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Islam And Some Non-PC Facts

I have never tried to hide my disdain of islam. Having studied it for the last several years I can find literally no good in it. It is a vile political system of subjugation that not only tolerates evil but demands its followers perpetuate evil in hope of salvation. I am sick of hearing how islam has been “hijacked” by extremists. As Col. Potter would say, “Pigeon pellets!” All one has to do is read the quran and the hadith to understand that the supposed hijackers of the religion of peace are actually the devout moslems allah seeks. I know because I have read the books. Have you?

Don’t take my word for it, read the books. Just be aware that the moslem group CAIR has released a sanitized, cleaner and much happier version of the quran. This is simply propaganda. I suggest you read the actual quran. A word of caution. In the beginning you will find much that seems to be common with Christianity. In fact, Christianity and islam have nothing in common. Later in the quran, if your not a hollywood liberal, rap loving creep or murderous Chicago drug dealer you will be shocked and disturbed at the pure evil espoused by this so called scripture.

Many want to try and hide the face of islam by ascribing a great history of science, art and innovation to the so called religion of peace. Really? Name the current literary moslem masterpiece. You can’t because moslems only read two books, the quran and the hadith. Name the last Oscar winning moslem film. What is the latest moslem innovation in healthcare (I don’t mean AK 47 painkillers). When was the last moslem designer trend (burkinis are not a fashion trend, they are a symbol of subjugation) featured in a Paris fashion house? Are there any gay moslem interior designers left that haven’t been thrown to their deaths off the rooftops of Gaza, Pakistan etc?

Yes, islam has a history. It is a violent, dark and bloody history. Just since 9/11 moslems have launched 29,955 terror attacks world wide. Still, that history runs much longer than just since 9/11. Allow me to partially refresh your memory.

The Shoe bomber was a moslem.

The Beltway snipers were moslems.

The HaSharon mall killer was a moslem.

The Nice, France killer was a moslem.

The Fort Hood shooter was a moslem.

The TWA flight 847 hijackers/killers were moslems.

The underwear bomber was a moslem.

The U-S.S. Cole bombers were moslems.

The Khobar Towers bombers were moslems.

The Orlando nightclub killer was a moslem.

The Madrid train bombers were moslems.

The Charlie Hebdo killers were moslems.

The Bali nightclub bombers were moslems.

The killers of Lee Rigby were moslems.

The London subway bombers were moslems.

The Luxor, Egypt killers were moslems.

The Moscow theater attackers were moslems.

The Boston Marathon bombers were moslems.

The Pan-Am flight #93 bombers were moslems.

The Air France Entebbe hijackers were moslems.

The Brussels, Belgium airport killers were moslems.

The Iranian Embassy takeover, was by moslems.

The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were moslems.

The Libyan U.S. Embassy attack was by moslems.

The Little Rock, Ark recruiting office killer was a moslem.

The Buenos Aires suicide bombers were moslems.

The Israeli Olympic team attackers were moslems.

The Kenyan U.S. Embassy bombers were moslems.

The Paris, France music hall killers were moslems.

The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers were moslems.

The Beslan Russian school attackers were moslems.

The first World Trade Center bombers were moslems.

The Peshawar, Pakistan school killers were moslems.

The Bombay & Mumbai India attackers were moslems.

The Achille Lauro cruise ship hijackers were moslems.

The September 11th 2001 airline hijackers were moslems.

The Chattanooga recruiting center shooting was a moslem.

I know diversity and tolerance are the liberal watchwords of today. How do these concepts apply in the non moslem world? Let’s think about the following for a minute.

Buddhists don’t seem to have a problem living with Hindus.

Hindus don’t seem to have a problem living with Christians.

Hindus don’t seem to have a problem living with Jews.

Christians don’t seem to have a problem living with Shintos.

Shintos don’t seem to have a problem living with Confucians.

Confucians don’t seem to have a problem living with Baha’i’s.

Baha’i’s don’t seem to have a problem living with Jews.

Jews don’t seem to have a problem living with Atheists.

Atheists don’t seem to have a problem living with Buddhists.

Buddhists don’t seem to have a problem living with Sikhs.

Sikhs don’t seem to have a problem living with Hindus.

Hindus don’t seem to have a problem living with Baha’i’s.

Baha’i’s don’t seem to have a problem living with Christians.

Christians don’t seem to have a problem living with Jews.

Jews don’t seem to have a problem living with Buddhists.

Buddhists don’t seem to have a problem living with Shintos.

Shintos don’t seem to have a problem living with Atheists.

Atheists don’t seem to have a problem living with Confucians.

Confucians don’t seem to have a problem living with Hindus.

Isn’t that interesting? Seems like nearly everyone except the moslems have got this tolerance and diversity thing down. Not that all these comparisons suggest perfect peace and harmony but when is the last time you heard about a Christian suicide bomber, a Hindu airline hijacker or Shinto sniper?

It is a demonstrable fact that moslems have a problem living with Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Baha’i’s, Shintos and Atheists. Moslems have a huge problem living with other moslems.

So, where are some of the places moslems are unhappy?

They don’t seem to be happy in Afghanistan, Egypt, Gaza, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria or Yemen.

As Mr. Spock would say, “Fascinating.” Moslems are not happy anywhere they are in charge. Who do they blame for this problem? Not their islamic ideology that demands of them to hate, rape, torture, enslave and kill in the name of their god. Not their hate spewing, wealth grabbing, intolerant and hypocritical leadership. Not themselves for willingly joining in and perpetuating the hate in the hopes of gaining the services of 72 virgins. They blame the countries they claim to be happy in.

None of this should be surprising considering they are simply following the edicts of their perfect man, Mohammed. Don’t know much about him? Here is a short primer. He was a polygamist warlord who launched some thirty military campaigns, leading many of them himself. After his victories he allowed, even encouraged, his armies to rape, murder, pillage and enslave to their hearts desire. He was a thief who raided caravans. He was a slave owner and trader. He ordered over a dozen massacres, employed torture at every opportunity and killed anyone who dared to disagree with him. From this comes the religion of peace?

So, where are moslems happy?

Seems they’re mostly happy in Australia. Except when they are rioting or raping.

Seems they’re mostly happy in Belgium. Except when they are rioting or raping.

Seems they’re mostly happy in Canada. Except when they are rioting or raping.

Seems they’re mostly happy in England. Except when they are rioting, raping or killing.

Seems they’re mostly happy in France. Except when they are rioting and killing.

Seems they’re mostly happy in Germany. Except when they are rioting or raping.

Seems they’re mostly happy in India. Except when they are rioting or raping.

Seems they’re mostly happy in Italy. Except when they are rioting or raping.

Seems they’re mostly happy in Norway. Except when they are rioting or raping.

Seems they’re mostly happy in Sweden. Except when they are rioting/raping in mass.

Seems they’re mostly happy in the USA. Except when protesting nearly everything.

Is it just me or is this religion way to comfortable with rape? Where is a feminist when you need one? Gloria Steinham, Whoopie, Lena Dunham et al, where are you?

Still, isn’t it interesting that moslems claim they are happy in almost every country that is not islamic. How do they respond to this sudden influx of happiness? After they attach themselves to the welfare teat of their host, they begin to try and force changes in their country of choice to make it resemble the islamic country they came from. So, I can’t help but wonder, if it was so bad there, why change where you are now to be an exact copy of where you left? Hint, it is the islamic principle of birth rate invasion.

So, how do moslems attempt to affect the required changes. Outside of political correctness, they do it with two kinds of organizations, military and civil, and two kinds of actions, out breeding the local population and engaging in legal and not so legal harassment and intimidation.

The military wings of islam are, but not limited to:

Abdullah Azzam Brigades: A militant offshoot of al Qaeda.

Abu Sayyaf: A small and violent islamic jihadist group/terror organization.

Al-Badr: An islamic militant group/terror organization.

Al-Nusra: Front for the Conquest of the Levant. An islamic terror organization.

Ansaru: An islamic terror organization.

Al-Qaeda: An islamic terror organization.

Boko Haram: An islamic terror organization.

Islamic Jihad: An islamic terror organization.

ISIS: An islamic terror organization.

Jemaah Islamiyah: An islamic terror organization.

Hamas: An islamic resistance movement/terror organization.

Hezbollah: The party of allah, an islamic terror organization.

Lashkar-e-Taiba: An islamic terror organization

Muslim Brotherhood: An islamic terror organization.

Palestine Liberation Front: An islamic terror organization.

Taliban: An islamic terror organization disguised as a government.

The Palistinian Authority. An islamic terror organization disguised as a government.

The civilian wings of islam are, but not limited to:

CAIR, U.S Council of moslem Organizations, The moslem Student Association, United moslem Relief, Islamic Circle of North America, The moslem Sisterhood, The Alianza islamica, The moslem Lawyers Association, The moslem American Society, The North American islamic Trust, The Association of moslem Social Scientists, The Association of moslem Scientists and Engineers, The islamic Medical Association, Moslem Youth of North America and the Moslem Businessmen Association to name a few.

For every one of these national groups there are one or more state or city equivalents throughout the nation. Here is just a sample.

The moslem Bar Association of Chicago, The islamic Society of Dayton and the moslems in New York City Project.

So now a thoughtful person must now wonder, is it possible for a devout moslem be good Americans? The short answer is no. Here is a partial explanation of why.

Theologically. No, because his allegiance is first and foremost to allah, The moon

god of Arabia.

Religiously. No, because no other religion is tolerated or accepted by allah except

islam. (quran, 2:256)(koran)

Scripturally. No, because a moslems allegiance is to the five pillars of islam and the

quran over all else.

Geographically. No, because his allegiance is to Mecca, to which he must turn

towards and pray to five times a day.

Socially. No, because the quran forbids him to make friends with Christians or Jews.

He is in fact required to either kill Christians and Jews wherever he may find them or

enslave them.

Politically. No, because he must submit to the imams and mullahs (spiritual leaders),

who teach annihilation of Israel and in particular, the destruction of America, the

great Satan.”

Domestically. No, because he is instructed to marry four women and beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him. (quran 4:34 )

Intellectually. No, because he cannot accept the American Constitution since it is

based on biblical principles. Islamic teachings insist the bible is a corrupted book.

Philosophically. No, because islam, mohammad, and the quran do not allow for the

freedom of religion or expression. Islam demands that democracy and islam cannot

co-exist. Every moslem government is either a theocracy, dictatorial or autocratic.

Spiritually. No, because the Christian’s God is loving and kind, while allah is not

once referred to as Heavenly Father, nor is he even called love in the quran’s 99

excellent names.

Because of what we have learned so far, and after much study and careful deliberation, perhaps we should be very suspicious of any moslems in America. It is readily apparent the devout moslem cannot be both a ‘good’ moslem and a ‘good’ American. Your acceptance of that last statement is not required for it to be true. The moslems have openly and repeatedly said they will destroy us from within. For the devout moslem this is a religious duty/war. Again, your acceptance of that last statement is not required for it to be the truth.

In many European countries (England, France, Sweden to name a few in the news lately) there are already dozens, if not hundreds of designated moslem no go zones. In these pits of darkness hell, in the form a sharia law, reigns. Local police and prosecutors will not intervene, arrest or prosecute anyone violating their countries laws in these deadly no go zones. Let’s take a moment and learn about peaceful sharia.

An introduction to sharia law:

Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand.

Criticizing or denying any part of the quran is punishable by death.

Criticizing or denying that mohammad is a prophet is punishable by death.

Criticizing or denying allah, the moon god of islam, is punishable by death.

A moslem who becomes a non-moslem is punished by death.

A non-moslem who leads a moslem away from Islam is punished by death.

A non-moslem man who marries a moslem woman is punished by death.

A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old.

Girls’ clitoris should be cut (per mohammad’s words in Book 41, kitab al-adab, hadith 5251).

A woman can have 1 husband, but a man can have up to 4 wives; mohammad can have more.

A man can unilaterally divorce his wife but a woman needs her husband’s consent to divorce.

A man can beat his wife for insubordination.

Testimonies of four male witnesses are required to prove rape against a woman.

A woman who has been raped cannot testify in court against her rapist(s).

A woman’s testimony in court, allowed only in property cases, carries half the weight of a man’s.

A female heir inherits half of what a male heir inherits.

A woman cannot drive a car, as it leads to fitnah (upheaval).

A woman cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband or relative.

Meat to be eaten must come from animals that have been sacrificed to allah – i.e., be halal.

Moslems should engage in Taqiyya (the islamic principle that allows one to lie, cheat, steal and even deny ones islamic faith in the advancement of islam) towards non-moslems.

The above list is no where near complete. Examples, a women needs a mans permission to receive an education, to work outside the home and needs a male escort anytime she leaves the home. Don’t even get me started on so called “honor” killings. Study sharia law and prepare to be sickened.

It is difficult to understand why supposedly intelligent people would flock to such a religion. What is even harder to understand is why we would import hundreds of thousands of these ideological primitives every year. Rational, sane people should not stand for this.

The short version is simply that if you are a brutal sixth century thug with more teeth than brain cells who enjoys raping (both women and little boys), pillaging, terrorizing, enslaving, murdering and being totally unaccountable for such actions, islam is for you.

God help us all.


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Clash Of Civilizations

Much has been made of Donald Trumps “plans” to halt moslem immigration into the United States. It is a solid idea whose time is long past. The death worshiping cult of islam now has one full standing army on our soil and the Kenyan is desperately trying to double that before he gets out of office. Parts of Michigan now have moslem no go zones where men and women are segregated even in public. (Hello ACLU, SPLC where are you now?) Terrorist recruiting stations, otherwise known as mosques, are proliferating thanks to hundreds of millions of Saudi dollars being pumped into the subversion of America. Knowing this, the Kenyan smiles.

So why is this a big deal? Isn’t islam the religion of peace? Consider this fact before you cling bitterly to the safe, comforting delusion the Kenyan offers you. Moslems have been killing themselves and non-moslems as fast as they can for the last 1,400 years. Some estimates place the death toll over that time at 270 million. Let that sink in for a minute, then tell me islam is a religion of peace.

What further cements the danger of islam to normal, civilized life is that the koran is immutable. It is the only book they read. Moslems believe it is the verbatim word of allah. This means that the koran is absolutely perfect. Because it is already perfect anyone who seeks to “reform” islam is by definition an apostate. The koran provides only one punishment for apostasy, death. Because of this the cult of islam is reform proof. Let that sink in as well.

Some say that the Kenyan is simply not aware of the damage he is causing. He and his minions they say are simply practicing deep held believes of diversity and compassion. I expect they are correct although they have misidentified just who the Kenyans compassion runs deeply for, ie not America. Those of us who are not blinded by the liberal gobbledygook of the hate America first multiculturalism set saw this from the beginning. The Kenyan did not sit in a “church” that preached hate for twenty years by accident. Hate is an integral part of his psychological makeup, but that is another article.

Hate is also an integral part of islam. In the beginning of the koran, and yes I have read the filthy novel in its entirety, mohammed is all love and peace. Those words were written before the pedophilia loving mass murder garnered much of a following. Once his status as as prophet was secured by a ravenous, murderous army he revealed his true colors. To clear up any confusion about why he was “kind and gentle” in the beginning and a butchering child rapist in the last part of the koran, he simply wrote that his last word on any matter was the correct position. To make a long story short, the last half of the koran entirely repudiates the first half. The only use for the first half of the koran now is purely as propaganda.

The Kenyan and his accomplices have given the purest form of islam, ISIS etc, vast swaths of land from which to safely operate as well as weapons, oilfields and millions of priceless historical relics/artifacts with which to raise funds. The priceless treasures ISIS cannot sell they blow up. ISIS, following the islamic model of some twenty arab states engages in slavery and torture. According to ISIS genocide of Jews and non-believers is a high priority.

So what are we doing to “combat” ISIS? Aside from denying local fighters the weapons needed to defeat ISIS and the occasional show strikes, not much. Remember, at its core we are in a battle of ideologies. ISIS fighters do not mind dying as it is their only path to paradise. What is important to know is that the Kenyan does absolutely nothing to combat the ideology of ISIS. In 2011 the Kenyan sent out a memo ordering the removal of terms like jihad or any kind of linking of terror to islam be excised completely from the training materials of all federal law enforcement, military intelligence and agencies like the CIA and FBI. The Kenyan said this was done out of concern for multiculturalism. Right, and I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. This was done strictly to try and blind the public and hide the progress of his ideological brothers in arms.

Unsatisfied with the pace of Americas subversion the Kenyan accelerated a process started in the last Bush administration, that of eliminating those in government who understood the islamic threat and were actually dedicated to fighting it. Hundreds of Generals, Admirals, Navy Captains, Army and Air Force Colonels have been quietly booted out of the military to make way for more like minded minions. In the government proper anyone in open opposition to islam is removed while dozens of highly sensitive positions have been given to militant moslem brotherhood members. The amazing thing here is that none of this is a secret. It seems no one but the Kenyan, his vile minions and folks like me really cares.

It is also no secret that the vast majority moslems who have recently come to America refuse, sometimes violently, to assimilate. Assimilation is not their goal. They practice a stealth form of jihad. You need only to look at Dearborn, Michigan to see how it works. They create their own exclusive community then out breed everyone else. When you are allowed four wives who are all fed by welfare it isn’t as difficult as you might think. The infidels who will not leave right away are often harassed until they do leave. Once these invaders have created their no go zone they take over the local government. This allows them to further and more efficiently intimidate the remaining non believers. Once they are in control of local government they are safe to plan their terror acts knowing full well the Kenyans administration will do little to impede them.

So, the cult of islam is trying to militarily defeat us. It is trying to bury us in a wave of inbred murderous religious ideologues. The Kenyan, using the power of government he has and many powers he doesn’t have, forces the ISIS agenda on us at will. What can be done about it?

While Donald is not my guy, if he will actually stop importing terrorists into America, that would be a great start. I would go farther though. Much farther. Remember, this is a battle for civilization itself. If you are comfortable with unlimited brutality, rape, torture, raging unbridled hatred, animal sacrifice (halal meat), slavery, so called honor killings, murderous intolerance and pedophilia, just to name a few of islams ideal behaviors then you need do nothing, the Kenyan will cover for you.

I think any moslem who wants to remain in America and wants to proclaim the koran as the word of God needs to publicly and in writing sign a total refutation of the islamic principle of Tyqquia, the right and duty of the moslem to lie, cheat and steal from infidels in the advancement of islam. They then must publicly and in writing completely repudiate sharia law. Any who refuse these two commonsense measures should be deported instantly and their citizenship/naturalization/green cards etc permanently stripped from them. Any moslem found violating their commitment should suffer the aforementioned consequences. This should be a one strike and you’re out policy.

Furthermore, I would ban any immigration from any country that practices sharia law at any level, funds terrorism at any level, provides aid/comfort to terrorists at any level or harms Israel in any measurable way. I would work overtime to get as many other civilized countries in the world to follow our model as possible. Any country that did so would be rewarded by a thankful America.

I would also ban the blaring calls to prayer in public as well as any form of prayer that disrupts the public, ie filling a public street/sidewalk with asses in the air.

I would ban the cruelty to animals known as Halal meat.

In the public education system islam would be identified as the death worshiping cult that it is. The true and correct history of the worlds bloodiest religion would be taught without regard to “cultural sensitivity.” Having gone on a 1400 year murder spree this death cult deserves no sympathy.

Some will doubtlessly consider my ideas harsh. I admit they are and deservedly so. This is a war and unlike so many of the Kenyans supporters I don’t want to coexist with raping murderous suicide bombers. I prefer not to fight but when I have to fight, I fight to win. Whether you like it or not islam has declared open season on western civilization, that means you and your I-phone. They seek to drag you and me back the the place they have never left, the 6th century. I have no desire to go there or to force my grandchildren to live in such a hideous place or under such an evil “religion”. So I fight everywhere I can and with whatever I can. So should you.

And because I am so cruel no, you don’t get to cover your face with your burka on your drivers license photo. Get over it or get the hell out of my country.


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Donald, Moslems and Immigration

I am not exactly a huge Donald Trump fan. If it came down to Donald vs Hillary then Donald gets the nod but I hope it doesn’t get that far. Even so, much of what Donald espouses of late (I know about his long time progressive tendencies) I fully endorse. Even his temporary halt on moslem immigration. Given how fast and furious the establishment RINO’s went after him on his proposed moslem immigration moratorium I can’t help but feel a little sympathy for him. Perhaps he is beginning to understand how true conservatives like me feel on a daily basis. Still, I find all the caterwauling by the sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome both revealing and predictable.

Lets examine Donalds proposal by analyzing some of his critics responses.

Reliable RINO Paul Ryan (his initials are not PR for nothing) called it unconstitutional. He burnished his PC credentials by adding that the First Amendment’s protection of the free exercise of religion would not allow such a ban. This is either a willful misinterpretation of Donalds proposal or the First Amendment or both. Either way it is political correctness, and constitutional ignorance, of the highest order. Trump did not call for banning Muslim worship in America, that would certainly violate the First Amendment. Given the overwhelming amount of violence perpetrated by a single “religion” Donalds position is entirely reasonable. A moratorium on moslem immigration, especially from problem countries is prudent and legal. Until congress, not the Kenyan moslem, figures out how to screen out the radical moslems and allow only those who provide some benefit to America, Donalds plan makes a whole lot of sense.

Mitch Mitch, the Kenyans bitch McConnell (sorry, I couldn’t help myself), called Donalds proposal “completely and totally inconsistent with American values.” As if Captain Cave In understood anything about Americas values. Since when was it an “American” value to import your enemies into your country? It is bad enough he has supported the Kenyans funding and arming of ISIS and has allowed the said Kenyan to place Muslim Brotherhood operatives in a dozen or more sensitive government positions. Now, in order to placate his moslem master he is willing to sacrifice American citizens. Just to tie up one of Captain Cave in’s loose ends, I’m certain the policy could be adapted to allow moslem heads of state to enter America. They may be boorish, self centered and overly spoiled but as a general rule they don’t wear suicide vests and prefer their 72 virgins in the here and now.

Fox News’ talking head Dana Perino, who’s real skill I have been unable to determine, worries that Trump’s policy doesn’t “distinguish the peaceful from the radicals.” As current policy doesn’t either I don’t see where her conflict comes from. I guess the urge to get on the political correctness bandwagon was simply to overwhelming.

For all you social justice warriors complaining about the prospect of religious discrimination the facts, as usual, are not on your side. Since 2011 some 2,184 “refugees” from Syria have been admitted to the US. Considering that only 53 of those were Christians (2.4 %, the rest were moslems) and that the Kenyan is deporting from America Iraqi Christians (most likely to certain death) it seems like religious discrimination is already the Kenyans policy. Funny how you have said nothing about that, isn’t it.

I despair at having to point out the obvious but there is no “constitutional right” by non-citizens to “immigrate” to America. I also find it somewhat humorous that the very same people who insist that America cannot be the worlds policeman now demand that we become the worlds social worker. Then there are the following facts to consider. ISIS has promised to infiltrate the “refugee” population and now has the ability to produce false Syrian passports. Given their fanatical desire to kill Americans what is the point of potentially allowing even one of them into America? Just how many more Americans have to be killed before the Kenyan and his henchmen discover their duty to protect us? Before the liberals who blindly support him stop placing feeling good about themselves over the good of America?

How about the question no one seems willing to ask. Exactly how have the 1.5 million Muslims admitted since 9/11 made our country better? Is Dearborn MI better off since the moslems have taken over? Is San Bernardino better off? Is Boston better off? Is Chattanooga better off? Is Fort Hood better off? Is Star Transport better off after having to pay $240,000 to two moslems who refused to do their jobs? Just what have moslems brought to America? They tend to be massive consumers of welfare, consistent attackers of anything that “offends” them (which is everything normal and decent), constantly demanding special accommodations and privileges while working nonstop to impose their ideology (islam is not a religion) on us. You know, the peaceful ideology of sexual mutilation of women, honor killings, pedophilia and the right to kill anyone who disagrees with them. The FBI says there are more than a thousand active investigations of ISIS in all 50 states. Is importing more potential terrorists really an “American value?” Finally, given their often militant refusal to assimilate tell me again, why do we need any moslems at all?

Peter Spiro, an alleged constitutional scholar wrote in the NY Times that Trumps plan was “reprehensible.” Given the Times loathing of anything normal and decent this is not surprising. Still, in a rare fit of intellectual honesty Mr. Spiro conceded the plan’s constitutionality. Quoting a 1977 Supreme Court decision that said in part, “in the exercise of its broad power over immigration and naturalization, Congress regularly makes rules that would be unacceptable if applied to citizens.” Spiro further noted that the president does not need Congress’s permission to act, “The Immigration and Nationality Act gives the president the authority to suspend the entry of ‘any class of aliens’ on his finding that their entry would be ‘detrimental to the interests of the United States.’” So in the Kenyans world, this means potential moslem mass murders good, quiet peaceful Christians bad. Got it.

For those people who keep telling me what a positive addition moslems are to America I can only ask, have seen what they have done to their own countries? Have you no sense of moslem history? Do you not know what they have done to countries that have allowed them to immigrate in vast numbers? Sweden went in five years from one of the lowest crime rates in the civilized world to the rape capitol of Europe. The dirty secret is that the vast majority of those rapes are committed by moslems. Lebanon was once a peaceful, prosperous Christian nation boasting the Paris of the Middle East, Beirut. Today Beirut is mostly a slum and the jewel of the Middle East is now a violent moslem terrorist strong hold. The tragedy of Dearborn, MI is unfolding before our eyes yet no one dares speak about it. A police officer working west London said: “Islamification has and is occurring. You have to have extra vigilance in certain parts when you are working.” Another brave police officer pointed out that in Lancashire the police have to ask local Muslim leaders for permission to send patrols into their communities. It takes a pretty sick mind to view these examples as positive outcomes of moslem immigration.

Even the moslem majority countries that have not become cesspools are prime examples of why temporally halting moslem immigration is a good thing. Does America really need tens of thousands more “immigrants” who believe that women are property, that rape is acceptable, that suicide bombing is honorable, that having sex with children as young as two years old is normal, that having sex with animals is okay, that murder is allowed and unpunishable under dozens of circumstances, that throwing homosexuals to their deaths is a pleasant afternoon outing and that drawing cartoons is a terminal offense? I say not only no but hell no.

To the Kenyan and his supporters though, this is the progress they intend to import to America and Allah, the Kenyan and his minions forbids you to question it. The millions of moslems around the world who remain silent about the rampant violence perpetrated in the name of their “religion” forbid you question it. You, gentle reader, are required to go meekly into your servitude or, should you protest too much, your death.

From around 1924 to 1965 America had no legal immigration. I think it is time to repeat that with exceptions for the real victims of genocide, Middle Eastern Christians. It is time that we rescued those being crucified, not those doing the crucifying. This does not make me intolerant or anti moslem. It makes me human. Until moslems can find a way to propel themselves out of the seventh century and into the 21st century they should remain in their own countries where they can rape, mutilate and kill each other at will and pretend that Allah loves them for doing so.

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Little Barry Hates America and I Can Prove It

Many people have long wondered why little Barry acts and says the things he does. As small examples consider his refusal to wear an American flag pin, not putting his hand over his heart during the Star Spangled Banner, believing America has 57 states, focusing on the “rights” of gays and illegal aliens over those of American citizens. The list of things such as this would take up hundreds of pages. The larger, more important examples of little Barry’s actions are bone chilling.

Dinesh Dsouza believes that little Barry was brought up as an anti colonialist. Some believe he is a closet Muslim engaged in the practice of taqiyya. Strong arguments can be made for either position. My intent here is not to determine why little Barry hates America rather, my goal is to prove he does. Once that fact is established the why is irrelevant.

Lets start with little Barry’s near unconditional support of militant muslims intent on destroying modern western civilization.

The latest blindingly obvious example is the “Bagdad” Bergdahl incident. To appropriate one of Barry’s lines, let me be perfectly clear here, compassion had nothing to do with gaining the suspected traitors release. From little Barry’s perspective three important things were accomplished. First, five top Taliban leaders were set free to continue their war against the US. Second, little Barry finally found an American soldier(read Taliban sympathizer) he could relate to. Finally, little Barry would gain a valuable distraction from current scandal number 36. Thankfully the third result has not come to pass. Don’t feel bad Barry, two out of three ain’t bad.

Unwilling to interrupt his plans to attend a fundraiser in Las Vegas, little Barry was too busy to help Ambassador Stevens and the others in Benghazi, Libya while they were being murdered by his buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood. I personally believe the reason no one could find little Barry on the night in question was that he promised his Muslim Brotherhood buddies an offering on the anniversary of 9-11. (I also think the death of the SEAL Team 6 members falls into that category as well.) As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, despite the fact that no one ever heard about this video, it was the videos fault.

We recently learned that the CIA station chief in Kabul was “mistakenly” revealed by one of little Barry’s many minions. Was this an accident? Not on your life. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, we can’t have people interfering with our terrorist friends.

In an obvious attempt to give his Muslim Brotherhood buddies a country or three to operate from safely consider little Barry’s actions in Libya, Egypt and Syria. None of these countries was anything like a western democracy to be sure. Sensing weakness Barry quickly targeted these countries. Gadhafi had ended his weapons of mass destruction program and Mubarak was considered to be to “western.” At least in Egypt the people were able to remove, for the most part, the Muslim Brotherhood from power. In Syria the offending Assad has managed to beat back Barry’s brotherhood buddies, for now. I have no doubt Barry will soon pull a “Bergdahl” (ignore the law) and send his murderous brotherhood buddies weapons any way. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here’, those totalitarian regimes must be replaced by more moderate totalitarian regimes.

How can we forget little Barry’s telegraphing of his beliefs by bowing disgracefully before one of the primary sponsors of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban and many other terrorist groups, the king of Saudi Arabia. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, I forgot that under taqiyya I didn’t need to reveal myself.

On the home front little Barry has placed dozens of brotherhood buddies in sensitive government positions from the military to Homeland Security. His “brain” Valarie Jarrett is a known supporter of militant Islam. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, my brotherhood buddies have a need to know what I am doing for them and you don’t.

In the furtherance of his aiding and abetting the enemy philosophy he announced the exact date we would unconditionally leave Afghanistan. His Taliban brothers needed the encouragement a date certain would give them. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, there is no place for freedom in Afghanistan.

Sadly this list barely scratches the surface of Barry’s support of militant Islam.

While little Barry’s love of a militant, nearly Stone Age culture of violence and death is sad enough, consider what else he has done to our country.

In Fast and Furious little Barry and his evil henchman the Holder sent American weapons to drug lords in Mexico. These weapons not only killed officer Brian Terry but, according to Mexican authorities, hundreds of Mexican citizens as well. Instead of ending the travesty little Barry absurdly invoked “executive privilege.” As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, American guns are evil.

In the AP scandal little Barry sought to intimidate any reporter that dared to dig to deeply into the culture of corruption that constitutes his administration. Sadly this seems to have worked on the “lamestream” media. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, my news release are the news, period.

In the same vein he has set up the NSA to monitor every form of communication you and I use. Yes Virgina, every email, phone call, text message, Facebook post, tweet, web page and internet search you do is being recorded, monitored and analyzed. To further his ambitions little Barry is now trying to implement a plan to “identify” so called anti government individuals and groups. You know them as American citizens who disagree with the current administration. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, I need to know who to target.

Through a program that gives, for free, military technology and equipment to local police departments America’s police forces have never been more militarized. Many police forces today have abandoned traditional “law enforcement” for “shock and awe.” Well, except for Dearborn, Michigan where separate facilities for men and women and honor killings proceed as normal. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, I very well may need that private police force I mentioned before I got elected.

It is painfully obvious that government dependency has increased massively since little Barry took office. Today one out of seven Americans is on food stamps, in the 1970’s the figure was one in fifty. The Department of Agriculture advertises to get more Americans on food stamps not just here but in Mexico as well. Little Barry unilaterally removed the “work requirement” from welfare recipients. He has dramatically loosened the requirements to qualify for social security disability. Today, as many as forty nine percent of Americans live in a household that accepts some kind of government benefit. A culture of dependency is good for a tyrant. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, it’s the rich peoples fault.

You had to know this one was coming. Little Barry care. The entire concept, ie the government can require you to purchase healthcare, is an affront to common sense. Never mind that fact that little Barry has illegally changed the law some 25-30 times by using his “pen and phone.” Also, just ignore the fact that your premiums in most case at least doubled while your coverage shrank, that more often than not you don’t get to keep your doctor, that un-elected panels of cronies get to decide who gets what treatment and there is nothing you can do about it and that both little Barry and his hallelujah chorus (the media) knew all of this before the bill ever passed. The media’s response to barrycare always reminded me of the old Bill Cosby joke about the kid who sets fire to the house. Mom and dad (you and I) get upset with the kid (little Barry) while the grandparents (media) comment lovingly on how evenly the house is burning. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, I just need all your personal information and money, there is no need for you to be involved in your healthcare.

Consider little Barry’s constant nurturing of the fallacy that America is a racist nation. There will always be stupid people but this country is no longer the racist hotbed little Barry and his evil minions portray. His Department of Justice sets up an 800 number in Arizona and begs for people to call in complaints about law enforcement “profiling.” The same department sues Americas toughest sheriff over made up “profiling” violations. The Black Panther voting intimidation case is a prime example of Barry’s attempts to fuel racial tensions. The case against the Panthers was a slam dunk but Barry’s henchman the Holder, doubtless at Barry’s instruction, dropped the prosecution. Panther voter intimidation will not be impeded under little Barry’s watch. The dismissal of the case was so outrageous that three of the prosecuting attorneys at Justice resigned over it. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, in certain cities white folks shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Consider the IRS selectively harassing conservative groups. Consider that the IRS commissioner visited the White House some 155 times before the scandal broke. As a point of reference the previous commissioner only visited the white house a handful of times during the entire administration. Why do you suppose that was, to co ordinate the Easter egg hunt? As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, I have the power and I am going to use it.

We must not forget the current VA scandal. As a veteran I find this particularly offensive. This alone is a stunning example of how little regard Barry has for our men and women in uniform. It is also a preview of how a fully implemented Barry care system will work. It should scare the hell out of you. In a nutshell our bravest men left to die so union members can “earn” their bonuses. That is what I call blood money and every one of those union thugs, from the secretary on down, should spend the rest of their lives in a prison cell watching endless reruns of Mr. Rogers. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, the only thing worse than a gun owner is a damn warmongering veteran.

Consider little Barry’s unbounded support of illegal immigrants. As a first generation American I find this beyond insulting. He has allowed some 20-30 thousand illegal alien criminals to be dumped back on our streets. Obviously he cares nothing about their future victims but worships their right to commit violence and mayhem. He openly breaks the law by ordering ICE to stop deportations. He borrows hundreds of millions of dollars to give illegal aliens lawyers. He refuses to secure our border thus allowing anyone with an animus to get here with minimal effort. He sues the state of Arizona for enforcing federal immigration law. He remains stone cold silent on the kidnapping/murder epidemic in the border states of America by Mexican gangs and drug lords. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, illegal aliens have more rights than you do.

This list is nowhere near all-inclusive. These are the things I could recall just off the top of my head. There are so many more examples that an enterprising author could probably write a book on them. My only point here is that it would seem obvious that there is no love lost on America by little Barry. He surrounds himself with America bashers. He fills his administration with small minded, over educated, power hungry, inexperienced minions. He insults our traditional, long-term allies while going out of his way to help and appease our self declared enemies. He is willingly spending us into oblivion. He chokes our economy with class envy, endless regulations and open economic warfare on those who would dare attempt to make a profit. He forces us to send billions of petro dollars to countries that support Islamic terror because, in part, of the environmentalist whackos (read useful idiots) who support him. Do you know the real reason there is no Keystone pipeline? Simply put Warren Buffets railroad carries the oil the pipeline would. We can’t have Mr. Buffet’s cash flow (read campaign contributions) interrupted now can we?

Very few people I know want to believe that a president that hates America could be elected. These people point to all little Barry’s glowing words and hopeful visions. Like a good magician little Barry is able to distract people with his “intentions”. However, if you simply focus on what he does as opposed to what he says a horrifyingly different picture emerges.

Little Barry hates America and all she has stood for. I suspect he always has. This explains perfectly why he has fought so long and hard to keep all his records sealed. In the electoral process he simply could not allow anyone to know exactly who he was. In any event, his actions spoke volumes to any who would see. My grandfather used to tell me that “No one is more blind than he who will not see.” There are an awful lot of “blind” people in America right now.

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The Measure of Success

Everyone has a way to measure success. Sometimes we all agree on what constitutes success. The fastest time on the track or a winning score for example. Other times the definition of success is more subjective. Like doing one more push up than you thought you could or finishing that great American novel you have been working on for the last ten years.

    In the arena of politics numbers nearly always measures success. The most votes or the most campaign cash/donations are typical measures. It is often said that, “the numbers don’t lie.” There is much truth in that.

    In his drive to “fundamentally change” this country the Kenyan little Barry must be pleased beyond measure at the following measures of his success.

    In the month of June this year the Department of Agriculture revealed that 23,116,928 American households were enrolled in the SNAP (AKA food stamp) program. To put this in perspective there are 52% more Americans on food stamps now than when the Kenyan was elected. I know, five years later it’s still Bush’s fault.

    Conservatives like me see this as an abject failure of leadership. Liberals however view this as a stunning success. Of course they can’t come out and publicly say that but numbers like this send tingles up the legs of little Barry’s followers. These are the kind of numbers allow them to trumpet just how much they “care for the little guy.” You know, the little guy that needs food stamps in place of a job.

No one can possibly be more compassionate than a liberal giving taxpayer money to illegal aliens. Los Angeles county officials project they will pay out $650 million in benefits to illegal aliens this year. Add to that total $550 million for public safety and almost $500 million for healthcare and you can see just who liberals really care for. Little Barry and the boys view this as a tremendous success. They have successfully conditioned the people of California to not only reward those who have no respect for our laws or way of life but then to not even complain about having to do so.

On the economic front the success continues unabated. Since 2008 real median income has dropped every single year. The number of Americans living in poverty has risen in three out of four years of the Kenyans first term. One only has to look at the current job creation numbers to see how little Barry will go four for four in his second term. What the proud liberals wont tell you is that almost 75% of the recent jobs “created” by the Kenyans economic policies are part time. Vast numbers of Americans will be forced to trade full time employment for lackluster and unaffordable health insurance thanks to Obamacare.

On the international front things are progressing stunningly well. The Kenyan signed a waiver to the ban on arming terrorists. His al-Qaida supporters are having a difficult time constraining their joy but have managed to do so for now.
To understand why this is considered a success you must understand that while Barry is happy with the Iranian regime, he simply cannot wait to help install Islamic extremists in Syria. Al-Qaida needs its own country and little Barry is going to deliver one come hell or high water.  

Finally, in a story the so-called medial will not tell you, Barrys allies strike again. One brave CIA employee has refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement concerning the Benghazi cover up. He has been suspended from his job and forced to hire an attorney. Since you are likely unaware allow me to be the first to tell you. It has been reported that all the Benghazi survivors and numerous CIA and state department employees have been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements concerning their knowledge of what happened that night. To ensure compliance these people are required to undergo repeated polygraph examinations.

To the Kenyan little Barry this is a success. No one must ever know what he was doing for those eight hours between the murder of our ambassador and his nap. As for who issued the “stand down” order, well, Barry and his thugs will do anything to see that information never sees the light of day.

Yes, in the liberal mindset the last four years has been a stunning success. More Americans are on public assistance than ever and that number is projected to continue its rapid, upward spiral. We are being spied on in previously unimaginable ways and any who dare complain about it are labeled radical extremists. The Justice department and the IRS have been fully politicized, turned into the enforcement arms of the Kenyan little Barry. The media continues its slavish love affair in the mistaken belief that they will somehow be immune when the conversion of America into a tin plated, third world dictatorship is complete. Finally, the public education system has created its second generation of intellectual vacuums.
Yes, liberals are happy.

They say when a person is freezing to death that, just before the end, he feels warm and comfortable. Today, far to many Americans feel warm and comfortable.

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