Frigatenavysailor is my pen name and yes I am a U.S. Navy veteran. I spent four years on the USS Bronstein FF-1037 following Russian subs across the Pacific ocean. I left the Navy to get married and have been for 28 years. Over the intervening years I have worked as a truck driver, tax preparer, armed security officer and with the developmentally disabled. I have followed politics since the first time I heard someone call my dad, who was a combat engineer in the Army and served in Vietnam, a baby killer. I have observed over the last 40 years two things that concern me. First is that Liberals/democrats have not changed. Their tactics of division and demonization have remained unchanged since I first began observing them. Second, the America my grandfather, father, I and others in my family fought for and served is rapidly dying before my eyes. So I write this blog. Perhaps my efforts will amount to little. Even so, I cannot sit idly by and watch the greatest country the world has ever know slide bit by bit into moral, cultural and physical decay. I will, as the saying goes, not go quietly into the night. American ideals created the most exceptional country and people the world has ever seen. Those ideas and ideals are worth fighting for because I firmly believe our best days are still to come.

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