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A brief look at some of the news you may not have heard about.

Your First Amendment Rights Are Guaranteed, Maybe.
What is it about the state of Illinois that produces such hideous politicians as Hillary Clinton, the Kenyan little Barry, Rahm Emanuel and the intellectual flyweight Senator Dick Durbin? On the news show Fox News Sunday the so called senator Durbin actually questioned whether bloggers or tweeters had first amendment rights. Apparently not content with ignoring the terrorist threat to this country, or spending us into oblivion to buy his next election he feels that anyone who is not working for an established news agency no longer gets first amendment protection. “We need to ask 21st century questions about a provision that was written over 200 years ago,” Durbin blathered. Following his demented logic to its further conclusion I suppose he would only apply the first amendment to those “official” journalists who produce news reports with a quill pen and parchment paper. If this mental midget had bothered to read the amendment in question he would have known that it does not refer to nor limit the means of expression. If he were capable of rational thought he would have understood that the first amendment was created precisely so that the people would not have to suffer the granting of the right of expression through some arbiter like, lets say Durbin. Lets be clear, this is just an attempt to censor what Durbin considers the evil opposition. 

For Liberals, One Benghazi is Not Enough.
    The Kenyan little Barry is determined to close club Gitmo. In an effort to deter those who would kill us as fast and gruesomely as possible, he intends to send some 90 Yemeni Guantanamo Bay detainees back to the terrorist supporting country they came from.  He intends to speed up other transfers as well. To those who have followed this story there is little in the way of a surprise here. Little Barry has been pushed long and hard by his political base to free the American murdering thugs now being given far more humane treatment than they deserve. Attorney General Holders previous employer, Covington and Burling, a private law firm, has given dozens of Gitmo terrorists thousands of hours of free legal representation. They have also been behind a series of sad sack stories trying to portray these murdering jihadists as just misguided, misunderstood poor people. Apparently blowing up innocent people is just another form of expression these idiots feel compelled to defend. The fact is, and both the Kenyan little Barry and his heartless minion Holder know this, that is according to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence 28% of all released detainees return to terrorist operations. Frighteningly, those are just the ones we know of. The actual number could be much higher. A prime example is that of Sufyan Ben Qumu. Released from club Gitmo its believed he went on to plan the attack on Benghazi. You know, the one that killed four Americans. The one that Hillary Clinton says doesn’t matter anymore. The only possible outcome of this rush to send terrorists back the supporting arms of their terror loving country is, big drum roll, more attacks on America and Americans. Thinking people wonder, how many more must die before The Kenyan little Barry and his evil henchman Holder are satisfied?


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Hey Judge There Are Illegal Aliens in Arizona

I find the contortions of the liberal mindset both fascinating to watch and distressingly predictable. Witness the recent AP story Judge: Ariz. sheriff’s office profiles Latinos.

In this alleged news article the AP points out that Sheriff Joe arrests more illegal aliens than almost any other agency, or to quote the story “as Arizona voters grew frustrated with the state’s role as the nation’s busiest illegal entryway.”

The judge that ruled against Sheriff Joe Arpaio apparently feels that Mexicans crossing the border without our knowledge or permission should be rewarded with get out of jail free cards. He seems to feel that having succeeded in getting here no illegal alien should have to suffer the indignity of being questioned or arrested because of something as petty as his immigration status. I suppose in his world we should wait until they murder or rape someone before we inconvenience them.

U.S. District Judge Murray Snow issued a 142-page rant about how unfair it was to question Latinos about their immigration staus. The judge must have failed geography in college, since we know geography isn’t taught in grade school or high school anymore. I’m sure it never occurred to his political correctness that the state of Arizona, being the busiest crossing station on the border just might have a higher than average percentage of illegal aliens from, big surprise here, Mexico.

As someone who has actually read the Arizona law in question I would point out to his worship the judge that it does not allow for “immigration status checks” as a primary offense. The person who is being questioned about his status must first be suspected of some other offense. Liberals don’t like that provision but it did survive Supreme Court scrutiny. So, according to this judge either everyone in the Maricopa County Sheriffs department is a racist or they are all willing to act as racists at the behest of their leader, Sheriff Joe. How stupid do you have to be to believe that argument. I guess just stupid enough to be a federal judge.

The sheriff was also accused of ordering so called “immigration patrols” based on letters and emails from local citizens who complained about people with dark skin congregating in certain areas. I suppose it would have never occurred to his political correctness the judge that the locals in question just might have a better idea about who lives in their neighborhood than he would. In to many parts of the country large groups of men hanging around on street corners are known as gang members and, generally speaking, are up to no good. Having law enforcement show up and ask questions doesn’t seem out of bounds to me.

The attorneys for the small group of Latinos involved in the suit pointed out that Arpaio sent thank-you notes to some of the people who complained. Well there is a racist concept for you, thanking citizens for being involved in their community. How dare he!

The sheriff will doubtless appeal this ridiculous decision and if any kind of common sense can be interjected into this case, most likely prevail.

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Sequester? What Sequester?

The Kenyan little Barry after having extolled loud and long the devastation waiting to be visited upon an unsuspecting public by the dreaded republican demon called sequestration, has changed his tune. Sequestration is now good for us. What a surprise. This new song and dance comes not long after to many democrats to name complained that there was simply not a single dime left in the budget that could be safely cut. There was they said earnestly, simply was no “fat” left on the federal budget carcass.

    Having finally, if only temporarily, located their missing spine, the republicans managed to stand firm on sequestration. Once the little Kenyan realized he was going to lose the sequestration argument he had his petulant little minions begin drafting planned budget cuts that would have the most dramatic impact on the public. The much ballyhooed cancellation of White House tours is a prime example. So if there is so little money left in the budget why is the government funding these programs?

     The federal government issued a $152,000 grant to study “voice therapy” for so called transgender individuals. Apparently having the public pay for these transgender types to look the part isn’t enough. Having the right voice they say is incumbent to being “accepted as one’s preferred gender.” Preferred gender? Really?

Not to be outdone The National Science Foundation has awarded a $2.1 million grant over five years for a research project titled, “Wild Minds: What Animals Really Think.” The following institutions The New York Hall of Science, the Institute for Learning Innovation, Hunter College of the City University of New York and a consortium of five regional science center/zoo partnerships accepted $2,131,193 of taxpayer funds. Apparently it is vitally important that we “understand what and how animals think.”

Speaking of animals, The National Science Foundation awarded a grant for $876,752 to the University of Iowa to study whether there is any benefit to sex among New Zealand mud snails. This apparently could help explain why any organism has sex. I could answer that burning question for them at half the price.

Despite Defense Secretary Hagel warning that sequestration would cause “suspension of important activities, curtailed training, and could result in furloughs of civilian personnel” the Pentagon has continued purchasing renewable fuel at $59 per gallon. Why bother defending the country when you can save the planet with “green” gas, right?

Finally, we mustn’t forget the garden. Just after sequestration went into effect, the State Department budgeted more than $700,000 for gardening services at a U.S. Ambassador’s residence in Brussels, Belgium. Must be one hell of a garden.

Federal dollars it seems have the life expectancy of a box of donuts in Michael Moores house.

I understand that even if all these programs had been eliminated the resulting savings would be a drop in the bucket compared to the federal deficit. Still, an example should be set. Perhaps I am just a simpleminded person but I fail to see how any of these expenditures, with the possible exception of the ambassadors residence, could be a necessary federal outlay.

The Kenyan little Barry should have shown some leadership by canceling all of these programs to pay for the White House tours. This would allow the children of this great country to see just how far crass, partisan politics and the ability and desire to outright lie with a straight face can get you. Then again, having decided that the world cannot do without him, he may not want the competition.

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