Some Thoughts on Character

Character – Part One -Having it

    I want to tell you a story that the so-called mainstream media will not tell you. They don’t want you to hear this because it doesn’t fit their narrative. This information, should you become aware of it, could have disastrous consequences to the carefully crafted image of Mitt Romney that they have worked so long and hard to invent. You know the stereotype, evil rich Republican. The truth however is far different.

     In 1996 Mitt was the head of Bain Capitol in Boston, Mass. I am sure the media has told you about how evil and uncaring he was. Nothing more than a rich tycoon sitting in his office counting his money and thinking up new ways to screw his employees.

    One day he learned that the 14-year-old daughter of one of his employees had run off to New York and had been missing for three days. At that moment Mr. Romney had a choice to make.

    Given what you currently know about Mitt, what do you think he did? Perhaps he offered simple platitudes and turned the employee away. Given his faith maybe he prayed with the distraught father before sending him on his way. Or, maybe he thought to call in the government and wait to see what they could/would do. Perhaps he was feeling really generous and just wrote a check for a private detective to go search for the missing girl.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. What Mitt did at that moment reveals more about his character than any attack ad from the White House.

    Within hours Mitt shut down his company and took all his employees to New York to help search for the missing girl. For two days they walked the streets asking everyone if they had seen the girl. To aid in the search Mitt called on his many business associates for help. Soon 200 people were in on the search. Not content, Mitt increased his efforts by printing 300,000 flyers and getting one of the companies Bain Capitol had saved put the fliers in all their customers shopping bags. That company, Duane Reade had 52 stores. He even set up a hotline for the public to call in tips.

    In the end the young girl was found in a house in New Jersey and reunited with her family.  

    Mitt comes from a background now much despised by the liberal media, political and hollywood elites. His background used to be that of most Americans. He was raised in a loving family governed by traditional American values. His world both then and now consisted of layers upon layers of family, faith, friends, community, work and service.

    When presented with a problem he took both responsibility and action. The willingness to act, to take on responsibility, to do the right thing, these are the principles that help guide Mitt Romney then and now even to this day. I think it is long past time we, as a nation, returned to these values.

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