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Red Flags And The Never Ending Story

The Energizer Bunny has nothing on these guys. Liberals on gun control I mean.

Given the speed at which they launched their assault on law abiding gun owners in the wake of the latest shootings in El Paso and Dayton you get the impression they have been chomping at the bit for people to die so they can have some momentum to advance their anti freedom agenda. Unable to wait for the bodies to even be removed from where they fell liberals launched right into their newest fad of a solution, Red Flag laws.

In English that translates into, Gestapo level terror run by power mad, politically correct group thinking liberals. No, I’m not being hyperbolic. Just listen to them, they don’t even try to hide their goals anymore.

The stated purpose of so called red flag laws is of course safety. As a deceptive ploy it is brilliant. After all, who would argue against safety? However, if you look just a bit more closely the first thing that should jump out at you (unless you are a public school victim) is that this “common sense safety law” denies you your constitutionally protected right to due process. Due process is that nasty concept, to liberals anyway, that you are innocent until proven guilty. Under Red Flag laws liberals are content to allow the mere accusation to equal condemnation, as long as the condemned are the “correct” class of people. Don’t think so?

Despite Trumps best efforts liberals still own the media, courts and education from pre-k to college. The deep state and dozens of scummy “republicans” desperately seeking approval of equally scummy liberals routinely shred the Constitution. The Supreme Court is unreliable at best because of swamp dwellers like Roberts and Kavanagh. Translation, liberals will never lose their right to own a gun but you, the mentally ill conservative or functionally deranged Christian, will.

Once passed, the next step in the Red Flag law strategy is requiring psychological evidence for background checks. Don’t think you will be diagnosed as mentally ill? Consider what you can not talk about today without being ridiculed, maligned or even assaulted today.

Point out the evil of radical islam? You must be a racist and thus mentally ill.
Dispute man made global warming? You must be a science denier and thus mentally ill.
Think homersexuality is a choice? You must be a homophobic and thus mentally ill.
Believe in God? Definitely mentally ill.
Think immigration laws should be enforced. Clearly you are a white supremacist and thus mentally ill.
Believe the killer and not the gun is responsible. You must be some kind of toothless redneck and thus mentally ill.
Think marriage is an institution between a man and a women. You must be an intolerant bigot and thus mentally ill.
Point out the tragic failure of gun control in democrat run cities, well, I think you get the picture.

Those are just the thought crimes. Consider the following.

Ever been to counseling? You’re potentially to suicidal to own a gun.
Diagnosed with PTSD? You’re to unstable to own a gun.
Ever have an argument with your spouse? At work? You’re a potential mass shooter, no gun for you.
Have to many speeding tickets? You’re a potential road rage killer.
Ever take anti depressants? You’re not able to cope with reality well enough to own a gun.
Are you a registered republican? Clearly to mentally unstable to own a gun.

I like my definition of mentally ill. Anyone who honestly believes that passing just one more law will cause all the criminals to suddenly lay down their guns is clearly detached from reality and needs careful supervision.

Tragically, actual science deniers, ie psychiatrists and psychologists, you know, the people who say men can be women and even have periods, will get to decide whether you are mentally ill. Just think, once an accusation is made against you, you are then required to prove you are not crazy. Won’t that be fun?

The gun grabbers are not resting all their hopes of stealing your guns and scrapping the Constitution on Red Flag laws alone. Some liberal dominated state governments have been pressuring the financial system to deny their services to gun manufacturers, sellers and owners. If successful they can gut the Second Amendment without anyone having to take credit for it. (Hint to gun and ammunition manufacturers and sellers – create your own financial network and get out of debt)

Still stubborn enough to own a gun? Those same people believe you should be required to have additional liability insurance. The idea behind that proposal is to simply price you out of the ability to afford owning a gun. Boom, the Second Amendment remains “available” to all but is for all practical purposes, null and void. Once again, no one has to take credit for denying you your unalienable right. Criminals and drug cartels around the world are preparing the celebratory champagne as we speak.

Still think gun control is a worthy idea? Why don’t you ask the six million Jews murdered in NAZI Germany how they feel about gun control. Or the two million Cambodians killed by Pol Pot? Or the millions murdered by Stalin? Or the millions murdered by China in the Cultural Revolution? Or those about to be murdered in Hong Kong?

Silly me. You would have to be dead to do that. Oddly, today’s liberals seem to be perfectly okay with that.


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34 Years And a Pair Of Losers

Thirty four years ago I married my best friend. For a brief period of time I wrestled with one of the toughest choices I had ever had to make in my short 20 years on this planet. I had discovered the career of my dreams, the United States Navy about the same time I discovered the girl of my dreams. I chose my wife and have never looked back. This year we decided to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary over the weekend instead of just on a single day. We spent the weekend going on a train ride, visiting a museum, going to dinners, catching a couple of movies and just being together. It was a wonderful couple of days spent with my dear wife.

Of course I was on a news blackout the entire time. In fact, until we noticed some flags flying at half mast we had no idea anything drastic had happened. We figured someone famous had died but decided to wait until Tuesday to find out who.

Turns out there were two losers who made a conscious choice to kill a bunch of people. Here we go again. I have not yet delved into the news so I am writing this essentially “blind” to the “facts” of what ever happened but I suspect I know what happened and exactly what will happen in the aftermath.

Liberals, especially the clown car disaster of democratic presidential hopefuls, will come out screaming about “common sense” gun control. I guess Chicago and Baltimore’s abject failure as gun control leaders means nothing to them.

The media, standing gleefully on the bodies of the dead, will spin the two losers as right wing, republican, conservative, racist hate mongers. I am willing to bet the evil killers turn out to be liberal activists. If this turns out to be true, the media will bury that fact so deep you would have to airmail it daylight.

Desperately seeking media approval, the bend over republicans will fold like a cheap suit to liberal calls of “if we can save just one life” while trying to pass numerous unconstitutional gun control laws. As an aside, I place these so called republicans in the same category as the shooters ie hateful, useless idiots.

Once again, people like me will risk getting our heads chopped off because we attempt to remind everyone that the right to keep and bear arms is untouchable. Read the Constitution and bill of rights. Still confused? Read the Federalist Papers. Go ahead, I dare you.

We will persistently point out that gun control has never worked anywhere its been tried. Remember NAZI Germany? Mao’s China? Stalin’s Russia? Neither do the hundred million who died under those regimes.

We will talk about how many hundreds of thousands of times a year people successfully use guns to defend themselves, nearly always without firing a shot.

We will note that lawful gun owners, statistically speaking, never commit the kind of shootings that happened over the weekend.

We would have you observe that every day millions of law abiding Americans practice concealed carry and you never even know.

We would have you learn that Americans practicing concealed carry save lives every year by stopping a crime in progress even though there is no requirement for them to risk their lives, reputations and family finances to do so.

We will point out, sarcastically, that with some 300 million guns and maybe a trillion rounds of ammo, if we gun owners were a problem you would know it in no uncertain terms by now.

One of the things that makes our marriage successful is that we do not lie to each other. This is a lesson that very few liberals, democrats and progressives, but I repeat myself, are willing to learn let alone practice. For them the lie is to valuable a tool to surrender. It is the wedge they use to get stupid things like so called Red Flag laws passed where an anonymous person can have your lawfully owned firearms taken from you by force and without any legitimate reason. You are then forced to spend thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and months of wasted time in the legal system to try and get your property back with no guarantee of success, even if you successfully disprove every allegation made against you. This actually happens in Colorado, the state next door to me.

I am going to catch up on the news and will likely write more about this tragic weekend later. I am also going to continue living my life and fighting to defend my God given rights from anyone who thinks they can run my life better than I can.

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Fans of one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, C. S. Lewis will recognize the words of the title. The Abolition of Man was presented in a series of lectures by Lewis in 1943. Those lectures dealt primarily with the dangers of moral relativism. In contemplating moral relativism he pointed out what he believed were the destructive trends emerging in the so called modern world-view.

A veteran of WW I who later became a devout Christian, Lewis presented these ideas, I believe, as a way to understand those who seek Americas destruction. As a combat veteran I suspect he understood that before you can defeat your opponent you must know who he is.

Liberals, progressives and democrats have morphed over the years into the party of the Abolition of Man. Their concerted efforts have been directed at the destruction of every concept or principle that helped create the greatest nation in the history of the world. They seek the complete destruction and replacement of these ideals for nothing more than their desire to exert total control over the masses, ie you and I. In those efforts they attack the very concepts Lewis sought for us to understand. Let’s examine them briefly.

A thing that is contradictory cannot be true.

Never has such a completely self evident idea been so thoroughly abused. Today the corrupted culture of liberal, progressive political correctness demands that:

We accept men as women and women as men.

We accept that there is no substantive difference between men and women.

We accept that sex between adults and children is both normal and healthy.

We accept that a political ideology disguised as a religion is in fact a peaceful religion.

We accept the idea that anyone who can make it across our border in violation of our laws is entitled to free everything.

We accept that a black man convicted of any crime is simply a victim of white racism.

We accept that a disagreement over policy is also an expression of racism if the policy is brought forth by a “person of color” and the disagreement is raised by a “white” person.

We accept that as a nation can continue to spend billions more dollars than we actually have without consequence.

We accept that actual education can be replaced by political indoctrination without negative consequence.

We accept that factual reporting of the murderous culture of black inner cities (Chicago, Baltimore etc) is in fact racist.

We accept that we can actually create so called global warming.

This list could go on for pages but I suspect you are beginning to see the picture. The fact is that all these accepted concepts fly directly into the face of reason. They only make sense when wrapped in the cocoon of self indulgence or delusion.

Not being allowed to believe that values have any actual meaning.

Nowhere is this more evident than in today’s popular culture. Values such as honesty, chastity, hard work and sacrifice are readily and viciously attacked as backward, simple minded or outright stupid by “enlightened” late night comedy hosts and, to borrow a phrase, their trained seal audience. Consider:

The high school girl who chooses to remain a virgin until married is brutally ridiculed and scorned.

The black student who studies hard and plays by the rules is labeled an Uncle Tom or sellout.

The man who departs from the homersexual lifestyle and settles down to raise a family is vilified.

The family that goes to church and prays together is mocked as simple minded religious zealots.

The person who works hard, saves money and builds a successful business is an evil corporate fat cat.

These tragedies happen because the left is justly terrified of the damage these values can bring to the fantasy world they live in. These time honored values put the lie to liberalism’s phony values for anyone to plainly see. Thus they must be destroyed at every opportunity.

What would you die for?

No one answers this question better than police officers, fire fighters and or our military. These are people who risk everything to protect and preserve the ideals that so many American’s today have no knowledge of, understanding or experience with or sometimes even tolerance of. While there are always exceptions I believe the vast majority of these fine public servants understand the values of actual free speech, real privacy and true self determination.

Who would flatter us to sell us for a slave?

Islamic devotee and congressional headcase (watch the video of her being tossed from a Trump rally before you complain) Talib tries to bribe us with a $20 minimum wage. This proven job killer is literally insane to anyone who has even a modicum of financial education. This is nothing more than an attempt to sell as many people as possible into the addiction of government dependency by crashing the job market. But she is not alone.

Liberals demand that a five year old boy who picks up a Barbie doll be administered female hormones because he is “identifying” as a female. This turns an idle moment of curiosity into an opportunity to make him another victim of the gay agenda.

Progressives sell young people into a life of drug addiction with medical/recreational marijuana.

Democrats in leadership positions constantly strive to obtain control of every facet of your life. In this process they have developed an unquenchable taste for controlling what you think as well.

Mainstream media, having abandoned the search for truth now deluge us with daily doses of politically correct propaganda to keep people from thinking. When we think, they lose and they know it.

Legislators, in the adoption of so called hate crimes laws, seek to criminalize any thoughts they don’t approve of. In their desire to “protect” us they now seek to insert themselves into our very thought processes.

The death of common reason is the death of man.

Common sense has been under relentless assault by liberals and progressives for at least the last thirty years. No longer are we allowed to put 2 and 2 together and arrive at 4. Today we must check common sense at our door every time we step outside our home. We are compelled by our betters to accept:

That bearded man in a dress that followed your twelve year old daughter into the ladies room must be considered to be a harmless women.

The five teenage gang bangers that are trying to surround you on the subway are in fact, just innocent boys looking for directions (to your wallet).

The gay men tossed off ten story buildings by tolerant moslems weren’t really murdered, they were just inexperienced thrill seekers.

No longer are we allowed to trust our judgment. We are required to ignore our lying eyes to maintain the leftist illusion of utopia on Earth.

We need a standard outside our own opinion.

Everyone has an opinion on something and some have opinions on everything. The thing about opinions is that they can be swayed. Family, friends, peers, junk science and pop culture, to name a few influences, can reform our opinions into stuff we never would have imagined. Without a foundation to rest upon, opinions can wander into high strangeness. Lewis’s foundation came to be Christian religion. A foundation is needed to help us remain faithful to our ideals, to remind us of where we came from, where we are headed and why we are headed there. The liberal foundation of ever shifting values is a recipe for personal, financial and spiritual disaster.

See everything as something to own or control.

This is the classic definition of liberalism. You and everything in your life is something for liberals to own or control. It’s what liberals live for.

Only liberals know what is good for you to eat.

Only liberals know what is actual racism.

Only liberals know what is truly sexist.

Only liberals know how children should be educated.

Only liberals know how your business should be managed.

Only liberals know how you should spend your money (or how much you should make).

Only liberals know how healthcare should be distributed.

Only liberals know what you should think about anything

Surely you are beginning to get the picture. Liberalism or any of its disguises, socialism, democratic socialism, communism or totalitarianism all seek one thing, complete control over you and you life from cradle to grave.

Great truths from mom/dad must be taught young because as adults these concepts become difficult to understand/teach.

No greater damage has been done to the fabric of America by the left than in this area alone. Today parents are expected, by popular culture, to be mirrors of the simpletons portrayed in such missives as Modern Family. No longer are parents allowed to teach things like;

That life is seldom fair.

That no one actually owes you anything.

That there are only two genders not 42, 56 or 97.

That casual sex has no actual value and is in fact often unhealthy.

That hard work can lead to success.

That you must plan for your future.

That marriage is for life.

That God exists and both loves you and has great plans for you and expectations of you.

In these things, all of which I strove to teach my children and now grandchildren, my wife and I are, in the public perception, outliers. As an example, it is considered strange by far to many people that I have been married to the same lovely women thirty four years.

Parents teach far more by example than they realize. Children are highly observant and when parents focus on such false things as “my truth” or “my career” or “I just want to have a good time” those lessons are not only learned by those same observant children but retained. Those lessons are frequently validated by popular culture. These lessons are the stepping stones to emptiness, failure and sorrow. As a leader in my church once said, “No success on Earth can compensate for failure in the home.” I paraphrased his quote but it is painfully clear to anyone with an open mind that the Walton’s family values served the family, and by extension the nation, far better than Modern Family’s values.

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Liberals And The Digital Ghetto

In the early 1940’s, controlling what people thought was in some respects, much easier and in others somewhat more difficult than doing so today. In those times people got their news from the newspapers and newsreels shown in movie theaters. Today simply perusing your FB account allows you to be considered well informed. In countries like Germany, the official party line was the news. Books were burned in an effort to deny both their existence and the ideas they contained. As a function of their noxious ideas about Jews the Nazi’s rounded up them up into ghettos. From there it was relatively easy to ship them off to the death camps. Not only was no one watching, virtually no one could watch thus there was no one to hear their pleas for help. To some observers, that history is beginning to repeat itself only this time, it is beginning in the digital arena.

Once again the often and nearly always unfairly maligned but stunningly revealing Project Veritas enlightens anyone willing to listen. James O’Keefe, doing what real journalists used to do, has again allowed evil to speak clearly for itself. In his latest effort GOOGLE has self identified as a willing perpetrator of censorship at levels that would turn Hilter himself green with envy.

Youtube, GOOGLE and Facebook have willingly chosen to form an evil alliance based on censorship, social justice and hatred of America itself. They seek nothing less than the total elimination of anything they disagree with. An interesting concept as this is an often changing target. Ebay and Amazon are seeking to add their clout to the formation of the digital ghetto conservatives and republicans must, according to these corporations, be placed in.

Enter recently Twitter, a sewer all its own. John Lott is the President of the Crime Prevention Research Center. He wrote More Guns, Less Crime, a book scientifically destroying the gun control argument. He recently tweeted, “New Zealand’s killer’s manifesto says that he did attack to get more gun control/gun bans in New Zealand and the US, Killer was a socialist, environmentalist who hated capitalists and trade.” Lott put links in his tweet so that anyone could follow up on the accuracy of his tweet. I’ll save you the time, his tweet is 100% correct.

Twitter, being the good social justice liberal hacks that they are, blocked Lott’s account and refused to tell him why. When he appealed he was sent a reply saying he lost his appeal and again, no explanation was provided.

Truth,” Lott said “I suppose, is no defense.” He added, “I can and have proven that my tweet is factually accurate.”

The thought police are striking hard. It is in part desperation as they see some of their gains beginning to slip away. It is also in part, their nature. Like antifa, they see no downside right now to attack maliciously and unfairly anyone they disagree with. The media and shadowy money men like Soros will cover for them. Shadow banning, censorship algorithms, demonetizing, deplatforming, doxxing and outright bias are the tools of the digital oppressors. Like a thief in the night they seek to steal from you the very idea that another opinion exists. If that doesn’t work they want you to believe that you and your opinion are so far outside the mainstream that you will censor yourself. They ply their hatred unseen by a population to busy with their newest app to even notice how manipulated they are. Don’t believe me? Put down your cell phone, internet and streaming services for six measly hours. I bet you can’t.

Today’s big brother knows virtually everything about you. Your phone, computer and Alexa type devices listen to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The NSA collects all your phone calls, emails, text messages and social media posts. Using GPS your phone and now, in newer models your car, informs on you just exactly where you have been and when you were there.

I can hear you now. So what Sailor, I got nothing to hide.

Ah, the voice of innocence speaking as you head naked into that “shower” with dozens of other people just like you. It may be a digital version but it is none the less a “shower.”

If that is your response all I can say is, wow, your indoctrination is complete. I hope you remember that when you finally become one of the digital oppressors targets, which because of their wildly varying standards, will eventually happen.

If you are willing to actually listen I have two points to make. Ponder them carefully.

First, none of these organizations have any generic right to this information. Period. The fact that this even needs to be said, let alone explained, reveals just how deeply the indoctrination has taken hold.

Second. This information is being gathered to both generate huge profits at your expense and perhaps even more importantly to the digital oppressors, sort us out. The digital oppressors need to know who to target now and who may be a potential threat to their coming, if they have their way, monopoly on both thought and opinion.

There is an old saying that goes, “Just because your paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.” I am certainly not paranoid but I am observant. Call me names if it makes you feel better but I believe we have sacrificed far to much liberty and privacy for the illusion of “security” and the sake of “convenience.” When GOOGLE and their ilk admit targeting you it isn’t really paranoia to point out what they have admitted to.

My grandfather used to tell me “There’s no point in denying the obvious.” I don’t know how much more obvious GOOGLE and their ilk can be. The question is, how many more of us will willingly head into the “showers?”

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Antifa And The Fourth Of July

I sincerely wish that everyone had as enjoyable holiday as I did. Quality time spent with family is something can renew the spirit and rejuvenate the soul.

The fourth of July is a yearly reminder of liberty that far to many Americans use as simply another excuse for a day off. Barbecuing hot dogs and hamburgers, downing a cold beer or two and enjoying some fireworks with the family seems to be the limit of most peoples ability to understand the holiday. This is beyond sad.

Generations of sacrifice and progress are lost in a haze of fireworks, fun and food.

What is even more sad is that there are so many Americans willing to abandon the very system that creates and maintains the conditions that allow their celebrations to happen, let alone continue. There are even those who are actively seeking to impose that failed agenda on America. The very same agenda that so many Americans died fighting against. It is an agenda that has failed every single time it’s been tried. It is an agenda that has murdered some 120 million people in just the 20th century alone. It is an agenda that seeks to establish the power and privilege of a select few over everyone else. It is the utopian driven agenda of socialism, communism or fascism. They are all different flavors of the same totalitarian nightmare espoused by Antifa.

In that vein, the criminal/terrorist element known as Antifa has struck yet again. This time they “demonstrated” in the liberal workers paradise of Portland, Oregon. The hateful cowards, hiding behind their masks marks them as cowards and their actions mark them as hateful, demonstrated their tolerance by assaulting, among others, a senior citizen and a gay, minority journalist. How understanding of them.

The regular and consistent violence of Antifa virtually never gets coverage in any mainstream media outlet. The fact is that these media outlets have for all practical purposes omitted covering Antifa’s existence and its associated violence since Trump’s pre-election rallies. The mainstream media, when it is occasionally forced to cover the vile antics of these domestic terrorists, present Antifa as a group of social justice warriors, a bunch of pacifist Robin Hoods out to save the common man from the evils of freedom, capitalism and of course, Trump. Nothing could be farther from the truth and the mainstream media knows that. Sadly, Antifa has noticed the length and depth of friendly cover provided by the media and their talking heads and has upped their levels of violence accordingly.

The defenders of Antifa, by the very act of defending Antifa, fully endorse the destruction of the concept of peaceful protest. They do this despite the fact that no one, Antifa included, seems to know specifically what Antifa wants outside of the destruction of the American democratic process. Honestly, by wearing their masks and black outfits the Antifa thugs appear as a negative image of an earlier Democratic Party, the ones that wore white hoods. Perhaps that explains the comfort level of democrats with Antifa. I can’t help but get the feeling that the members of Antifa would feel quite at home in Hilter’s brown shirts.

It’s even worse on social media. Little Markie, owner of FB and self appointed decider of what is fair, not only actively perpetrates the myth of peaceful Antifa but effectively bans any speech on his platform that shows their true colors. He has “Community Standards” you know. I guess his community standards include protecting violent thugs acting out against things little Markie thinks aren’t fair.

Then there is the alleged Mayor of Portland. This coward must have Vichy French blood in him because when the thugs he now protects surrounded his house in protest he instantly capitulated. This so called man has become virtually invisible since the Antifa outrage perpetrated in his city. Not even so much as the usual fake liberal promise, “We’ll do better in the future”. It has been widely reported for some time that he has ordered police to remain hands off when it comes to the terrorist thugs of Antifa. It appears that Antifa may now be ruling Portland, Oregon the way the Klan once ran large portions of the south.

Lets be clear, Antifa is part of an organized and discretely led and well funded behind the scenes, interstate conspiracy to deny civil rights to conservatives, members of religious groups or anyone they disagree with. They only have fear, intimidation and violence to offer. Making excuses for them makes you, in the gospel according to Sailor, an accomplice.

At the federal level there are long established procedures in the Justice Department for handling such malevolent groups. The employment of these tools against an active terrorist organization like Antifa is long overdue. However, given that the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division is over staffed with far left wing nut jobs, uhm, I mean career service employees, this is unlikely to happen any time soon. These professional haters seem to feel that only liberal African-Americans and the homersexual minorities are worthy of their protection.

A large part of taking America back from the paid professional haters like Antifa, their supporters, the main stream media talking heads or the afore mentioned career service employees is learning the real history of America. It involves understanding that America has spent the last two hundred plus years seeking to perfect the concepts of liberty, justice and equality. It involves knowing that while never perfect no country in the history of the world has done more good for more people than America. It involves accepting and implementing the concept of personal responsibility for one actions. It involves enjoying the fourth of July for the reason it was founded on.

Anything else is a win for Antifa.

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The Electoral College And Donald Trump

The aptly named fake news media, along with their democratic accomplices, have struggled over the last three years to find a way to destroy the man who revealed them in all their vile iniquity to America.

Three years of outright lying. Fail.

Two years of investigating known fake allegations. Fail. (although a number of Hillary supporting lawyers made a small fortune of our tax dollars)

Three years of being the butt of some of the sickest “humor” around. Fail.

All that voter fraud. Fail.

All the hollywood “geniuses” droning on with their “intellectual” superiority. Fail.

The republican surrender caucus continues its nonstop howling about how “bad” Trump is.

True, the corrupted portion of the judiciary is still trying to hold some of the lines but even that is at risk.

Thirty years of careful and insidious planning and accomplishment are being dissembled almost daily.

Even now they wonder, how could one lone, incompetent boob do so much damage to their carefully constructed house of cards?

Don’t misunderstand, the swamp rats have no intention of giving up. They have spent those last thirty years embedding themselves into the three branches of government at every conceivable level. They believe they are entitled to all the rank, money and privileges they can bestow upon themselves. You gentle reader, are to be meekly subservient and absolutely obedient. They will brook no dissension. Ever.

Anyone who disagrees, or dares to point out the truth will be assaulted verbally, physically and legally. They will have their youtube pages demonetized and/or eliminated. They will have their careers threatened. They will be harassed at restaurants and community events. Their children will be threatened with death or torture. Their addresses, phone numbers and emails will be published. Their property will be attacked. They will be boycotted. To be clear, liberals, democrats and progressives, but I repeat myself, are just fine with this.

Against this backdrop comes the latest demand from those who could not steal the 2016 presidential election. In an effort to finally abandon the Constitution completely they now demand the elimination of the Electoral College.

From their perspective this makes a lot of sense. Why campaign across the country, spend all that time and money lying to us hay seed hicks, when they could limit themselves to campaigning in a handful of safe, friendly democratically controlled metropolis’s. Why have to answer uncomfortable questions those silly rights and things? Why expose oneself to the Bible thumping gun nuts that inhabit three quarters of the country? Given the following, what is a jet setting, social justice espousing, do as I say not as I do limousine liberal to do?

Nationally there are 3,141 counties in the United States. Trump won 2,626 of them. Clinton won 487. Few in the media will tell you that still, lets look at two states in particular.

There are 62 counties in New York State. Trump won 46 of them. Clinton won 16.

Clinton won the popular vote there by roughly 1.7 million votes.

In the five counties that make up New York City Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. Clinton won 4 of these counties. Trump won one. Essentially these five counties alone nearly accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.

These five counties account for only 319 square miles of the of 3,797,000 square miles that make up the United States. Let that stat sink in for a minute. (for you math whizzes that is .00008%)

A very similar situation occurred in the once great state of California which has essentially become a one party state. The number of registered democrats (thanks to motor voter registration of illegal aliens) rose by more than 1.1 million. The number of registered republicans declined by nearly 400,000.

In 2010 the once great state of California enacted via prop 14, the jungle primary system. The democrats were able to push this travesty through by claiming that under represented political parties would have a fair shot at winning elections. They lied and they knew they were lying. They knew that the jungle primary system would, and has ever since, serve as a lock on their political power. In fact a large number of California republicans had no one on the ballot to vote for. In nine house districts there were no republicans on the ballot and two democrats running for Barbara Boxers senate seat. It is even worse at the state level, 16 districts had no republicans on the ballot.

The fact is that democrats and their media hack supporters seek to impose what has happened in the once great states of New York and California on the rest of America. By eliminating the Electoral College they can focus on a literal handful of metropolitan areas in every presidential race from now on and never really have to worry about losing again. By design the votes of everyone outside those handful of democratic strongholds will never again count for anything.

And you thought Trump was evil.

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What Gay Agenda?

In 1987 Steve Warren, a militant homersexual advocate, published a chilling article titled, “Warning to the Homophobes.” I say chilling because as you read it you can see just how much of his agenda has come to pass.

Henceforth, homosexuality will be spoken of in your churches and synagogues as an“honorable estate.” Today there are, sadly, churches who actually vote on which parts of the Bible to believe. These alleged ecclesiastical leaders actively tolerate and promote homersexuality as a normal and acceptable lifestyle.

You can either let us marry people of the same sex, or better yet abolish marriage altogether. You will be expected to offer ceremonies that bless our sexual arrangements…You will also instruct your people in homosexual as well as heterosexual behavior, and you will go out of your way to make certain that homosexual youths are allowed to date, attend religious functions together, openly display affection, and enjoy each others sexuality without embarrassment or guilt. Does this really need elaboration?

If any of the older people in your midst object, you will deal with them sternly, making certain they renounce their ugly and ignorant homophobia or suffer public humiliation. Homersexuals now actively try to destroy peoples careers, businesses and families on a regular basis for no other reason than they disagree with the homersexual agenda.

You will also make certain that laws are passed forbidding discrimination against homosexuals and heavy punishments are assessed…. The over riding goal of the democratic party today is the enforced, by force of law, endorsement and celebration of homersexuality.

Finally, we will in all likelihood, want to expunge a number of passages from your Scriptures and rewrite others, eliminating preferential treatment of marriage and using words that will allow for homosexual interpretation of passages describing biblical lovers such as Ruth and Boaz or Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. The homersexuals, with the help of liberals, have been actively rewriting history for the last thirty years to make as many good and decent historical figures as possible “gay” and to clean up the filthy record of actual homersexuals like Harvey Milk.

Warning: If all these things do not come to pass quickly, we will subject Orthodox Jews and Christians to the most sustained hatred and vilification in recent memory. Don’t believe him? Try not baking a cake, arranging flowers or not wanting to photograph a homersexual wedding. Many devout Christians are even today in America, being actively persecuted for nothing more drastic than not wanting to be part of a homersexual “wedding.”

We have captured the liberal establishment and the press. We have already beaten you on a number of battlefields. Homersexuals now actively and freely preach the gospel of homersexuality in the schools down to kindergarten, hollywood and even so called pop culture.

You have neither the faith nor the strength to fight us, so you might as well surrender now.” I believe he is correct about far to many people. I am not one of them.

So, what does all this mean? Well…

A few days ago the Democratically controlled House of Representatives voted 236-173 to pass the grossly mislabeled “Equality Act.”

Tragically, eight so called Republicans (cowards all) crossed party lines and voted for this travesty of a bill. I hope each and everyone is successfully primaried.

So what exactly is this “Equality” bill? The bill amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to make “sexual orientation and gender identity” a protected characteristic under federal anti discrimination law.

I can hear you now. Big deal sailor. What harm could possibly come from making everyone equal? If you honestly can’t answer that question I suggest getting a refund for that useless public education you were given.

Here is an easy answer for your question. The first visible result will be in boys in women’s locker rooms and bathrooms. Men claiming to be women will invade about the only private space women have left. As TARGET found out during their pathetic virtue signaling campaign, the perverts will appear in droves. Do you really want to give said perverts the cover of law? Liberals do.

Or how about this. This bill requires female athletic teams to include biological males who identify as transgender girls. Every girl athlete who dreams of pushing herself toward excellence will now potentially have compete against males with their inherent biological advantages. As a careful perusal of the news would show, this is already happening in women’s sports at many levels.

In an April 29 Washington Post op-ed three elite female athletes, Martina Navratilova, Doriane Coleman and Sanya Richards-Ross warned that the so called “Equality Act” will wreak havoc on women’s sports. “The legislation would make it unlawful to differentiate among girls and women in sports on the basis of sex for any purpose. For example, a sports team couldn’t treat a transgender woman differently from a woman who is not transgender on the grounds that the former is male-bodied,” the athletes warned.

Under this identity driven travesty men who think they are women and women who think they are men would become a “protected class” by law. Many “transgenders (by the way, there is no such thing as a transgender) can and do change their minds on their perceived sex often. I know of one case locally who changes his mind up to several times a day. This bill allows him, and others like him, to gain protected class status on a whim. This doesn’t even take into account all the fraudsters that will claim protection under the new law to insulate them from what would otherwise be crimes.

As bad as this all is, it gets worse.

This deliberate assault on reason, science and logic opens the doors of litigation and potentially drastic damages with attorneys’ fees paid by the loser. Anyone found “in violation” would be subject to fines, penalties, court orders, Justice Department prosecutions and/or a whole host of other severe enforcement measures. So much for keeping the government “out of our bedrooms.”

I think it is time Americans abandoned the much ballyhooed and completely mythical fantasy of gay tolerance towards normal Americans. And yes I used the N word. By definition 1% to 2% of anything is out of the range of normalcy. If that bothers you may I suggest spending more time in the real world.

I think it is time we stopped allowing our compassion to be weaponized against us by the militant and hateful gay lobby.

I think it is time we stood up to the deniers of biological science. There are only two “genders” and nothing you can sew on or chop off will ever change that.

I think it is time we stopped supporting groups that hate us simply because we choose not to endorse their lifestyle..

I think it is time we stopped allowing homersexuals to recruit our children in schools and public libraries. Let them breed like everyone else.

I think it is far past time that we publicly recognized the thoroughly documented pitfalls of the homersexual lifestyle and taught them to our children so they can make an informed choice.

Some will accuse me of being a “hater.” In the context they offer such nonsense, that is incorrect as anyone who knows me will attest. Even so, I do hate being lied to and lied about. You should too.

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