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The Tolerance of Liberals

I confess. I have no liberal friends. It’s not that I haven’t tried. It is just that the level of intellectual flexibility or, frankly, dishonesty required to participate willingly in such a philosophy eludes me. I am truly thankful for that. Liberals I notice have a tendency to talk a lot but say very little. I have been listening to the left carefully for the last four years. I think I finally understand what you liberals are saying about me and those like me.

After four years of “leadership” we now have more Americans on food stamps, welfare and disability than ever. Because I dare to criticize little Barry for this stunning incompetence you call me a racist.

Because I continue to ask questions that little Barry refuses to answer, like why he sent thousands of guns to Mexican drug lords, like why he believes disarming law abiding citizens will prevent crime, like why he believes illegal aliens deserve our tax dollars more than the citizens that earn those dollars, you say I am a troublemaker.

For daring to think you are not entitled to what I have earned you call me a greedy, evil capitalist.

I believe that because I have committed no crimes the constitution prohibits little Barry from taking my guns. For believing in and defending my clearly defined Second Amendment rights you call me a terrorist.

Because I believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and women and that human history should not be rewritten to satisfy a handful of militant ingrates you say I am a homophobe.

I support and defend the constitution and the plain meaning of the words written in it. You call me a Tea Bagger because I don’t believe that it is a “living” document subject to the whims of whoever holds office at the time.

You call me a threat to national security because I refuse to be silent about things that make you uncomfortable.

For daring to notice that little Barry and his administration has given hundreds of millions of tax dollars to those who gave money to his election campaigns you call me a traitor.

For pointing out documented facts like the Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security have purchased enough ammunition to fight twenty-four Afghanistan wars you call me a conspiracy theorist.

For believing that our founding principles are worth holding on to, have created the greatest country in the history of the world and desiring our country to return to those principles you say I am anti American.

Because I noticed that the only law enforcement review of little Barrys citizenship has found numerous and legitimate questions concerning the veracity of those documents and because I notice that little Barry has spent tens of millions of tax dollars to prevent his “records” from being made public, you call me a Birther.

Because I believe that morals cannot be “relative”, that some things will always be wrong simply because they are wrong, that Jesus died for my sins and wants me to be the best I can be while loving and helping my fellow men, and because I refuse to support a religion that mandates the murder of innocents, promotes “honor killings” and slavery, you say I am a religious fanatic.

Because they have all volunteered, given up so much on our behalf, some even giving all, I fully and wholeheartedly support our troops. For recognizing their honor, courage, faith and sacrifice you call me a warmonger.

Because I support limited, legal immigration and oppose the creeping imposition of Muslim Sharia law you call me a militant separatist.
Because I know 911 was committed by hateful religious fanatics who wanted to kill as many Americans as possible for the simple reason the we are Americans, I know 911 was not Americas fault. For this you say I am a hate monger.

Liberals it seems are very good at name-calling.

It should be clear to anyone who listens to what liberals say and watches what liberals do that there is no such thing as tolerance from a liberal. Like the Islamic faith, liberalism demands total, blind and absolute obedience. After all, when a liberal wants your opinion, they will give it to you and you will like it, or else.

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