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The Californication of A Once Great State

When it comes to persistence even the Energizer Bunny takes a back seat to today’s current crop of progressives, liberals, or democrats. Remember there is no difference between progressives, liberals, or democrats, they simply disagree on just how quickly they will run every aspect of your life.

Thirty-five years ago I left California because I could read the writing on the wall. I was heading into marriage with a young child and knew that California would be no sane or safe place to raise my children. I went to the safest, sanest most responsibly (relatively speaking) governed place I knew, Utah. Understand, as an Army brat I had lived all over the U. S. and even spent almost two years in Germany during the terrorist dominated Munich Olympics. I had lived in Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Utah and Nevada.

Utah is the closest thing I have ever had to a “home” state. Whenever anyone asks where I’m from I always say that, after 38 years, I’m from Utah. Despite all the jokes about the “Zion Curtain” and “Happy Valley” Utah has been the most normal, sane and reasonable place I have ever lived. To all the detractors out there notice I didn’t say perfect. I love my state. I love our reliance on traditional family values. I love the ready acceptance of such radical (in much of the rest of the country at least) ideas as self sufficiency and personal responsibility. I am proud of the fact that, as a general population, we have one of the most educated citizenry in the country.

All that being said I have noticed over the last few years a steady march by much of the states leadership to not just the left of the political spectrum but (hello Salt Lake City) the far, radical left of the political divide. There is an ongoing attempt to subvert the values and traditions that make Utah one of the most responsibly governed states in the union.

Like the multi headed Hydra these efforts take on many forms. Lets examine three.

Conversion Therapy.

You must first understand that there is no such thing as “Conversion Therapy.” The term was invented by a group of liberal lawyers, I think from New Jersey, who several years ago sued a group of Jewish councilors who had stunning success rates with men who wanted to abandon the homersexual lifestyle. After some careful judge shopping the aforementioned lawyers began their carefully crafted, specifically manufactured crusade against their equally carefully crafted concept of Conversion Therapy. After several successful bans of a non existent therapy by states like New Jersey and California, Utah wants to jump on the sadistic bandwagon.

I can hear you now, but sailor why do you say sadistic? Isn’t that over reaching? Perform this thought experiment with me. Suppose you are a young man who has unwanted same sex attractions. You doesn’t understand why you feel the way you do. Despite the proddings of “educators” and popular culture you don’t want to feel the way you do. You exist in a state of anguish because you remain confused. Perhaps you begin self medicating with alcohol or drugs. Either way you are unhappy, sometimes in the extreme.

In this far to typical example, ie the types of people who would seek out same sex attraction therapy become the victims of the “caring” liberals desperate to ban the non existent conversion therapy. You must remain a homersexual until the day you die, no matter how miserable that makes you, because their narrative demands it. The state of Utah now cares enough to force you into a life of misery and use the bludgeon of law to punish anyone who cares enough to try and help you.

As long as the participation in therapy is voluntary and the outcome is not predetermined why would the homersexual groups yanking our governments chains be so adamant that this non existent therapy be banned? The simple fact is that every former homersexual alive is iron clad proof that “born that way” is a manufactured myth. At the end of the day any amount of collateral damage is completely acceptable to the homersexual lobby as long as the homersexual narrative survives. What is tragic is that so many otherwise sane people have accepted this as reasonable.

Illegal aliens, drivers license, in state tuition etc.

Immigration law breakers seem to have a special place in the hearts of many liberal politicians and Utah is now, sadly, no different. Our state has seen fit to give these criminals in state tuition rates at our colleges. One fails to find a sane explanation for this other than as an expression of tolerance for flouting the law.

In an even more stupid move we now give drivers licenses to illegal aliens. Ostensibly this was to encourage them to obtain auto insurance which we were promised that, upon getting their license, they would instantly do. This was a bold face lie that had been disproven by every other state that has done this. Our Governor and legislature knew this but rammed this legal stupidity down our throats anyway because they wanted to be popular with the media and so called immigrant rights groups. How utterly tragic and simple minded. Never mind the absolute betrayal of both the oath of office you took and the citizens you claim to represent.

Medical pot.

I have written in depth about the “medical” pot issue. Like “conversion therapy” so called medical pot is a contrived invention. Pot’s medicinal properties have been studied for decades and found almost entirely wanting.

The fact is that after failing to raise a significant desire for recreational pot use in Utah a group of out of state pot pushers (NORMAL and The Marijuana Policy Project among others) adapted their strategy. They came back into Utah with a fully formed staff of activists and flush with some $250,000. In a careful and deliberate weaponization of our compassion they slowly developed the myth of medical pot. Thus we ended up with Proposition 2, a wildly misrepresented “citizen initiative” that called for pot shops on every corner. While pot smoking morons celebrated the legislature took the public representations of the Prop 2 pushers and codified them into law. Then all hell broke loose.

You see, the pushers of Prop 2 bleated over and over again that their initiative called for medical versions of pot to be prescribed by a doctor and purchased from a licensed pharmacy. When the legislature made those conditions the actual law the pushers of Prop 2 promptly sued the state to have Prop 2 instituted as written, ie pot shops on every corner.

The fact is, generically speaking, pot is just as medicinally effective as ground Unicorn horn.

Whether it’s the burgeoning homeless problem in Salt Lake City or the sorry state of public education, Utah seems determined to repeat every single tragic mistake that failed states like California and Washington have made.

So, how did we get here? In large part it is because militant east and west coast liberals have realized that our deep and inherent sense of compassion can be turned subtly and effectively against us. They have, with the help of a complicit media, managed to silence the vast majority of those opposed to their radical agenda with threats of labeling us as racists, bigots, haters, homophobes etc. In a further example of just how successful the radicals have been it has become accepted by far to many people that the mere accusation is the conviction.

There are additional reasons that must be acknowledged. The importation of tens of thousands of people from California, Oregon and Washington who desperately seek to turn Utah into the state they felt was so terrible that they had to leave is an obvious one.

It must also be pointed out that Utah has desperately sought to induce tens of thousands of illegal aliens to make Utah their “home” not as legal citizens but simply as warmly welcomed, expensively compensated at state expense and highly tolerated undocumented immigrants. It is never a good example to demonstrate a tolerant, even compassionate acceptance, of routine lawlessness.

This is the kind of attitude that produces the homeless camps taking over so many of California’s once scenic downtown’s and generates the human feces maps that so many of the residents of that enlightened state now need every time they venture out of their homes.

Ain’t liberalism grand?

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Fans of one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, C. S. Lewis will recognize the words of the title. The Abolition of Man was presented in a series of lectures by Lewis in 1943. Those lectures dealt primarily with the dangers of moral relativism. In contemplating moral relativism he pointed out what he believed were the destructive trends emerging in the so called modern world-view.

A veteran of WW I who later became a devout Christian, Lewis presented these ideas, I believe, as a way to understand those who seek Americas destruction. As a combat veteran I suspect he understood that before you can defeat your opponent you must know who he is.

Liberals, progressives and democrats have morphed over the years into the party of the Abolition of Man. Their concerted efforts have been directed at the destruction of every concept or principle that helped create the greatest nation in the history of the world. They seek the complete destruction and replacement of these ideals for nothing more than their desire to exert total control over the masses, ie you and I. In those efforts they attack the very concepts Lewis sought for us to understand. Let’s examine them briefly.

A thing that is contradictory cannot be true.

Never has such a completely self evident idea been so thoroughly abused. Today the corrupted culture of liberal, progressive political correctness demands that:

We accept men as women and women as men.

We accept that there is no substantive difference between men and women.

We accept that sex between adults and children is both normal and healthy.

We accept that a political ideology disguised as a religion is in fact a peaceful religion.

We accept the idea that anyone who can make it across our border in violation of our laws is entitled to free everything.

We accept that a black man convicted of any crime is simply a victim of white racism.

We accept that a disagreement over policy is also an expression of racism if the policy is brought forth by a “person of color” and the disagreement is raised by a “white” person.

We accept that as a nation can continue to spend billions more dollars than we actually have without consequence.

We accept that actual education can be replaced by political indoctrination without negative consequence.

We accept that factual reporting of the murderous culture of black inner cities (Chicago, Baltimore etc) is in fact racist.

We accept that we can actually create so called global warming.

This list could go on for pages but I suspect you are beginning to see the picture. The fact is that all these accepted concepts fly directly into the face of reason. They only make sense when wrapped in the cocoon of self indulgence or delusion.

Not being allowed to believe that values have any actual meaning.

Nowhere is this more evident than in today’s popular culture. Values such as honesty, chastity, hard work and sacrifice are readily and viciously attacked as backward, simple minded or outright stupid by “enlightened” late night comedy hosts and, to borrow a phrase, their trained seal audience. Consider:

The high school girl who chooses to remain a virgin until married is brutally ridiculed and scorned.

The black student who studies hard and plays by the rules is labeled an Uncle Tom or sellout.

The man who departs from the homersexual lifestyle and settles down to raise a family is vilified.

The family that goes to church and prays together is mocked as simple minded religious zealots.

The person who works hard, saves money and builds a successful business is an evil corporate fat cat.

These tragedies happen because the left is justly terrified of the damage these values can bring to the fantasy world they live in. These time honored values put the lie to liberalism’s phony values for anyone to plainly see. Thus they must be destroyed at every opportunity.

What would you die for?

No one answers this question better than police officers, fire fighters and or our military. These are people who risk everything to protect and preserve the ideals that so many American’s today have no knowledge of, understanding or experience with or sometimes even tolerance of. While there are always exceptions I believe the vast majority of these fine public servants understand the values of actual free speech, real privacy and true self determination.

Who would flatter us to sell us for a slave?

Islamic devotee and congressional headcase (watch the video of her being tossed from a Trump rally before you complain) Talib tries to bribe us with a $20 minimum wage. This proven job killer is literally insane to anyone who has even a modicum of financial education. This is nothing more than an attempt to sell as many people as possible into the addiction of government dependency by crashing the job market. But she is not alone.

Liberals demand that a five year old boy who picks up a Barbie doll be administered female hormones because he is “identifying” as a female. This turns an idle moment of curiosity into an opportunity to make him another victim of the gay agenda.

Progressives sell young people into a life of drug addiction with medical/recreational marijuana.

Democrats in leadership positions constantly strive to obtain control of every facet of your life. In this process they have developed an unquenchable taste for controlling what you think as well.

Mainstream media, having abandoned the search for truth now deluge us with daily doses of politically correct propaganda to keep people from thinking. When we think, they lose and they know it.

Legislators, in the adoption of so called hate crimes laws, seek to criminalize any thoughts they don’t approve of. In their desire to “protect” us they now seek to insert themselves into our very thought processes.

The death of common reason is the death of man.

Common sense has been under relentless assault by liberals and progressives for at least the last thirty years. No longer are we allowed to put 2 and 2 together and arrive at 4. Today we must check common sense at our door every time we step outside our home. We are compelled by our betters to accept:

That bearded man in a dress that followed your twelve year old daughter into the ladies room must be considered to be a harmless women.

The five teenage gang bangers that are trying to surround you on the subway are in fact, just innocent boys looking for directions (to your wallet).

The gay men tossed off ten story buildings by tolerant moslems weren’t really murdered, they were just inexperienced thrill seekers.

No longer are we allowed to trust our judgment. We are required to ignore our lying eyes to maintain the leftist illusion of utopia on Earth.

We need a standard outside our own opinion.

Everyone has an opinion on something and some have opinions on everything. The thing about opinions is that they can be swayed. Family, friends, peers, junk science and pop culture, to name a few influences, can reform our opinions into stuff we never would have imagined. Without a foundation to rest upon, opinions can wander into high strangeness. Lewis’s foundation came to be Christian religion. A foundation is needed to help us remain faithful to our ideals, to remind us of where we came from, where we are headed and why we are headed there. The liberal foundation of ever shifting values is a recipe for personal, financial and spiritual disaster.

See everything as something to own or control.

This is the classic definition of liberalism. You and everything in your life is something for liberals to own or control. It’s what liberals live for.

Only liberals know what is good for you to eat.

Only liberals know what is actual racism.

Only liberals know what is truly sexist.

Only liberals know how children should be educated.

Only liberals know how your business should be managed.

Only liberals know how you should spend your money (or how much you should make).

Only liberals know how healthcare should be distributed.

Only liberals know what you should think about anything

Surely you are beginning to get the picture. Liberalism or any of its disguises, socialism, democratic socialism, communism or totalitarianism all seek one thing, complete control over you and you life from cradle to grave.

Great truths from mom/dad must be taught young because as adults these concepts become difficult to understand/teach.

No greater damage has been done to the fabric of America by the left than in this area alone. Today parents are expected, by popular culture, to be mirrors of the simpletons portrayed in such missives as Modern Family. No longer are parents allowed to teach things like;

That life is seldom fair.

That no one actually owes you anything.

That there are only two genders not 42, 56 or 97.

That casual sex has no actual value and is in fact often unhealthy.

That hard work can lead to success.

That you must plan for your future.

That marriage is for life.

That God exists and both loves you and has great plans for you and expectations of you.

In these things, all of which I strove to teach my children and now grandchildren, my wife and I are, in the public perception, outliers. As an example, it is considered strange by far to many people that I have been married to the same lovely women thirty four years.

Parents teach far more by example than they realize. Children are highly observant and when parents focus on such false things as “my truth” or “my career” or “I just want to have a good time” those lessons are not only learned by those same observant children but retained. Those lessons are frequently validated by popular culture. These lessons are the stepping stones to emptiness, failure and sorrow. As a leader in my church once said, “No success on Earth can compensate for failure in the home.” I paraphrased his quote but it is painfully clear to anyone with an open mind that the Walton’s family values served the family, and by extension the nation, far better than Modern Family’s values.

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Liberals Democrats Progressives Are Liars By Choice

Liberals, democrats and progressives (there is virtually no distinction between the three) have been telling anyone who would listen just what they are for the last sixty years. People like me have been calling them out, nearly always as lone voices in the wilderness. Not until the arrival of the internet and now, “alternative media” (a term intended to belittle) have we had a platform that extended beyond the range of our voices. I, and many of you who read this, make use of this platform now. This is as it should be. Since the left is unrelenting in its desire to destroy America as it was founded, so must we be relentless in Americas defense.

No longer in control of what you and I see and hear the left has only one weapon left, the big lie. (They also love intimidation but that is another article) It is a weapon they employ with wild eyed and often reckless abandon. No subject is safe from the big lie but lets limit ourselves to one for the moment.

Consider the most famous holiday established by a liberal democrat progressive who hacked to death his girlfriend, Earth Day. How many lies must be believed to support this killer and his environmental agenda? More than I am willing to contemplate yet the effort on the “green” side has been going on for a long time.

On that first Earth Day in 1970, George Wald, a Harvard biologist breathlessly promised that civilization would end “within 15 or 30 years.” Um, hello George, have you looked around lately?

Deservedly forgotten Democratic Senator Gaylord Nelson, also in 1970, grimly informed us that within 25 years 75% to 80% of all animals on Earth would be extinct. Given the number of critters that routinely patrol my three quarters of an acre I’m going to have to disagree with you there Gaylord.

Former science adviser to the Kenyan little Barry John Holdren, in a 1971 ecology textbook, promised that 1 billion would die because of famines by the year 2020 because of a “new ice age.” Odd, it has been in the 90’s here all week, just like last year and the year before that and the year before that and, well I’m sure you get the point.

In 1972 The Club of Rome warned us that the Earth would be out of oil by 2003. Funny thing is that 2016 estimated oil reserves currently stand at 1,707 billion barrels. When I filled up my gas guzzling Dodge Durango RT (the one with the really big V8 engine) this morning I paid $2.28 a gallon. It’s not the .32 cents a gallon I remember as a kid but it’s not intolerable either.

Not to be outdone, so called population expert Paul Ehrlich warned that by the year 2000 England would not exist. As a proof of concept he wrote the manifestly discredited book The Population Bomb. I’m going to give Paul a halfsie here. England may not long exist but it is dying of moslem political correctness not environmental excess. There is not much great in great Britain any longer.

And so it has continued every day since. A non stop denial of reality by eco fascists that has lasted, if you use the first Earth Day as a measuring point, for 47 years. How many people will believe a lie that has been told to them for 47 years?

Apparently a lot. Consider South Australia. People who live there now suffer through routine blackouts and energy prices that have exploded to unimaginable levels. Energy prices are at levels now that wipe out savings and crush businesses. Remember, Australia is a first world country. I know, I have been there. Their suffering is needless. The entire country is fossil fuel rich.

Safely ensconced in their air conditioned, red wood decked homes the government has hijacked its people into third world status to show just how virtuous they are. The suffering of their people, the number of birds and bats chewed up by their wind turbined idols to political correctness, are completely irrelevant. They care more than you do about the planet. Get over it already.

I am using the environmental positions of democrats, liberals and progressives to illustrate that lying in the face of evidence, no matter how incontrovertible, is second nature to them. The subject of the lie is irrelevant. Big oil, big pharma, big candy, the Iraq war, gun control, religious intolerance of Christians, republican/Russian collusion, islam, abortion and a hundred others are simply a means to an end. The only thing that matters to them is the path to complete control over you and your life.

At this point the observant reader will say that sailor, you are painting with a very broad brush. While I agree there are some liberals, progressives and democrats who are sincerely seeking only the best for themselves and the planet, it has to be pointed out that these people are a minority. Let us not forget that for the better part of sixty years the big lies have been promoted from college on down, from hollywood to the so called news media.

It is this cadre of “intellectuals” that seek to manage our daily lives in the most minute detail. To reach their objective they need a lot of foot soldiers. College, for the last fifteen years or so, has existed primarily to provide supplemental cannon fodder for the left. Unions with their shrinking membership are no longer able to do it all. The left now has two full generations of often well meaning but completely misguided “college educated” activists. (Now you know why they insist on everyone getting a free college education) I’m sure you know them. They carry a mattress on their back to indict an innocent student or they barge into a restaurant and stage a bloody beheading in front of little kids. They call for “muscle” to remove journalists from their rallies, demand racially segregated “safe” spaces and white free days on campus. They see white marble as racist and black thugs as victims. What should frighten, wrong word, terrify everyone is that these people are not considered out of the mainstream in liberal, progressive democratic thought.

These are the people who have to check in with the Ministry of Truth everyday to find out what they believe. Facts bounce off these people the way job offers bounce off welfare queens. The proper position of anyone listening to a liberal, progressive or democrat is outright skepticism, after you finish laughing in their faces. Just remember these people have no sense of humor and they hate you. If you have to be around them I recommend extreme caution and carrying pepper spray.

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Seattle, A Perfect Liberal Example

Anyone paying attention throughout the 2016 presidential campaign could not have failed to notice the differences between liberals/progressives vs conservatives. I am not going to elaborate on the self evident virtues of conservatism here. I want to continue the examination of liberal/progressive thought as displayed by some of its current supporters. Let me begin by simply asking a few questions.

Chicago, according to the Kenyan and his minions, is the “blue print” for national “common sense” gun control. As of a couple of days ago some 4000 people had been shot there just this year. Is this the kind of success he is, pardon the pun, shooting for?

The well paid “protesters” (up to $350 a day according to a recent Craigslist ad) tearing up so many communities to whine about the election results continue their destructive behavior un-commented on by the Kenyan. His lack of presence here is being taken as tacit endorsement by the paid thugs rampaging on our streets. The Kenyan knows this therefore his silence is in fact a tacit endorsement. Why do he and his minions remain silent? Does he really enjoy watching his army of paid liberal thugs destroying the very communities that more often than not elected him?

Remember the IRS targeting scandal? Remember that the IRS commissioner at the time visited the White House (coordinating no doubt) how many hundreds of times? It wasn’t all just about defunding conservative opposition to the Kenyan. It began with the non-profit called True The Vote. Why, when the allegations turned into facts, did the Kenyan and his minions do nothing substantial to rectify this?

Why did the Kenyan go on foreign television and tell illegal aliens in America that it was okay for them to vote in the presidential election, that there would be no legal consequences. A follow up, why did no liberal come out against this clear endorsement of the violation of U.S. Law? A follow up, why is anyone pointing this out a racist?

The scandal that will not die provides perhaps the clearest example liberal hypocrisy of all. I am only going to limit myself to Clinton’s maid. Every time she printed out a classified document she and Clinton were committing felonies. They committed felonies by the hundreds in this example alone. This begs two questions. First, how do we know the maid did not deliver the contents of these documents to any bad actors? A quick cell phone picture/text is all it would take given that she was unsupervised. Second, why are these two, the maid and Clinton, not in prison like others who have done considerably less along the same lines?

Finally, a generic question. If the Kenyan’s ideas are so good why does he have to do everything by executive order? It seems to me he had complete control of congress when he first got elected. Why would the democrats at the time not support his agenda then?

A friend of mine often says America needs an enema. I have often thought that if that were the case San Francisco would be the logical insertion point. I am now reconsidering that appraisal. Not because San Francisco has moved in any way towards decency or normalcy. No, I am reconsidering because a city I once enjoyed (my family spent ten days there this summer) has fallen so far into the liberal quagmire.

Let’s examine a city I have been to several times over the last ten years. A once great city full of hope, promise and opportunity now totters on the edge of insanity. A city I once nearly moved to, Seattle.

In a touching display of liberal tolerance, Kshama Sawant, a proudly self-proclaimed Socialist member of the Seattle City Council has called for protesters to shut down Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. Standing at Seattle City Hall Sawant said, “And let’s make sure on Inauguration Day … let’s do a nationwide shutdown.” Sawant has been nicknamed by locals as “Old Yeller” for her tendency to shout down anyone who disagrees with her. An examination of her record shows her favorite pastime is playing the female/racist/victim card. Anyone wanting to hear her speak should be warned, she is described by many in the community as a hateful, foul mouthed and frequently vindictive representative of Seattle’s version of tolerance, compassion and understanding.

Recently a Turkish immigrant shot five people in a local mall. Not surprisingly it was later learned he voted three times in Washington state, even though he is not a citizen. I’m pretty sure no one in Seattle’s version of the election’s commission cared as long as this killer and people like him, vote democrat.

During Mayor Ed Murray’s tenure, Seattle, like every other sanctuary city, is becoming a scary place to live and raise children. Socialist council members seek to limit your rights, control ever more of your behavior and take your money to enrich themselves and punish those who disagree with them. Increasing numbers of homeless are sleeping in parks, children’s playgrounds and on sidewalks, accosting passers by for money to buy drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Graffiti is taking over once clean public places, meaning gangs are feeling the safety and tolerance of city government. Even such demonstrably stupid concepts as heroin “safe houses” are springing up throughout the city. Large parts of Seattle are no longer safe to stroll around by yourself. Even the famous Pike Street Market is dangerous after dark now. It never used to be. I know because I have walked through it many times.

Speaking of his highness. Concerning the new coming enforcement of current immigration law the Mayor of Seattle’s illegal alien population boasted, “Seattle has always been a welcoming city.” He added, “The last thing I want is for us to start turning on our neighbors.” I guess being a welcome magnet for every rapist, carjacker, mugger and murderer desperately trying to avoid capture appeals to him. And don’t even think about turning those criminals in if they are here illegally, his highness will not tolerate that level of racist hate.

Seattle, a once vibrant and successful city, is adopting liberal lunacy in an all out effort to demonstrate just how diverse and culturally sensitive they are. How much longer will it be:

Before the city council requires women to demonstrate their tolerance of islam by allowing themselves to be raped? Weekly? Monthly? On islamic holidays can they be raped by the same male twice? What does Kshama Sawant think?

Before their compassion for the homeless requires each person to give a set amount to every homeless person they come across? Will the amount be a percentage of your income? Will the amount be higher for “privileged” white males? Do the homeless get to verify the amount you gave is correct? Are moslems exempt from the requirement?

Before graffiti is required to be considered art and not allowed to be removed? Will graffiti “artists” be allowed to “art” up the inside of your premises next? Will you be required to provide a safe, non hostile working environment? Will it be your responsibility to provide the paint? How much will the city council fine you for removing said art?

Before urinating on the sidewalk (as in New York City) is considered normal? Do transgenders get to choose where on the sidewalk they want to make their deposit or will the city thoughtfully provide designated safe spaces for them? Will the city council pass an ordinance requiring passers by to voice their approval of the act upon pain of fine or imprisonment?

Before citizens are not allowed to vote because it would be considered a micro aggression against all the illegals who are voting? Do white people get special ballots with only socialist/communist/liberal candidates? Perhaps to soothe the concerns of illegal voters they will be allowed to vote as early and often (the Chicago way) as they wish.

Before they have police start enforcing politically correct speech codes? Again, per New York city. If you fail to address a person with a sexual mental illness by the correct pronoun, currently there are 52 that I know of, will your fine be $250,000 or just a short stay at a re-educational facility near you?

Before they start fining people for throwing away the wrong kind of garbage, oh wait, this they already are doing.

With lunatics like Ed Murray, Kshama Sawant in charge and those who support and elect them, my guess is these progressive displays of diversity and compassion are not long in coming.


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Bench Cleaning

Whether it was the recall of a pair of gun grabbing state legislators in Colorado, the successes and near misses of several TEA Party candidates or the defeat of Eric Cantor it seems that a “sleeping giant” is beginning to rouse. The feeling right now in the political winds reminds me of Admiral Yamamotos’ prediction for Japan at the beginning of WWII. If America could not be defeated in the first six months, Japan would lose the war. Progressive liberal democrats have had a lot more than six years to destroy the America my grandfather, father and I served. Even so, I believe there is hope.

Some fifty years ago liberals realized they could not win elections with their ideas alone. They promptly engaged in a very clever, two-prong long-term strategy. Rather than attempt to win in the arena of ideas they began the slow process of taking over the public education system. Beginning with the colleges and now reaching into the first years of school their program of indoctrination went mostly unnoticed for decades. The results? Today in some schools kindergartners are taught that homosexuality is “normal”.

Liberals are an incredibly persistent bunch. They thought (sadly incorrectly so) that Americans would soon see through their assault on education. To cover their bases they also engaged in the same kind of takeover in the judiciary. This has given us decisions like Rowe v Wade (even lawyers who supported the concept thought the court ruled in error), Kilo (giving the government the right to give your property to another private entity) and the newly acquired civil right of same sex marriage. It has gotten so bad in the courts now that some justices actually use foreign law to influence and justify decisions in American cases.

Over the last twenty years the progressives, liberals and democrats (there is no significant difference between the three) have managed to insert ideologically driven judges onto every bench you can imagine. It is time common sense replaced those judges who view their way as the only way and will creatively interpret or outright invent the law to suit their demented, progressive ideology.

When a judge decides that a sailor deployed on a submarine in the Pacific Ocean can be held in contempt of court because he cannot appear at a hearing and that judge is willing to issue an arrest warrant for the sailor, that judge needs to be impeached. Not counseled, not sent to sensitivity training, just impeached. Further, I would submit, that judge needs to be publicly and politely shamed. Note I did not say humiliated. Nor did I say disclose the judges home address or phone number over the internet or twitter. Nor did I say physically attack the judge. Note that I didn’t say attack or harass the judges family. We do not need to act like liberals to defeat liberals. I said shamed. There is a difference and if you don’t know what that difference is you need to learn it before reading the rest of this column.

This judges behavior should be spotlighted as blindingly as possible. This judge, knowing full well the sailor is deployed on a submarine, insists on abusing an American serviceman. This judge obviously hates the military. Their picture should be plastered everywhere asking why they do not like American heroes. There is no need for our “side” to be obnoxious. Simply telling the truth will suffice. There should be newspaper ads, bus signs, billboards, flyers in the judges district, radio and TV spots. Every day the courtroom should be filled with people in US Navy uniforms sitting quietly and staring at the judge. Outside of the sanctity of the judges own home there should be no respite. Everywhere the judge turns there should be reminders of this folly. This action should be repeated as often as it takes to return sanity and constitutional law to every bench in the land.

Those readers who have been paying attention over the last six years will recognize the tactic. It comes from one of little Barry’s idols, the freedom hating, America hating Saul Alinsky. It works like this, “pick your target…freeze it…isolate it…” Ask any conservative, they can tell you exactly how it works.

These actions will also serve as a warning to others. It takes only moderate effort to launch an effective guerrilla advertising campaign. The overall effect may be mixed as in some “blue” parts of the country ideology will always trump truth and reason. Truly ideologically driven judges will not be moved. Impeachment or replacement is the only solution for them. However, there are a large number of “casually progressive” judges. These are the ones that “go along to get along.” These are some of the judges who rule in favor of “gay marriage’ so they can be “on the right side of history.”

Judges of the above nature need to abandon the bench and be honest with both us and themselves. They are politicians without the courage to debate their ideas in the public arena. Since they lack the courage of their convictions it is up to us to send them packing.

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