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Proposition 2 And The Road To Hell

I am going to alienate myself from a lot of my “friends” with this writing. So be it.

The President and CEO of the Next Generation Freedom Fund, Paul Mero, said in an opinion piece he wrote that, “The Utah Medical Marijuana Initiative is neither needed as a practical matter nor good public policy generally. The truth is the Utah Medical Marijuana Initiative is a ruse being perpetrated by Utah libertarians and radicalized potheads across the country – regardless of the good people these deceivers front as medically needy. The D.C. lobbyists at the Marijuana Policy Project, old hippies at NORML and our own liberty-loving kooks at Libertas Institute feign a non-existent morality – some pot-induced moral code that only consuming marijuana will appease. Let me be as blunt as I can: You must be high to think this initiative is a good idea.” I agree. Completely. Wholeheartedly. Absolutely.

Lets be honest here. This is nothing more than a group of virtue signaling progressive pot smokers desperately seeking to crack the door open to recreational drug use in Utah. They are using a well developed plan perfected in states like California, Washington and Oregon, to name a few. They customize it here in Utah with the “medical” claim but the end results will be the same. They hide behind the pain of people who are really suffering. While I have great sympathy for anyone who suffers, this is merely a clever and disgusting tactic designed to prevent any argument by people opposed to their deception.

Full disclosure here, I have a child, soon to be 30 years old, who has been a full blown drug addict for the last 15 of those years. I know from first hand experience exactly what drugs can do. I also know that there are non marijuana substitutes that do everything pot supposedly does but are accurately dosed and can be prescribed by any doctor and filled by any pharmacy in the country. These facts make Proposition 2 wholly unnecessary. Claiming a “medical” need is simply misleading at best.

Who is supporting this assault on reason? The undoubtedly well meaning Utah Patience’s Coalition, TRUCE, the Marijuana Policy Project and the Libertas Institute. Also, lot of well intentioned but vastly uneducated or misinformed Utah citizens and every drug dealer in the state.

Opposing this insanity dressed up as compassion are: The Utah Medical Association, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the PTA, Utah Narcotics Officers Association, Utah Eagle Forum, D.A.R.E. Utah, DEA Salt Lake Metro Narcotics Task Force, Drug Safety Advisers, Utah Sheriff’s Association and the Utah Psychiatric Association. Or as I like to call them, the adults in the room.

Interestingly, the Utah Patients Coalition has raised $761,700 and spent $723,880 in support of the measure. Not surprisingly, most of that funding has come from out of state lobbying groups.

Drug Safe Utah has raised $167,180 and spent $72,120 to combat the cleverly disguised recreational pot bill.

Many people seemed to be all worked up about the LDS Church’s position on Prop 2. The church is formally opposed to Proposition 2. I guess these people feel more qualified to determine church doctrine than the churches leaders. It must be awesome to have that much power. All I can say is, if you want to belong to a church that is willing to subjugate itself to popular culture or vote every year on which parts of the Bible to believe in, there are plenty of those “churches” out there. They welcome the easily led.

Elder Jack N. Gerard, a General Authority Seventy with the LDS church, said, “The church does not object to the medicinal use of marijuana, if doctor-prescribed, in dosage form from a licensed pharmacy.” Apparently this much reason and intelligence are to difficult for the average finger in the wind “Christian”, Salt Lake Tribune writer/reader or mainstream media consumer to contemplate. Gerard said the measure “goes too far.” He is correct, it absolutely does.

I think it’s time the out of state pressure groups pushing this legal pot proposition be honest and just admit this is all about cracking the door to recreational drug use open in Utah.

As a child I was taught early and often that the road to hell was paved with good intentions. No one teaches that lesson anymore. The support for Prop 2 proves that.

So, how many bricks on that road would you like your name inscribed on?


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The Slow and Unnoticed Death of A Once Great State

Colorado should have sealed up her borders before all the Californians moved in. Having driven through the state I know how beautiful it is. As a rocky mountain state Colorado had a long history of independence and self-reliance. Times they are a changing though.

Some members of the Colorado legislature apparently believe Colorado’s women are to unstable to carry guns for self defense.

Democratic Colorado state Rep Joe Salazar, while arguing in favor of disarming all college students actually said the following on the Colorado House floor. Women fearing rape may suddenly and haphazardly ”pop a round at somebody.”

Unable or unwilling to contain his stupidity he postulated, “It’s why we have call boxes; it’s why we have safe zones; it’s why we have the whistles — because you just don’t know who you’re gonna be shooting at. And you don’t know if you feel like you’re gonna be raped, or if you feel like someone’s been following you around or if you feel like you’re in trouble when you may actually not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop … pop a round at somebody,”

Let me see if I understand. No rapist will commit rape in a designated safe zone? A rapist/murderer/robber is going to allow his victim to use a police call box? Would that happen before or after the crime took place? Apparently the idiot Salazar would have women whistle while being raped? I know I am a simple guy but could someone explain this too me?

Not to be outdone the Democrat Colorado gun grabbers have moved to adopt drastic new measures in direct opposition to their constituents. Vice President Joe Biden has been pressuring Colorado lawmakers on a package of gun limits that would then serve as model legislation to push in other states.

The bills are:

    HB 1224, which would bans all magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.

English translation, no law-abiding citizen shall have more bullets in his gun than the criminal he is facing.

    HB 1226 would prohibit those with concealed carry permits, including off duty police
officers and former military personnel, from bringing their weapons on college campuses.

English translation, the state must provide a mass murder with a safe working environment.

    HB 1228 would force residents to pay for exercising a constitutional right by making
them pay for a background check to prove they are not criminals. There is no limit on the amount the Colorado Bureau of Investigation could charge for the background check.

English translation, with a little luck we will make it so expensive that no one will be able to own a gun.

HB 1229 bans the private sale and transfer of firearms and institutes universal
background checks and/gun registration for all Colorado gun owners.

English translation, before we can take your guns away we must know where they are.

Apparently the creation of target rich environment’s at Colorado’s higher education institutions and the suggesting that women whistle while being raped simply isn’t enough insanity for the states democrats.

They are now pushing for the state to sponsor marijuana tourism. You have to know where this is headed. Colorado will become the drug hub of the west. One wonders just how long will the west coast gangs and Mexican drug cartels tolerate this incursion into their profits?

Not to mention all the collateral damage legalizing pot will bring. One obvious problem comes to mind right away. Why buy pot when you can steal it? How many people will be robbed after leaving pot shops? How many home growers will have their personal stashes stolen? How many home growers will sell pot just to make a little extra money? How many kids/teenagers will sneak their parent’s pot? I won’t even mention the associated increase in healthcare costs. Marijuana is no safer than cigarettes for your lungs.

My grandfather had a saying, “None are so blind as those who will not see.” I suspect it wont be long before Colorado follows California’s example and finds itself hip deep with numerous and easily avoidable crisis’s.

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