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The Art of the Hoax

This is not an article about Donald Trump. Sorry about that.

Having studied liberals/progressives for the better part of thirty-five years I can say with a great deal of certainty that the majority of them live in various stages of denial. Thus, they are often great believers in or promoters of hoaxes. Not necessarily because they are bad people (this excludes those in major leadership positions, ninety-eight percent of journalists and virtually every elected democrat. Theirs is a special sort of vileness.) but because in their artificially constructed world the truth really is inconvenient. These people prefer the certainty of illusion. Lets examine some examples of liberal “truth.”

Ahmed the “clock” boy.

Doing his best mild mannered Clark Kent impersonation Ahmed, while hiding behind his NASA shirt and glasses tells everyone, “I’m the person who built a clock and got in trouble with it.” He insists the clock was his own “invention.” Well, not exactly.

Thomas Talbot, an electronics expert posted a Youtube video shortly after Ahmeds clock was made public that shows pretty conclusively Ahmed did not actually build his “clock”. According to Talbot it seems extremely likely that Ahmed simply removed some existing components from a standard digital alarm clock. Talbot maintains that Ahmed just removed the original clocks plastic case and attached the clocks internal parts to the inside of a suitcase.

“This child, nothing against him personally, never built a clock,” said Talbot in the video. “He did not invent a clock or build it, and I’m going to show you why. … What this is is a commercial alarm clock, as you would purchase in any department store and use at your bedside. All he did was remove the plastic case from the alarm clock. This is not an invention. This is not something that someone built or even assembled.”

A concurring opinion, of sorts, comes from Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. He called and tried to talk with Amed. He explained to Bill Marher how the conversation went this way, “We talked about science, but while I’m talking to him on the phone, as I ask him a question, ‘Tell me what happened because I’m curious.’ Right? His sister, over his shoulder, you could hear, listening to the question, giving him the answer.” Clark Kent unable to speak for himself? Say it ain’t so!

What follows can only be described as the second act of a badly written play. Despite being notified they can collect the “clock”, Ahmeds militant islamic parents made a huge public display of hiring lawyers to sue the police to get their sons “invention” back. Their claim that a bigoted police department will not return the device rings hollow in the face of the truth.

So what actually happened? The facts we know are these. There was no science fair at the school in the week before, during or after Ahmed brought his device to school. His first excuse died instantly. Mr. Talbot demonstrated that Ahmed did not actually build a clock. This makes Ahmed untruthful. When he brought his “invention” to school he was told to put it away and not take it to any other classes. He then took it to six classes. This makes him disobedient. When asked about his device he refused to answer any questions. This makes him suspicious. Are these enough of a reason to be arrested on their own? Not necessarily, but consider this. In the minds of school administrators and law enforcement it was quite possible that Ahmeds “clock” was nothing more than the timer for a bomb held by someone else. His behavior to the point when he was arrested was, I believe, designed by his militant islamic father to foster that illusion in the hopes that someone would over react. Fortunately no one fell for the bait.

If you doubt that there is an islamic overtone to this story consider this. Eyman Mohamed, Ahmed’s 17-year-old sister, is running Ahmed’s social media campaign. She is desperately trying to portray him as a victim of anti-Muslim stereotyping. Perhaps Ahmed is simply following in his big sisters footsteps. Seems big sis was suspended for her own bomb threat at another school.

The hoax, that Ahmed was targeted because he is a muslim, is patently obvious. Yet liberal/progressives feel it must be perpetrated. I believe Ahmed is guilty of many things, the least of which is possessing a hoax bomb. Texas law provides that, “a person is guilty of possessing a hoax bomb if he possesses a device that is intended to cause anyone to be alarmed or a reaction of any type by law enforcement officers.” Ahmed should be prosecuted because someone needs to teach him responsibility. I also believe he and his siblings are victims of malicious islamic brainwashing by their parents. In my world that’s child abuse.

The Popes little girl.

In a carefully staged moment of authenticity little Sophie Cruz somehow managed to wade through Papal security and wrap an arm around the Popes neck. So concerned about immigration was this little five year old that she also delivered a letter expressing her desire that her mother, father and millions of other illegal aliens are allowed to remain in the USA.

Like any good hoax this one was carefully planned, staged and executed. Having pulled off a similar public-relations stunt in Rome using a 10-year-old girl a coalition of Los Angeles-based immigration rights groups decided to try and duplicate their success. Being well-trained little Sophie refused to leave the Popes side until a bodyguard took her handwritten letter and a T-shirt. Had she failed in this attempt the group would have taken her to New York and, if needed, Philadelphia to try again. Lets be honest here, from a propaganda perspective, this was brilliant. Even so, it was still a hoax.

Juan Jose Gutierrez of the purposely misnamed Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition, one of the hoaxes planners, told the AP, “We planned to do this from the moment we learned he was coming to the States.” He continues, “We have been working for a while now trying to sensitize the American public that dealing with immigration is not just dealing with the people who came in without proper documents but that we also have … countless children whose parents are undocumented.” As if somehow illegal aliens choosing to break the law and then have children is now the taxpayers responsibility. Sophie is correct in that she has the right to live with her parents, not in America but in the country they abandoned. Everything else in this story is just part of the hoax.

Black lives matter.

As a purveyor of hate I can think of no group that got so famous, so entrenched and so accepted so fast as BLM. Wedded to hoaxes like “hands up don’t shoot”, or the white-hispanic in the Martin case, BLM is just another a hate group advocating violence based on nothing more than skin color. BLM types probably still believe the Twana Brawley hoax and that their spiritual leader “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan still talks to the mothership (Yes, Louie actually admitted to that) orbiting over the North Pole.

As a first generation American (my mother immigrated here legally as a child) I feel no guilt for things done in Americas past. Neither should you. No one should feel guilt based on hoaxes. But, but, I hear someone gasping in an effort to attempt to prove me wrong. Before you call me racist, insensitive or any other name used to divert attention from the issue at hand, consider the following facts.

It was blacks in eighteenth and nineteenth century Africa that rounded up other blacks and sold them into slavery.

The first slave owner in America was a black man who went to court to defend his right to own slaves.

Every black ghetto in America is and has been run by democrats, some for as long as fifty years. (Being attracted to ghettos, militant islamic types are flocking to Detroit, but that is another story)

By sometimes as much as two to one, more whites are shot and killed by cops every year than blacks.

On far too many occasions blacks cheerfully rioted and looted their own neighborhoods in support of the hoax of the day.

According to the Justice Department the greatest threat to a black man is another black man.

Black babies are the single largest percentage of babies aborted by the hideously misnamed Panned Parenthood.

There are dozens more inconvenient facts like the above but I hope you can see the trend. Black lives it seems only matter when money, votes or the ability to obtain a free big screen TV are involved.

Oklahoma City.

Some twenty years ago when Timothy McVeigh blew up Oklahoma City many liberals and progressives accused McVeigh of being part of the Christian vanguard attempting to “take over” the USA. (Obviously they have never read any of the founding documents.) In fact, and that fact was soon known, McVeigh was an atheist who was quoted saying, “Science is my god.” Good progressives ignored the unsettling realization that in that regard McVeigh was as much a liberal as they were. The hoax, the idea of a Christian attempt to take over the country was too juicy to pass on. The hoax makers would not be denied.

And so it goes, on and on and on. Matthew Shepard, gun control, minimum wage, the Duke Lacrosse team, the religion of peace, the college campus rape epidemic, health care reform, intolerance towards homosexuals, planned parenthood, global warming etc. There is no area safe from the liberal/progressive hoaxsters. In some respects one simply has to admire the creativity involved in creating and the energy used in maintaining and spinning these and the hundreds of other liberal/progressive hoaxes now accepted as gospel in the religion of liberal/progressivism. I can’t help but wonder how many real problems could be solved if liberal/progressives would dedicate just half of that energy to some of the real problems in the world.

It is also impressive to see just how hard so many good intentioned people will fight to defend the indefensible. No amount of reason, truth or evidence will budge the good liberal/progressive from their ideologically pure position. Their faith in their hoax is every bit a resolute as the Christians is in God. Tell a liberal/progressive that and, pardon the expression, holy hell is likely to break loose. The tirade of liberal/progressive indignation does nothing to refute the truth but having soundly brow beaten you, they feel much better about themselves.

The fact is that liberal/progressives need hoaxes. With the truth so seldom on their side the only options left to them are outright denial of reality or the creation of a clever, agenda driven hoax. Denial often makes one look rigid and inflexible or, as liberals/progressives like to say, like a conservative. A hoax on the other hand allows liberal/progressives to exercise their other dominate tendency, the end justifies the means. Because only they know what the rules of the hoax are they are, by definition, better and smarter than you. The ego boost of being the smartest person in the room must be tremendous. On the other hand, a clearly defined hoax removes the need to think, freeing up the liberal/progressive mind for more important things like looking for micro-aggressions.

In the hottest part of hell, Joseph Gobbels just texted Adolph Hitler. “Am watching the American liberals and LMAO!!!!”

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