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Homo Correctus

Political correctness in any form is reprehensible. When that form becomes the sacrificing of a child, political correctness morphs into the manifestly evil. Consider the tragic story of Lisa Miller.

An abusive childhood led Lisa Miller into a life of addictions and even a lesbian relationship. At some point she chose to no longer live as the “spouse” of another woman in a so called “civil union.” She eventually renounced her homosexuality accepting and practicing her newfound Christian faith.

Lisa also had a daughter. Like most devoted parents Lisa dedicated the rest of her new life to the raising of her little daughter, Isabella. She had given birth to Isabella during her brief homosexual cohabitation. Isabella was conceived through artificial insemination.

A custody battle soon erupted and sadly, the courts became involved. You will understand why I say sadly in a moment. You see, the judge in the case gave Lisa’s former lesbian partner, Janet Jenkins unsupervised visits with Isabella.

Initially Lisa, on the advice of her legal team complied. The results of those visits were described this way.

Isabella’s court-appointed advocate said Jenkins was “turning her (Isabella) world upside down.”

A clinical therapist testified Isabella appeared to be “traumatized” by her visits with Jenkins and that “unsupervised visits … could cause permanent damage to normal development.”

A social worker testified the little girl “suffers from sleep disturbance and nightmares, having difficulty sleeping through the night,” adding that “Isabella also talks about death, and has expressed fear that if her mother Lisa dies she will be at risk.”

With no prompting, Isabella has said she is afraid that Janet Jenkins would take her away from her mom.

Clearly the court-ordered visits were severely traumatizing little Isabella.  

Sadly, it gets worse. Lisa Miller informed the court her child told her she had been forced to bathe naked with Jenkins who was also fully naked, had begun to touch herself sexually and appeared disturbed and unhappy following her visits. Isabella, six years old, had even threatened to kill herself.

Clinical therapist Sylvia Haydash testified as to Isabella’s “extremely regressive behaviors” after visiting with Jenkins, also noting that:

    … Isabella appears to have been traumatized by the limited visitation thus far [with Jenkins], a serious consequence, taking Isabella in a negative direction as compared to Isabella’s condition before the recent visitations where she was a child that was well-adjusted, flourishing, above-the-curve developmentally, verbally gifted, and readily able to separate from Lisa and meet with other people.

Doing what any decent parent would do when confronted with such a situation, Miller refused to allow any more visits. Lisa said simply, “I cannot put my child in that situation anymore.”

The response of the court to Lisas and Isabellas plight will and should shock you. Astoundingly, in 2009 a Vermont judge decided that Lisa Miller must give up her daughter to her former lesbian partner.  This judge took it upon himself to give Lisa Millers own, legal and biological daughter to someone who had no biological or even adoptive connection to the child. This in spite of the mounting evidence of the nearly irreparable harm being done to this little girl by the lesbian Jenkins. Again, in case you missed it, the judge ordered full custody to be given to Janet Jenkins. So much for the idea of the courts protecting the children.

In 2009, feeling no doubt that the system had failed her, Lisa took the only course of action left to her to protect her child. Lisa Miller and little Isabella vanished.

In what can only be described as a hissy fit, Jenkins’ filed a RICO lawsuit against Lisa Miller’s attorneys Mathew Staver and Rena Lindevaldsen as well as Liberty University Law School and Thomas Road Baptist Church. Jenkins alleges that a student worker at Liberty sought donations to help Miller kidnap her daughter. Jenkins accuses a member of Thomas Road Baptist Church of similar activities. Frankly, if these allegations are found to be true, it warms my heart to see someone besides Lisa stand up for the well being her daughter.

Jenkins further claims that Staver and Lindevaldsen routinely instructed their Law School students at Liberty University that the correct course of action for a person in Lisa Miller’s situation would be to engage in ‘civil disobedience’ by defying the courts orders.

Staver says that Lisa Miller vanished without confiding her plans to her legal team: “She never gave anyone any indication of her plans. She was counseled to obey the court orders.”

I think the situation is much simpler than the convoluted intellectually vacant contortions Jenkins offers up in her lawsuit. From the evidence I have seen it looks much more like we have a militant lesbian seeking to get even with her “partner” for dumping her. She seeks, it would appear, to accomplish her destructive goals with the help of a pathetic little judge seeking to normalize the militant homosexual lifestyle. It seems blindingly clear that both Jenkins and the judge are willing to sacrifice poor little Isabella on the altar of lesbian political correctness.

Jenkins now unable to indoctrinate her sexual lifestyle upon this little girl has apparently decided on the next best thing, money and a lot of it.

The custody case is, no matter how you look at it, a perversion of justice. If the actions of the lesbian Jenkins had been perpetrated by an adult male he would, and deservedly so, be in prison by now.

This is a clear and painful example Homo Correctus run amok.

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Some Thoughts on Character

Character – Part One -Having it

    I want to tell you a story that the so-called mainstream media will not tell you. They don’t want you to hear this because it doesn’t fit their narrative. This information, should you become aware of it, could have disastrous consequences to the carefully crafted image of Mitt Romney that they have worked so long and hard to invent. You know the stereotype, evil rich Republican. The truth however is far different.

     In 1996 Mitt was the head of Bain Capitol in Boston, Mass. I am sure the media has told you about how evil and uncaring he was. Nothing more than a rich tycoon sitting in his office counting his money and thinking up new ways to screw his employees.

    One day he learned that the 14-year-old daughter of one of his employees had run off to New York and had been missing for three days. At that moment Mr. Romney had a choice to make.

    Given what you currently know about Mitt, what do you think he did? Perhaps he offered simple platitudes and turned the employee away. Given his faith maybe he prayed with the distraught father before sending him on his way. Or, maybe he thought to call in the government and wait to see what they could/would do. Perhaps he was feeling really generous and just wrote a check for a private detective to go search for the missing girl.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. What Mitt did at that moment reveals more about his character than any attack ad from the White House.

    Within hours Mitt shut down his company and took all his employees to New York to help search for the missing girl. For two days they walked the streets asking everyone if they had seen the girl. To aid in the search Mitt called on his many business associates for help. Soon 200 people were in on the search. Not content, Mitt increased his efforts by printing 300,000 flyers and getting one of the companies Bain Capitol had saved put the fliers in all their customers shopping bags. That company, Duane Reade had 52 stores. He even set up a hotline for the public to call in tips.

    In the end the young girl was found in a house in New Jersey and reunited with her family.  

    Mitt comes from a background now much despised by the liberal media, political and hollywood elites. His background used to be that of most Americans. He was raised in a loving family governed by traditional American values. His world both then and now consisted of layers upon layers of family, faith, friends, community, work and service.

    When presented with a problem he took both responsibility and action. The willingness to act, to take on responsibility, to do the right thing, these are the principles that help guide Mitt Romney then and now even to this day. I think it is long past time we, as a nation, returned to these values.

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