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The Lynching of America

I believe it was C.S. Lewis who once said, and I am paraphrasing here, “Children are free to explore because they always have a rock to return to.” The rock I believe he was referring to was the family. Modern western civilization was built upon a foundation consisting of family, freedom, justice and the rule of law. These “rocks” are indispensable. The senate of the United State of America, by confirming Loretta Lynch, took a sledgehammer to that foundation.

That constitution abhorring democrats would support Ms Lynch goes without saying. Sadly, with the help of ten traitorous republicans, Kelly (who me?) Ayotte (N.H.), Thad (the election thief) Cochran (Miss.), Susan (finger in the wind) Collins (Maine), Jeff (there is a reason my name is Flake) Flake (Ariz.), Lindsey (the more illegals in America the better) Graham (S.C.), the senile Orrin Hatch (Ut), Ron Johnson (Wis.), Mark Kirk (Ill.), Rob Portman (Ohio) and Mitch (please like me) McConnell (Ky.) the Kenyan little Barry now has yet another henchman heading the so called Justice Department.

At least the previous henchman Holder would lie to our faces when asked about upholding the law. Lynch has no such compunction nor, as demonstrated by the votes of the gutless wonders listed above, does she need one. Like the liberal, race baiting, fear mongering democrats that supported her Lynch places ideology and skin color above the rule of law. This is a recipe for failure at best and outright tyranny at worst. Liberal democrats seem hell bent on turning America into a third world banana republic as fast as possible. The so called republicans listed above are willing to take America there via the scenic route. In either case, the destination remains the same, rule of, by and for the most corrupt among us.

There can be no doubt as to the level of hatred directed by liberals and progressives at the cornerstone of the foundation of America, the traditional family. Even such once great institutions as the Girl Scouts have been fully corrupted. Complete disclosure here, I was an assistant Girl Scout leader for several years and all my girls were scouts. The organization recently removed the word God from its pledge, supports abortion on demand (funded through its donations to the United Way), allows lesbians and so called transgenders to be leaders and has as its spokesman Josh Ackley. Ackleys only talent, aside from misleading the public seems to be the production of music videos demonstrating violence against women. If the Girl Scouts are wondering why their membership has been plummeting it may be that us so called “normal” folks don’t go for such reprehensible behavior. Clearly the organization has been taken over by a corrupt ideology that the likes of Ms. Lynch unwaveringly endorse and would force upon the rest of us as soon as possible.

As for the concept of justice, liberals consider it to be a moving target. Consider the talentless news reading Melissa Harris Perry from the network that must not be named. This good and loyal hate spewer owes the IRS nearly $70,000. Fellow racist and hate monger Al Sharpton owes over $4 million. Justice for these ideologically pure souls is that nothing will happen to them. Because they serve the cause so well (except possibly for Perry who can seldom get all three viewers to tune in at the same time) those who should be acting in our interest choose not to. It is far more important to people like Lynch that supporters of the constitution be targeted, harassed and I suspect, eliminated as a source of opposition to the current junta.

Progressives and liberals have nearly explored certain parts of our country to death. Their mindless devotion to an ideology that has failed so badly, so often and at the cost of so many lives defies comprehension. Can anyone honestly say California is a vibrant, healthy success story any more? Liberals and progressives abhor the rocks of family, freedom, justice and the rule of law because they feel those rocks to be to “judgmental.” These self avowed promoters of peace, love and tolerance (at least as long as you agree with them) prefer to build their houses (ideology) on the shifting sands of whimsy and delusion. Reality has little worth to them outside of the feeling self-importance they get from defending at any cost their fantasy world or exercising their favorite pastime, being offended.

Like the useful idiot currently running ICE, Sarah Saldana, Ms. Lynch will continue the progressive tactic of subverting the rule of law. She will work tirelessly to change the plain meaning of words until those words mean only what she wants them to mean, when she wants them to mean it. She openly admits placing no value on our constitution. She will insist that presidential “directives” supersede validly enacted laws. She will simply ignore the enforcement of laws she and her imperious leader find inconvenient or unhelpful (read threatening). She will stonewall legitimate investigations to keep her fellow cronies out of as much legal hot water as possible. She will (to protect herself and her boss in the future) install as many like minded legal deviants in the justice department as she can. As a newly ordained plantation owner in the future banana republic of America this constitutional midget will continue our once great nations decline with all the gusto of a long denied alcoholic set free in a liquor store.

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