The Coming Storm Part One, Divide

There is a storm coming. This storm, a mixture of evil and design will be brutal to those unfortunates engulfed by it. It has been brewing for the last fifty years but the conditions required for it to reach its full, terrible fury are only now being slowly but surely, fully finished. The forces needed to maintain such a storm have finally found their leader. To anyone paying attention, and there are fewer and fewer of us every year, it was obvious the minute their dear leader opened his mouth. After all, who wants to “fundamentally change” something you already love?

That fundamental transformation was to take place on every level, in every area possible. To accomplish this there were three crucial elements that needed to be in place. Racial strife was the first. This administration and those shortsighted people who follow/enable it, indicts itself by its own actions and inaction’s on this. They started on day one by dropping a slam dunk case of voter intimidation against the Black Panthers. The stoking and fomenting of racial tension by the Kenyan and his evil cohorts continues to this day unrecognized by his followers, unchallenged by the media/liberal republicans running the GOP and thus virtually unabated.

In a year where so called white on black police shootings have declined we are led to believe by the Kenyan little Barry and his evil henchmen Holder, Sharpton, Jackson and ninety percent of the media, that the situation is exactly the opposite.

According to the Center for Disease Control in 2012, police killed 140 blacks and a staggering 386 whites. In fact, the CDC shows that over the 13-year period from 1999 to 2011, 2,151 whites were killed by cops versus 1,130 blacks. So, who exactly is being “targeted” by the police? The Kenyan and his media lackeys know this but choose to remain silent. That alone should tell you everything you need to know about all of them.

It is not just black on white violence the Kenyan seeks. Consider the current strife over illegal immigration. Of course we are a nation of immigrants. I am a first generation American as my mother came to America as a child. America and what she represents means more to me than mere words can portray. While my mother came through the front door, the Kenyan wants to reward everyone who was able to violate American law by granting them citizenship and any other special benefits he can think of. While this is clearly unconstitutional think about the insult it offers to people like my friend. She has spent four years and over $12,000 to get her husbands green card so he can work to support their family. In the process he even went back to Mexico for over three months, leaving her with two children and a toddler, while his application was being approved. If the Kenyan manages to pull off his illegal immigration efforts he personally owes her and everyone like her, a lot of money.

The Kenyan and his vile cohorts seek to twist the enforcement of U.S. law into some kind of racist crime. Bringing into the process groups like La Raza (literally, The Race, as in the master race? One wonders) and funding their anti-American activities helps to create a cadre of “victims” that he and his ilk can prey on. Being the efficient hate monger that he is the Kenyan does not limit himself to race hustling. He needs societal contention and he needs it everywhere.

Consider the tension between the 1.6% (CDC numbers, not mine) of the population that is homosexual and the 98.4% that is not. The Kenyan is deep into the process of purging the military of its Christian members, in part because they do not approve of homosexual marriage, let alone being forced to accept and condone the practice. As a practicing muslim engaged in the practice of deception he doesn’t either but he needs the tension. That homosexuals donate almost exclusively to democrats is just a bonus. He will gladly “sell them the rope” that his muslim brothers will use to hang them with. There are other reasons for the purge of the military but that’s coming in another column.

Consider the targeting of Christians throughout America but especially in the military by the mentally unstable (ie atheists, people who are terrified of something they say doesn’t exist are, in my book, mentally ill) and members of the Kenyans own hate filled cult of islam. Christian ideals of hard work, self reliance, honor, humility and service to others directly affect the “need” for government intervention in so much of our lives. An honest, objective appraisal of the Ten Commandments would reveal that, if implemented (even if you left out the “God” parts) the majority of government today would be unnecessary. For that reason alone, the Kenyan believes Christianity must be crushed under the jackboot of “tolerance” while the cult of islam must be deferred to at all times.

We must also consider the constant encouragement of class warfare, rich vs poor etc. The Kenyan wants his followers to believe that if you saved some money, took a risk, worked hard, persisted through the tough times and achieved some success in business that you really “didn’t build that.” Any success you achieve by going that route would show those dependent on the Kenyans government handouts that, in fact you can build that. It would reveal to these dependents of liberalism that they have been lied to for at least fifty years. While some of those dependents might revolt upon discovering the length and breadth of their dependency, I suspect most wold not. Dependency, like any habit, would be difficult to break. The Kenyan however will not take the risk and so the myth of “the evil rich” and their “poor” victims must be perpetrated. Besides, he needs the contention.

All of this contention is a necessary step to accomplish the Kenyan muslims goals. As Sun Tzu explained in his classic book, The Art of War, success can be achieved by making a noise in the east and striking from the west. By dividing America into classes of victims and aggressors, then pitting those classes of Americans against each other we, the great unwashed masses are, in effect, focusing on the noise in the east. While that scares people like me to death, the Kenyan and his vile henchmen rest comfortably during multi million dollar, taxpayer funded vacations, secure in the knowledge that none of their supporters believe people like me. Even if some do begin to see the light, the Kenyan doesn’t worry too much. First, he knows the useful idiots in the media will cover for him. Second, he knows that after fifty years of dominating the public education system most of its “graduates” couldn’t understand the process being applied to them no matter how carefully explained. He knows all of this and now, so do you.

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The Fruits of Liberalism

As an ideology liberalism has an unbroken record of complete and total failure. Curiously enough that record also comes with the ability to feel really good about said failure. I believe it is true that a liberal is someone willing to spend as much of your money as he thinks necessary to accomplish his goals.

The first classic example of liberal failure on a massive scale that I can remember is the bailout of New York City (only us old guys were around back then I guess) back in the nineteen seventies. Continuing the tradition of failure in our time is the once great city of Detroit.

From 1933 until 1962 Detroit was governed by republicans. That changed in 1962. Still, in 1960 Detroit had the highest per capita income, thanks to the burgeoning auto industry, in the nation.

In 1962 the democrats/liberals/progressives took over. Knowing full well that outright socialism would never allow them to survive the next election liberals do what liberals always do. They advanced their agenda with small steps and massive lies. It is the liberal way.

So what has all this feel good claptrap gained the once mighty city of Detroit, a crown jewel in the liberal pantheon of success? A recent examination of the city produced the following dreadful statistics.

47% of its residents are functionally illiterate.
60% of all children live in poverty.
40% of the streetlights do not work.
It is estimated that 2/3rds of the cities ambulances do not run.
To save money 2/3rds of the cities parks have been permanently closed.
Detroit Police now solve less than 10% of reported crimes, if they show up at all.
The city is surrounded by another city of vacant, deteriorating homes, many of which cannot be sold for prices as low as one dollar.

The liberals take no responsibility for their actions. Clearly, they say, Detroit’s problems are all due to racism and evil republican policies. That is patently silly considering these results were the end goal of liberal policies and republicans have not controlled anything in Detroit for years. Wait a minute I hear you saying. This was planned? No offense intended but, duh! Lets look at some of the “results” individually.

Being functionally illiterate is a precondition of liberalism. The function of illiteracy is to make control of the population easier. Real literacy frees a man to think for himself. A literate man needs no one to tell him what the meaning of “is” is. A literate man can tell when he is being lied to, lead by the nose or being subjected to vile flattery. Truly, literacy is as great a threat to liberalism as reason. In the liberal mindset there is only one function for the “education” system, indoctrination. Reading is definitely not fundamental.

After indoctrination, poverty is the liberals next best tool. The number of children and, by default their more often than not single parent, living in poverty is another element of control. Before you argue consider the position of the parent in poverty. Few businesses can survive the regulatory and union purgatory of Detroit so there are virtually no jobs calling for illiterate, unskilled labor. The parent is now required by default to look to the government for food, shelter and clothing. Given the miserable state of the public education system that parent is forced to submit their children to, even the most dull witted parent will soon realize their child is being set up to continue the dependency cycle. Faced with no jobs, no education, no real moral or ethical leadership, let alone conservative, Judeo-Christian role models, these parents soon reach the conclusion that settling down for the ride is all they can do.

There are no bigger supporters of law enforcement than me. Even the jerk who interrogated me for twenty minutes because I had the audacity to back into a parking spot at a local 7/11 one night gets my support. (Although his partner who talked his overanxious fellow officer “down” gets more of my support. Just for the record I am not black. So much for racism.) One wonders about that 10% number of crimes solved. I wonder just how deeply Detroits law enforcement is handicapped by toxic political correctness. I can’t help but wonder if that 10% are just the crimes that “solve” themselves. This environment, fear of crime and fear in general, is another requirement of liberalism. A dependant man, living in fear, is again, easily controlled. Another intended byproduct of rampant crime is chaos. That chaos is the cover under which those who are dependent, ill educated or simply thoughtless, surrender the rights given to us by, to quote the founding fathers, “our creator.” In other words, rights than cannot be rightfully taken from us. Surrendering the golden right of liberty only produces the iron chains of subservience.

Which brings us back to New York City circa 1970’s. Having spent years doling out money it didn’t have to people who wouldn’t work and regulating so many businesses out of profitability that its tax base virtually collapsed, the city called for and got a federal bailout. Detroit is simply repeating the tragedy. The average middle class liberal, himself an unsuspecting victim of political correctness and liberal public school indoctrination, cannot see the trees because the forest is in the way. Detroit they say, echoing the liberal media talking points nearly word for word, is failing because of racist policies, evil republican machinations, the failure to allow unions free reign over the work force and a host of other nonsensical reasons.

Although intellectually tone deaf, these lifelong democrats look across their city and still cannot understand why, after voting for the same party for some fifty years, nothing has changed. They will approve the spending of more money they don’t have and surrender more of their freedoms in their vain chase for the “workers paradise.” They have been indoctrinated to understand that more laws, rules and regulations equal more freedom. They honestly believe that all wealth comes from government or, even worse, that all wealth has been ill gotten. They will continue to elect leaders whose only interest in the public is the acquisition and preservation of their political power. They will continue to vote for these ideologues because those leaders “care’ more about the “working” man than anyone else. As blindingly stupid as this is, liberals see this as progress.

I only hope none of their liberal leaders ever manage to get to a position where they, like those that came before them, can get “the trains running on time.”

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Can Black America Muster The Spirit of the 442nd

If anyone had ever experienced racism it was Sgt. Abraham G. Ohama. You won’t know this brave American because liberal American history will not allow stories like his to be told. A Japanese American, his family was interned at the Poston Relocation Center in Arizona during world war two. Placing the vile unfairness of internment aside he joined the army becoming part of the all Japanese 442nd combat unit. His last visit with his family occurred when he was the best man at his brothers wedding in Poston. Before he went back to the war he told the gathered group, “All of us can’t stay in the camps until the end of the war. Some of us have to go to the front. Our record on the battlefield will determine when you will return and how you will be treated. I don’t know if I’ll make it back.” Sadly, Abe (as he was commonly known) was killed in action on October 20th 1944 when he tried to rescue one of his men who had been wounded. For his valor he was posthumously awarded the Silver Star.

At a time when no one would have blamed young Abe for sitting around and cursing the United States he chose a different path. I think, at the end of the day he decided to continue to be an American no matter what his country thought. In the face of real, institutionalized racism, he and all the Japanese soldiers that fought and died with him showed their country in the bold colors of bravery and sacrifice, the folly of its ways.

Fast forward to today. While it is true people like Dr. Carson, Star Parker and others from the black community have risen from poverty to achieve great success in America the black community tends to see their success as a negative. This view is courtesy of the likes of the race baiting America hating Kenyan little Barry, his evil minion Eric Holder, the money grubbing Jackson and tax evading Sharpton. These instigators and their race hustling followers consistently advance the idea that racism is not just alive and well in America but thriving. There will always be stupid people (racists) but they are now the exception not the rule. The Kenyan little Barry and his malicious henchmen know this. As it does not further their racist, anti-America agenda they ignore the facts and try to get black Americans to fixate on the fantasy of America as the most racist country on the planet.

Given what seems to have become acceptable “black” behavior, one could be excused for wondering if blacks have not chosen to inter themselves. How else can one explain the crime plagued inner cities? Having abandoned (with astounding amounts of liberal and democrat support and encouragement) the pillars of civilization ie family, church, education and an honest work ethic what other outcome is possible? Can anyone honestly watch the pure joy on the faces of many of the looters in Ferguson and say with a straight face those looters are decent, honest, hardworking Americans? Of course they are not. These are not spoiled little children throwing a temper tantrum because mommy (democrats) didn’t give them what they wanted. These are people choosing to display their worst instinct’s for all to see. They were demanding the murder of a white police officer whose only crime was wanting to go home at the end of his shift. I can’t help but get the feeling that these rioters honestly believe the thug Brown had the “right” to kill officer Wilson. After all, this is a generation taught by their “leaders” that education is irrelevant, drug use is okay, that marriage, love, sacrifice and self reliance are outdated concepts, that rap music glorifying the murder of cops and rape of women is art. Continual exposure to this environment cannot be anything but toxic to ones ability to reason.

Abraham Ohama and his brothers in arms, were they able to see the black community now, would shake their head in stunned disbelief. They would never be able to relate to the black community today. The members of the 442nd never asked for, let alone demanded, special treatment. All they wanted was the chance to prove themselves. They knew full well that chance might cost them their very lives. They took that chance and prove themselves they did. In that proving far to many of them never made it home to enjoy the fruits of their labors. In my mind, any one member of the 442nd has more honor, decency, greatness and is more of an American than all the rioting thugs in Ferguson combined.

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Truth Justice and the American Way

Lets start with the truth. After the Kenyan muslims amnesty speech it would be quite comical, if it wasn’t so tragic, to watch his lapdog media rush to defend the obviously indefensible. His defenders pretend they are unaware of the Kenyans previous statements on his constitutional inability to unilaterally affect immigration law. With the face of a classic straight man they proclaim his magical, newfound authority to act. For these useful idiots ignorance is truly bliss. Allow me to refresh their memories.

In 2010 the Kenyan muslim warned amnesty pressure groups, “I can’t simply ignore laws that are out there. I have to work to make sure they’re changed.”

In March, 2011, the anti-American Kenyan said, “The notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order. That’s just not the case. Because there are laws on the books that Congress has passed. There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system. That for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as president.”

In April, 2011 the Imam in chief doubled down with a pair of statements, “I can’t solve this problem by myself. We’ll have to have bipartisan support to make it happen.”

And, “I know some wish I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself. But that’s not how a democracy works. See, a democracy is hard. But it’s right. Changing our laws means doing the hard work of changing minds and changing votes one by one.”

In May, 2011 the man who gave weapons and money to terrorists intent on destroying America said, “Sometimes when I talk to immigration advocates, you know, they wish I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself. But that’s not how a democracy works.”

In July, 2011 the alleged constitutional law lecturer (he was never a professor) offered this revealing insight, “Now, I swore an oath to uphold the laws on the books. Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the law on my own. Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you. Not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how our system works.”

In November, 2013 our evolving El Presidente for life said, “We’re also a nation of laws. That’s part of our tradition. And so the easy way out is to try to yell and pretend I can do something by violating our laws.”

Anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to the liar in chief would have known that the Kenyan muslim impersonating our president has done little else but lie (and spend) since he began campaigning for the oval office. Thus his amnesty spiel comes as no surprise to us. Truth was never part of his agenda and will never be. That the muslim in chief would now shine a floodlight on his intention to lie and to continue to lie can only mean he is no longer worried about what average, hard working Americans think. Which leads me to justice.

American blacks have been deceived by liberals, progressives and democrats (there is no real difference between them) and their compliant media for over fifty years. Few blacks know it was the republicans that fought long and hard for black civil rights. It was democrats who fought and filibustered against the civil rights act. It was democrats who presided over the destruction of the black family. Fifty years of lying and deception by those same liberals have convinced far to many blacks that history was in fact the other way around. This explains why they vote 97% of the time for those same democrats. Because of the liberal domination of the public education system and the news media, blacks simply do not know better.

Sadly, what those 97% of blacks do not realize is that liberals have done the math. The hispanic population will soon overtake the black population as the majority, minority in America. (Think about that concept for a moment, a majority minority.) Liberals now believe that the black communities reliance on liberal paternalism is now so firmly entrenched as to be permanent. They may be right. Blacks will find themselves pushed increasingly to the sidelines as liberals attempt to do to hispanic families what they did to the black family. A monolithic black and hispanic voting base is the stuff liberal wet dreams are made of. Which brings me to the American way.

For over two hundred years the ladder of success in America was available to anyone willing to make the effort to climb it. Was the system perfect? Of course not but it was a thousand times better than any other system in the world. Generations of Americans were raised to work hard, play by the rules, respect God and family, save for retirement and leave the world a better place than they found it. Americans like these ended slavery, gave women the right to vote, survived the great depression and won world war two. These Americans, coming from every corner of the globe, desired not just a better life but they wanted to be (as opposed to todays illegal aliens who simply want to recreate the failures of their home countries here) Americans. Those Americans went on to build the freest country and greatest economic engine the world had ever known. Have we always been a perfect society? Of course not but America has always been the shining beacon of freedom that beckoned the world to follow its example. Sadly, most countries have not.

The Kenyan muslim has, with his declarations of amnesty, put the once great nation of America well on the road to serfdom. The facts, as plain as they are, do not require your belief. They are what they are. It only took fifty years for the liberals to get the dominos of American failure lined up. Amnesty was the final domino. When the so called republicans make their half baked effort stop it, and then begin to play along with the new found “rights” of the millions of new, now legal “legal immigrants” those dominos will begin toppling. I fear unstoppably. Then, an America already on life support, the America me, my father and my grandfather all served proudly, will die silently in the night.

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Why Would Anyone Choose Stupid

I have never understood the liberal/progressive ability to not see the obvious. Whole articles have been written explaining the liberal tendency towards Cognitive Dissonance. I even understand that people can become heavily invested in their agendas and beliefs. What I cannot accept is that someone becomes so “invested” in something that reality cannot penetrate the veil. People at this level are incapable of engaging in anything resembling honest discussion or debate. It is this chosen blindness that explains the entire Gruber incident.

The unchecked anger, rage and outright hate currently proffered in such abundance by the gays, muslims, liberals, racists and progressives is on plain display despite the “mainstream” medias best efforts to cover for their constituent audience. Consider the following examples.

Muslim understanding on display

Adherents to the religion of peace have proudly put their “understanding” on display by destroying the Armenian Genocide Memorial Church in Der Zor, Syria. The church is considered to be the Auschwitz of the Armenian Genocide. According to the Armenian Weekly, “Hundreds of thousands of Armenians perished in Der Zor and the surrounding desert during the genocide. The deaths of 1.5 million Christian Armenians during the Armenian Genocide of 1915 was part of a campaign of oppression by the last Islamic Caliphate.” In the summer of 1916 another 200,000 Armenians, mostly women and children, were brutally massacred by the Turkish Ottomans (muslims) and their supporters. The church stood on the site of a former concentration camp and burial ground for hundreds of thousands of dead. Continuing their demonstrations of understanding the so called muslim warriors burned the dangerous and extensive church library (including many very old and irreplaceable documents going as far back as 1841) and exhumed hundreds of bodies, throwing the bones into the street. I wonder, just how much more understanding can you get?

Tolerant Potty Mouths at Dartmouth College

One has to wonder just what the tens of thousands a year of tuition being paid actually buys at Dartmouth College. My guess is that an actual education is not high on the list. One genius student actually asked Governor Rick Perry (at a speaking event at the college) if he would have anal sex in exchange for $102 million in campaign contributions. I bet this students daddy can barely contain his pride. Dartmouth College Democrats President Spencer Blair offered an excruciatingly mild rebuke but did not actually condemn the sexually explicit comments. Blair blathered, “Some students chose to undermine this event by asking the governor very explicit questions, preventing a productive and engaging discourse about pressing policy issues from taking place. While I find Governor Perry’s social (and fiscal) policy vision for our country to be quite reprehensible, the questions aimed at [him] about various sexual acts were unnecessary and inappropriate, and they represented Texas very poorly.” Spoken like a true liberal. Yep. That stern critique will definitely stop the next round of offensive stupidity.

Human Rights Campaign is Flush with Compassion

The Human Rights Campaign, a Washington, D.C. based group that exists solely to perpetrate they gay lifestyle on the unsuspecting issued a report along with some scare videos called “The Export of Hate” targeting Christians and conservatives who disagree with them. One victim of the hate smear campaign, Pastor Scott Lively claimed, “HRC has targeted me for murder.” He shared the following email he received as evidence, “..please let him know we are waiting for a moment when he is alone. then we will take him to the woods, rip out his throat and show him videos from youtube where he has caused misery and suffering to the gay people of the world. then we will put a hungry rat into his throat and film it on youtube. time is coming soon.” Lively shared another example of the homocompassion directed his way, “I would love to see an angry crowd kick you in the balls until you rupture , then cut your tongue out with a knife & shove it down your throat!” The Human Rights Campaign, to my knowledge, has yet to condemn the threats of its alleged supporters or even just condemn the threats in general. The Human Rights Campaign report came with a number of videos shot in black, white filled with menacing background music and clearly designed to spread fear. The grossly misnamed Human Rights Campaign has an annual budget of around $50 million dollars. I am sure they could use just a little more money, after all they have a lot of “compassion” to spread around.

Just plain “Feel Good” Stupid
Stupidity, I fear, is the new normal. In New York assemblyman Karim Camara, apparently desiring to be the next nanny Bloomberg has introduced legislation requiring warning labels on sodas, syrups and concentrates. According to the New York Observer: “the new legislation that would slap warning labels on bottles of soda and other sugar-heavy beverages to notify consumers of the risks of diabetes, obesity and tooth decay associated with the drinks.”
“This is about a pragmatic piece of legislation,” nanny wannabe Camara defended himself. “This is not about an attack on an industry for the sake of the industry. This about doing what’s best for children and adults in our society,” he continued. I suppose he feels there is no need to burden parents with the monitoring their childs sugar intake. I guess he believes no one knows that soda contains sugar and that to much sugar isn’t good for you. Yeah, like graduates of the New York public school systems could the warning labels anyway.

Given the results of the recent midterm elections the level of vitriol by groups like these will escalate dramatically as they scramble to preserve and expand their ill found gains. Muslims have intimidated so many people into ignoring the irrational brutality of their cult that they now rape, murder and pillage without consequence over large portions of the planet, all while demanding (and getting) their welfare benefits. Having observed to deference given to lawless islam both black racists (think Al Sharpton and nearly all the Ferguson terrorists) and illegal aliens are now demanding their “right” not only to be lawless themselves, but to be protected and rewarded for their lawlessness. Progressives like Camara continue to boldly assault the tradition of American independence. Sadly, the Kenyan muslim little Barry and his evil (yes Virginia there is evil in the world) minions agree with them.

Nothing I have just said is difficult to discern. The world is awash in the blood spilled by the religion of peace. Militant homosexuals targeting Christian business are treated as conquering heroes. The public education system is this country, having produced now its third generation of liberal ideologues, is an abject failure in every other respect. We conservatives are told to shut up and get on the right side of history. I simply cannot. History will look back on the last six years with absolute amazement and contempt. History will bear out the sanity of the conservative movement because the level of stupidity required to accept the current liberal, progressive, homosexual and islamic agenda as good and decent simply cannot exist naturally. That level of stupidity must be chosen.

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Ferguson, Failure and the Coming Brown Wave

I have avoided the Ferguson controversy until now on purpose. All the lessons repeated there were taught and biases revealed by the Zimmerman/Martin tragedy. Even so, young Mr. Brown, through his brutish behavior, gave us an amazing display of how those who do not pay attention to history will repeat it. His followers (they stopped being protesters a long time ago) have also reminded us of the futility of facts in the face of a relentless mythology, ie America is a racist country. How else can we explain the successes of Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey, Little Barry etc?

The so-called “black vote” has been attached to the hip (some would say teat) of the democrat party for much of living memory. Having pondered this abusive relationship for many years I still cannot understand it let alone relate to it. Consider the following “accomplishments” just since little Barry took over. The median income for blacks has dropped from $35,387 in 2009 to $34,598 in 2013. In 2013 the number of blacks living under the poverty line topped 11 million. In 2009 25.8% of blacks lived below the poverty level. In 2013 it rose to 27.2%. Although blacks make up 13.2% of the U.S. population they make up 37.4% of the total federal and state prison population in 2013. At the beginning of 2009 46.1% of blacks owned their home. In 2013 that number dropped to 43%. For the period 2009 to 2011 black workers earning only minimum wage rose by 16.6 percent. Strangely enough blacks are fine with this. Don’t tell me they are not because they continue to vote en masse for the party that created, maintains and then blames these results on the evil rich white guys. Sun Tzu would be proud of the liberals ability to distract and deceive.

None of the racial hatred being displayed by black rioters in Ferguson right now has happened by accident. The current black entitlement mentality has been carefully nurtured and grown by the democrats since the late 1960’s. Before then blacks, as a whole, tended to have traditional families with traditional family values. The father both lived at home and held down a job. Mothers stayed home and raised their children. These families had high rates of church attendance, low out of wedlock birth rates and getting a good education was a clearly defined expectation of their children. Not that it was all storybook good but there was at least a foundation provided by the family that children could build on.

Then some over educated democrats came along and decided they knew what was best for the average black family. These caring liberals created government programs to pay young black women to have children out of wedlock, then to pay the mothers rent (it’s not fair to make the babies suffer), provided food stamps to those mothers (it’s not fair to let anyone go hungry), lowering the education standards for black children (it’s not fair to make them learn as much as other kids because they are disadvantaged) and daycare for the kids (it isn’t fair to make mom stay at home all the time). It didn’t take long before the role of parent was taken over by an “all-caring” federal government. Amazingly, it only took a couple of generations to shatter what had once been the best defense against the entitlement mentality, the traditional church going black family. The template for the Fergusons to come had been laid.

As a consequence of young people without guidance, discipline, education or direction in their lives the drug/rap culture began to develop. This was a seminal moment in black history. Blacks had gone from being slaves to being free. Now they were facing the choice of pursuing their freedom or enslaving themselves again. The attitude of the Brown followers in Ferguson clearly demonstrates they have chosen to remain on the liberal plantation.

In Ferguson we see the black community displaying the anger and attitude of an 1860 southern slaveholder when told his escaped slave will not be returned to him. Only a public lynching, they say, will slake their thirst for blood, for now. Sadly, until some grownups begin asserting themselves in the black community, there will be more Browns, more anger and more race hustling to confuse and condemn yet another generation to the plantation of liberalism.

Mindful to maintain their control over such a readily offended (controlled) population democrats swooped in to Ferguson. Minus only their sheets and hoods they paid carefully worded lip service to maintain black anger and appear “understanding.” As my TKD instructor used to tell me, “Angry people cannot think.” An unthinking person is easily manipulated, controlled or even defeated. Democrats need the black population to be angry. Think about that for a moment.

The worry that their fifty plus year run may end is making the democrats desperate to maintain power. Always on the lookout for “victims”, liberals see that that hispanics will soon outnumber blacks. In typical liberal fashion democrats see this as merely another opportunity to maintain their monopoly on “compassion.” Tragically, having established that the dependency template worked before, democrats are in the process of applying it to this countries growing hispanic population. The results at this point are mixed but by importing hundreds of thousands of poorly educated, low skilled and poverty stricken hispanics democrats believe they can speed up the dependency process. I fear they may be correct.

Sadly, the hispanic community has its share of race baiting, poverty pimps such as La Raza (literally “The Race,” as in the master race? One wonders). These hustlers are more than willing to trade their “race” for a seat at the power brokers table. In exchange for fancy homes, impressive titles, padded bank accounts and 6,000 square foot redwood decks they will condemn future generations of hispanics to the same dependency mentality that has destroyed the black community. Given the rush of so many illegal aliens to claim “their share” of government giveaways La Raza’s job may already be half done.

In the end, Ferguson may contain one of little Barry’s few “success” stories. Mr. Browns parents expect to make a small fortune selling T-shirts to their fellow, “oppressed” brothers and sisters. Finally, a shovel ready job. Talk about low expectations.

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ILS or Ivy League Stupidity

I do not remember where I heard the term Ivy League Stupidity (I claim no credit for the concept) but it stuck with me. I have pondered that concept for a while now and have reached some conclusions. If you are a liberal or a progressive you are probably an ILS sufferer so, this would be a good time to leave. I assume no responsibility for your feelings.

My grandfather, a crew chief who spent his days fixing the bombers that survived the daylight raids over Hitlers Germany, was a very practical person. Anytime he saw someone who was supposedly smart doing something incredibly stupid, used to say that, “it takes a college education to break things but a high school diploma to fix them.” After forty years of liberal infiltration of the higher education system I fear he was far more correct than I ever thought. Consider the following.

In a much-praised unanimous vote the Seattle City Council has voted to celebrate “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” on the Columbus Day holiday. Co-sponsoring council member Bruce Harrell said, “I make no excuses for this legislation.” That is because, outside a terminal dose of political correctness, there is no excuse for such progressive showmanship. To further illustrate the extent of his ILS, the resolution was important, he said, because he believes the city won’t be successful in its social and outreach efforts until “we fully recognize the evils of our past.”

Excuse me? As a first generation American whatever happened some five hundred years ago is not “my” past. Sorry, the liberal demand for me to feel guilty over that which I had no part in simply doesn’t work on me. Nor should it work on anyone else.

To further illustrate how ILS progresses through those progressive/liberals afflicted with it we will visit city-state of Seattle again. The uber wise and environmentally sensitive city council passed a law that allows them to fine residents for throwing away to much of the wrong kind of (essentially food) trash. It will not take long for some city bureaucrat, terminally afflicted with ILS, to start fining the few “illiterate hayseed conservatives” that still live in the socialist workers paradise of Seattle. Really, you say? Well, why not? Who will stop them? Restraint and reason are ILS’s first casualties.

In the once great state of California, where ILS has run rampant over the last thirty years,
Gov. Moonbeam, uh sorry, Jerry Brown recently signed into law a bill that requires state health care providers be trained to better “understand” the health needs of the gay community. Can anyone say state enforced reeducation? I guess being a special protected class isn’t enough for the gay community. They also need to be immune from the consequences of their lifestyle. Can we be honest here? Engaging in such high risk behavior is a choice and when someone chooses to do dumb things why exactly is it my, or your, responsibility to cover the consequences?

The bills author, Assemblyman Richard Gordon, (Democrat, big surprise there) says the measure is needed because gay patients claim to have a variety of negative experiences with healthcare professionals. How dare those health care professionals talk about STD’s and risky behavior. Just what do they mean keep your pants on? Gordon continues with the assertion that gays are not treated with “resect” by hospital staff when visiting their “life partners.” First, when a gay person starts talking about respect it is open code for the only politically correct outcome, outright endorsement of the lifestyle. In the gay community respect is a one way street, they get it and if you don’t endorse their lifestyle you don’t. Second, the health care providers in question probably realize that the average “life partner” relationship will last less than a year and those are the long term ones. Now that is no excuse to be rude but it is also a pretty shaky basis on which to demand special treatment.

Ivy League college attendance is not required to become afflicted with ILS although exposure to an Ivy League school dramatically increases the risk of infection. In Ferguson blacks believe they have the “right” to riot, assault people and steal from local businesses because one of their own tried to assault a police officer and paid the ultimate price. These thugs have chosen to accept, despite all the available evidence, an alternate reality. They refuse to seek out, let alone consider, the facts. Those same “justice” seeking thugs, uh excuse me, ILS suffers, demand to be unaccountable for their actions while demanding the imprisonment or even murder of, at this point, an innocent police officer.

Finally, in an effort to prove that ILS is multicultural, students at the University of East Anglia in Britain are now being urged to participate in a new scheme called ‘Go with the Flow’. Yes, the university that brought you the fraud (according to their own emails) known as global warming is now asking its students to save water by urinating in the shower. As my grandfather would say when confronted by insurmountable stupidity, “Well alrighty then.”

On an individual basis ILS can provide its sufferer with a wide range of side effects. A profound sense of entitlement to whatever you want, even at the expense of others is a serious warning sign of the onset of ILS. A deep seated moral superiority over anyone who disagrees with you on anything is often the next symptom. An overwhelming sense of righteous indignation when someone doesn’t accept that you know what is best for them is a dreadfully common symptom. The ability to give freely as much of other peoples money and freedom as you think is necessary to correct “societies wrongs” and the mistaken belief that you should be immune from the consequences of your actions are painfully common symptoms as well. ILS reaches its reasoning terminating phase when the suffer can no longer tolerate dissent from their correct worldview in any form. At this point the ILS victim (often by this stage living in an imaginary world of his own creation and utterly dependent on the mainstream media for his talking points) is incapable of rational thought or fact based discourse. At this stage there is virtually nothing concerned family and friends can do.

To reverse this syndrome the ILS sufferer first needs to recognize that they have a problem. Then they should seek help from someone who understands freedom, responsibility, liberty, self reliance, capitalism and a firm grasp of actual American history. I recommend an intensive study of the writings of Thomas Sowell, Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Walter E Williams, Michelle Malkin, any of the founding fathers or any of Americas founding documents.

On an individual basis ILS is sometimes funny to watch (some whacked out girl in San Francisco asking people in a restaurant not to eat her pet chicken), nearly always sad (Sandra Fluke can pay $60,000 a year for tuition but not $10 a month for birth control), sometimes frightening (the democratic governor of Colorado threatening to release a murderer if he isn’t reelected) and sometimes even tragic (the Kenyan little Barry believing the only way to stop Ebola is to import it into America).

On a national level ILS is suicidal.

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