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Meet Jordan Wiser

Liberals and democrats always get far to much credit for having more compassion than conservatives. It is an utterly undeserved reputation, based on the history of the democratic party, but it is out there none the less.

Jordan Wiser is an overachieving Ohio vacation school student. His dream of being a police officer/firefighter is now being destroyed by those very same voices of compassion. He has completed the law enforcement course, received the National Terror Defense certification from FEMA and the Terror Recognition certification as well as his certification as an Emergency Vehicle Operator. As if this isn’t impressive enough, Jordan also joined the Army.


Dec 12th was the last normal day of young Jordans life. Administrators at Ashtabula County Technical and Career Campus, in Jefferson Ohio, acting on an alleged tip concerning Jordans youtube account, forcibly searched him and his car. The offending youtube content? He posted reviews of video games and merchandise, offered advice on home defense tactics and even interviewed a police officer. How dare he!


Jordan later told journalists, “The principal said he had reason to believe I had weapons in my vehicle and needed to search it. He made me empty out all my pockets, and the vice principal grabbed me and patted me down very forcibly. It was somewhat awkward. Then they took my car keys. I told them what was in my car and said, ‘Don’t be alarmed.’”


Despite not having a warrant or even Jordan’s permission the school administrators searched Jordan’s vehicle. These tin plated cop wannabes even denied him the right to call an attorney.  The administrators said the school handbook and their attitude served as their warrant. Okay, I added the part about their attitude but I am guessing Jordan would agree with me on that point.


So, what treasure trove of horrors did the little men posing as school administrators find? A folding pocket knife, a stun gun and not one but two Airsoft guns. Oh the humanity!!!! I guess they didn’t know Airsoft is a game enjoyed by millions.


In his own defense Jordan said, “My stun gun was locked in the glove box and the knife was in my EMT medical vest. I bought it at K-Mart and have it as part of my first responder kit for cutting seat belts.”


Demonstrating the clear headed logic of the liberal mindset Jordan was arrested and jailed for illegal conveyance of a weapon onto a school ground, a Class 5 felony.


What happened next is best told by the victim.


“I was in jail for almost 13 days,”

“The first bond hearing I went to was on December 15. The judge ordered me held on a half million-dollar bond, pending a psychological evaluation. I did that and passed. They found I was not suicidal, homicidal or a threat to anybody. My attorney brought it up in front of a different judge, who let me out on a $50,000 bond and an ankle monitor. I was released from jail on Christmas Eve.”


“There are kids at my school all the time who get caught with knives and are suspended.”

“My school is very rural, and people carry knives. I can accept the fact that there was a lapse in judgment, and I can accept a punishment, but I have already been expelled from both the tech school and my home school.”


Given the felony status of the charge against him the Army discharged Jordan pending a not-guilty verdict or dropped charges without prejudice but, lets let Jordan continue.


“If I am convicted of a felony, I’m never going to be a police officer. I’m never going to be a fireman. I’m never going to be in the military,” he worries aloud. “I won’t even be able to be a janitor. I’m 18 years old, and this is going to ruin my entire life.”


For a brief time there was a petition on asking that Jordan’s charges be reduced to a misdemeanor. Within hours 1,349 people had signed it. Feeling threatened by the petition or perhaps embarrassed by the stupidity of their actions “The court threatened to hold sanctions against me and my lawyer.” Jordan asked that the petition be closed and it was.


Harold Specht, the chief assistant prosecutor at the Ashtabula County prosecutor’s office, apparently doesn’t like the little people of his county emailing complaints to him while he is working so diligently on his best Stalin impersonation.

Prosecutor Specht says he knows “there’s a load of people out here that just think we’re the devil because we’re allegedly ruining this young kid’s life.” He insists that the felony charge is justified and has no intention of reducing the charge. Allegedly? What planet is this guy from?

I wish I could say that, as bad as this is, it didn’t get any worse. I can’t. Lets let Jordan continue.


“The one judge I went in front of told me to remove any firearms from my parents’ house and put them at my grandpa’s house,” Jordan reported. “The next judge freaked out about me even knowing what a gun is and put a no-contact order against me and my grandparents. My grandfather is dying right now, and I am not allowed within 500 feet of him.” Jordan’s grandfather has cancer.


Were I to exercise my compassion in this case a couple of things would happen. First all charges against Jordan would be dismissed with prejudice. Second, the administrators, the prosecutor and the judges involved would be required to give Jordan a sincerely written apology.

No one involved with the persecution of Jordan should ever be allowed to work in their chosen profession again. The administrators should never be allowed anywhere near a school again. The prosecutor should be fired and stripped of his law license for practicing criminal stupidity. The judges should be recalled and banned from the bench and the practice of law for life. I will make one reservation for the officer who arrested Jordan. I think six months patrolling the city dump will absolve him.

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