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PRIDE And The Selling Of Love

It is the sad time of the year. It is the time of the year when every sexual deviation is shoved down our throats by the smiling, condescending purveyors of love and tolerance. At every turn we are inundated with the “joys” and “beauty” of homersexuality. Vapid, stupidly grinning news readers (there is no such thing as a news anchor) extol the virtues of “love” homersexual style.

The rainbow flags flown everywhere by “fucking normals” (I’m quoting one of the leaders of the PRIDE event I worked a few years ago) in an attempt to virtue signal their tolerance and acceptance are little more than a visual assault on reason and normalcy.

It is the time of the year when that most protected class of individuals vociferously lay claim to the twin mantles of love and tolerance. They claim breathlessly to possess each in overwhelming abundance. Unless you do not enthusiastically endorse their behavior or ask them to stop recruiting in grade schools. Then their much vaunted love and tolerance are suddenly and brutally missing in action. Their claimed mantle of endless victimhood is simply a given, not to ever be questioned, even when the “victims” are ruthlessly crushing anyone who dares to disagree with them.

I can hear you now. Come on Sailor, aren’t you being a little bit harsh? Dear God, I wish I was.

You see, I’ve been to and in these so called PRIDE events. I’ve written about my experiences before but allow me to remind you of just what I learned.

I worked as security for two PRIDE events in Salt Lake City. Both times I spent most of my time in the Administration building where considerable sums of money were brought in throughout the day. Those who worked in the administration building were the militant, hardcore homersexual activists. As an example there were several individuals there who bragged about having unprotected sex with dozens of people in one night. It was apparently a form of competition for them. It was from these people that I learned the true functions of PRIDE events. Prepare to learn.

The first and foremost function of these events is to “normalize” their behavior. They know and understand full well that they are an extreme minority. PRIDE events are simply a public effort to place a pleasant aroma around the fetid (before you complain about the term fetid, remember the bodily orifice they are attracted to) practice of homersexuality. Many of the homersexuals I saw attending PRIDE seemed to have missed the memo as they seemed to spend all their time chasing sex and hitting on any and everyone.

The second function of PRIDE is to recruit and legitimize recruiting. In the PRIDE events I worked children were the prime targets. Sadly, there seemed to be no lower age limit on who could be recruited. As vile as that was to watch then I have no reason to doubt this practice has since diminished in any way.

The third function is to raise money from us “fucking normals” (their quote not mine), to “buy politicians, business leaders and authority figures” (again their quote not mine) and continue the propaganda war. And yes, they viewed their campaign to impose normalcy on their behavior as a war. Anyone who cannot be bought they agreed, should be compromised or preferably, destroyed. A message, they maintained, must be sent.

Finally they use the opportunity as a massive photo op. Look at all the happy homersexuals! How bad can it be? Hint, they are trying to get you to confuse lust with love.

The one thing all these objectives have in common is that they revolve around the selling of love. After all, Love wins right? Wrong, at least in the sense they use the word love. As understood for millennia, homersexuals have little use for “love.” If their “marriages” were an exercise in love they wouldn’t need some one hundred sex partners a year on average. Using the concept of love as understood for ages the homersexuals have successfully weaponized our compassion against us. Sadly, we allow it. Don’t believe me? Consider how far they have come in a short few years.

We surrendered control of the language thus losing the ability to argue. Marriage is a prime example of this surrender. For six thousand years of written human history and most likely even before then, marriage was the union of a man and a women. The homersexual lobby managed in just a few short years to change that age old and entirely reasonable understanding to a union of two people. Soon it will be just a union between people. Then, who knows? Hell, we already have people marrying themselves, pets and even trees. The homersexual destruction of the “limiting” concept of marriage is nearly complete, culturally speaking.

We allow homersexuals to recruit in our schools down to kindergarten. Children as young as five years old are now being regularly recruited and trained into the homersexual lifestyle. These poor kids who, at ages 5-7 have not fully developed the ability to distinguish fantasy from reality, are now being brainwashed with state and sometimes even parental permission into the homersexual lifestyle. A lifetime of inner torment and confusion awaits these victims of “love wins”. Weep for these poor children.

We allow militant homersexuals and the pushers of this lifestyle to punish anyone who dares to point out the very real and well studied risks, higher suicide, STD’s, substance abuse and mental illness rates to name a few, associated with the lifestyle. Yes, it is a lifestyle. Until they find the “gay gene” it will remain a lifestyle. This would seem to be painfully obvious as there are lots of former homersexuals. So much for being “born that way.”

Allow me to be clear. I don’t care how many shit covered dicks you want to put in your mouth or how many rectums you feel the need to insert your tongue into. I simply refuse to accept such behavior as generically normal. I understand such behavior might seem normal to you, in which case, based on the sheer nastiness of the aforementioned acts, I recommend getting some professional help. As an aside, just how sad is it that the sheer grossness of the above mentioned activities must be pointed out. If anything was ever self evident those would seem to qualify.

I also refuse to allow such behavior to be taught under the guise of normalcy to kids of any age, let alone 5 year old children. I consider such actions a profound act of child abuse.

If acceptance of these behaviors must be coerced, by threat or law, just how popular, good or healthy can they be?

One of the greatest hoax’s of the twentieth century was that the homersexual version of love won.

If love truly won, homersexuals would not need endless brainwashing attempts, countless normalization efforts as well as corrupt legislators and judges to enforce their deeply unpopular agenda on the rest of us.

Now you know.

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