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Everything You Thought You Knew About Language Is Wrong

I have probably listened to Michael Savage a total of fifteen minutes in my whole life. I have read some of his books and columns. When he talks about losing the language he is spot on. Without language we are left with virtually no tools to frame a concept, produce a counter argument or even describe a concept or principle. Controlling the language was every bit as important to the liberal (well intentioned or devoted fascist) as running academia, the media and popular culture. Consider how far from the plain meaning of words we have gotten.

Bipartisanship. This touchstone of liberals does not mean to them what it means to you, me and most likely, the vast majority of good intentioned but misinformed liberals. The average public school victim, I mean graduate, hears this golden word and thinks of a group of legislators gathered around the well of the House with the well being of America as their sole concern. Alternatively some people think of a group of legislators meeting and compromising until something, generally good, and politically expedient is worked out. In this fantasy scenario, everyone gets a little of what they wanted but no one “wins” completely. Liberals desperately want for you to believe both of these scenarios. In reality nothing could be further from the truth. History proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

While many republicans (RINOS all) have swallowed these myths and desperately continue trying to make them reality, the fact is that liberals only have one definition of bipartisanship, my way or the highway. I first became aware of their duplicity when the promise, codified in law, to support the South Vietnamese Army after Americas withdrawal, was ruthlessly ignored. Estimates vary but millions were murdered, tortured, raped and sent to concentration camps. Liberals knew about the murders, executions, rapes and torture but simply didn’t care. The victims of the NV communist regime were acceptable collateral damage to the liberal democrats and their supporters at the time. The press knew about the carnage but covered for their liberal pals as best and as often as they could. In the end their narrative survived and that was all that mattered. As an aside, Ken Burns continues the cover up with his alleged documentary on the war.

The process or “bipartisanship” was continued with the mythical border enforcement promised for Reagan’s signature on the misguided amnesty he signed off on, with the never intended budget cuts promised to Bush senior for his tax increase, all the way to today’s current “gun control” arguments (just one more law will stem the tide of violence in this country). As further, and unnecessary proof of my argument, can anyone name a true conservative bill that the Kenyan little Barry ever signed off on during his illegal presidential term? Bipartisanship is like the mirage of water to the lost man in the desert, and produces for America, the same results.

Migrant, Migrants, Refugees. These terms are virtually indistinguishable from one another. These terms are used precisely because of the images they invoke, good, warmhearted, poor, honest, downtrodden people fleeing poverty and persecution, willing to work hard for their version of the American dream. The term migrant, which conveys an unspoken sense of legitimacy, is the current evolution of the highly accurate term illegal alien. We are led to believe that these migrants are, for example, the poor abused unwanted of our southern neighbors. We are told they only want a better life for them and their children. If this is true then why do these migrants work so desperately to recreate in America the slums they left? Why do they send back to Mexico alone billions of dollars every year? This money ends up in the pockets of Mexican drug lords and corrupt south of the border politicians. Why do they overwhelmingly support a group “La Raza, (translation, The Race) dedicated to “returning” much of America to Mexico? If they are so hardworking why are so many of them on welfare? If they are so invested in the American dream why do they so often refuse to learn and use English? Why do they so often self segregate? Interwoven among the “migrant” community are the DACA “children” many, if not most of them over the age of 19, including known gang members and enough criminals to scare the daylights out of reasonable people. Liberals still refer to them as children so they can blast people like me for reminding everyone that the simple fact is, these people have no legal right to be here.

Refugee is the current PC term for the militant moslem America haters being imported by both the government and churches as fast as the government can pay the churches for doing so. The term also carries with it a sense of moral duty. These, we are lectured at, are the brutally oppressed that we must care for. This is also total Barbara Streisand. The vast majority, around 99%, are devout and often militant moslems intent on “converting” America into their caliphate. The real oppressed, Christians in the middle east, are being routinely murdered, raped and tortured en masse by our refugees brethren and studiously ignored by the very churches who claim to believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ. These “poor” moslem refugees demand special accommodations at every turn, harbor violent and brutal criminals, mutilate young girls, teach that their men have the right and duty to rape non moslem women, engage in the horrific act of honor killings and, for now, have turned parts of the once great state of Michigan into a non moslem no go zone.

Liberals and democrats accept all this economic and personal carnage because the two classes, migrant and refugee, vote (nearly always illegally) almost exclusively democrat. This isn’t to say that liberal leadership is unaware of the evil they support, they just believe that once they fully gain control, they can scale back the destruction. This is a delusion of mind numbing proportions.

There are many other words liberals and democrats have corrupted.

Investing means simply raising taxes to spend more money we do not have on things and agencies we do not need.

Education means the indoctrination of yet another generation into the glories of socialism, perversion (disguised as sex education), revisionist history and anti American hatred.

Integrity means the ability to not get caught violating the letter and spirit of the law and if you do get caught, avoiding any consequences.

No reasonable, thinking person should allow themselves to be sucked into this linguistic mumbo jumbo.

The liberal way of thinking is created by the twisted definition of words. It produces, then covers for sick people like Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton. It creates bizarre concepts like social justice. It produces facts like blacks can’t, by virtue of their skin color, be racist. It manufactures crisis like the current college rape epidemic. It thrives on lies like “hands up, don’t shoot” and “I can’t breathe.” It encourages, sorry, it demands the hubris of transgenderism.

Eventually, many liberals end up realizing just how shallow and vacuous their liberalism is and just how far from reason and reality they have strayed. Because they have so often invested their education, career, even their entire lives into their liberalism, change for them is quite difficult. A great many never even attempt to change. It’s easier to accept black lives matter, CNN or antifa as reasonable reactions to any who disturb their convoluted world view.

The lies that have to be believed to live this way are truly a burden unto themselves. Congratulations, you earned it.


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Trump Rino’s and Party Discipline

I was never a huge Donald fan. Still aren’t but, hoping his early positions on things like immigration and islamic terrorism would drag the GOP back to reality I encouraged him to keep espousing them. Looking back now, it was a naive hope. Establishment hacks like Ryan and McCain continue to consolidate power by hooking up with democrats at every opportunity.

Ted Cruz was my first choice and now, thanks to Wikileaks, we know the Clinton’s were terrified of facing him in the general election. Clinton/Podesta emails show their preferred republican nominee was Trump. Given the level of coordination between the Hillary campaign and the media revealed by Wikileaks, I wonder who selected who in the republican primary this time around.

The latest revelation of Donald Trumps “shocking” statements of some eleven years ago has set the DNC and establishment republican RINO’s alight with hope. They hope that now, finally, the establishment can regain its center and continue with their accumulation of unwarranted power and the destruction of America uninterrupted.

I confess a certain amount of confusion over the flap. True Trump’s words were sad, hurtful, tragic even. As a democrat then he perfectly mirrored the accepted behavior of many democrats at the time, not the least of which was Hillary’s husband. That sort of behavior we were told by the media and the Clinton machine was a private matter and had no bearing on someones ability to govern. Those of us who thought character mattered were deemed repressive or perverted by the Clinton’s rabid supporters. Now look who is all sexually sensitive. Why the double standard? I mean, aside from the fact Trump is a “republican” now.

Honestly, how can anyone engaged in today’s gutter culture be offended by anything Trump said years ago? Have you watched TV lately? Have you listened to any of the late night so called comedy shows? Have you listened to any of the garbage that passes for music the last few years? Even worse, have you been to a Buy Once concert? (If you have I suggest counseling, quickly)

And really, how is it that all those talking heads, the ones who fell all over themselves defending the pervert Billy boy while he occupied the white house, expect me to accept their “outrage” over Trumps comments? Honestly, the intellectual gymnastics required to “follow” these people would put Olympic gymnasts to shame. I think sometimes that only Orwell’s Ministry of Truth could understand them.

Speaking of Ministry of Truth, my congressional delegation, now full fledged members of the ministry, have a lot to answer for. Senator Mike Lee, a man I really liked and respected has finally quit dancing on the sidelines and gone full RINO on Trump. Same for my Rep. Mia Love. Apparently their “principles” require only the virginal, as determined by them, to seek elected office. Good luck with that.

The democratic party has always been very good at enforcing party loyalty. If you doubt this ask democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Lieberman. He voted with the democrats in the senate 99.98% of the time. For his .02% transgression he was primaried out of his spot on his senate re-election ticket and had to run as an independent. He won but the message to every democrat was clear, 100% or you’re out.

Republicans it seems are adverse to anything approaching that level of party unity when it involves winning. The establishment RINO’s became the Stockholm Syndrome party years ago and simply will not surrender their victim status. They have bought completely into the lie peddled by democrats that victim status should be sought after, fought for and held dearly. I think many of them actually believe they deserve to be victims. And yes, that includes my senator, Mike Lee.

As evidence consider this. Lee has said he would refuse an appointment to the Supreme Court. Really? The one place where he could have the absolute most impact on an agenda he swears he cares about is a spot he has no interest in? The one spot he could stop the progressive liberal stupidity dead in its tracks, for maybe thirty plus years, he has no interest in? Me thinks the gentleman doth protest against Trump to much. Really Lee, tell us, did lyin RINO Ryan threaten to pull RNC funding for your re-election? Be honest now.

I didn’t forget Senator Hatch in all this. It’s just that all those years of associating with Ted “the swimmer” Kennedy have produced in him an advanced state of intellectual dementia. I don’t think Hatch visits Earth much anymore.

Then there is Mia Love. I voted for her because the democrat running against her was to hideous to contemplate. Like Trump she burst onto the local scene from virtually nowhere. Unlike Trump she had the experience of being mayor of a small town for a short time. Still, she sounded promising talking about fiscal responsibility and her love of America. Because she is a women I was tempted to more readily accept her outrage at Trumps comments but then I remembered that women want to be treated the same as men. Sorry Mia, your outrage doesn’t fly here.

Nationally, in an attempt to burnish their progressive/politically correct credentials, the establishment herd of “prominent” republicans have abandoned/withdrawn their support for Trump. I find this revealing. These individuals all agree that America is being fundamentally transformed in the worst way. Yet when presented with an opportunity to elect someone who will correct at least some of the most obvious problems America faces, they panic, turn tail and head for the tall grass. They do not seem to understand that the problems we face today took the last twenty five years to create. There is no way to solve them painlessly or quickly.

Many may construe this as my defense of Trump. Again, I am no Trump fan but as Jim Waurishuk posted on a comment board recently; “That said, as a private citizen Donald Trump did not steal your money. Donald Trump did not raise your taxes. Donald Trump did not quadruple the price of food. Donald Trump is not influencing or stirring the race issue. Donald Trump did not leave any U.S. officials and citizens behind in Benghazi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims. Donald Trump did not create a security vacuum from which ISIS grew out of the remnants of al-Qaeda in Iraq. Donald Trump did not arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians, Kurds, and the innocent throughout the Middle East. Donald Trump did not betray Israel. Donald Trump did not provide hundreds of billions in financing and technology to Iran’s nuclear weapons program by way of a phony deal. Donald Trump did not give our military secrets to China. Donald Trump did not decimate and deplete our military and betray our veterans. Donald Trump did not increase our debt to over 20 trillion dollars. Donald Trump did not ruin our credit twice. Donald Trump did not institute unbalanced trade deals that sent billions of American dollars, jobs, and businesses to foreign countries. Donald Trump did not double African-American unemployment. Donald Trump did not open our borders, influence massive illegal immigration, or provide U.S. tax dollars to bring in unvetted Middle Eastern refugees to America. Donald Trump did not steal your rights, violate U.S. constitutional law, or commit treason dozens of times.” I could continue the list but I think you get the point.

We must begin the process of reclaiming America by stopping the election of as many democrat/progressives as possible. That includes the presidency this year. The first step in doing so is abandoning the insane unity of victim hood and second class status. Trump is a far cry from perfection but so are many of his detractors. Best of all, Hillary he is not. Voting for Trump, however unpleasant is just a first step. It is a step I will grudgingly take not because Trump is a paragon of virtue but because I am sick and tired of my parties version of “unity.”

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Trump Cruz and Whining RINO Snowflakes

Okay, I’ve waited long enough. I knew Ted Cruz’s speech would be “controversial” because, as the old saying goes, he was between the devil and the deep blue sea. Anyone paying attention knows there is no place in the current republican party or the Trump mafia for a principled conservative. If he came out and endorsed Trump many, if not all of his loyal supporters would be besides themselves with anger. That anger would be much deserved in my mind. At the very least he would have been castigated, and deservedly so, for not defending his family.

On the other hand if he didn’t endorse Trump the Trump mafia long knives would be gleefully unsheathed. Having Ted’s father killing JFK was never enough for the likes of Trump and his supporters. Accusing Cruz’s wife of having as many affairs as Trump was also never enough. Trumps currency is lies, deception and misdirection. He is without a doubt a career politician who would now be welcomed as a fellow in either party.

The level of vitriol and hate leveled at Cruz while stunning is to be expected from the media and the Trump mafia. It is after all their main and frankly, only currency. That such hate flows from supposed conservatives speaks volumes about just how closely the republican party has morphed into today’s hate dominated, victim centered democratic party.

I have read and re-read the transcript of Ted Cruz’s speech at the convention. I can’t seem to find the nasty, self centered, suicidal or controversial part of it. In my mind he covered most of the important themes.

Despite all the vile things about Cruz and his family that Trump participated in or remained remained silent about towards the end of the campaign, Cruz congratulated Trump on his victory.

He passionately illustrated such conservative principles as freedom and the value of human life.

He urged everyone to not sit this election out. Go, he said, and vote for the candidates who will defend the Constitution.

He called on conservatives to unite to keep the cancerous Clinton out of the White House.

Apparently he couldn’t stop his “verbal assault” there. He then had the temerity to offer such apparently controversial comments as:

…America is more than just a land mass between two oceans, America is an ideal. A simple, yet powerful ideal. Freedom matters.

For much of human history government power has been the unavoidable constant in life. Government decrees and the people obey, but not here. We have no king or queen, we have no dictator, we the people constrain government.

Our nation is exceptional because it was built on the five most beautiful and powerful words in the English language, “I want to be free.”

Freedom means the right to keep and bear arms, and to protect your family.

Freedom means that every human life is precious and must be protected.

We will unite the party; we will unite the country by standing together for shared values by standing for liberty.

If you love our country, and love our children as much as you do, stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom, and to be faithful to the constitution.

The last quote seems to be one of the largest sore spots for the Trump mafia. It is, they say, proof Cruz was selfish and petulant. They see it as Cruz rejecting Trump. If they honestly believe that Cruz did not extend support to Trump after hearing these words then there is only one logical conclusion. They must believe that Trump does not love this country, his children and will neither defend freedom or be faithful to the Constitution. Cruz speaks more eloquently than Trump but his message did not sound drastically different that what Trump has been saying. It was not the subservient, slavishly ringing endorsement the Trump mafia sought but it was as close to an endorsement a principled conservative could give to an ethically challenged, highly questionable candidate.

For such heretical ideas he was booed, in classic liberal fashion, off the stage and his wife had to be escorted out of the building for her safety. No further proof is needed that Trump and Clinton supporters are not all that different.

One commentator whose name, sadly, escapes me called the reaction to Cruz’s speech the republicans “God moment”. He was referring to the Democratic convention a few years back when the convention attendees booed loudly and en mass not once but three times the mention of God. I believe he was correct. The republican party has effectively been co-opted by that same wing of the liberal establishment. Four years from now I fully expect the attendees at the republican convention will be booing God as well.

A party that believes being told to “vote your conscience” and “defend the Constitution” is problematic is no party I choose to belong to. The truth is, as another old saying goes, a long game. I suspect history will remember Cruz’s speech somewhat differently than it has been portrayed so far. I can not wait till then. On Monday I will change my affiliation from Republican to independent. Looking back I think it is something I should have done years ago.

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Observations Of A Poll Manager Or Herbert 1 Utah 0

The first election I worked as a poll worker was Bush v Gore. Being brand new I was relegated to writing names in the poll book. I wrote a lot of names that day. Over the years I have worked most of the election cycles missing only a couple for personal reasons.

I find it fascinating that some people simply cannot, while at the polls, refrain from revealing just how devoted they are to their party. In my experience it is nearly always the democrats that feel the need to extol their virtue at being a lifelong party member. It is similarly true that it is nearly always the democrats that whine the loudest when, after three years, they still have not updated their ID and have to vote provisionally. Some, democrats all, even object to having to show ID to vote. I can’t help but wonder how fast they whipped out that ID when they applied for their welfare. I bet ID wasn’t an issue then.

The democratic party long ago fractured into a conglomeration of special interest groups who only vote based on one single issue. Republicans are now in the process of that kind of shattering, kind of. Instead of thirty or more highly charged special interest groups the republican party now has two branches, the establishment and the conservatives. The main difference and the greatest source of worry by those of us who see the establishment wing of the republican party running away from us as fast as they can (ie traditional conservatives) is that the republican party simply doesn’t have the voter discipline liberals seem to have.

Liberals, no matter how distasteful their parties candidate is in other respects (in the case of Utah, a man in drag), will pull the lever for him/her as long as there is a D behind the name. It is nothing more complicated than that. On election day in Utah, I saw for the first time the same phenomena taking shape in the governors race on the republican side.

Time after time I heard from republicans how loyal they were, as they pulled the lever for one of the best hidden establishment republicans in government, Gary Herbert. It was all I could do to stop myself from asking each of these proud party loyalists, are you really that stupid? Apparently they are, at least the eight percent that turned out to vote in my district. There in lies the crutch. No matter how many liberals come out to vote they all vote the same way. Not so with republicans. When the general election comes we will split our vote and dilute any impact we might have or even worse, not come out to vote.

I know several people who refused to come out and vote because Herbert was on the ballot and they felt, with some justification, they could not vote for the “RINO”. I tried to explain to them there was an alternative. Johnson may not have been a household name (I blame his campaign manager for that) but he offered a far more traditional, conservative agenda than the tax and spend, I’ll go anywhere and give you anything to get money, Herbert. If nothing else I said at least come out and vote down ticket to get some resistance to Herbert’s RINO agenda in place.

One of the proud democrats that voted at my precinct provided a clear example of the Herbert’s RINO credentials. Crossing over to vote for Herbert in the primary instead of the democrat she justified her vote saying that Herbert had fought for and got her and her fellow teachers a raise. To which I wanted to reply, “And he only raised your taxes six times to do it.” Alas, as a poll manager I was constrained to silence. Still, she is a classic victim of the system she is now employed in and will undoubtedly vote her party line in November. The fact that she is teaching children frightens the hell out of me. I do not know if America can survive another generation of useful idiots.

So now, to make a long story short, we in Utah get to vote in November on whether we will bankrupt our state by expanding Medicare under a Democrat or Republican governor. In either case our students will continue to solve simple math problems using 97 steps, ie Common Core. We will get legalized pot and all its attendant problems with either a democrat or republican governor. Both republican and democrat candidates will continue to turn our state into a magnet for illegal aliens by offering in state tuition, unlimited welfare, healthcare and drivers licenses to these criminals. Having gotten away with raising taxes six times already both the democrat and republican future governors will doubtlessly raise them again. I could go on and on but the careful reader should by now observes the pattern. To those of us who are paying attention is is clear.

Herbert 1 Utah 0.

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The Lynching of America

I believe it was C.S. Lewis who once said, and I am paraphrasing here, “Children are free to explore because they always have a rock to return to.” The rock I believe he was referring to was the family. Modern western civilization was built upon a foundation consisting of family, freedom, justice and the rule of law. These “rocks” are indispensable. The senate of the United State of America, by confirming Loretta Lynch, took a sledgehammer to that foundation.

That constitution abhorring democrats would support Ms Lynch goes without saying. Sadly, with the help of ten traitorous republicans, Kelly (who me?) Ayotte (N.H.), Thad (the election thief) Cochran (Miss.), Susan (finger in the wind) Collins (Maine), Jeff (there is a reason my name is Flake) Flake (Ariz.), Lindsey (the more illegals in America the better) Graham (S.C.), the senile Orrin Hatch (Ut), Ron Johnson (Wis.), Mark Kirk (Ill.), Rob Portman (Ohio) and Mitch (please like me) McConnell (Ky.) the Kenyan little Barry now has yet another henchman heading the so called Justice Department.

At least the previous henchman Holder would lie to our faces when asked about upholding the law. Lynch has no such compunction nor, as demonstrated by the votes of the gutless wonders listed above, does she need one. Like the liberal, race baiting, fear mongering democrats that supported her Lynch places ideology and skin color above the rule of law. This is a recipe for failure at best and outright tyranny at worst. Liberal democrats seem hell bent on turning America into a third world banana republic as fast as possible. The so called republicans listed above are willing to take America there via the scenic route. In either case, the destination remains the same, rule of, by and for the most corrupt among us.

There can be no doubt as to the level of hatred directed by liberals and progressives at the cornerstone of the foundation of America, the traditional family. Even such once great institutions as the Girl Scouts have been fully corrupted. Complete disclosure here, I was an assistant Girl Scout leader for several years and all my girls were scouts. The organization recently removed the word God from its pledge, supports abortion on demand (funded through its donations to the United Way), allows lesbians and so called transgenders to be leaders and has as its spokesman Josh Ackley. Ackleys only talent, aside from misleading the public seems to be the production of music videos demonstrating violence against women. If the Girl Scouts are wondering why their membership has been plummeting it may be that us so called “normal” folks don’t go for such reprehensible behavior. Clearly the organization has been taken over by a corrupt ideology that the likes of Ms. Lynch unwaveringly endorse and would force upon the rest of us as soon as possible.

As for the concept of justice, liberals consider it to be a moving target. Consider the talentless news reading Melissa Harris Perry from the network that must not be named. This good and loyal hate spewer owes the IRS nearly $70,000. Fellow racist and hate monger Al Sharpton owes over $4 million. Justice for these ideologically pure souls is that nothing will happen to them. Because they serve the cause so well (except possibly for Perry who can seldom get all three viewers to tune in at the same time) those who should be acting in our interest choose not to. It is far more important to people like Lynch that supporters of the constitution be targeted, harassed and I suspect, eliminated as a source of opposition to the current junta.

Progressives and liberals have nearly explored certain parts of our country to death. Their mindless devotion to an ideology that has failed so badly, so often and at the cost of so many lives defies comprehension. Can anyone honestly say California is a vibrant, healthy success story any more? Liberals and progressives abhor the rocks of family, freedom, justice and the rule of law because they feel those rocks to be to “judgmental.” These self avowed promoters of peace, love and tolerance (at least as long as you agree with them) prefer to build their houses (ideology) on the shifting sands of whimsy and delusion. Reality has little worth to them outside of the feeling self-importance they get from defending at any cost their fantasy world or exercising their favorite pastime, being offended.

Like the useful idiot currently running ICE, Sarah Saldana, Ms. Lynch will continue the progressive tactic of subverting the rule of law. She will work tirelessly to change the plain meaning of words until those words mean only what she wants them to mean, when she wants them to mean it. She openly admits placing no value on our constitution. She will insist that presidential “directives” supersede validly enacted laws. She will simply ignore the enforcement of laws she and her imperious leader find inconvenient or unhelpful (read threatening). She will stonewall legitimate investigations to keep her fellow cronies out of as much legal hot water as possible. She will (to protect herself and her boss in the future) install as many like minded legal deviants in the justice department as she can. As a newly ordained plantation owner in the future banana republic of America this constitutional midget will continue our once great nations decline with all the gusto of a long denied alcoholic set free in a liquor store.

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A Hill To Die On

Senator Mike Lee of Utah (my senator) has spent the last few weeks trying to gather support for his idea of de-funding obamacare. His plan is deceptively simple. Have the house pass a funding bill that pays for everything but obamacare. This bill will then be sent to the senate for its “consideration.” The theory is that the healthcare law is so wildly unpopular that the democrats in the senate will not have the political stomach to vote for it once more. Perhaps.

I am a long time observer of the militant liberal democratic politician. I can assure you that there will be no defections of democrat senators when the house bill is sent over. Any senator who even contemplates such a desertion will have pressure put upon him by the democratic party and their subservient media that will make the pressures at the bottom of the sea look like a comparative walk in the park. While liberals like to scream about conservatives voting in lockstep it is an undeniable historical fact that it is the liberals who vote en mass. This occasion will be no different.

Upon receiving the bill from the house the senate democrats, having the majority, will simply reinstate the obamacare funding and pass the bill back to the house. The house then could re-pass the bill and send it back to a senate that would then repeat itself. This circus would continue only as long as the republicans could stand the heat being dished out by the president and his media. You know, starving old people and denying seniors their social security etc to make the rich richer. Under current republican leadership, especially in the senate, the republicans would instantly cave under the manufactured media pressure. This would give the democrats two victories for the price of one.

The first victory would be a policy one. The reprehensible obamacare would be funded and once funded, will be virtually impossible to repeal. The second victory would be political. For the next ten years all we would hear about from the democrats and their media allies is how they courageously defeated the evil republicans, saving mankind in the process. We have seen this show before. How the republicans, when faced with “the will of the people”, even though there were no people, saw the light and caved.

I am a reluctant proponent of Mike Lee’s plan. Not because I am unsure of the plan, but because I know just how weak our so-called leadership is. Even when faced with overwhelming support their most important consideration is “but what will they think of us? What if they start calling us names?”

I have news for you in the leadership. They have been calling us names for as long as I can remember and, like the schoolyard bullies they are, will continue to do so as long as it gets them the results they seek. I suspect that even if the plan fails in its political objective there will be an energizing effect on the conservative base that could end up moving mountains.

Mike Lee’s plan may or may not work. I think it is about time though that our so-called leadership finally stood for something that we conservatives actually believe in. It is time they acted like the adults we thought they were when we elected them. If Mike Lee’s plan should fail, then we take our lumps and continue to move forward. However, if my party had to pick a hill to die on this is as good as it gets.

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Rule Number Two, What Can You Do?

     The recent Zimmerman trial and reactions to the verdict illustrate to near perfection what lies at the core of the second rule. That is, there is no point in trying to curry the favor of those who will never like/tolerate you or your beliefs simply because you are who you are, ie white or conservative or republican, “rich” or god forbid, a gun owner.
     An extension of this is the much-ballyhooed concept of compromise. While it may be necessary on rare occasions in the political arena to compromise, that compromise must be a fair one. Today compromise is defined as conservatives surrendering their core values to forward a liberal agenda. That is not true compromise.
     Over the last twenty years our country has gone from the shining city on the hill, the once proud beacon of hope, freedom and opportunity to become the attempted suicide patient on life support. It is entirely reasonable and I would even say, imperative, that we conservatives make the attempt to illustrate the insanity of the liberal perspective.
     As conservatives we are oftentimes faced with a seemingly impossible dilemma. There is a deeply internal desire by most people to be liked. I don’t mean desired and adored, that’s the purview of the Kenyan little Barry. I mean that no one wants to be thought of by others as being mean or offensive. At the same time we have a strong desire to maintain our independence. We do not appreciate anyone who attempts to “lord” over us.
     These two traits often bring conservatives into direct and often unpleasant confrontations with the liberal ideology. Liberals will deny this to their last breath but the goal of liberalism is the control and domination of nearly everyone and everything. They cloak this desire in the flowery phrases of economic justice, ending discrimination, environmental protection and, in my opinion the worst one of all, fairness. If you ignore what liberals say and think about what they have done in the past, are doing now or proposing to do, that conclusion is inescapable.
     A prime example of this is the government requiring a magician to create a federally approved “disaster plan” for his one rabbit.  Really? I like rabbits as much as the next guy but in a natural disaster the rabbit is not exactly going to be my first priority. Nor should it be.
     No one, liberal, conservative or independent likes being told what to do, let alone what to think. That is why liberal politicians have had to obscure their intentions with the aforementioned flowery phrases.
     It is often difficult and far to many times virtually impossible to affect any kind of change in the mindset of your average liberal. After fifty years of domination in the public education system and years of fawning admiration of liberal politicians, policies and perspectives by the media and hollywood your average liberal is completely, often emotionally and sometimes blindly invested in their beliefs. In this context sadly, reason does not apply. So, what is a conservative to do?
     First and foremost we should continue being who we are. We get up every day and go to work on time, pay our bills on time, love our family, support charity, pay our taxes, volunteer in our communities and rear our children as best as we can. This illustrates a concept many liberals do not understand, responsibility. This reflects another concept you might have heard of, leading by example.  In this one thing alone, living your life as a conservative, you will have more impact than you will ever know.
     This doesn’t mean that conservatives abandon the arena of ideas. It does mean we must educate ourselves. It means we must teach our kids, our friends, neighbors and coworkers more effectively. It also means we adopt the one liberal tenant worthy of consideration, persistence. We must take every opportunity to educated and enlighten those we come in contact with. We must teach constantly, consistently and concisely without preaching, condemning or belittling, for those last three are the tools of liberals. We must be patient in our efforts, polite in our disagreements and absolute in our resolve. We must learn to not accept false premises and not be intimidated by, or accepting of, offensive liberal behavior. We must understand that in the liberal ideology the “truth” is always relative because in their world the end often justifies the means. We must be alert in our homes, schools, social groups and communities for those ideas that are detrimental to liberty. Finally, we must identify, promote and vote for candidates at every level of government that understand and support these concepts.
     Given the often militant nature of ideologically rigid liberals it is seldom possible to reason with them. They generally lack either the desire to understand your argument or the ability to understand your argument. We must understand then that our “job” is not to force people to our way of thinking. Force and coercion is the liberal response to those who disagree with or question them. We are simply providing a frame of reference that well intentioned, non-militant liberals cannot get anywhere else. We must be the example that puts the lie to the liberal/media stereotype of conservatives.
     Liberals have long known that their agenda is deeply resented by the majority of Americans. To survive as an ideology they did the only thing they could, they broke their agenda into tiny, bite size parts, candy coated it then never, ever gave up pursuing it. As a strategy this is outstanding. We should do essentially the same. Advance our ideas one small part at a time and never give up pursuing them. The only caveat is we need to sugar coat nothing. There are no conservative tenets that fear sunshine.
     The conservative agenda is a simple concept to promote. The US Constitution is the blueprint we follow. The bill of rights is where the “rubber meets the road.” Understanding these two founding documents is crucial. Frankly, if one will simply apply the plain meaning of the words, understanding these documents is intuitive.
     We conservatives have much unjust animus to overcome. Exactly why liberals feel the need to demand higher and higher levels of taxation, government spending, endlessly expanding regulations, extensive spying on Americans and increasing amounts of welfare dependency eludes conservatives. The fact that we speak out so plainly against these government intrusions annoys liberals to no end.
     We must never forget that the liberal tendency to “feel” about things rather than think things through is a self-perpetuating form of slavery.

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