1776 Meant Something

Forty years ago I was fresh faced kid in grade school. In school I learned to read, write and do as my teacher Mrs. Parker would say “your sums” (that’s math for all you generation X’rs”) One big difference between schools now and then is that we were taught to think critically. Today’s children are taught to think criticism. The former is analytical the latter is indoctrination. In the difference between the two there rests an entire universe of difference.

The founding fathers if they were around today would think us more like the England they abandoned than the country they gave up so much to establish. The school children of the last few generations have been taught virtually nothing of what happened up to 1776. They have no idea how much we have lost over the last generation or so. They have no idea how deeply little Barry and his minions have weaponized the federal government. Consider the following.

Our so called president regularly refuses to enforce laws he doesn’t like, ignores court orders and changes laws by executive order or illegal regulations rather than go through the legislative process.

All manner of faithful Americans (except muslims) are targeted by the government simply because they adhere to their faith.

Our Justice Department armed Mexican drug lords with guns that killed agent Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexican civilians. Also under the direction of little Barry it refused to prosecute the Black Panther Party in a clear-cut case of voter intimidation/suppression.

Our much vaunted VA allowed how many (100’s?) of our bravest to die while on secret waiting lists and fudged disability wait times so the unionized government thugs running the place could qualify for their bonuses.

In a similar vein, our so-called president couldn’t be distracted from his nap while Americans were being attacked and murdered in Benghazi. He had to be in top form for his Vegas fundraiser the next day.

The IRS demands to know the “content of our prayers” and “who we associate with” as well as targeting us because of our political beliefs. The transgressions of the master and his minions remain un-noted, let alone prosecuted.

We now have a court system that believes it is good and proper for the government to take your property not for the public good (schools, roads et al) but to give to another private individual.

Our southern border is overrun in what by all accounts seems to be an administration organized flood of “underage” foreign nationals (no doubt including terrorists and gang members), about which our governments only action is to abuse them until the conservatives agree to amnesty.

The National Security Agency spies on, collects and stores our every communication for future use against us.

Our so-called president releases hardened terrorist leaders (who have vowed to continue killing us) back onto the battlefield in exchange for what is most likely a deserter and quite possibly a traitor. This will no doubt encourage our enemies to kidnap more Americans.

Our so called president keeps a secret “kill list” of Americans that he believes he’s authorized execute on sight. No trial or due process required.

In an invasion of one our most personal areas our so called president bribed congress to pass Obamacare, thus taking our health care from us and forcing us to buy plans we don’t want and can’t afford, and punishing us if we don’t. Illegal aliens of course face no such burdens.

Our so-called president gave hundreds of millions of our dollars to campaign contributors in the form of “loans” for “green energy” development. His campaign contributors took the money and ran leaving taxpayers on the hook.

Our government is training our local police forces away from law and order and into shock and awe.

I have barely scratched the surface of this administrations corruption with this list. Were I to be complete this list would run hundreds of pages. Still, if you’re comfortable with all this then you are a huge part of the problem. Please stop voting and contributing money to liberal politicians, and seek immediate psychiatric help. I hear they are doing wonderful things with electric shock therapy these days.

1776 meant something that nearly three generations of children could not identify. You can thank your liberal teacher/professor for that. Despite their indoctrination at the hands of “professional” educators our children instinctively feel that something is not right. It is up to us to teach them what America stands for. It is our sacred duty to instruct our youth of exactly what 1776 meant and what was sacrificed to get it.

Our children need to know that:

1776 stood for the fact that we have rights that cannot be taken away.
1776 stood for the fact that our rights come from God not from government.
1776 stood for the fact that we control our leaders not the other way around.
1776 stood for equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.
1776 stood for freedom of religion not freedom from religion.
1776 stood for freedom of expression not coercive political correctness.
1776 stood for the opportunity to pursue happiness not a life in the welfare hammock.
1776 stood for the idea that all men were created equal not that some were more equal than others.
1776 stood for the fact that no man, no matter who, was above the law.
1776 stood for the fact that what was yours belonged to you not the community.
1776 stood for the fact that the outcome of your poor choices was not someone else’s fault.

As one of the founding fathers is quoted as saying (and I am paraphrasing here), “The constitution is wholly unsuited for any but a moral people.” America’s leaders have traded morality for political correctness, integrity for greed and a devotion to public service for a sense of entitlement to their position. A large portion of Americans have traded morality for the “comfort” of human secularism (ie they don’t want to be judged by anyone) and yet don’t understand now why they feel so empty inside. Far too many Americans have stopped believing (despite overwhelming evidence) that there is a constant battle raging between good and evil in the world.

Like the Cold Case Posse in Arizona I may not know where little Barry was born but in the battle between good and evil I certainly know which side he is on.


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