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Gays, Marriage, Emotion and the Iron Ring

Poor coach Tony. He really didn’t do or say anything wrong. All he wanted was to avoid “distractions.” Now he is the focus of evil in the modern world. Welcome to the life of your average conservative, coach. And no, none of your apologies will ever help. Until you give up your faith and start advocating for the 1.6% (see below) of American homosexuals to replace the 98.4% of the rest of us you will never be “accepted” again. Just another example of gay tolerance and militant political correctness in action.

I have been listening to the whole gay marriage “debate” for the last few years now with a deep sense of sadness. The gay lobby has always reminded me of the crooked cop and tow truck driver (with the media in the supporting role of the judge) in the Alfred Hitchcock show “The Crooked Road.” I try really hard to avoid those kind of totally self interested and mean by choice people. Given gays apparent latent militancy that is becoming increasingly more difficult to do as they seek to force the label of legitimacy (can we be honest here? In a recent CDC study only 1.6% of respondents self-identified as gay or lesbian, and even less, 0.7%, self-identified as bisexual) onto their behavior.

Aside from the angry arrogance of the gay lobby I have always found it curious that they felt so absolutely entitled to rewrite 5,000 plus years of written human history with their demand to redefine marriage. It is kind of like one or two church members demanding that the Catholic Church make the Ten Commandments optional.

As presented by it’s supporters, the creation of “gay marriage” is entirely justified because of one simple “fact.” That “fact” is that two people “love” each other. It is an emotionally oriented plea designed to generate sympathy and suspend reason in those it is directed at. If one pulls the emotion out of that justification you are left in a rather tenuous position because love is not the only requirement or purpose for marriage. If you allow it, emotion will become the iron ring in your nose that others will use to lead you around with. Frankly, the militant homosexuals are pulling a lot of rings right now.

So what happens if marriage is redefined to allow for same sex couples? Potentially a lot. On what basis then could polygamists be denied marriage? I am sure that they all “love” each other. On what basis could the marriage of brother and sister be denied? I’m sure they are “committed” to each other. How do you deny the 50-year-old pedophile a “marriage” to his 16-year-old boyfriend? Before you scoff remember that the pedophile wing of the gay movement (NAMBLA) is working diligently (all the while advocating for gay marriage) to legalize adult/child sex.

Oh please the gays say, we are “committed” to each other. They beat us over the head constantly with this nonsense. Perhaps some are but in my experience, not so much. As a teen my mom had two gay male friends who spent a lot of time trying to get me (I was 15 at the time) to have sex with them. I could not have been less interested and thankfully they never forced anything but they were insistent and persistent, even to the point of trying on more than one occasion to get me high or drunk. Did that color my perception of gays, of course. Did it suspend my ability to reason on the subject, no.

The real question though is, is such behavior out of the norm for gays? During my time in the U.S. Navy I served with a gay man who constantly “advertised” his services. Avoiding him was a nearly full time occupation when we were at sea. During my nearly thirty year career with the state I worked with a gay man who averaged a new “steady” boyfriend every two to three months, for ten years. He even had a “civil commitment” that lasted all of nine months. Commitment, okay sure but committed to what?

However nothing traumatized me more than when I worked security at a gay pride event. Due to the decency standards I have I will not describe a lot of what I had to witness but one thing stands out as especially egregious. The event was opened with a parade. There is nothing like a bunch of self-absorbed narcissists in tutu’s to get a laugh going. A couple of us guards laughed so hard we were cursed at by some of the afore mentioned tutu boys, or were they supposed to be girls? I don’t remember, I was to busy laughing. Boy do they take themselves so seriously! Anyway, at the front of that parade was an angry 300-lb, biker wannabe, black spandex clad, purple haired “mother” with her daughter. The little girl could not have been more than five years old. This poor little child was made to carry a sign that was bigger than she was. The sign read “I AM A BULL DYKE!” No sweetheart you are not. You are a small child being, in my opinion, used and abused by a “mother” more concerned about her political agenda than her child. No five-year-old needs to be indoctrinated like this.

Then there are the false arguments like, “I want my partner to be able to visit me in the hospital” or “I don’t want to pay inheritance tax when my partner dies.” Well cry me a river. The fact is no hospital will deny your partners visitation and many spouses pay inheritance taxes. As for the whole inheritance issue, addressing this requires nothing more than a simple adjustment to the tax code not the redefinition of marriage.

Oh, oh, but I want benefits from my partners employer. Really? For nine months? To cover your pregnancy? What’s wrong with getting benefits from your employer? No employer should be forced to provide “gay” partner benefits. And if they choose to do so, again, all that’s required is a simple adjustment to company policy.

The whole gay marriage thing reminds me of a quote from one the Star Trek movies. Spock, in answer to a question sums up my thoughts on “gay marriage” precisely, “Nothing unreal exists.”

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The Militarization of the EPA

Having turned the Justice Department, the I.R.S., the N.S.A., the B.L.M., the T.S.A and the Border Patrol into weapons to be used against Americans who disagree with him, it was only a matter of time before little Barry and his minions got around to the E.P.A.

Proposed without a peep from the so called mainstream media the E.P.A. is seeking approval of a new regulation that will cement that agencies ability to destroy not just companies they don’t like or can’t regulate out of business but people like you and me as well.

The new proposed regulation reads as follows, “The proposed rule will allow the EPA to garnish non-Federal wages to collect delinquent non-tax debts owed the United States without first obtaining a court order [emphasis added]. In the Rules and Regulations section of this Federal Register we are approving an amendment to EPA’s regulations on claims collection standards by using administrative wage garnishment as a direct final rule without a prior proposed rule. If we receive no adverse comment, the direct final rule will go into effect and we will not take further action on this proposed rule.”

Before you say this can’t happen consider the following. Having bankrupted the country little Barry and his minions are in desperate need of cash. This regulation, by removing the courts from the process gives him a direct line to your pocket book. All the money he can grab while bragging that he “never raised taxes on the working poor.”

The beauty of this regulation for the progressives is that they can accomplish three goals at the same time. First, punish their enemies with drastic fines (maybe even enough to put them out of business). Second, raise large sums of cash to perpetuate their voter dependency plans. Third, and little Barry himself no doubt delights in this, intimidate the bejesus out of anyone who may disagree with him or his minions.

Thelma Taromina the founder and chair of We the People and The 9-12 Association, Inc., explains further:

“The EPA has proposed a new rule that will affect each and every American. Do not think that you need to be a landowner for this to affect you! The EPA is proposing a rule that would establish the ability for the EPA to garnish wages if the EPA determines that a landowner has violated one of their regulations. What this mean is that if they determine you broke a rule, and they fine you $75,000.00 a day for each violation, they can take up to 15 percent of your income to pay for the fine.

“What is even worse is that the determination of violation will not be made by a court, or a judge. The EPA proposes that it has the right to make the determination of violation, assign the amount of the fine, and then collect that fine without any intervention by a court of law.

“Why does this matter to you? This matters because this rule will affect every rancher, farmer and homeowner in the United States. This means that if a farmer is designated as in violation of one of [the EPA’s] regulations, that farmer will be fined, even if the farmer has done nothing wrong. Since no court is involved, the EPA could virtually put every farmer in this nation out of business. The same is true for ranchers, and what is worse, it is an open door for the EPA to place liens and eventually steal property from average Americans!”

I will carry her thoughts out one more logical step. Fifteen percent of your income will likely never satisfy the penalty. That means when you die your estate will be garnished as well. No Virginia, the government will not let you keep your mom’s house because some cricket somewhere got his feelings hurt and the E.P.A. needs the money from the sale of the home.

Scared yet? Still clinging to that hope and change thing? A government agency with a tendency to run roughshod over our liberties is now giving itself the right to be judge, jury and executioner in all matters “environmental”.

But, but, you say, the E.P.A. is here to help. Right, and if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

In a study released by the National Association of Manufacturers they noted that, “Each year, literally thousands of new regulations are emitted by the EPA … and as the regulatory leviathan grows, it increasingly sucks up revenue, resources and manpower that otherwise would be invested in productive pursuits – thereby driving an increasing number of businessmen and investors offshore.”

Killing business’s, killing jobs and driving down American productivity. Remind me again exactly who is the E.P.A. helping here?

If the E.P.A. gets enough negative comments they might abandon this attack on you, me and all the ordinary Americans that disagree with this regime. I strongly recommend making your voice heard at both the E.P.A. and with your senators and congressmen. When communicating please be civil, resolute and polite, name calling is their weapon of choice. I prefer the truth. Written comments must be received by August 1, 2014.

Submit your comments by one (I recommend one each) of the following methods:

1. Email:

2. Fax: (202) 565-2585.

3. Mail: Anita Jones, OCFO/OFM/FPPS, Mailcode 2733R, Environmental Protection Agency, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20460.

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1776 Meant Something

Forty years ago I was fresh faced kid in grade school. In school I learned to read, write and do as my teacher Mrs. Parker would say “your sums” (that’s math for all you generation X’rs”) One big difference between schools now and then is that we were taught to think critically. Today’s children are taught to think criticism. The former is analytical the latter is indoctrination. In the difference between the two there rests an entire universe of difference.

The founding fathers if they were around today would think us more like the England they abandoned than the country they gave up so much to establish. The school children of the last few generations have been taught virtually nothing of what happened up to 1776. They have no idea how much we have lost over the last generation or so. They have no idea how deeply little Barry and his minions have weaponized the federal government. Consider the following.

Our so called president regularly refuses to enforce laws he doesn’t like, ignores court orders and changes laws by executive order or illegal regulations rather than go through the legislative process.

All manner of faithful Americans (except muslims) are targeted by the government simply because they adhere to their faith.

Our Justice Department armed Mexican drug lords with guns that killed agent Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexican civilians. Also under the direction of little Barry it refused to prosecute the Black Panther Party in a clear-cut case of voter intimidation/suppression.

Our much vaunted VA allowed how many (100’s?) of our bravest to die while on secret waiting lists and fudged disability wait times so the unionized government thugs running the place could qualify for their bonuses.

In a similar vein, our so-called president couldn’t be distracted from his nap while Americans were being attacked and murdered in Benghazi. He had to be in top form for his Vegas fundraiser the next day.

The IRS demands to know the “content of our prayers” and “who we associate with” as well as targeting us because of our political beliefs. The transgressions of the master and his minions remain un-noted, let alone prosecuted.

We now have a court system that believes it is good and proper for the government to take your property not for the public good (schools, roads et al) but to give to another private individual.

Our southern border is overrun in what by all accounts seems to be an administration organized flood of “underage” foreign nationals (no doubt including terrorists and gang members), about which our governments only action is to abuse them until the conservatives agree to amnesty.

The National Security Agency spies on, collects and stores our every communication for future use against us.

Our so-called president releases hardened terrorist leaders (who have vowed to continue killing us) back onto the battlefield in exchange for what is most likely a deserter and quite possibly a traitor. This will no doubt encourage our enemies to kidnap more Americans.

Our so called president keeps a secret “kill list” of Americans that he believes he’s authorized execute on sight. No trial or due process required.

In an invasion of one our most personal areas our so called president bribed congress to pass Obamacare, thus taking our health care from us and forcing us to buy plans we don’t want and can’t afford, and punishing us if we don’t. Illegal aliens of course face no such burdens.

Our so-called president gave hundreds of millions of our dollars to campaign contributors in the form of “loans” for “green energy” development. His campaign contributors took the money and ran leaving taxpayers on the hook.

Our government is training our local police forces away from law and order and into shock and awe.

I have barely scratched the surface of this administrations corruption with this list. Were I to be complete this list would run hundreds of pages. Still, if you’re comfortable with all this then you are a huge part of the problem. Please stop voting and contributing money to liberal politicians, and seek immediate psychiatric help. I hear they are doing wonderful things with electric shock therapy these days.

1776 meant something that nearly three generations of children could not identify. You can thank your liberal teacher/professor for that. Despite their indoctrination at the hands of “professional” educators our children instinctively feel that something is not right. It is up to us to teach them what America stands for. It is our sacred duty to instruct our youth of exactly what 1776 meant and what was sacrificed to get it.

Our children need to know that:

1776 stood for the fact that we have rights that cannot be taken away.
1776 stood for the fact that our rights come from God not from government.
1776 stood for the fact that we control our leaders not the other way around.
1776 stood for equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.
1776 stood for freedom of religion not freedom from religion.
1776 stood for freedom of expression not coercive political correctness.
1776 stood for the opportunity to pursue happiness not a life in the welfare hammock.
1776 stood for the idea that all men were created equal not that some were more equal than others.
1776 stood for the fact that no man, no matter who, was above the law.
1776 stood for the fact that what was yours belonged to you not the community.
1776 stood for the fact that the outcome of your poor choices was not someone else’s fault.

As one of the founding fathers is quoted as saying (and I am paraphrasing here), “The constitution is wholly unsuited for any but a moral people.” America’s leaders have traded morality for political correctness, integrity for greed and a devotion to public service for a sense of entitlement to their position. A large portion of Americans have traded morality for the “comfort” of human secularism (ie they don’t want to be judged by anyone) and yet don’t understand now why they feel so empty inside. Far too many Americans have stopped believing (despite overwhelming evidence) that there is a constant battle raging between good and evil in the world.

Like the Cold Case Posse in Arizona I may not know where little Barry was born but in the battle between good and evil I certainly know which side he is on.

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Wrong By Choice

The recent Supreme Court decision in the “Hobby Lobby” case has provoked one of the most amazing firestorms of manufactured outrage I have seen in a very long time. The sheer number of “offended” people is mind boggling. As a reference point I have been witnessing liberal outrage since 1972.

This manufactured indignation is based on a demonstrably false narrative, ie women can now be legally denied birth control. Those who are “offended” the most, ie Hillary “what does it matter now” Clinton, Debbie “blabbermouth” Schultz, the abortion adoring Patricia Ireland, Sandra “pay for my pills or else” Fluke and all their loyal subjects in the mainstream media have chosen to outright lie to their public. Lets do what the afore mentioned “experts” seem unwilling, or unable to do, have a factual discussion.

Even a casual reading of the case before the Supreme Court would reveal that the owners of Hobby Lobby, the Green family (practicing evangelical Christians) had no moral objection to providing16 of the 20 preventive contraceptives required by the Obamacare mandate. In fact Hobby Lobby paid for these forms of birth control long before the mandate came down from on high. In fact, they still cover all 16 of those forms of birth control. Their only concern was being forced to provide “birth control” that took the life of an unborn child.

Clinton and her cadre of militant mouthpieces knew all this from the beginning. These are the facts that they choose to omit in their demonstrations of “outrage”. This purposeful omission can only mean that for these individuals their ideology is more important than the facts. So I have to ask their supporters, if they are lying to you now, what else have they chosen to lie about? As an aside, why would you now support someone who respects you so little as to lie openly to you? One last question, if you choose to still support these individuals doesn’t that prove you are more concerned with your ideology than with truth?

As for being denied “health care” by this decision. I can only construe condoms and birth control pills as health care if pregnancy is seen as a disease. Liberal progressives may view it as such, but I do not. Lets be honest here, birth control, on average, runs around $3-$5 a month. If your sex life is that important to you skip Starbucks once or twice a month and your good to go.

Furthermore, adding a third-party payer to healthcare will drive up the cost of birth control as no one works for free. In this case no one works less efficiently and at a higher cost than the government. Less costly things like birth control usually experience the highest rise in price as it is the easiest margin to pad. Given the state of Obamacare I suspect it will be far cheaper to pay for your own birth control out of pocket than using the alleged insurance benefit.

Now to the crux of the matter, self-induced abortion. Abortion is “the” religion of the left. They breathlessly demand the right to kill as many unborn children as they feel necessary. Never forget that these are the people who celebrate the murder of some 50 million babies since Rowe v Wade. Given the recent abortion clinic horror stories that even little Barrys’ hallelujah chorus couldn’t completely cover up, liberals began resting their hopes in self-induced abortion. A women taking a pill in the privacy of her own home would generate no nasty public trial. Flushing a fetus down the toilet is quick and pain free (although it provides no fuel for the furnace). This, in part, explains the manufactured outrage they have been demonstrating. The Green family did not want to be forced to pay for Plan B, Ella, the so-called morning-after pill and the week-after pill. By prevailing the Greens have directly threatened the quick, thoughtless, painless, seemingly no consequence killing of the unborn.

As Christians the Green family believe that life begins at conception and that they cannot be compelled to participate in or facilitate the murder of an innocent human being at the demand of the government. I say they are right on all counts. Five of the Supreme Court justices got it right. Astoundingly four of them still believe that killing babies is a right enshrined somewhere in our constitution. I have read the document and I promise you that “right” isn’t there.

It is a rare day of late when the court gets it right. This victory should be celebrated but with caution. We all know little Barry has a phone and a pen so we can expect an executive order or two fairly soon. It is also worth noting that given the courts tendency to decide everything by a one vote margin that just one more liberal justice on the court would seal the destruction of America as envisioned by her founders and facilitate the conversion of the greatest force for good the world has ever known into yet another third world banana republic. The overbearing, tin plated dictator with delusions of Godhood in the oval office is anxiously awaiting his turn.

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