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More Victims Of Sandy Hook

The recent Supreme Court decision to not hear the appeal from Remington in the baseless lawsuit brought by the Sandy Hook survivors and their ambulance chasing lawyers should frighten every reasonable person and terrify every producer of a product used by the public.

While I have great sympathy for anyone who has lost a child at some point it is incumbent upon that person to realize two things. First, decisions taken under grief seldom work out well and second, there comes a point in time where your grief is no longer sufficient cover for outright stupidity.

The survivors and their money grubbing lawyers know, or have every reason to know, Lanza did not use an AR in his assault at Sandy Hook. No one who died in that vile attack by a profoundly sick person was killed by an AR. Therein lies a difficulty for the politically correct gun grabbers. If they were honest about what happened they would have had to demonize pistols they way the AR, you know, the scary looking black rifle, has been demonized. Being to lazy to make the effort they simply went after the deepest pockets they could find in this all around sad situation.

If memory serves me I think it took law enforcement some twelve minutes to arrive on scene that tragic day. That was eleven and a half minutes to late. Lanza should have been shot while he was breaking into the school with the shotgun he was also carrying.

Israel, when faced with a similar situation, ended the slaughter of their school children by Palestinian terrorists by arming their teachers and adding armed guards to their staff. It is a sad fact that schools are primary targets of terrorists and psycho losers because of the emotional impact those attacks have on decent people. The other sad fact in tragedies like this is that virtually no gun grabber has shied away from standing on the bodies of those children to punish law abiding gun owners. The Sandy Hook litigants apparently desire to place themselves in that same company.

When will we learn that, as a partial result of the constant pressure to define deviancy down, evil walks unabashedly among us, sometimes openly as a shooter and sometimes disguised as a lawyer. Ok, often disguised as a lawyer. Sadly, instead of preparing our teachers or protecting our schools those invested, rightly or wrongly, with “moral” authority on this subject seek to punish most those who had the least to do with the tragedy. Before you argue with that last sentence answer me this, just what law would have prevented Lanza from killing his mother and taking her guns?

I’ll wait…

This is the 800lb gorilla the Sandy Hook litigants, their gun grabbing supporters and dollar chasing lawyers refuse to see. At some level they all know there is no law that would have stopped him. Evil people through out history have done evil things regardless of the law or tools available to them. The best the Sandy Hook survivors can hope for with this suit is some kind of virtue signaling victory and apparently a few dollars to ease the pain.

Should they end up prevailing with this assault on reason what will stop someone from suing Ford if some terrorist uses one of Ford’s vehicles to run down a group of people on a sidewalk somewhere? Boeing and every airline that flies their planes better hope none of their planes ever crash. Lets be honest, every ambulance chasing lawyer on the planet is hoping the Sandy Hook survivors prevail because if they do no manufacturer of any product will be immune from suit. The lawyers are drooling as we speak.

But hey, at least we will have “done something.”

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Thoughts From The Dark Side

Some forty plus years ago, as a wide eyed fifth grader living just outside Washington DC, I found myself on a school field trip. My dad, a combat engineer having return from his tour of duty in Vietnam, had been stationed at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. I had the privilege of attending the Army Public School system there where, among other things, we were taught critical thinking skills along with the three R’s and non revised American history.

My classmates, teachers and I stood outside the Supreme Court building waiting for another busload of fellow students to arrive. It was a beautiful day, and I, a student of history even then, stood in awe before the imposing, much decorated marbled edifice that represented a bedrock principle of America, law and order.

As we waited, all lined up and as patient as a group of fifth graders can be in front of our buses, I watched curiously as people came in and out of the building we would soon be touring. One of the people who came out that morning was a women. Today I would estimate her age as late twenties. She saw us and stopped dead in her tracks. I watched as she examined us closely and saw her becoming agitated. I watched curiously as her face contorted itself angrily. Then, with a purposeful swiftness she turned and marched directly at us. I could tell she was upset but at what I had no clue. She rectified that deficiency in my knowledge right away.

Although there was nothing between her and us she stopped a few feet in front of us and began yelling at us. She informed us in no uncertain terms that our fathers were baby killers, rapists, village burners and murderers. We were invaders that didn’t belong in Vietnam she continued angrily. I confess that exactly what she said after that is lost in the mist of memory. I was stunned both by her ferocity and her allegations. As her tirade continued all of us kids became silent and, as I found out later, a little afraid.

Staring at her angry face as she berated our fathers a jumble of thoughts rushed through my young mind. Who was she? I didn’t recognize her. Did she know my dad? Why would she say these things? I knew my dad was no saint but I knew for certain he was no baby killer. I knew for a fact that he had been seriously injured digging a well for a village. To say I was confused would have been putting it mildly.

As I was trying to process this our teachers began moving us back towards the buses and away from the angry women. One of our teachers went up to the women and asked her to leave us kids alone. This only angered her further. Fortunately the police arrived right then and escorted the women from the premises. To say that we kids were in a state of shock would be an understatement. Our teachers did their best to reassure us that we would be okay and that the young lady wasn’t really angry with us. Many of us remained unconvinced.

It was then that the other bus arrived. There was a huddled conference of teachers and a police officer. It was decided that the tour would continue. I am glad that it did but I also noticed that we had a police officer following us at a discrete distance for the entire tour. I found that both comforting and at the same time worrisome. I was glad he was there but wondered why a group of fifth graders would need police protection and from who.

Today, little has changed. Liberals are still assaulting children.

Today we are assaulted in the public square by a completely brainwashed teenager on global warming.

Liberals assault conservatives of all ages in and out of the public sphere with impunity.

School kids today are brainwashed with gender confusion and an LGBT-WTF agenda that defies all reason.

Nearly everywhere one turns in the media the evils of America, a few real and but most imagined, are recited without context, contradiction, fact or relief.

President Trump is routinely assaulted with made up allegations that “must be taken seriously”. The bald face fact that his accusers are the ones doing what they accuse him of doing is never disclosed by a willfully complicit media and trashed by that same media as a conspiracy theory if anyone brings the subject up.

Formerly beautiful places like San Francisco and Seattle are now awash in human feces, used needles, homeless camps, drug addicts, the mentally ill and illegal aliens.

Merely mentioning these subjects, let alone proposing solutions that don’t involve the creation of new government programs and massive government spending subjects you all sorts of harassment.

So much for the history lesson. You’ve waited long enough. Now for the darkness.

There is a pair of quotes, the names of their authors escapes me at the moment, that I will mash together into, “For good to prevail there must be rough men willing to do unspeakable things.”

I’m not sure we are at the stage where we need to do unspeakable things to defend American values and culture but there is plenty of call for doing some rough things. Outside of President Trump, where are the conservative “rough men”?

Where are the men and women who will unmask the antifa thugs? I mean literally unmask them. Identify them, film them, follow them and get vehicle descriptions, license plate numbers and home addresses, all to be given to their victims lawyers so these thugs can be prosecuted. Who will shame these haters?

Where are the men and women who will stand up one after another at a Biden campaign rally and ask about his son’s and his corruption. I mean literally one person after another asking the same question until he admits he and his son are grifters extraordinaire or he storms out of the event.

Where is the person who will doxx the owners and editors of such hate mongering outlets as the New York Times, CNN political hacks pretending to be journalists and social media parasites so that we can flood their mailboxes with politely worded demands for fair and accurate reporting? If people want to responsibly protest outside these haters driveways so be it. Why do they get to exempt themselves from the chaos they seek to impose on the rest of us?

Who will mail a thank you card from the abortion doctor that sells baby parts with a picture of her in her new Lambo to everyone who recently had an abortion.

Where are the billboards along the highways of America showing Donald Trump hanging out with Mohammed Ali? Showing illegal alien rapists, child predators and killers being released in defiance of ICE by the sheriff, police commissioner, governor etc? Showing the islamic practice of adult males marrying nine year old girls?

Where are the white hat hackers that will inform America of just who is funding illegal immigration by exposing groups like La Raza (literally The Race)? Of who is funding them. Of to who and just how much these groups are giving money and in kind contributions to (trust me, their federal filings are woefully incomplete)?

Where are the men and women who will defend law enforcement the next time some two bit career felon is shot by a police officer in fear for his life? Who will take to task the reporter who airs the thugs family babbling about how the thug was a good and decent guy who just made one mistake? Let’s be real, if he was a decent guy why was he a career felon? I feel for your loss but if you are going to lie you deserve every metaphorical egg thrown at you.

I hope you understand where I am going here. This is no call to violence, unless you are attacked in which case my advice is defend yourself, but a cry to conservatives to go on offense in the arena of ideas. It has been said we are entering a “cold” civil war. I suspect that is true. Given that, I believe we can only win our country back by abandoning the defensive posture many conservatives have become addicted to. The Mitt “the twit” Romnys and Paul “lyin” Ryans of the world will sell you and me into oblivion as long as they can live in their gilded cages and attend the right cocktail parties. It is time we stopped accepting every false liberal premise about us at face value and defending ourselves according to the baseless accusation.

The correct answer to most liberal assertions is to laugh out loud. Laugh in their face. Men can be women, laugh. Global warming, laugh. Racism is alive and well in the United States, laughter. Evil corporations, use your best evil laugh.

I can hear you now, but sailor, all that makes us just like them.……………….

Sorry, I was laughing.

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Red Flags And The Never Ending Story

The Energizer Bunny has nothing on these guys. Liberals on gun control I mean.

Given the speed at which they launched their assault on law abiding gun owners in the wake of the latest shootings in El Paso and Dayton you get the impression they have been chomping at the bit for people to die so they can have some momentum to advance their anti freedom agenda. Unable to wait for the bodies to even be removed from where they fell liberals launched right into their newest fad of a solution, Red Flag laws.

In English that translates into, Gestapo level terror run by power mad, politically correct group thinking liberals. No, I’m not being hyperbolic. Just listen to them, they don’t even try to hide their goals anymore.

The stated purpose of so called red flag laws is of course safety. As a deceptive ploy it is brilliant. After all, who would argue against safety? However, if you look just a bit more closely the first thing that should jump out at you (unless you are a public school victim) is that this “common sense safety law” denies you your constitutionally protected right to due process. Due process is that nasty concept, to liberals anyway, that you are innocent until proven guilty. Under Red Flag laws liberals are content to allow the mere accusation to equal condemnation, as long as the condemned are the “correct” class of people. Don’t think so?

Despite Trumps best efforts liberals still own the media, courts and education from pre-k to college. The deep state and dozens of scummy “republicans” desperately seeking approval of equally scummy liberals routinely shred the Constitution. The Supreme Court is unreliable at best because of swamp dwellers like Roberts and Kavanagh. Translation, liberals will never lose their right to own a gun but you, the mentally ill conservative or functionally deranged Christian, will.

Once passed, the next step in the Red Flag law strategy is requiring psychological evidence for background checks. Don’t think you will be diagnosed as mentally ill? Consider what you can not talk about today without being ridiculed, maligned or even assaulted today.

Point out the evil of radical islam? You must be a racist and thus mentally ill.
Dispute man made global warming? You must be a science denier and thus mentally ill.
Think homersexuality is a choice? You must be a homophobic and thus mentally ill.
Believe in God? Definitely mentally ill.
Think immigration laws should be enforced. Clearly you are a white supremacist and thus mentally ill.
Believe the killer and not the gun is responsible. You must be some kind of toothless redneck and thus mentally ill.
Think marriage is an institution between a man and a women. You must be an intolerant bigot and thus mentally ill.
Point out the tragic failure of gun control in democrat run cities, well, I think you get the picture.

Those are just the thought crimes. Consider the following.

Ever been to counseling? You’re potentially to suicidal to own a gun.
Diagnosed with PTSD? You’re to unstable to own a gun.
Ever have an argument with your spouse? At work? You’re a potential mass shooter, no gun for you.
Have to many speeding tickets? You’re a potential road rage killer.
Ever take anti depressants? You’re not able to cope with reality well enough to own a gun.
Are you a registered republican? Clearly to mentally unstable to own a gun.

I like my definition of mentally ill. Anyone who honestly believes that passing just one more law will cause all the criminals to suddenly lay down their guns is clearly detached from reality and needs careful supervision.

Tragically, actual science deniers, ie psychiatrists and psychologists, you know, the people who say men can be women and even have periods, will get to decide whether you are mentally ill. Just think, once an accusation is made against you, you are then required to prove you are not crazy. Won’t that be fun?

The gun grabbers are not resting all their hopes of stealing your guns and scrapping the Constitution on Red Flag laws alone. Some liberal dominated state governments have been pressuring the financial system to deny their services to gun manufacturers, sellers and owners. If successful they can gut the Second Amendment without anyone having to take credit for it. (Hint to gun and ammunition manufacturers and sellers – create your own financial network and get out of debt)

Still stubborn enough to own a gun? Those same people believe you should be required to have additional liability insurance. The idea behind that proposal is to simply price you out of the ability to afford owning a gun. Boom, the Second Amendment remains “available” to all but is for all practical purposes, null and void. Once again, no one has to take credit for denying you your unalienable right. Criminals and drug cartels around the world are preparing the celebratory champagne as we speak.

Still think gun control is a worthy idea? Why don’t you ask the six million Jews murdered in NAZI Germany how they feel about gun control. Or the two million Cambodians killed by Pol Pot? Or the millions murdered by Stalin? Or the millions murdered by China in the Cultural Revolution? Or those about to be murdered in Hong Kong?

Silly me. You would have to be dead to do that. Oddly, today’s liberals seem to be perfectly okay with that.

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Antifa And The Fourth Of July

I sincerely wish that everyone had as enjoyable holiday as I did. Quality time spent with family is something can renew the spirit and rejuvenate the soul.

The fourth of July is a yearly reminder of liberty that far to many Americans use as simply another excuse for a day off. Barbecuing hot dogs and hamburgers, downing a cold beer or two and enjoying some fireworks with the family seems to be the limit of most peoples ability to understand the holiday. This is beyond sad.

Generations of sacrifice and progress are lost in a haze of fireworks, fun and food.

What is even more sad is that there are so many Americans willing to abandon the very system that creates and maintains the conditions that allow their celebrations to happen, let alone continue. There are even those who are actively seeking to impose that failed agenda on America. The very same agenda that so many Americans died fighting against. It is an agenda that has failed every single time it’s been tried. It is an agenda that has murdered some 120 million people in just the 20th century alone. It is an agenda that seeks to establish the power and privilege of a select few over everyone else. It is the utopian driven agenda of socialism, communism or fascism. They are all different flavors of the same totalitarian nightmare espoused by Antifa.

In that vein, the criminal/terrorist element known as Antifa has struck yet again. This time they “demonstrated” in the liberal workers paradise of Portland, Oregon. The hateful cowards, hiding behind their masks marks them as cowards and their actions mark them as hateful, demonstrated their tolerance by assaulting, among others, a senior citizen and a gay, minority journalist. How understanding of them.

The regular and consistent violence of Antifa virtually never gets coverage in any mainstream media outlet. The fact is that these media outlets have for all practical purposes omitted covering Antifa’s existence and its associated violence since Trump’s pre-election rallies. The mainstream media, when it is occasionally forced to cover the vile antics of these domestic terrorists, present Antifa as a group of social justice warriors, a bunch of pacifist Robin Hoods out to save the common man from the evils of freedom, capitalism and of course, Trump. Nothing could be farther from the truth and the mainstream media knows that. Sadly, Antifa has noticed the length and depth of friendly cover provided by the media and their talking heads and has upped their levels of violence accordingly.

The defenders of Antifa, by the very act of defending Antifa, fully endorse the destruction of the concept of peaceful protest. They do this despite the fact that no one, Antifa included, seems to know specifically what Antifa wants outside of the destruction of the American democratic process. Honestly, by wearing their masks and black outfits the Antifa thugs appear as a negative image of an earlier Democratic Party, the ones that wore white hoods. Perhaps that explains the comfort level of democrats with Antifa. I can’t help but get the feeling that the members of Antifa would feel quite at home in Hilter’s brown shirts.

It’s even worse on social media. Little Markie, owner of FB and self appointed decider of what is fair, not only actively perpetrates the myth of peaceful Antifa but effectively bans any speech on his platform that shows their true colors. He has “Community Standards” you know. I guess his community standards include protecting violent thugs acting out against things little Markie thinks aren’t fair.

Then there is the alleged Mayor of Portland. This coward must have Vichy French blood in him because when the thugs he now protects surrounded his house in protest he instantly capitulated. This so called man has become virtually invisible since the Antifa outrage perpetrated in his city. Not even so much as the usual fake liberal promise, “We’ll do better in the future”. It has been widely reported for some time that he has ordered police to remain hands off when it comes to the terrorist thugs of Antifa. It appears that Antifa may now be ruling Portland, Oregon the way the Klan once ran large portions of the south.

Lets be clear, Antifa is part of an organized and discretely led and well funded behind the scenes, interstate conspiracy to deny civil rights to conservatives, members of religious groups or anyone they disagree with. They only have fear, intimidation and violence to offer. Making excuses for them makes you, in the gospel according to Sailor, an accomplice.

At the federal level there are long established procedures in the Justice Department for handling such malevolent groups. The employment of these tools against an active terrorist organization like Antifa is long overdue. However, given that the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division is over staffed with far left wing nut jobs, uhm, I mean career service employees, this is unlikely to happen any time soon. These professional haters seem to feel that only liberal African-Americans and the homersexual minorities are worthy of their protection.

A large part of taking America back from the paid professional haters like Antifa, their supporters, the main stream media talking heads or the afore mentioned career service employees is learning the real history of America. It involves understanding that America has spent the last two hundred plus years seeking to perfect the concepts of liberty, justice and equality. It involves knowing that while never perfect no country in the history of the world has done more good for more people than America. It involves accepting and implementing the concept of personal responsibility for one actions. It involves enjoying the fourth of July for the reason it was founded on.

Anything else is a win for Antifa.

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Never Forget, Never Again

Another 9-11 anniversary has come and gone. It has been now 17 years since that tragic day awoke a sleeping giant in nearly the same way December 7, 1941 did. Unlike the day that will “live in infamy” the giant this time, sadly, soon went right back to sleep.

Today far to many people have no idea of the scope of what actually happened that day. That is a tragedy in and of itself. Compounding that sad reality is the fact that many of our “leaders” are just fine with that.

In Sandy, Utah, not far from my home a memorial service is held every year. It’s called “The Healing Field.” In short, it is a field of soft, green grass, with the majestic Rocky Mountains as the background, planted with a single flag for every one lost on that horrible day. Each flag carries a picture of the person who was murdered that day along with a short biography. Standing in the midst of all those flags, the true enormity of what happened that day is overwhelming. In a moment of silence one can almost hear the victims whispering to you in the flapping sounds of all those flags. No picture, no description will, or can, do it justice. It must be seen, and felt, in person.

The volunteers who man this testament to the lives stolen tell everyone that, if a flag touches you while you are walking around it is because that person wants you to get to know them. I suspect there is more truth to that than we can imagine. I have gotten to know many of the victims.

For a very short while after the attack, we were all Americans. Liberals, democrats and progressives (there is virtually no difference between them) ran to America’s defense, only to abandon her days later. That abandonment was swift, brutal, total and typical of how liberals, democrat and progressives think and act.

The poor souls who died in the towers were called “little Eichmans”, a hideous and completely fabricated NAZI reference whose only intent was to demean, or perhaps endorse, their murder.

We allowed our sworn enemy to blind us with the meaningless propaganda of “islamophobia.” We not only tolerated but accepted the inane concept that accurately describing islam made us “racists.” For the record islam is a religion not a race. (It is a sad indictment of our education system that something so blinding obvious needs to be explained)

Despite a complete lack of evidence, we have allowed ourselves to be browbeaten into accepting that hate crimes against moslems are at an all time high. In fact, nearly every “hate” crime reported ends up being an islamic perpetrated hoax. Even then, we are not allowed notice that fact.

Instead of mourning the hideousness of what was perpetrated in the name of their god, our alleged fellow citizens, the aforementioned liberals, democrats and progressives, have intentionally concocted a swirling, white hot mass of anti American vitriol which they spew with glee. For them, 9-11 is simply another “crisis” that must not be allowed “to go to waste.”

They have placed their cards on the table. They hate the country I love, the country me, my father and grandfather all served proudly. They actively despise the one country that has done more good for the entire world than any other country in the planets history. I get it. You are entitled to your opinion, however misguided, misinformed or evil it may be.

I have placed my cards on the table as well. I am just as pissed off over what happened 17 years ago now as I was then. I will not forget. I will do everything I can to be certain that something like that never happens again. I will point out at every opportunity the vapid stupidity of the America haters alleged facts. The victims, their families and those who survived 9-11 deserve nothing less.

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They Are Already At War, You Just Don’t Know It

Like their beloved religion of peace, liberals will not tell you they are at war with America and American ideals. Make no mistake, they are at war. They have spent five decades dumbing down Americans, taking over as many public institutions as possible, corrupting the plain meaning of words, normalizing deviancy and getting the “right” judges on the bench. They have made stunning progress over the last sixty years but the election of Donald Trump now threatens everything they have accomplished. Like a wounded animal, liberals are at their most dangerous right now. They no longer seek to convert us to their enforced utopia voluntarily. Our conversion to their demented ideology will now be at gunpoint because the election of Trump makes it necessary. No less a mental midget than Maxine Waters has ordered the mobs deployed. BLM, ANTIFA, ACLU, SPLC, Planned Parenthood, NAACP, CAIR, college administrators, dozens of unions and other hate groups are ready, willing and able to answer the call.

Sanctimonious ignorance or righteous indignation, a requirement for the cohesion of any any mob, is also highly contagious. Liberals possess it in abundance. It readily affects the ill educated and simple minded but also possess seditious tentacles that carefully work their way into the reasoning processes of more educated people. History is replete with examples of those who were far to happy, and quick, to join an uninformed mob that fed itself on some righteous revulsion, real or, most often, imaginary. For these individuals the sometimes difficult work of reasoning, fact checking and deploying a healthy sense of skepticism is simply beyond their ability. They have been well trained. Thank you public education system, main stream media and hollywood icons.

The plan of attack has been well thought out and is now being executed with vigor. Liberal hate mongers deployed their hollywood hate brigades and media propaganda platoons for years in a “softening up” campaign. Now they have released the goon squads. They have empowered criminal elements to act with impunity and are now openly targeting elements of the government itself. Lets deal with the last one first.

Attacks on Law Enforcement.

A Sergeant in the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Houston was treated for exposure to Fentanyl after he touched a flier left on the windshield of his car. The tainted fliers were placed on all the police cars in the parking lot. Luckily only the Sergeant was affected and thankfully he will be okay. Cops no longer have to worry about just getting thrown out of restaurants, coffee shops or being shot, liberals will poison them just as easily.

ICE employees have already been targeted. From WikiLeaks, “ICEPatrol is an important public resource for understanding ICE programs and increasing accountability, especially in light of the actions taken by ICE lately, such as the separation of children and parents at the US border.”

The ICEPatrol database contains information and photos culled from the LinkedIn profiles, from interns to senior management, of 9,243 former and current ICE employees. The site is searchable by location, industry, current position, school attended and field of study. This places the men and women of ICE in a virtually defenseless position against vicious criminal gangs such as MS-13, Mexican drug lords and moslem terrorists. ICEPatrol and by extension, Wikileaks, exposes their families, homes and anyone they associate with, however casually, to extreme danger.

A hate group you have never heard of, the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council (MACC) is “protesting” outside an ICE office building in Manhattan. They are blocking the loading dock through which ICE vans bring illegal aliens in and out of the building. MACC organizer Marisa Holmes apparently leads this effort. Someone should tell this Holmes individual that anarchy is just a college word for hate. On second thought, I bet she, he, her, zim, dimwit, hater, moron or whatever Holmes chosen pronoun is, probably already knows and embraces that.


A similar “protest” is well into its second week in the liberal workers paradise of Portland, Oregon. It is rapidly growing into a semi-permanent tent city of hundreds. These devoted haters of law and order are dedicated not only to frustrating ICE’s work but to completely abolishing the agency. Their official twitter account is titled “Abolish I.C.E. PDX”. Its banner photo reads “ICE = GESTAPO.” The Democrat socialist mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, endorses this display of hate and intolerance by ordering the police in his city to stand down while the domestic terrorists posing as peaceful protesters loot everything they can steal from the surrounding neighborhood.


Pam Bondi, the popular Attorney General of Florida and long-time target of the left, was verbally assaulted and bullied in a planned attack by a raging trio of leftists at a movie theater. The haters, unable to get a response from Bondi, turned on her boyfriend and did their best to provoke him into a physical altercation.

Shawn Christy, a Pennsylvania man who has threatened Donald Trump’s life, is on the run at this very minute. Who is Shawn Christy? In 2012 he was convicted of harassment against attorneys working for Sarah Palin. He is already on probation and is currently also wanted on aggravated assault charges. You most likely don’t know this because no mainstream media outlet wants to report on it. Let’s be honest, such knowledge might possibly generate some sympathy or concern about Trump and the media will not tolerate that. A more frightening thought, just how many more Christy’s are out there that we know nothing about?

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen chased out of a Mexican restaurant by militant liberal activists protesting the mythical “separation” of children from parents caught crossing the border illegally. A similar group of liberal protesters, led by the hate group CREDO Action, gathered outside of her Virginia townhouse blasting audio of crying immigrant children and chanting “No justice, no sleep.” “History will remember you,” shouted one protester, “You belong in the Hague! You’re a modern-day Nazi!” This hater will also be remembered in history, by his prison record in all probability.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders when seeking to dine at the Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia, was tossed out by liberal and hater extraordinaire Stephanie Wilkinson. Her excuse for such childish behavior, her establishment has “certain standards.” Apparently those standards extend to the point of following Sarah’s party to another restaurant and making a commotion there as well.

A rabid supporter of mob rule, for now at least, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters is encouraging more and mare radical protests against President Trump and anyone in his administration. She says she has “no sympathy” for any who serve in the administration and that the public should “turn on them” and “absolutely harass” White House officials as they go about every day activities. Rep. Waters told supporters that administration officials should be harangued at gas stations, restaurants, and department stores. “They know what they are doing is wrong,” she said.

The Hollywood Haters

Creepy has been Peter Fonda tweeted the following about 12-year-old Barron Trump, “WE SHOULD RIP BARRON TRUMP FROM HIS MOTHER’S ARMS AND PUT HIM IN A CAGE WITH PEDOPHILES.” Apparently not finished being sick and evil the moron went after federal agents and their children, “We only need to surround their schools and scare the shit out of them and worry the fuck out of the agents frm CBE ICE & REGULAR BORDER PATROL AGENTS. WE NEED TO SCARE THE FUCK OUT OF THEM! NEED TO MAKE THEIR CHILDREN WORRY NOW.” (The all caps are Fonda’s, not mine) Appropriately Trump and the first lady rebuked him publicly and the Secret Service paid him a visit. Fonda also bravely assaulted two women. One, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who he addressed with the sexist slur “gash.” The second was Kirstjen Nielsen, DHS Secretary, who he wanted to see stripped naked and publicly whipped. The publicity seeking moron later issued a half hearted apology. Everyone knows he didn’t mean a word of it. Being a hollywood elitist, he doesn’t have to.

Washed up celebrities like Robert De Niro, perhaps seeking to relive the glory days, insist on vomiting their opinions all over the rest of us. Example, his obscene verbal tirade on live television during the Tony Awards: “I’m going to say one thing, Fuck Trump. It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump.’ It’s fuck Trump.” He is entitled to his opinion, however hateful. The frightening thing about the classless incident was that he got a standing ovation from the trained seal audience at Radio City Music Hall.

The sad thing is none of this is new. Many other celebrities have also crossed the line into evil.

Remember New York City’s distinguished Public Theater’s “Julius Caesar” a modern adaptation? A Trump-like figure is stabbed to death by a band of angry senators to the wild applause of its bloodthirsty liberal audience.

Madonna at the women’s march following the inauguration in January 2017, said she had “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House” on the day after Trump moved in. I suppose she feels the staff there is expendable because she doesn’t like Trump.

Taking a break from her doughnut fetish, Rosie O’Donnell in July 2017 stopped eating long enough to tweet a link to a game called “Push Trump Off A Cliff Again.”

The mentally ill Anthony Bourdain, a former CNN show host and celebrity chef who was once asked what he would serve at a peace summit between president Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. “Hemlock,” was his to cute by half answer. I will give him credit for leading by example. None of his other hollywood pals are willing to do the same.

Larry Wilmore, the never funny former host of Comedy Central said, “I don’t want to give him any more oxygen. That’s not a euphemism, by the way. I mean it literally. Somebody get me the pillow they used to kill [Supreme Court Justice Antonin] Scalia and I’ll do it — I’ll do it!” I’ll give him credit for using a four syllable word but I have to wonder who taught it to him.

Marilyn Manson, looking like he had just consumed a healthy dose of Bourdain’s Hemlock, released a teaser video for his song, “Say10,” right after the 2016 election. In the video a Trump-like figure wearing a suit and a red tie lay decapitated on a concrete floor in a pool of blood.

Semi funny (once, a long time ago) and now just a bloated and angry racist, George Lopez back in the primary season of 2016 tweeted a cartoon image of former Mexican President Vincente Fox holding the decapitated head of Donald Trump with the caption “Make America Great Again.”

A no name, no talent musician called Moby produced a 2017 video of a Transformer-like Trump morphing into a swastika-dollar sign combination and wreaking havoc on a city before meeting a fiery, explosive death.

A Snoop Dogg 2017 music video portrayed Trump as a clown. At the end of the video, the talent challenged rapper points a gun at the Trump figure and shoots. A red flag that read “Bang!” pops out of the guns barrel.

Kathy Griffin proudly defended holding up photos of a fake bloody, decapitated Trump head as art. I’ll accept that one when she fully converts to islam. Lets be honest, the veil suits her.

Johnny Depp, at the U.K.’s 2017 Glastonbury music and arts festival stated bravely, “I think Trump needs help.” Desperate to appear somewhat manly he added, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”

This is only a sampling but I’m sure you get the picture. In years past these sick displays would have spelled the end of a career. There’s no penalty anymore.

The Media

Both MSNBC’s Joy Reid and CBS’s Scott Pelley, the network’s Evening News anchor, have said publicly and often, although carefully couched in not so many words, that Rep. Steve Scalise had it coming when a rabid Bernie Sanders supporter and volunteer shot him as he and his GOP colleagues practiced for a yearly baseball game between congressional Republicans and Democrats. Pelly went so far as to claim that Rep. Scalise’s injuries were “foreseeable, predictable and, to some degree, self-inflicted.” So, apparently Pelly and his numerous brethren know what comes of the flames of hate they fan so diligently and are apparently just fine with it.

In an unwritten but strictly enforced rule that has gone nationwide over the last few years the media has refused to list the race of criminals in their reporting, unless said criminal is a white male. Illegal aliens hit and run, rape, rob and murder but the media will never once disclose the criminals race or immigration status. Black gangs roam the streets, subways and parks of numerous major cities for “beat whitey night” or the “knock put game” and the media simply identifies the criminals as “teens”, if they bother to report on the crime at all. MS13 murderers are called Dreamers and treated like poor little children.

Over the last few years, law-breaking has evolved to no longer carry consequences for the preferred classes. Democrat politicians at all levels of government, militant homersexuals, gang members of the correct skin colors, deep state bureaucrats, ideologically correct college professors/administrators, professional leftists, anarchists and race baiters and their fellow travelers and illegal aliens have little to fear from the law. In cities across America, organized lawlessness is spreading like the cancer it is but this news is virtually ignored and blacked out by the mainstream media.

In a June 25, 2018 article by David Prentice “A High-Stakes Game of Get Trump Poker” he summarizes the current state of the “left” perfectly.

“Oh, come now. We just need to reach across the aisle to compromise with these (um, er) friends! That’s the plaintive cry of the infamous RINO class. The weary whine of the Vichy Republicans. The pathetic wail of the Stockholm Syndrome GOP.
The party of JFK is gone, baby, gone. There is not even a hint of a JFK or Hubert Humphrey now. Not the slightest tempering of a Scoop Jackson. Nor an iota of the fiery pro-American Truman. They’ve all gone hard left.
They have new goals. Hate the founding of America. Freedom and liberty are just no good anymore.
Destroy the “evils” of a free market economy. Replace it with socialism.
Balkanize a racial divide. Hate whites; get as many whites to be self-loathing as possible. Keep blacks and Hispanics on the Democrat plantation. Never integrate.
Reinvent biological sex. Confuse an entire generation. Make sex become anything they want it to be at the time, but mainly use it to bludgeon white males or conservatives of any race or sex. Just because they deserve it. Because they are all toxic.
Replace the voting base of America with illegal aliens who can be manipulated more easily by emotional appeals for their votes. Power forever (in their minds).
Destroy the ability to debate the ideas of the left. Destroy anyone who is effective in countering the left’s narratives. And be violent. Make it appear criminal to have a differing viewpoint, or work for anyone other than the left.”

The left is doing their level best to motivate their militant base at all levels. Not all liberals are militant leftists but the silence from the reasonable liberals is deafening compared to the noise their militant brothers now running the democratic party, hollywood, academia and the media are making. The hateful, fiery rhetoric coming from the “leaders” of the left reaches deep into the mentally unstable and legitimizes their fantasies of “making a difference” because “something must be done.”


These are the people that wake up one morning intent on killing Republicans, targeting ICE employees, law enforcement officers and political figures not because of anything these people have necessarily said or done, but because Democratic leaders from The Kenyan little Barry, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, Maxine Waters and a host of others have said that every Republican policy, from healthcare to trade to climate change to immigration, will kill people or are Nazi-inspired. The delusion is further reinforced by media and hollywood hate mongers parroting the liberal, leftist, communist propaganda issuing from the DNC. The hate and vitriol coming from these professional haters inspire liberal leftist goons and loons to “save mankind.”


The democratic party is at war with America. The media industrial complex is at war with America. Hollywood is at war with America. The educational complex is at war with America. Their supporters, voters and funders are at war with America.


My grandfather always said there was no point in ignoring the obvious. Outside of Trump and a few American patriots who stand with him, the republican party has become the party of surrender. We can sit on the sidelines and watch the insane America haters finish destroying America, hoping that we are the last to fall or we can stand together against them and preserve the greatest, most productive and beneficial form of government in the planets history. I know where I stand, do you?

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Kicking The Dog

When I write about a potential for civil war in America many scoff at the idea. Some call me a “wild eyed extremist” or “rabble rousing hate monger.” The more polite simply accuse me of misreading current events. Nothing would make me more happy than for the latter to be proven correct. The former are simply name callers who have to check their I-phones each morning to determine what the truth is today.

A small but highly vocal, and deeply entrenched in the machinery of government, media, corporate leadership and education, minority seems to have wrenched control of America from the normal, hardworking people in flyover country. Aided and abetted by traitorous “republicans” (McCain, Flake, Snow, Collins et al) and spineless college administrations, mayors and entertainment types, their march towards anarchy continues nearly unabated.

Consider the following.

A nursery in California is being prosecuted under the Clean Water Act for plowing its own land without federal permission. The Duarte Nursery is fighting a suit brought by the Obama Justice Department. The suit was the result of the Army Corps of Engineers determining that pools of water running alongside the furrows created by plowing a wheat field were “navigable waters.” The government went so far as to insist that the furrows generated by plowing were “mini-mountains” that disrupted the “ephemeral” puddles of water on the land. Astoundingly a so called judge agreed with the Corps and the Justice Department. Hoping to avoid $45 million in penalties the nursery agreed to a $1.1 million settlement. Under this definition virtually every lawn in America becomes a “navigable waterway.” Are you ready for the Army Corps of Engineers?
The Student Government Association at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green voted to approve its recommendation that the school make tuition “free” for all black students. The resolution passed 19-10 and supposedly sends a message to university faculty, administrators and everyone else that slavery is “a debt that will never be paid.” I can’t help but wonder if the college ever bothered to teach that slavery was abolished in the US more than 150 years ago. I’m no expert but is this “tuition plan” not the definition of institutional racism? And what about those of us whose family’s immigrated here after slavery was abolished? Why must we be forced to pay taxes to fund this? What about blacks who came here willingly and were never held in slavery, do we have to pay for them as well? Are the descendants of black slave holders included with us poor white folk in having to pay for this? If not, why? Finally, just how long do these mis-educated liberal miscreants think the rest of us will stand for this?
Deep state poster boy and Clintonista hack Robert Mueller is conducting an investigation in search of a crime. He knows it, the media knows it and every democrat elected knows it. Yet from the first day of Trump’s presidency each and every one of these progressive hate mongers have been dreaming for a criminal indictment or impeachment to accomplish what they could not at the ballot box. The conduct of Robert S.(is the S for scumbag?) Mueller shows that he willing to go to any lengths to get one or the other. He has hired a progressive dream team of democratic donors/insiders or former Clinton employees to form his hit squad. All of these people hate voters like you and me and if nothing else, they will be paid millions of dollars by you and me to subvert justice and, they hope, overturn a legitimate election. This is an outright political assassination. How long will will hard working, play by the rules Americans stand for this?
It was on a Saturday night in the San Francisco Bay area at approximately 9:30PM when 60 thugs rampaged through a BART train, robbing, beating, threatening and laughing at the plight of their victims. What you don’t know but the locals do is that local media embargoed this story for 36 hours. The San Francisco Chronicle was forced to begin releasing a few details such as “at least two victims suffered head/facial injuries requiring medical attention” the following Monday morning. A BART spokeswoman, Alicia Trost eventually confirmed that seven robberies had been committed with victims losing a duffel bag, a purse and five cell phones. Everyone reporting on the crime spree was very careful both to minimize its size, violence and most importantly, the fact the the sixty thugs involved were all young blacks. Local media, led by The East Bay Express, has diligently worked to protect the black criminal class from law enforcement. They have been so effective that most of the BART surveillance cameras are fake. Can’t have video evidence of blacks being responsible for seventy percent of the complaints filed by BART customers while making up ten percent of BART riders now can we? Sadly black crime on BART is out of control because BART administrators, city officials and liberal racists will not stand up for ordinary working class Americans. These kinds of attacks persist not because whites are racist but because the criminals feel absolutely safe on BART. When will it become fashionable in liberal circles to simply equally enforce the law regardless of skin color? How much longer before one of these flash mobs is met with armed resistance?
Then there are the liberal support groups. Ever heard of the Brady Campaign? In 2012, Jessica Ghawi was murdered by James Holmes. At the urging of the Brady Campaign, whose lawyers had to have known better, her mother Sandy Phillips, sued the store that sold the gun to the loser Holmes. I won’t claim to understand the pain of losing a child but I will call you out for departing from reason. Mrs. Phillips and her husband sold their home and belongings in Texas to attend Holmes’s trial in Colorado, after which they traveled around the country in a camper to preach the virtues of gun control. The financial consequences for Phillips and her husband, by acting on the Brady Campaign’s advice were dire. Not only was the case dismissed but the judge, correctly, ordered them to pay Lucky Gunner’s $200,000 plus legal fees. One can wonder if the Brady Campaign was hoping for a stroke of legal lightening in their favor. Or were they hoping to create a martyr for the cause. After all, martyrs make great fundraisers and in 2014-15 the Brady Campaign took in $25 million. Why don’t they pay Phillip’s judgment for her? In any case the Brady Campaign is the winner, they get the cash and the ability to infuse additional anger towards people like you and me into their base. Even so, one wonders just when people will get tired of being used, or in this case sacrificed, as political props.
Sometimes our wounds are self inflicted. The liberal, progressive democrats then take full advantage of our stupidity. Some two hundred former IRS employees have been rehired by the Kenyans holdovers (why are there any holdovers at this abusive agency?) at the IRS. These are those who illegally accessed private taxpayer information for political purposes, participated in the harassment of TEA Party groups seeking tax exempt status and generally failed to perform their duties. Trump, in a massive failure, has allowed the Kenyans IRS to remain intact. It will continue to be used against you and me as well as anyone deemed to be in support of the Trump administration. Once leaked, your information will never again be private and the liberals will target you mercilessly. This was painfully easy to see and even easier to prevent. Why it was missed boggles the mind. I mean, did we not fight a war over unfair treatment concerning taxation once before?
Finally there are the carefully orchestrated events like Charlotte. How long will ordinary Americans tolerate well paid, out of state rabble-rousers like antifa and blm manufacturing hate and discontent in their cities and towns? Which one of these staged riots will be the one to spin out of control because cowardly, politically correct police chiefs refuse to maintain public order? In that failure how emboldened will the paid criminal elements and their fellow travelers become? What limits, if any, will they place on their outrageous acts of domestic terror? Finally, what happens when good and decent citizens, tired of the unrelenting evil being foisted upon them, decide to act in their justified self defense?
Ordinary, law abiding, hard working, tax paying, play by the rules Americans are under near constant assault from all sides. We are regularly abused by the media, the education establishment, activist judges, extortionist politicians, politically correct social justice warriors, militant homersexual tyrants, elitist corporate CEO’s, ambulance chasing lawyers and vapid hollywood types who know only that they are famous and we peons should defer to them without question.
How long will Americans tolerate moslem no go zones in their country? How long will Americans allow businesses like Craft Draft 2 Go to be sacrificed on the alter of political correctness? How long will Americans tolerate mentally ill men demanding the right to impose themselves into women’s restrooms? How long will Americans tolerate being forced to reward illegal aliens with billions of tax dollars? How long will Americans tolerate a fake news media intent on fanning the flames of hate, made up victim-hood and the normalization of perversion? Finally, how long will Americans tolerate having their lives run by trained seal social justice warriors?
My grandpa, a country boy who fought in WWII, used to say that you get the first kick at the dog for free. After that he warned, you take your chances that the dog will bite back. How long I wonder before the majority of Americans decide to “bite” back?
I hope it never comes to that. I hope it never comes to a civil war. I hope that cooler heads will prevail. I pray daily that reason will again appear in everyone’s words and deeds. All I know though is that there are an awful lot of people out there intent on kicking us again and again and again and again…..

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