, Seal Team Six’s assault on islam could not be allowed to stand. Second, it served as a clear signal that the Kenyans loyalties had not shifted. The Kenyan and Mrs. Jarett simply may have done what any good muslim would have done. And yes, Jarett would have access to the teams classified movements through senior and compliant military commanders. As a theory it makes enough sense to scare anyone paying attention to death. But I am not yet done.

Does anyone besides me and Trey Gowdey remember Benghazi? What if this was another revenge attack? September 11th is a very important day in islamic history and now, because of islam, in our history. Huma, through her position, undoubtedly knew Ambassador Stevens would not only be at the annex but also knew he would be virtually undefended. This information could have then been easily been passed by her to her relatives/friends in the muslim brotherhood. The U.S. military, as it has done forever, wanted to defend/rescue those under siege. They were denied. And yes, there was a stand down order given. That order could only come lawfully from the president. Do you still have any questions? I see.

As a muslim deep in the practice of Taqiyya the Kenyan continues his all out assault on islams greatest enemy, the U.S.A. Islamic punks like Iran know they could never defeat America openly. So they do the only thing they can. They have a long history of destabilizing countries so, looking at “the great satan” they employ their most successful tactic, destabilization. The Kenyan has succeeded beyond the Iranians wildest dreams. Ponder America today and the tragic amount of damage the Kenyan, his vile minions, useful idiots and blinded supporters have managed to accomplish on behalf of their islamic masters.

He returned Iraq and Afghanistan to brutal islamic fundamentalists to use as a base of operations against us. This gave them both safe ground to operate on and oil revenue to fund their operations and buy weapons. A side bonus is the insult this offered to all those brave Americans, Iraqis and Afgans who died to bring peace to the region. In some islamic circles that insult alone was more than worth the price of admission.

He has given funds and weapons to our enemies all over the world. He gave guns to Mexican drug lords and the muslim brotherhood while turning a blind eye to weapons shipments into Gaza and the West bank. The blood of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocents across the world drips from the Kenyans hands unnoticed by a generation of liberals/progressives trained to be consumed with being “offended” by the latest new and unusual “offenses” and “microaggressions”.

He has now given Iran a free path to obtaining nuclear weapons, which they will use. If you doubt me then consider that Iran is the worlds largest state sponsor of terror, pays parents of homicide bombers a monthly stipend and during the Iran/Iraq war drugged thousands of Iranian teenagers and sent them into minefields with promises of heaven if they died. Iran is even worse than this but I don’t have the space to continue the list. Understand this, the leaders of Iran have no compunction regarding the death of millions. The current ruler of Iran believes it is his religious duty to begin the apocalypse that islamic teachings say is needed for islam to dominate the world.

He has, with the help of fellow haters like Eric Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, S.P.L.C. and La Raza (The Race), set race relations in America back nearly fifty years. He has cleverly and with much help from a compliant media set white against black/hispanic etc. He pits rich vs poor, Christian vs muslim, gay vs straight, employed vs unemployed and old vs young. He has, through his minions even brought back the divide of the Civil War. As a dedicated muslim there is no wedge he will not employ. To his followers, loyal liberal/progressives, there are no “offenses” they will not be offended by. If he really was Abraham Lincoln as some of his followers want the rest of us to believe he would remember that a “house divided” cannot stand.

He has promoted through his actions in cases like the thugs Martin and Brown, and in cases of police officers being openly assassinated, by his silence, an open war on law enforcement. Many misguided people have responded to his tacit acceptance and I fear many more will do so. Then there is Calypso Louie, leader of the Nation of islam calling for 10,000 blacks to rise up and kill white people. The Kenyan remains silent because Louie, having cleared his call with the mothership, is a really useful idiot.

He has nearly completed the destruction of the greatest economy the world has ever known. He hides the destruction through a combination of compliant media, hideous economic under education of students everywhere and dramatically manipulated unemployment/GDP numbers. He taxes profitable businesses out of existence, stymies new growth with unimaginable regulations, uses the U.S. treasury to pay off his supporters in unprecedented fashion and failing everything else, sues on every kind of made up “offense” imaginable. He pushes for unsupportable amounts of welfare (including housing, healthcare and education) to be given to anyone who can sneak across the border then used the understandably natural complaints about this largesse as another racial wedge.

He has gutted the top leadership levels (some estimates are now over 200 non-compliant Generals, Admirals, Colonels and Captains) of the military. He is now working on eliminating as much of our military capability as possible while advocating for a national police force under his control. He allows some 300,000 veterans to die waiting for treatment while allowing top VA administrators to collect millions of dollars in “bonuses.” He remains silent on demands for our soldiers to be prosecuted by the world kangaroo court for “war crimes.” He tried filling the ranks with known gang members so, presumably they could take their combat training back the streets to use against both citizens and law enforcement. He ruthlessly attacks Christians in uniform while deferring to militant islam at every turn. As for his much vaunted gays in the military charade understand this, he needed more than just your campaign contributions, he needed to know who you were. Homosexuals are just another unnecessary distraction to the military. But when the Kenyan finally gets his way he will have a rooftop waiting for all you little princesses and it will be the Kenyans supporters throwing you off. Wear your best panties for the funeral.

He has expanded the spying on Americans to levels that give murderous dictators around the world wet dreams. While the NSA spying programs are an evil of Bush’s creation, the Kenyan has expanded them to include everyone everywhere. Every phone call, every email, every website you visit and every purchase you make are now tracked, analyzed and stored forever in Utah. Just to let you know, your smart phone now tracks your every movement for the NSA as well. The Kenyan needs to know who his supporters are and spying is a great way to accomplish that. There is an even more important reason for the in depth level of intelligence gathering on the public though. The Kenyan and his minions need to identify and monitor their enemies. Despite the daily doses of propaganda dutifully rolled out by his mainstream media, he knows his enemies (politically speaking) are growing in numbers daily. Finally consider this. How much useful information could be gained against political opponents or judges by such a broad spectrum spying program? Can you say Mitch McConnel, John Boehner or how about John Roberts?

Finally, consider that he is importing tens of thousands of military age, muslim men into America as “refugees.” ISIS has publicly declared they will “infiltrate” the refugee population as a means of getting its wackjob followers that are too lazy to walk across our wide open southern border into America. The Kenyan knows this and allows it to happen while demonizing anyone like me who points out the folly of such an action as racist, mean spirited etc. Just as an aside, since when do refugees come equipped with the latest I-phones and selfie sticks?

America desperately needs a modern Venona project. I suspect the reason there is no current equivalent of the Venona project today is that all the leaders who could/would orchestrate such an endeavor have been forced out of the military/media/political processes. Those of us on the outside who attempt our own versions are demonized as intolerant rubes, racists, bigots, homophobes or worse, anti-American. Many of the same insults were hurled at critics of Roosevelt. It seems someone in Iran was paying very close attention to history indeed.

I sometimes wonder if the only remaining question left to answer is when do we hit the tipping point? At what point does the Kenyan declare America a part of the caliphate? He has already said we are no longer a Christian nation and told us how important the muslim contribution to the founding of America was. For the record muslims contributed nothing to Americas founding. Or, at what point does the Kenyan realize that enough American citizens have finally awakened to the threat of his massive deception? What is a terrorist dictator wannabe to do then? Does he have enough military and police force accomplices to take control of America? If he tries will anyone except us “right wing” and “bitter clingers” try to stop him? Will anyone even notice?

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Tidbits 6

Unless you are a truly dedicated news hound like me you may not be aware of the unfolding and dramatic increase in black on white violence. You could be forgiven that lack of knowledge based on the near total blackout of the issue by nearly every major national media source. When these events are reported these same media outlets have chosen to ignore “race” in their coverage. This is supposed to demonstrate that they have achieved the saintly status of “Politically Correct.” I guess their sensitivity training certificates were not good enough for the likes of the race baiting little Barry, Jacksons, Holders and Sharptons of the world.

Given the near (pardon the unintentional pun) blackout it is likely you haven’t seen the surveillance video that showed six black male suspects outside a club in Springfield, Missouri brutally assaulting a white man and his girlfriend.

Well, the Springfield police saw the video and attempted to use it on their Youtube account to see if the public could help identify any of the assailants. In what I can only describe as an act of senseless stupidity Youtube pulled the video and warned the Springfield police department that any similar “violations” could cause them to lose the ability to post videos or even lose their Youtube account.

In defending this racially biased insult to the Springfield police department Youtube offered the following banality, “YouTube is all about sharing, and it can feel great to get positive feedback and attention from the community.” Youtube then continued, “But when users receive comments or videos that attack and bully them, their experience is no longer fun or safe.” I guess all the other Youtube videos showing assaults didn’t offend anyone.

Meet thirteen year old Kyle Bradford. Kyle is a student at Weaverville Elementary School in Weaverville, California. He never imagined as he went through the lunch line one day that he would find himself suspended from school for a simple act of kindness.

On this day young Kyle wasn’t really hungry. Sitting with one of his friends who didn’t like his lunch, Kyle gave him the chicken burrito he had been given. Later Kyle would explain his decision making process this way, “It seemed like he couldn’t get a normal lunch so I just wanted to give mine to him because I wasn’t really that hungry and it was just going to go in the garbage if I didn’t eat it.” His choice to share his lunch got him suspended.

Weaverville Elementary School is part of the Trinity Alps Unified School District. The district has a strict policy against students sharing their lunches. It is, they say, a safety and liability issue. I’m sure that’s how the policy was sold to those who supported it but I think it is just one more cog in the public indoctrination system. Young Kyle must be taught to conform at any cost. I guess Kyle was not aware that feeding people was the governments job and we all know how the government feels about competition.

Kyles mother offered the following, “By all means the school can teach them math and the arithmetic and physical education, but when it comes to morals and manners and compassion, I believe it needs to start at home with the parent.” Well said.

It is well known that politicians love polls because it saves them from having to actually think but this poll is really revealing. After reading this poll I have no doubt these same politicians will be scrambling to find more ways to ensure their job security.

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that 23.9 percent of Americans polled from Aug. 23 through Sept. 16 strongly supported or tended to support the idea of their state seceding from the union. 53.3 percent of the respondents either were strongly opposed or tended to oppose secession.

According to the poll results the desire to sever ties with the current political class cuts across party lines. The poll showed that 29.7 percent of republicans and 21 percent of democrats approve of the idea of having their state seceding. The idea of secession was most popular in the southwest where 34.1 percent support the idea. The New England area, you know where all the government workers live, their was little support for succession. Go figure.

Texas, Colorado and California all have succession or reapportionment movements currently underway. As more and more Americans become aware of just how repressive their government is becoming I expect that trend to continue.

No one who pays attention doubts that the Kenyan little Barry and his minion Eric Holder fight hard and dirty for principles they believe are important. Sadly these principles do not include concepts like free speech, the right to life, the right to not be endlessly spied upon, the right to believe in ones faith (unless you’re an islamist) or a hundred other protections granted to us by the Constitution.

The “right” little Barry and his minions are clamoring for now is, wait for it, the right for people to not have to speak or even know English to work in America. Little Barry and the boys are not just demanding this “right” they have gone so far as to sue a Green Bay, Wisconsin metal and plastics manufacturer. The company is being accused by little Barry’s criminal enterprise, sorry, I meant administration, of discrimination for firing a group of Hmong and Hispanic workers because they could not speak English.

In a clear cut abuse of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, little Barry is insisting that requiring workers to know English in order to perform their jobs and insisting that said workers speak English while working is a violation of the Civil Rights act. It seems the criminal enterprise (there I go again) known as the Obama administration feels it is unnecessary for workers to be able to communicate with their supervisor, understand instructions or even be able to ask for clarification or help. Is this an effort to criminalize the mere concept of understanding? I suppose that if no one can speak English there is a high probability that they would be well insulated from the few outlets of conservative thought that are readily available.

To further harass business owners the Kenyans administration has take legal action against employers who conduct criminal background and credit checks. This they say, is unfair to criminals and people with low credit scores. I guess if you own a business you must now subject your business to the whims of criminals because after all, “you didn’t build that.” One can almost hear little Barry now, “Let me be clear here, the whole character thing doesn’t matter. I just need a permanent underclass dependent on me for the truth.”

I know the Kenyan and his minions hate this country and from a progressive/liberal perspective this all makes perfect sense. To those of us who still have a modicum of common sense though these ideas are really bizarre.

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