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Little Barry Hates America and I Can Prove It

Many people have long wondered why little Barry acts and says the things he does. As small examples consider his refusal to wear an American flag pin, not putting his hand over his heart during the Star Spangled Banner, believing America has 57 states, focusing on the “rights” of gays and illegal aliens over those of American citizens. The list of things such as this would take up hundreds of pages. The larger, more important examples of little Barry’s actions are bone chilling.

Dinesh Dsouza believes that little Barry was brought up as an anti colonialist. Some believe he is a closet Muslim engaged in the practice of taqiyya. Strong arguments can be made for either position. My intent here is not to determine why little Barry hates America rather, my goal is to prove he does. Once that fact is established the why is irrelevant.

Lets start with little Barry’s near unconditional support of militant muslims intent on destroying modern western civilization.

The latest blindingly obvious example is the “Bagdad” Bergdahl incident. To appropriate one of Barry’s lines, let me be perfectly clear here, compassion had nothing to do with gaining the suspected traitors release. From little Barry’s perspective three important things were accomplished. First, five top Taliban leaders were set free to continue their war against the US. Second, little Barry finally found an American soldier(read Taliban sympathizer) he could relate to. Finally, little Barry would gain a valuable distraction from current scandal number 36. Thankfully the third result has not come to pass. Don’t feel bad Barry, two out of three ain’t bad.

Unwilling to interrupt his plans to attend a fundraiser in Las Vegas, little Barry was too busy to help Ambassador Stevens and the others in Benghazi, Libya while they were being murdered by his buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood. I personally believe the reason no one could find little Barry on the night in question was that he promised his Muslim Brotherhood buddies an offering on the anniversary of 9-11. (I also think the death of the SEAL Team 6 members falls into that category as well.) As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, despite the fact that no one ever heard about this video, it was the videos fault.

We recently learned that the CIA station chief in Kabul was “mistakenly” revealed by one of little Barry’s many minions. Was this an accident? Not on your life. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, we can’t have people interfering with our terrorist friends.

In an obvious attempt to give his Muslim Brotherhood buddies a country or three to operate from safely consider little Barry’s actions in Libya, Egypt and Syria. None of these countries was anything like a western democracy to be sure. Sensing weakness Barry quickly targeted these countries. Gadhafi had ended his weapons of mass destruction program and Mubarak was considered to be to “western.” At least in Egypt the people were able to remove, for the most part, the Muslim Brotherhood from power. In Syria the offending Assad has managed to beat back Barry’s brotherhood buddies, for now. I have no doubt Barry will soon pull a “Bergdahl” (ignore the law) and send his murderous brotherhood buddies weapons any way. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here’, those totalitarian regimes must be replaced by more moderate totalitarian regimes.

How can we forget little Barry’s telegraphing of his beliefs by bowing disgracefully before one of the primary sponsors of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban and many other terrorist groups, the king of Saudi Arabia. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, I forgot that under taqiyya I didn’t need to reveal myself.

On the home front little Barry has placed dozens of brotherhood buddies in sensitive government positions from the military to Homeland Security. His “brain” Valarie Jarrett is a known supporter of militant Islam. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, my brotherhood buddies have a need to know what I am doing for them and you don’t.

In the furtherance of his aiding and abetting the enemy philosophy he announced the exact date we would unconditionally leave Afghanistan. His Taliban brothers needed the encouragement a date certain would give them. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, there is no place for freedom in Afghanistan.

Sadly this list barely scratches the surface of Barry’s support of militant Islam.

While little Barry’s love of a militant, nearly Stone Age culture of violence and death is sad enough, consider what else he has done to our country.

In Fast and Furious little Barry and his evil henchman the Holder sent American weapons to drug lords in Mexico. These weapons not only killed officer Brian Terry but, according to Mexican authorities, hundreds of Mexican citizens as well. Instead of ending the travesty little Barry absurdly invoked “executive privilege.” As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, American guns are evil.

In the AP scandal little Barry sought to intimidate any reporter that dared to dig to deeply into the culture of corruption that constitutes his administration. Sadly this seems to have worked on the “lamestream” media. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, my news release are the news, period.

In the same vein he has set up the NSA to monitor every form of communication you and I use. Yes Virgina, every email, phone call, text message, Facebook post, tweet, web page and internet search you do is being recorded, monitored and analyzed. To further his ambitions little Barry is now trying to implement a plan to “identify” so called anti government individuals and groups. You know them as American citizens who disagree with the current administration. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, I need to know who to target.

Through a program that gives, for free, military technology and equipment to local police departments America’s police forces have never been more militarized. Many police forces today have abandoned traditional “law enforcement” for “shock and awe.” Well, except for Dearborn, Michigan where separate facilities for men and women and honor killings proceed as normal. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, I very well may need that private police force I mentioned before I got elected.

It is painfully obvious that government dependency has increased massively since little Barry took office. Today one out of seven Americans is on food stamps, in the 1970’s the figure was one in fifty. The Department of Agriculture advertises to get more Americans on food stamps not just here but in Mexico as well. Little Barry unilaterally removed the “work requirement” from welfare recipients. He has dramatically loosened the requirements to qualify for social security disability. Today, as many as forty nine percent of Americans live in a household that accepts some kind of government benefit. A culture of dependency is good for a tyrant. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, it’s the rich peoples fault.

You had to know this one was coming. Little Barry care. The entire concept, ie the government can require you to purchase healthcare, is an affront to common sense. Never mind that fact that little Barry has illegally changed the law some 25-30 times by using his “pen and phone.” Also, just ignore the fact that your premiums in most case at least doubled while your coverage shrank, that more often than not you don’t get to keep your doctor, that un-elected panels of cronies get to decide who gets what treatment and there is nothing you can do about it and that both little Barry and his hallelujah chorus (the media) knew all of this before the bill ever passed. The media’s response to barrycare always reminded me of the old Bill Cosby joke about the kid who sets fire to the house. Mom and dad (you and I) get upset with the kid (little Barry) while the grandparents (media) comment lovingly on how evenly the house is burning. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, I just need all your personal information and money, there is no need for you to be involved in your healthcare.

Consider little Barry’s constant nurturing of the fallacy that America is a racist nation. There will always be stupid people but this country is no longer the racist hotbed little Barry and his evil minions portray. His Department of Justice sets up an 800 number in Arizona and begs for people to call in complaints about law enforcement “profiling.” The same department sues Americas toughest sheriff over made up “profiling” violations. The Black Panther voting intimidation case is a prime example of Barry’s attempts to fuel racial tensions. The case against the Panthers was a slam dunk but Barry’s henchman the Holder, doubtless at Barry’s instruction, dropped the prosecution. Panther voter intimidation will not be impeded under little Barry’s watch. The dismissal of the case was so outrageous that three of the prosecuting attorneys at Justice resigned over it. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, in certain cities white folks shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Consider the IRS selectively harassing conservative groups. Consider that the IRS commissioner visited the White House some 155 times before the scandal broke. As a point of reference the previous commissioner only visited the white house a handful of times during the entire administration. Why do you suppose that was, to co ordinate the Easter egg hunt? As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, I have the power and I am going to use it.

We must not forget the current VA scandal. As a veteran I find this particularly offensive. This alone is a stunning example of how little regard Barry has for our men and women in uniform. It is also a preview of how a fully implemented Barry care system will work. It should scare the hell out of you. In a nutshell our bravest men left to die so union members can “earn” their bonuses. That is what I call blood money and every one of those union thugs, from the secretary on down, should spend the rest of their lives in a prison cell watching endless reruns of Mr. Rogers. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, the only thing worse than a gun owner is a damn warmongering veteran.

Consider little Barry’s unbounded support of illegal immigrants. As a first generation American I find this beyond insulting. He has allowed some 20-30 thousand illegal alien criminals to be dumped back on our streets. Obviously he cares nothing about their future victims but worships their right to commit violence and mayhem. He openly breaks the law by ordering ICE to stop deportations. He borrows hundreds of millions of dollars to give illegal aliens lawyers. He refuses to secure our border thus allowing anyone with an animus to get here with minimal effort. He sues the state of Arizona for enforcing federal immigration law. He remains stone cold silent on the kidnapping/murder epidemic in the border states of America by Mexican gangs and drug lords. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, illegal aliens have more rights than you do.

This list is nowhere near all-inclusive. These are the things I could recall just off the top of my head. There are so many more examples that an enterprising author could probably write a book on them. My only point here is that it would seem obvious that there is no love lost on America by little Barry. He surrounds himself with America bashers. He fills his administration with small minded, over educated, power hungry, inexperienced minions. He insults our traditional, long-term allies while going out of his way to help and appease our self declared enemies. He is willingly spending us into oblivion. He chokes our economy with class envy, endless regulations and open economic warfare on those who would dare attempt to make a profit. He forces us to send billions of petro dollars to countries that support Islamic terror because, in part, of the environmentalist whackos (read useful idiots) who support him. Do you know the real reason there is no Keystone pipeline? Simply put Warren Buffets railroad carries the oil the pipeline would. We can’t have Mr. Buffet’s cash flow (read campaign contributions) interrupted now can we?

Very few people I know want to believe that a president that hates America could be elected. These people point to all little Barry’s glowing words and hopeful visions. Like a good magician little Barry is able to distract people with his “intentions”. However, if you simply focus on what he does as opposed to what he says a horrifyingly different picture emerges.

Little Barry hates America and all she has stood for. I suspect he always has. This explains perfectly why he has fought so long and hard to keep all his records sealed. In the electoral process he simply could not allow anyone to know exactly who he was. In any event, his actions spoke volumes to any who would see. My grandfather used to tell me that “No one is more blind than he who will not see.” There are an awful lot of “blind” people in America right now.


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