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The Californication of A Once Great State

When it comes to persistence even the Energizer Bunny takes a back seat to today’s current crop of progressives, liberals, or democrats. Remember there is no difference between progressives, liberals, or democrats, they simply disagree on just how quickly they will run every aspect of your life.

Thirty-five years ago I left California because I could read the writing on the wall. I was heading into marriage with a young child and knew that California would be no sane or safe place to raise my children. I went to the safest, sanest most responsibly (relatively speaking) governed place I knew, Utah. Understand, as an Army brat I had lived all over the U. S. and even spent almost two years in Germany during the terrorist dominated Munich Olympics. I had lived in Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Utah and Nevada.

Utah is the closest thing I have ever had to a “home” state. Whenever anyone asks where I’m from I always say that, after 38 years, I’m from Utah. Despite all the jokes about the “Zion Curtain” and “Happy Valley” Utah has been the most normal, sane and reasonable place I have ever lived. To all the detractors out there notice I didn’t say perfect. I love my state. I love our reliance on traditional family values. I love the ready acceptance of such radical (in much of the rest of the country at least) ideas as self sufficiency and personal responsibility. I am proud of the fact that, as a general population, we have one of the most educated citizenry in the country.

All that being said I have noticed over the last few years a steady march by much of the states leadership to not just the left of the political spectrum but (hello Salt Lake City) the far, radical left of the political divide. There is an ongoing attempt to subvert the values and traditions that make Utah one of the most responsibly governed states in the union.

Like the multi headed Hydra these efforts take on many forms. Lets examine three.

Conversion Therapy.

You must first understand that there is no such thing as “Conversion Therapy.” The term was invented by a group of liberal lawyers, I think from New Jersey, who several years ago sued a group of Jewish councilors who had stunning success rates with men who wanted to abandon the homersexual lifestyle. After some careful judge shopping the aforementioned lawyers began their carefully crafted, specifically manufactured crusade against their equally carefully crafted concept of Conversion Therapy. After several successful bans of a non existent therapy by states like New Jersey and California, Utah wants to jump on the sadistic bandwagon.

I can hear you now, but sailor why do you say sadistic? Isn’t that over reaching? Perform this thought experiment with me. Suppose you are a young man who has unwanted same sex attractions. You doesn’t understand why you feel the way you do. Despite the proddings of “educators” and popular culture you don’t want to feel the way you do. You exist in a state of anguish because you remain confused. Perhaps you begin self medicating with alcohol or drugs. Either way you are unhappy, sometimes in the extreme.

In this far to typical example, ie the types of people who would seek out same sex attraction therapy become the victims of the “caring” liberals desperate to ban the non existent conversion therapy. You must remain a homersexual until the day you die, no matter how miserable that makes you, because their narrative demands it. The state of Utah now cares enough to force you into a life of misery and use the bludgeon of law to punish anyone who cares enough to try and help you.

As long as the participation in therapy is voluntary and the outcome is not predetermined why would the homersexual groups yanking our governments chains be so adamant that this non existent therapy be banned? The simple fact is that every former homersexual alive is iron clad proof that “born that way” is a manufactured myth. At the end of the day any amount of collateral damage is completely acceptable to the homersexual lobby as long as the homersexual narrative survives. What is tragic is that so many otherwise sane people have accepted this as reasonable.

Illegal aliens, drivers license, in state tuition etc.

Immigration law breakers seem to have a special place in the hearts of many liberal politicians and Utah is now, sadly, no different. Our state has seen fit to give these criminals in state tuition rates at our colleges. One fails to find a sane explanation for this other than as an expression of tolerance for flouting the law.

In an even more stupid move we now give drivers licenses to illegal aliens. Ostensibly this was to encourage them to obtain auto insurance which we were promised that, upon getting their license, they would instantly do. This was a bold face lie that had been disproven by every other state that has done this. Our Governor and legislature knew this but rammed this legal stupidity down our throats anyway because they wanted to be popular with the media and so called immigrant rights groups. How utterly tragic and simple minded. Never mind the absolute betrayal of both the oath of office you took and the citizens you claim to represent.

Medical pot.

I have written in depth about the “medical” pot issue. Like “conversion therapy” so called medical pot is a contrived invention. Pot’s medicinal properties have been studied for decades and found almost entirely wanting.

The fact is that after failing to raise a significant desire for recreational pot use in Utah a group of out of state pot pushers (NORMAL and The Marijuana Policy Project among others) adapted their strategy. They came back into Utah with a fully formed staff of activists and flush with some $250,000. In a careful and deliberate weaponization of our compassion they slowly developed the myth of medical pot. Thus we ended up with Proposition 2, a wildly misrepresented “citizen initiative” that called for pot shops on every corner. While pot smoking morons celebrated the legislature took the public representations of the Prop 2 pushers and codified them into law. Then all hell broke loose.

You see, the pushers of Prop 2 bleated over and over again that their initiative called for medical versions of pot to be prescribed by a doctor and purchased from a licensed pharmacy. When the legislature made those conditions the actual law the pushers of Prop 2 promptly sued the state to have Prop 2 instituted as written, ie pot shops on every corner.

The fact is, generically speaking, pot is just as medicinally effective as ground Unicorn horn.

Whether it’s the burgeoning homeless problem in Salt Lake City or the sorry state of public education, Utah seems determined to repeat every single tragic mistake that failed states like California and Washington have made.

So, how did we get here? In large part it is because militant east and west coast liberals have realized that our deep and inherent sense of compassion can be turned subtly and effectively against us. They have, with the help of a complicit media, managed to silence the vast majority of those opposed to their radical agenda with threats of labeling us as racists, bigots, haters, homophobes etc. In a further example of just how successful the radicals have been it has become accepted by far to many people that the mere accusation is the conviction.

There are additional reasons that must be acknowledged. The importation of tens of thousands of people from California, Oregon and Washington who desperately seek to turn Utah into the state they felt was so terrible that they had to leave is an obvious one.

It must also be pointed out that Utah has desperately sought to induce tens of thousands of illegal aliens to make Utah their “home” not as legal citizens but simply as warmly welcomed, expensively compensated at state expense and highly tolerated undocumented immigrants. It is never a good example to demonstrate a tolerant, even compassionate acceptance, of routine lawlessness.

This is the kind of attitude that produces the homeless camps taking over so many of California’s once scenic downtown’s and generates the human feces maps that so many of the residents of that enlightened state now need every time they venture out of their homes.

Ain’t liberalism grand?

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How Long Are You Going To Let Them Lie To You?

After some forty years of observation I can state conclusively that deliberately lying is a natural function of the liberal/democrat/progressive mindset. Sometimes the lies are small and insignificant, other times, like the current impeachment tragedy, not so much. “Let no crisis go to waste,” really means something to those intent on controlling every aspect of our lives. You know, to “help” those of us who aren’t as smart or enlightened as they are.

With the previous paragraph in mind lets examine two of the most prominent issues liberal leadership lies about today.

Global Warming

Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, described by Barack Obama as “one of our planet’s greatest advocates” is a sad example of the kind of damage the willing liars among us can do. I’m no psychologist, nor do I play one on TV but, as we used to say in high school, “something isn’t right with that kid.” Understand, I do not dispute that her concern is real, only that her facts and conclusions are in question.

Then there are her enablers, her parents, the fawning media, radical environmental groups and the self anointed one himself, The Kenyan Little Barry. He went so far as to tell her, “You and me, we’re a team.” Without a doubt she should choose her team mates more carefully.

As documented by TIME, the following are some of the environmentally friendly choices one of the world’s loudest global warming hoaxers made in the first five months after leaving the White House.

He bought an 8,200 sq. ft., 9-bedroom, fully air-conditioned mansion in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the nation’s capitol.

The day he left office, he flew 2,200 miles in a near-empty U.S. government Boeing 747 all the way across the continent to Palm Springs, California for his first post-presidency vacation.

After relaxing at an 11,000 sq. ft. fully air-conditioned villa at the exclusive Thunderbird Heights Resort in nearby Rancho Mirage, he flew 3,300 miles, by private jet, all the way back across the continent to the Caribbean, where he vacationed with Richard Branson at Branson’s $48,000 per night, fully air-conditioned luxury villa on Branson’s private island.

After departing his vacation with Branson by private jet, he took another private jet to fly 6,000 miles for some much-needed R & R at the late Marlon Brando’s fully air-conditioned French Polynesian hideaway in Tahiti.

Next, he took another private jet for a 2,700-mile trip to Hawaii, where he golfed for several days before taking yet another private jet for the 4,800-mile return trip to his 8,200 sq. ft. fully air-conditioned mansion.

In February, he twice traveled from DC to New York, both times by private jet, the first to take in a play on Broadway, the other to rub shoulders over dinner with U2’s Bono.

In early May, he private-jetted from DC to Milan, Italy, a round trip of 8,200 miles, where a caravan of 14 carbon-powered SUVs took him to give a paid speech about — sit down for this — humans dumping too much CO2 in the atmosphere.

While in Milan, he stayed for two days at the 2,000 sq. ft., fully air-conditioned, $9,500 per night presidential suite at the exclusive Park Hyatt Milan.

Next, he took a private jet, from Milan to Tuscany, where he stayed at Borgo Finocchieto, a fully air-conditioned manor house that once was home to 21 families before being turned into an ultra-luxurious vacation villa for the rich and famous.

Having left a feather-light carbon footprint in Italy, the former president returned, by private jet, to his 8,200 sq. ft. fully air-conditioned mansion in DC.

I’m going to suppose that you didn’t know any of this. Make no mistake, that was by design. His allies in the “mainstream” media and wacko groups like the Sierra Club etc will never willingly call him to account on the prodigiously wasteful lifestyle he and his family enjoy. After all, he is one of them, right down to the satirical 6000 square foot redwood deck.

The term for lying by not telling you something relevant is called a lie of omission. The media is long and well practiced at that.


Sixteen year-old high school student Nicholas Sandmann, while waiting for his bus to take him back to school, was accosted by a “native American” protester. The protester, whom I will not name, marched up to Sandmann’s and began beating his drum in Sandmann’s face. With nowhere to retreat to Sandmann did what any responsibly raised adolescent would do, he smiled and remained calm. For his sterling self control he was falsely targeted, attacked and vilified by the mainstream media as a racist.

In this case, where there was no crisis to manipulate, the media simply manufactured one. Perhaps sensing an opportunity to further the false impression of rampant racism in the country the Washington Post and CNN led the smear campaign against young Mr. Sandmann. Don’t think that was the case? Then why, after footage clearly demonstrating every point of their initial allegations were wrong was made public did CNN and the Washington Post continue to vilify Mr. Sandmann as a classic example of racism? Why did they seemingly knowingly mislead their readers/viewers about the alleged “native American” and his glorious combat service even though they apparently knew within hours he had never been a combat soldier but a refrigerator repairman? The answer clearly was that these media outlets believed their narrative must survive.

By the way, this kind of lying is called lies of commission. The media is also really good at this type of lie.

The sad thing is that this type of behavior is so typical from the media, liberals, progressives and democrats that it has become their normal. It infects everything issue they become involved in. I could write a book full of nothing but examples like the two I have already provided. The practice of lying and inventing facts to support a clearly false or unreasonable or even unscientific agenda has become so ingrained as to be unseeable by those engaged in the process. It has become so ingrained that even the presentation of unmistakable evidence proving them wrong has no effect. That my friends is a recognized psychological condition. It’s called Cognitive Dissonance. CD affects not just the lying media and political types but can be found running amuck anywhere liberal/progressives/democrats congregate.

While the progenitors of misinformation and their followers who have chosen ignorance (in the classical definition of the word, ie, to maintain a lack of knowledge) may be clinically ill the original question remains.

How long are you going to let them lie to you?

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More Victims Of Sandy Hook

The recent Supreme Court decision to not hear the appeal from Remington in the baseless lawsuit brought by the Sandy Hook survivors and their ambulance chasing lawyers should frighten every reasonable person and terrify every producer of a product used by the public.

While I have great sympathy for anyone who has lost a child at some point it is incumbent upon that person to realize two things. First, decisions taken under grief seldom work out well and second, there comes a point in time where your grief is no longer sufficient cover for outright stupidity.

The survivors and their money grubbing lawyers know, or have every reason to know, Lanza did not use an AR in his assault at Sandy Hook. No one who died in that vile attack by a profoundly sick person was killed by an AR. Therein lies a difficulty for the politically correct gun grabbers. If they were honest about what happened they would have had to demonize pistols they way the AR, you know, the scary looking black rifle, has been demonized. Being to lazy to make the effort they simply went after the deepest pockets they could find in this all around sad situation.

If memory serves me I think it took law enforcement some twelve minutes to arrive on scene that tragic day. That was eleven and a half minutes to late. Lanza should have been shot while he was breaking into the school with the shotgun he was also carrying.

Israel, when faced with a similar situation, ended the slaughter of their school children by Palestinian terrorists by arming their teachers and adding armed guards to their staff. It is a sad fact that schools are primary targets of terrorists and psycho losers because of the emotional impact those attacks have on decent people. The other sad fact in tragedies like this is that virtually no gun grabber has shied away from standing on the bodies of those children to punish law abiding gun owners. The Sandy Hook litigants apparently desire to place themselves in that same company.

When will we learn that, as a partial result of the constant pressure to define deviancy down, evil walks unabashedly among us, sometimes openly as a shooter and sometimes disguised as a lawyer. Ok, often disguised as a lawyer. Sadly, instead of preparing our teachers or protecting our schools those invested, rightly or wrongly, with “moral” authority on this subject seek to punish most those who had the least to do with the tragedy. Before you argue with that last sentence answer me this, just what law would have prevented Lanza from killing his mother and taking her guns?

I’ll wait…

This is the 800lb gorilla the Sandy Hook litigants, their gun grabbing supporters and dollar chasing lawyers refuse to see. At some level they all know there is no law that would have stopped him. Evil people through out history have done evil things regardless of the law or tools available to them. The best the Sandy Hook survivors can hope for with this suit is some kind of virtue signaling victory and apparently a few dollars to ease the pain.

Should they end up prevailing with this assault on reason what will stop someone from suing Ford if some terrorist uses one of Ford’s vehicles to run down a group of people on a sidewalk somewhere? Boeing and every airline that flies their planes better hope none of their planes ever crash. Lets be honest, every ambulance chasing lawyer on the planet is hoping the Sandy Hook survivors prevail because if they do no manufacturer of any product will be immune from suit. The lawyers are drooling as we speak.

But hey, at least we will have “done something.”

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Thoughts From The Dark Side

Some forty plus years ago, as a wide eyed fifth grader living just outside Washington DC, I found myself on a school field trip. My dad, a combat engineer having return from his tour of duty in Vietnam, had been stationed at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. I had the privilege of attending the Army Public School system there where, among other things, we were taught critical thinking skills along with the three R’s and non revised American history.

My classmates, teachers and I stood outside the Supreme Court building waiting for another busload of fellow students to arrive. It was a beautiful day, and I, a student of history even then, stood in awe before the imposing, much decorated marbled edifice that represented a bedrock principle of America, law and order.

As we waited, all lined up and as patient as a group of fifth graders can be in front of our buses, I watched curiously as people came in and out of the building we would soon be touring. One of the people who came out that morning was a women. Today I would estimate her age as late twenties. She saw us and stopped dead in her tracks. I watched as she examined us closely and saw her becoming agitated. I watched curiously as her face contorted itself angrily. Then, with a purposeful swiftness she turned and marched directly at us. I could tell she was upset but at what I had no clue. She rectified that deficiency in my knowledge right away.

Although there was nothing between her and us she stopped a few feet in front of us and began yelling at us. She informed us in no uncertain terms that our fathers were baby killers, rapists, village burners and murderers. We were invaders that didn’t belong in Vietnam she continued angrily. I confess that exactly what she said after that is lost in the mist of memory. I was stunned both by her ferocity and her allegations. As her tirade continued all of us kids became silent and, as I found out later, a little afraid.

Staring at her angry face as she berated our fathers a jumble of thoughts rushed through my young mind. Who was she? I didn’t recognize her. Did she know my dad? Why would she say these things? I knew my dad was no saint but I knew for certain he was no baby killer. I knew for a fact that he had been seriously injured digging a well for a village. To say I was confused would have been putting it mildly.

As I was trying to process this our teachers began moving us back towards the buses and away from the angry women. One of our teachers went up to the women and asked her to leave us kids alone. This only angered her further. Fortunately the police arrived right then and escorted the women from the premises. To say that we kids were in a state of shock would be an understatement. Our teachers did their best to reassure us that we would be okay and that the young lady wasn’t really angry with us. Many of us remained unconvinced.

It was then that the other bus arrived. There was a huddled conference of teachers and a police officer. It was decided that the tour would continue. I am glad that it did but I also noticed that we had a police officer following us at a discrete distance for the entire tour. I found that both comforting and at the same time worrisome. I was glad he was there but wondered why a group of fifth graders would need police protection and from who.

Today, little has changed. Liberals are still assaulting children.

Today we are assaulted in the public square by a completely brainwashed teenager on global warming.

Liberals assault conservatives of all ages in and out of the public sphere with impunity.

School kids today are brainwashed with gender confusion and an LGBT-WTF agenda that defies all reason.

Nearly everywhere one turns in the media the evils of America, a few real and but most imagined, are recited without context, contradiction, fact or relief.

President Trump is routinely assaulted with made up allegations that “must be taken seriously”. The bald face fact that his accusers are the ones doing what they accuse him of doing is never disclosed by a willfully complicit media and trashed by that same media as a conspiracy theory if anyone brings the subject up.

Formerly beautiful places like San Francisco and Seattle are now awash in human feces, used needles, homeless camps, drug addicts, the mentally ill and illegal aliens.

Merely mentioning these subjects, let alone proposing solutions that don’t involve the creation of new government programs and massive government spending subjects you all sorts of harassment.

So much for the history lesson. You’ve waited long enough. Now for the darkness.

There is a pair of quotes, the names of their authors escapes me at the moment, that I will mash together into, “For good to prevail there must be rough men willing to do unspeakable things.”

I’m not sure we are at the stage where we need to do unspeakable things to defend American values and culture but there is plenty of call for doing some rough things. Outside of President Trump, where are the conservative “rough men”?

Where are the men and women who will unmask the antifa thugs? I mean literally unmask them. Identify them, film them, follow them and get vehicle descriptions, license plate numbers and home addresses, all to be given to their victims lawyers so these thugs can be prosecuted. Who will shame these haters?

Where are the men and women who will stand up one after another at a Biden campaign rally and ask about his son’s and his corruption. I mean literally one person after another asking the same question until he admits he and his son are grifters extraordinaire or he storms out of the event.

Where is the person who will doxx the owners and editors of such hate mongering outlets as the New York Times, CNN political hacks pretending to be journalists and social media parasites so that we can flood their mailboxes with politely worded demands for fair and accurate reporting? If people want to responsibly protest outside these haters driveways so be it. Why do they get to exempt themselves from the chaos they seek to impose on the rest of us?

Who will mail a thank you card from the abortion doctor that sells baby parts with a picture of her in her new Lambo to everyone who recently had an abortion.

Where are the billboards along the highways of America showing Donald Trump hanging out with Mohammed Ali? Showing illegal alien rapists, child predators and killers being released in defiance of ICE by the sheriff, police commissioner, governor etc? Showing the islamic practice of adult males marrying nine year old girls?

Where are the white hat hackers that will inform America of just who is funding illegal immigration by exposing groups like La Raza (literally The Race)? Of who is funding them. Of to who and just how much these groups are giving money and in kind contributions to (trust me, their federal filings are woefully incomplete)?

Where are the men and women who will defend law enforcement the next time some two bit career felon is shot by a police officer in fear for his life? Who will take to task the reporter who airs the thugs family babbling about how the thug was a good and decent guy who just made one mistake? Let’s be real, if he was a decent guy why was he a career felon? I feel for your loss but if you are going to lie you deserve every metaphorical egg thrown at you.

I hope you understand where I am going here. This is no call to violence, unless you are attacked in which case my advice is defend yourself, but a cry to conservatives to go on offense in the arena of ideas. It has been said we are entering a “cold” civil war. I suspect that is true. Given that, I believe we can only win our country back by abandoning the defensive posture many conservatives have become addicted to. The Mitt “the twit” Romnys and Paul “lyin” Ryans of the world will sell you and me into oblivion as long as they can live in their gilded cages and attend the right cocktail parties. It is time we stopped accepting every false liberal premise about us at face value and defending ourselves according to the baseless accusation.

The correct answer to most liberal assertions is to laugh out loud. Laugh in their face. Men can be women, laugh. Global warming, laugh. Racism is alive and well in the United States, laughter. Evil corporations, use your best evil laugh.

I can hear you now, but sailor, all that makes us just like them.……………….

Sorry, I was laughing.

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Publisher vs Platform

In another display of his pathetic need for attention, Bill Maher recently inserted his hate filled ego into the news cycle again by reveling in the recent death of David Koch. What was even more disturbing was the glee displayed by his trained seal audience as Maher savaged a man who literally gave hundreds of millions to charities of all stripes but that is another article.

Right now, the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals is hearing the case brought by Dennis Prager vs Google. Google, ignoring it’s old motto of “Do no evil” because it is now evil, has determined that Prager University, with something like a billion views, must be silenced. While Google won’t admit it, Prager University is an astoundingly effective illustrator of the vile lies, tortured history and massively dramatic failures of the liberalism Google seeks to enforce on everyone but themselves.

Maher addressed this form of censorship to his trained seal audience once back when Apple, Google, Facebook, and Spotify were colluding to get conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Alex Jones and his website InfoWars removed from their platforms.

The clapping seal audience, being well trained, responded enthusiastically to the concept of censorship. In a rare display of sentience Maher rebuked his trained seal audience. “If you’re a liberal you’re supposed to be for free speech,” he offered, adding, “That’s free speech for the speech you hate.” Perhaps not realizing it, he was at the time, making Prager Universities argument for them. His trained seal audience, flexing their intolerant liberalism, refused to even listen to what he was trying to say.

Many, nearly all liberals with a few never Trumpers sprinkled in for diversity purposes, make the argument that the media “platforms” that evicted Jones were private businesses thus immune from the first amendment concerns voiced by critics like Prager University. Left unspoken by these same liberals is the clear fact that the collusion among these “platforms” is symptomatic of a raging, universal urge by those same liberals to suppress any speech that challenges their sad agenda.

It’s this collusion that brings us to the platform vs publisher argument that is the key to the Prager University case. Allow me to elaborate.

A platform is simply a vehicle for anyone to speak from. It is the metaphorical equivalent of the soap box in the public square. The only thing needed to make it work is the willingness of someone to stand up and speak. The public can choose whether to listen or not. Questions and answers can be bantered about, discussed and concepts thrashed out. Ideas can be exposed, examined or ridiculed, accepted or rejected. The process is not always pretty but it is protected in it’s entirety by the First Amendment. In fact, it is the First Amendment in action. As an aside, you will notice that Google, Facebook et al constantly refer to themselves as “platforms”. They do this for a reason. I’ll get to that point in a minute.

A publisher on the other hand is someone who determines/controls the content of what they provide. A publisher decides what you are allowed to know and when you are allowed to know it. If a publisher decides not to tell you something you will never know about that decision unless, as Google is now experiencing, a whistle blower appears. Let that sink in for a minute. If Google, as internal whistle blowers have stated unequivocally, filters and regulates content and manipulates search results, they cannot by definition be “platforms”. They are without reservation, publishers. The problem pointed out by people like me and Prager University is that Google et al continue to, falsely I propose, present themselves as platforms.

Public school victims will see publisher vs platform as a distinction without a difference. If you hold that position, your teachers were vastly overpaid. A fact, unknown to nearly everyone, is that Google negotiated with the Feds an immunity agreement that provided them protection from law suits as long as they were “platforms” and not publishers.

I hear it now. So what sailor? How does this affect me? I’m glad you asked. You see, every other publisher is responsible for the content they distribute. Don’t believe me? Ask any news director. It’s the well established legal principle, that a publisher is responsible for their content, that Google et al seek to avoid.

Like the repressive Chinese government they have so warmly supported Google seeks to limit your freedom. Google et al are simply demanding the legal right to lie to you, with only the best intentions of course, without having to deal with any consequences of being actual liars. They wrap themselves in the cloak of liberty while readying the knife they are going to use to slice and dice the First Amendment out of existence.

Like many of Hitlers brownshirts who swore undying allegiance to Hitler as they were being executed on his order, Maher’s trained seal audience would approve wholeheartedly.


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Red Flags And The Never Ending Story

The Energizer Bunny has nothing on these guys. Liberals on gun control I mean.

Given the speed at which they launched their assault on law abiding gun owners in the wake of the latest shootings in El Paso and Dayton you get the impression they have been chomping at the bit for people to die so they can have some momentum to advance their anti freedom agenda. Unable to wait for the bodies to even be removed from where they fell liberals launched right into their newest fad of a solution, Red Flag laws.

In English that translates into, Gestapo level terror run by power mad, politically correct group thinking liberals. No, I’m not being hyperbolic. Just listen to them, they don’t even try to hide their goals anymore.

The stated purpose of so called red flag laws is of course safety. As a deceptive ploy it is brilliant. After all, who would argue against safety? However, if you look just a bit more closely the first thing that should jump out at you (unless you are a public school victim) is that this “common sense safety law” denies you your constitutionally protected right to due process. Due process is that nasty concept, to liberals anyway, that you are innocent until proven guilty. Under Red Flag laws liberals are content to allow the mere accusation to equal condemnation, as long as the condemned are the “correct” class of people. Don’t think so?

Despite Trumps best efforts liberals still own the media, courts and education from pre-k to college. The deep state and dozens of scummy “republicans” desperately seeking approval of equally scummy liberals routinely shred the Constitution. The Supreme Court is unreliable at best because of swamp dwellers like Roberts and Kavanagh. Translation, liberals will never lose their right to own a gun but you, the mentally ill conservative or functionally deranged Christian, will.

Once passed, the next step in the Red Flag law strategy is requiring psychological evidence for background checks. Don’t think you will be diagnosed as mentally ill? Consider what you can not talk about today without being ridiculed, maligned or even assaulted today.

Point out the evil of radical islam? You must be a racist and thus mentally ill.
Dispute man made global warming? You must be a science denier and thus mentally ill.
Think homersexuality is a choice? You must be a homophobic and thus mentally ill.
Believe in God? Definitely mentally ill.
Think immigration laws should be enforced. Clearly you are a white supremacist and thus mentally ill.
Believe the killer and not the gun is responsible. You must be some kind of toothless redneck and thus mentally ill.
Think marriage is an institution between a man and a women. You must be an intolerant bigot and thus mentally ill.
Point out the tragic failure of gun control in democrat run cities, well, I think you get the picture.

Those are just the thought crimes. Consider the following.

Ever been to counseling? You’re potentially to suicidal to own a gun.
Diagnosed with PTSD? You’re to unstable to own a gun.
Ever have an argument with your spouse? At work? You’re a potential mass shooter, no gun for you.
Have to many speeding tickets? You’re a potential road rage killer.
Ever take anti depressants? You’re not able to cope with reality well enough to own a gun.
Are you a registered republican? Clearly to mentally unstable to own a gun.

I like my definition of mentally ill. Anyone who honestly believes that passing just one more law will cause all the criminals to suddenly lay down their guns is clearly detached from reality and needs careful supervision.

Tragically, actual science deniers, ie psychiatrists and psychologists, you know, the people who say men can be women and even have periods, will get to decide whether you are mentally ill. Just think, once an accusation is made against you, you are then required to prove you are not crazy. Won’t that be fun?

The gun grabbers are not resting all their hopes of stealing your guns and scrapping the Constitution on Red Flag laws alone. Some liberal dominated state governments have been pressuring the financial system to deny their services to gun manufacturers, sellers and owners. If successful they can gut the Second Amendment without anyone having to take credit for it. (Hint to gun and ammunition manufacturers and sellers – create your own financial network and get out of debt)

Still stubborn enough to own a gun? Those same people believe you should be required to have additional liability insurance. The idea behind that proposal is to simply price you out of the ability to afford owning a gun. Boom, the Second Amendment remains “available” to all but is for all practical purposes, null and void. Once again, no one has to take credit for denying you your unalienable right. Criminals and drug cartels around the world are preparing the celebratory champagne as we speak.

Still think gun control is a worthy idea? Why don’t you ask the six million Jews murdered in NAZI Germany how they feel about gun control. Or the two million Cambodians killed by Pol Pot? Or the millions murdered by Stalin? Or the millions murdered by China in the Cultural Revolution? Or those about to be murdered in Hong Kong?

Silly me. You would have to be dead to do that. Oddly, today’s liberals seem to be perfectly okay with that.

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34 Years And a Pair Of Losers

Thirty four years ago I married my best friend. For a brief period of time I wrestled with one of the toughest choices I had ever had to make in my short 20 years on this planet. I had discovered the career of my dreams, the United States Navy about the same time I discovered the girl of my dreams. I chose my wife and have never looked back. This year we decided to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary over the weekend instead of just on a single day. We spent the weekend going on a train ride, visiting a museum, going to dinners, catching a couple of movies and just being together. It was a wonderful couple of days spent with my dear wife.

Of course I was on a news blackout the entire time. In fact, until we noticed some flags flying at half mast we had no idea anything drastic had happened. We figured someone famous had died but decided to wait until Tuesday to find out who.

Turns out there were two losers who made a conscious choice to kill a bunch of people. Here we go again. I have not yet delved into the news so I am writing this essentially “blind” to the “facts” of what ever happened but I suspect I know what happened and exactly what will happen in the aftermath.

Liberals, especially the clown car disaster of democratic presidential hopefuls, will come out screaming about “common sense” gun control. I guess Chicago and Baltimore’s abject failure as gun control leaders means nothing to them.

The media, standing gleefully on the bodies of the dead, will spin the two losers as right wing, republican, conservative, racist hate mongers. I am willing to bet the evil killers turn out to be liberal activists. If this turns out to be true, the media will bury that fact so deep you would have to airmail it daylight.

Desperately seeking media approval, the bend over republicans will fold like a cheap suit to liberal calls of “if we can save just one life” while trying to pass numerous unconstitutional gun control laws. As an aside, I place these so called republicans in the same category as the shooters ie hateful, useless idiots.

Once again, people like me will risk getting our heads chopped off because we attempt to remind everyone that the right to keep and bear arms is untouchable. Read the Constitution and bill of rights. Still confused? Read the Federalist Papers. Go ahead, I dare you.

We will persistently point out that gun control has never worked anywhere its been tried. Remember NAZI Germany? Mao’s China? Stalin’s Russia? Neither do the hundred million who died under those regimes.

We will talk about how many hundreds of thousands of times a year people successfully use guns to defend themselves, nearly always without firing a shot.

We will note that lawful gun owners, statistically speaking, never commit the kind of shootings that happened over the weekend.

We would have you observe that every day millions of law abiding Americans practice concealed carry and you never even know.

We would have you learn that Americans practicing concealed carry save lives every year by stopping a crime in progress even though there is no requirement for them to risk their lives, reputations and family finances to do so.

We will point out, sarcastically, that with some 300 million guns and maybe a trillion rounds of ammo, if we gun owners were a problem you would know it in no uncertain terms by now.

One of the things that makes our marriage successful is that we do not lie to each other. This is a lesson that very few liberals, democrats and progressives, but I repeat myself, are willing to learn let alone practice. For them the lie is to valuable a tool to surrender. It is the wedge they use to get stupid things like so called Red Flag laws passed where an anonymous person can have your lawfully owned firearms taken from you by force and without any legitimate reason. You are then forced to spend thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and months of wasted time in the legal system to try and get your property back with no guarantee of success, even if you successfully disprove every allegation made against you. This actually happens in Colorado, the state next door to me.

I am going to catch up on the news and will likely write more about this tragic weekend later. I am also going to continue living my life and fighting to defend my God given rights from anyone who thinks they can run my life better than I can.

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