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Sometimes You Gotta Play Hurt

I don’t remember exactly where I heard this axiom but I believe it is more true for us conservatives now than it has ever been. To better understand this we must look at where we have come from, where we are now and what possibilities the future holds.

Sometime in the nineteen fifties liberals, communists, socialists (they are branches of the same foul tree so from now on I will refer to them all as liberals) realized they could not win elections by being honest about what they wanted. Having united to throw off a great depression, win a world war and deeply in the process of rebuilding the countries we destroyed, few Americans were willing to tolerate being called the focus of evil in the world.

In the fifties Americans were brought unashamedly face to face with the amazing potential for goodness and greatness that we had, as a people, always possessed. Notice I didn’t mention perfection. As a country we knew there were struggles remaining to be fought, civil rights for example, but we also knew by then that there was no problem big enough to destroy us. The Nazis couldn’t do it. The Japanese couldn’t do it. The great depression couldn’t do it. Americans knew of a surety the only limits they would face would be self imposed. Thanks to the likes of Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini, the liberal, communist, socialist ideal had taken a brutal beating. Instead of giving up, liberals, communists and socialists decided to play hurt.

Their two prong plan was deceptively simple; first, attack from inside the “systems” of America, education, media, news, government, the courts and crucially, religion; second, never give up.

The first and arguably most important step was the gradual takeover of the public education system. None of the other arenas could be usefully penetrated without properly educated individuals. They started at the colleges and have since worked their way down to pre-school. Doing this allowed for the white wash of liberal, socialist, communist histories of brutality and failure. It also allowed for the direct and most effective indoctrination of millions of Americans at the lowest possible cost. It was accepted that results would, at first, be slow in coming. Those who had been successfully indoctrinated in college would then spread out into government, politics, education, media and even the scientific community. The cycle would be, once a critical mass was reached, self sustaining by its very nature.

At this point I can hear you shouting at me, “But Sailor, that is some huge conspiracy. How does all this get coordinated?” Allow me an example. A coworker of mine likes to talk about a grand lame stream news conspiracy. He envisions a secret conference call every morning to decide who and what gets reported on as well as how it is spun. I surprised him by saying I agreed with him but not in a way he probably thought I would. There is no need for any kind of direct coordination because these news types all went to the same schools, were taught and influenced by the same professors, read the same books, talk to the same people and live in the same places. They have a template of what is and what should be. They have been taught to believe that practicing confirmation bias is actually how news should be reported. It is, in that respect, the perfect conspiracy in that it is decentralized, its participants are highly motivated and it is self reinforcing.

Even if the takeover of public education and the news media is a huge, directed conspiracy it actually needs little coordination. Gentle proddings, not to mention lots of cash, from people like Soros or Gates will suffice. The simplicity of the “conspiracy” (your word not mine) is its reliance on human nature. Talk to any true believer and you will soon see how little “coordination” is required. The conspiracy is simply that these people all believe the same things and refuse to accept, much less allow you to accept, anything different.

Fast forward to today. Liberals now brazenly flaunt their hatred of America in the open. Antifa and blm are the latest incarnations of Stalin and Hitler approved by millions of successfully indoctrinated public education victims. As an example lets examine the black community. Liberals, after having successfully decimated the nuclear black family, have convinced blacks to welcome a life of welfare servitude, to tolerate a roughly 97% black on black murder rate, to celebrate a gangster/drug culture, to segregate themselves in colleges, to demand reparations for conditions they never experienced from people who had nothing to do with slavery, to demand their own nation within the borders of the United States, to allow the open call for ten thousand black warriors to begin killing every white person they can find and refusing to prosecute high profile black criminals simply because of their skin color. The black community routinely denigrates successful conservative blacks for being either not black enough or acting to white. While the black community lunges headlong into anarchy and self destruction liberals continue to make excuses revolving around how evil America is.

In the hispanic community liberals are having almost as much success. Realizing that the hispanic population will soon outnumber the black community, liberals continue their push for open borders and voter fraud. They seek to expand the hispanic population as rapidly as possible through illegal actions like DACA, birthright citizenship and chain migration. They continue to peddle their racist America routine by changing the language, exploiting the sympathies of Americans and outright displays of hate towards anyone who disagrees with them. They fund and support groups like “La Raza” (literally, The Race) and its violent para military arm MECH-A. They create sanctuary cities to protect illegal alien criminals from deportation and spend hundreds of billions in taxpayer dollars to provide legal aid, welfare, housing, medical and education to those who have no legal right to such services. They even teach that hispanic “victims” of America have the right to violently oppose conservatives that support the rule of law.

Then we have the importation of a standing moslem army into America in the names of tolerance, multiculturalism and compassion. These are often violently militant “religious” (islam is not a religion it is a political system disguised as a religion) fanatics. The vast majority of these individuals have no intention of assimilation or being tolerant of their new countries laws, rules, customs or traditions. Their “religious” duty is to subjugate us non believers. That’s it. They have no other goals.

By now you, the careful reader, doubtlessly have a question. “Sailor, I thought you said the liberal, communists, socialists were trying to take over the country. It sounds like maybe they are trying to destroy it instead of take it over.”

Great observation and thank you for paying attention to such a depressing subject. You are correct. Let me explain. At the outset liberals knew there were only two possible outcomes (failing was never considered) for their strategy. History shows that these sort of people seldom come into power (outcome 1) peacefully. They gain their thrones almost always (outcome 2) by the spilling of blood.

Recent elections have shown the liberals that option 1 may no longer be possible. The republican takeover of the house was the first shot fired by Americans tired of being the focus of evil in the modern world. Liberals wrote it off as a white male temper tantrum. When the republicans gained control of the senate alarm bells began going off in the minds of liberals everywhere. The guarantee of Hillary winning the presidency was their only hope of capping off their long march. When she lost a sense of urgent desperation took over and the restraints came off.

Now under what they perceive as a direct threat, every option is on the table. No critic of liberalism is to be spared any form of derision, attack or personal destruction. The true nature of liberals has been ripped out from under their benign sounding political correctness for all to plainly see. We are treated daily to the cesspools of public education, popular culture and political corruption. The open endorsement of hate and violence towards conservative and Christian Americans by the left is both stunning to behold and ugly beyond belief. The constant attacks on America itself are, to me, the vilest sort of evil.

I said it before and I will say it again, Trump was not my guy. Still, while he has disappointed me on several occasions, he has pleasantly surprised me on others. He has proven to anyone paying attention that you can play, and win, while hurt. It is time for conservatives to “play hurt” and finish the job of taking our country back. We will be assaulted for this in every way liberals can conceive of but that threat must not dissuade us. The level of their anger towards us should be seen, properly I might add, as confirming the correctness of our actions. The more successful we are in reclaiming America from the liberal tyrants doing their best to destroy her, the louder they will cry and the more brutal their assaults on us will become.

Once upon a time the cry “Give me liberty or give me death,” roused a nation of fine and decent people to secure their freedoms. There is no way to improve on that call. All I can add is, sometimes you gotta play hurt.


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The Party of Evil

I have to admit to a certain amount of pleasure in watching the liberal/democrat/establishment GOP heads explode at Trumps much deserved repudiation of the so called “Paris” treaty. Hell, lets be honest, I have never seen so many heads explode in unison and it was exquisite. Few things are as good for the soul as watching someone publicly confirm your deeply held conviction that they are a moron. Liberals, democrats and the establishment republicans have finally and with great abandon, shed their mask of normalcy.

Sadly for these self proclaimed paragons of environmental virtue their hatred of normal, working class American taxpayers has long been visible to anyone willing to pay attention. A complete chronology of their hatred for us just for this year would fill a book but consider the following.

Everyone on the planet, including the cave dwelling moslems out to kill us all, has heard of Trumps “collusion” with the Russians to steal the election. So far, Former CIA Director John Brennan, Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Former FBI Director James Comey, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D), Senator Joe Manchin (D), and Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D), as well as many others in similar positions of authority have all publicly admitted that there is no evidence to support the charge. Nearly a years worth of constant investigation by the media, congress and now the FBI has yielded nothing. Yet these same people and their cohorts in the liberal media have devoted thousands of hours of TV coverage and millions of gallons of ink to give this farce its last wheezing, gasping breaths of life. Only evil can explain such devotion to a manufactured cause.

Kate Bolduan, a CNN host no one has ever heard of but a liberal through and through, called the assault of a Texas GOP representative by a pair of Texas Democratic representatives “democracy in action.” If she meant mob rule I would agree with her. Texas Republican representative Matt Rinaldi said that after he’d called ICE on immigrant demonstrators, many proudly proclaiming their illegal status, he was physically assaulted by two Democratic representatives. The illegal aliens had gathered to protest Texas’s latest anti-sanctuary city bill. When Rinaldi threatened to defend himself the assaulting democrats and their media defenders went ballistic. The party of hate is endorsed and supported by the media of hate.

Liberal democratic hate will not limit itself to any single form. In Portland, Oregon, Mayor Ted Wheeler is demanding that the federal government to revoke an already-issued permit for what he called an “alt-right” protest scheduled to take place in “his” city. Having made himself the arbiter of good and evil, Wheeler tried to prevent the protesters from obtaining the appropriate city permits by instructing the city council not to approve any permits for “alt-right” protests. “My concern is they’re coming here to peddle a message of hatred and bigotry,” Wheeler said at a news conference. “They have a First Amendment right to speak, but hate speech is not protected.” Since it didn’t involve gay marriage Wheeler might not have actually known that his views on “hate speech” not being “protected” by the First Amendment were unanimously rejected by the Supreme Court in 2010. Sadly for the little tin plated dictator the Trump Free Speech Rally Portland will take place on federal property, over which his holiness has no control. In a curious aside, the ACLU of Oregon, in a rare fit of reason, tweeted in defense of the alt-right rally. I guess the old adage that says the weaker your idea, the more protection it needs is true.

Liberals and democrats love their hate. Holding up Trumps bloody, severed head, no problem. Harassing Trumps ten year old son, hey, nothing to see here. Encouraging oval office incest, what, that actually offends someone? Assaulting someone who dares to enforce the law, hey, that’s just democracy in action. It is a truly evil mind that considers these types of responses to be reasonable, rational, acceptable. The alleged humans who spout or support those ideas clearly believe that by not understanding or tolerating these actions we are the intellectual pygmies in the room. Their hatred blinds them and that is sad.

One wonders just what would happen if ordinary, hard working, tax paying Americans began to practice the same sort of “democracy” they practice on us, on them.

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Seattle, A Perfect Liberal Example

Anyone paying attention throughout the 2016 presidential campaign could not have failed to notice the differences between liberals/progressives vs conservatives. I am not going to elaborate on the self evident virtues of conservatism here. I want to continue the examination of liberal/progressive thought as displayed by some of its current supporters. Let me begin by simply asking a few questions.

Chicago, according to the Kenyan and his minions, is the “blue print” for national “common sense” gun control. As of a couple of days ago some 4000 people had been shot there just this year. Is this the kind of success he is, pardon the pun, shooting for?

The well paid “protesters” (up to $350 a day according to a recent Craigslist ad) tearing up so many communities to whine about the election results continue their destructive behavior un-commented on by the Kenyan. His lack of presence here is being taken as tacit endorsement by the paid thugs rampaging on our streets. The Kenyan knows this therefore his silence is in fact a tacit endorsement. Why do he and his minions remain silent? Does he really enjoy watching his army of paid liberal thugs destroying the very communities that more often than not elected him?

Remember the IRS targeting scandal? Remember that the IRS commissioner at the time visited the White House (coordinating no doubt) how many hundreds of times? It wasn’t all just about defunding conservative opposition to the Kenyan. It began with the non-profit called True The Vote. Why, when the allegations turned into facts, did the Kenyan and his minions do nothing substantial to rectify this?

Why did the Kenyan go on foreign television and tell illegal aliens in America that it was okay for them to vote in the presidential election, that there would be no legal consequences. A follow up, why did no liberal come out against this clear endorsement of the violation of U.S. Law? A follow up, why is anyone pointing this out a racist?

The scandal that will not die provides perhaps the clearest example liberal hypocrisy of all. I am only going to limit myself to Clinton’s maid. Every time she printed out a classified document she and Clinton were committing felonies. They committed felonies by the hundreds in this example alone. This begs two questions. First, how do we know the maid did not deliver the contents of these documents to any bad actors? A quick cell phone picture/text is all it would take given that she was unsupervised. Second, why are these two, the maid and Clinton, not in prison like others who have done considerably less along the same lines?

Finally, a generic question. If the Kenyan’s ideas are so good why does he have to do everything by executive order? It seems to me he had complete control of congress when he first got elected. Why would the democrats at the time not support his agenda then?

A friend of mine often says America needs an enema. I have often thought that if that were the case San Francisco would be the logical insertion point. I am now reconsidering that appraisal. Not because San Francisco has moved in any way towards decency or normalcy. No, I am reconsidering because a city I once enjoyed (my family spent ten days there this summer) has fallen so far into the liberal quagmire.

Let’s examine a city I have been to several times over the last ten years. A once great city full of hope, promise and opportunity now totters on the edge of insanity. A city I once nearly moved to, Seattle.

In a touching display of liberal tolerance, Kshama Sawant, a proudly self-proclaimed Socialist member of the Seattle City Council has called for protesters to shut down Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. Standing at Seattle City Hall Sawant said, “And let’s make sure on Inauguration Day … let’s do a nationwide shutdown.” Sawant has been nicknamed by locals as “Old Yeller” for her tendency to shout down anyone who disagrees with her. An examination of her record shows her favorite pastime is playing the female/racist/victim card. Anyone wanting to hear her speak should be warned, she is described by many in the community as a hateful, foul mouthed and frequently vindictive representative of Seattle’s version of tolerance, compassion and understanding.

Recently a Turkish immigrant shot five people in a local mall. Not surprisingly it was later learned he voted three times in Washington state, even though he is not a citizen. I’m pretty sure no one in Seattle’s version of the election’s commission cared as long as this killer and people like him, vote democrat.

During Mayor Ed Murray’s tenure, Seattle, like every other sanctuary city, is becoming a scary place to live and raise children. Socialist council members seek to limit your rights, control ever more of your behavior and take your money to enrich themselves and punish those who disagree with them. Increasing numbers of homeless are sleeping in parks, children’s playgrounds and on sidewalks, accosting passers by for money to buy drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Graffiti is taking over once clean public places, meaning gangs are feeling the safety and tolerance of city government. Even such demonstrably stupid concepts as heroin “safe houses” are springing up throughout the city. Large parts of Seattle are no longer safe to stroll around by yourself. Even the famous Pike Street Market is dangerous after dark now. It never used to be. I know because I have walked through it many times.

Speaking of his highness. Concerning the new coming enforcement of current immigration law the Mayor of Seattle’s illegal alien population boasted, “Seattle has always been a welcoming city.” He added, “The last thing I want is for us to start turning on our neighbors.” I guess being a welcome magnet for every rapist, carjacker, mugger and murderer desperately trying to avoid capture appeals to him. And don’t even think about turning those criminals in if they are here illegally, his highness will not tolerate that level of racist hate.

Seattle, a once vibrant and successful city, is adopting liberal lunacy in an all out effort to demonstrate just how diverse and culturally sensitive they are. How much longer will it be:

Before the city council requires women to demonstrate their tolerance of islam by allowing themselves to be raped? Weekly? Monthly? On islamic holidays can they be raped by the same male twice? What does Kshama Sawant think?

Before their compassion for the homeless requires each person to give a set amount to every homeless person they come across? Will the amount be a percentage of your income? Will the amount be higher for “privileged” white males? Do the homeless get to verify the amount you gave is correct? Are moslems exempt from the requirement?

Before graffiti is required to be considered art and not allowed to be removed? Will graffiti “artists” be allowed to “art” up the inside of your premises next? Will you be required to provide a safe, non hostile working environment? Will it be your responsibility to provide the paint? How much will the city council fine you for removing said art?

Before urinating on the sidewalk (as in New York City) is considered normal? Do transgenders get to choose where on the sidewalk they want to make their deposit or will the city thoughtfully provide designated safe spaces for them? Will the city council pass an ordinance requiring passers by to voice their approval of the act upon pain of fine or imprisonment?

Before citizens are not allowed to vote because it would be considered a micro aggression against all the illegals who are voting? Do white people get special ballots with only socialist/communist/liberal candidates? Perhaps to soothe the concerns of illegal voters they will be allowed to vote as early and often (the Chicago way) as they wish.

Before they have police start enforcing politically correct speech codes? Again, per New York city. If you fail to address a person with a sexual mental illness by the correct pronoun, currently there are 52 that I know of, will your fine be $250,000 or just a short stay at a re-educational facility near you?

Before they start fining people for throwing away the wrong kind of garbage, oh wait, this they already are doing.

With lunatics like Ed Murray, Kshama Sawant in charge and those who support and elect them, my guess is these progressive displays of diversity and compassion are not long in coming.


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Trump Rino’s and Party Discipline

I was never a huge Donald fan. Still aren’t but, hoping his early positions on things like immigration and islamic terrorism would drag the GOP back to reality I encouraged him to keep espousing them. Looking back now, it was a naive hope. Establishment hacks like Ryan and McCain continue to consolidate power by hooking up with democrats at every opportunity.

Ted Cruz was my first choice and now, thanks to Wikileaks, we know the Clinton’s were terrified of facing him in the general election. Clinton/Podesta emails show their preferred republican nominee was Trump. Given the level of coordination between the Hillary campaign and the media revealed by Wikileaks, I wonder who selected who in the republican primary this time around.

The latest revelation of Donald Trumps “shocking” statements of some eleven years ago has set the DNC and establishment republican RINO’s alight with hope. They hope that now, finally, the establishment can regain its center and continue with their accumulation of unwarranted power and the destruction of America uninterrupted.

I confess a certain amount of confusion over the flap. True Trump’s words were sad, hurtful, tragic even. As a democrat then he perfectly mirrored the accepted behavior of many democrats at the time, not the least of which was Hillary’s husband. That sort of behavior we were told by the media and the Clinton machine was a private matter and had no bearing on someones ability to govern. Those of us who thought character mattered were deemed repressive or perverted by the Clinton’s rabid supporters. Now look who is all sexually sensitive. Why the double standard? I mean, aside from the fact Trump is a “republican” now.

Honestly, how can anyone engaged in today’s gutter culture be offended by anything Trump said years ago? Have you watched TV lately? Have you listened to any of the late night so called comedy shows? Have you listened to any of the garbage that passes for music the last few years? Even worse, have you been to a Buy Once concert? (If you have I suggest counseling, quickly)

And really, how is it that all those talking heads, the ones who fell all over themselves defending the pervert Billy boy while he occupied the white house, expect me to accept their “outrage” over Trumps comments? Honestly, the intellectual gymnastics required to “follow” these people would put Olympic gymnasts to shame. I think sometimes that only Orwell’s Ministry of Truth could understand them.

Speaking of Ministry of Truth, my congressional delegation, now full fledged members of the ministry, have a lot to answer for. Senator Mike Lee, a man I really liked and respected has finally quit dancing on the sidelines and gone full RINO on Trump. Same for my Rep. Mia Love. Apparently their “principles” require only the virginal, as determined by them, to seek elected office. Good luck with that.

The democratic party has always been very good at enforcing party loyalty. If you doubt this ask democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Lieberman. He voted with the democrats in the senate 99.98% of the time. For his .02% transgression he was primaried out of his spot on his senate re-election ticket and had to run as an independent. He won but the message to every democrat was clear, 100% or you’re out.

Republicans it seems are adverse to anything approaching that level of party unity when it involves winning. The establishment RINO’s became the Stockholm Syndrome party years ago and simply will not surrender their victim status. They have bought completely into the lie peddled by democrats that victim status should be sought after, fought for and held dearly. I think many of them actually believe they deserve to be victims. And yes, that includes my senator, Mike Lee.

As evidence consider this. Lee has said he would refuse an appointment to the Supreme Court. Really? The one place where he could have the absolute most impact on an agenda he swears he cares about is a spot he has no interest in? The one spot he could stop the progressive liberal stupidity dead in its tracks, for maybe thirty plus years, he has no interest in? Me thinks the gentleman doth protest against Trump to much. Really Lee, tell us, did lyin RINO Ryan threaten to pull RNC funding for your re-election? Be honest now.

I didn’t forget Senator Hatch in all this. It’s just that all those years of associating with Ted “the swimmer” Kennedy have produced in him an advanced state of intellectual dementia. I don’t think Hatch visits Earth much anymore.

Then there is Mia Love. I voted for her because the democrat running against her was to hideous to contemplate. Like Trump she burst onto the local scene from virtually nowhere. Unlike Trump she had the experience of being mayor of a small town for a short time. Still, she sounded promising talking about fiscal responsibility and her love of America. Because she is a women I was tempted to more readily accept her outrage at Trumps comments but then I remembered that women want to be treated the same as men. Sorry Mia, your outrage doesn’t fly here.

Nationally, in an attempt to burnish their progressive/politically correct credentials, the establishment herd of “prominent” republicans have abandoned/withdrawn their support for Trump. I find this revealing. These individuals all agree that America is being fundamentally transformed in the worst way. Yet when presented with an opportunity to elect someone who will correct at least some of the most obvious problems America faces, they panic, turn tail and head for the tall grass. They do not seem to understand that the problems we face today took the last twenty five years to create. There is no way to solve them painlessly or quickly.

Many may construe this as my defense of Trump. Again, I am no Trump fan but as Jim Waurishuk posted on a comment board recently; “That said, as a private citizen Donald Trump did not steal your money. Donald Trump did not raise your taxes. Donald Trump did not quadruple the price of food. Donald Trump is not influencing or stirring the race issue. Donald Trump did not leave any U.S. officials and citizens behind in Benghazi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims. Donald Trump did not create a security vacuum from which ISIS grew out of the remnants of al-Qaeda in Iraq. Donald Trump did not arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians, Kurds, and the innocent throughout the Middle East. Donald Trump did not betray Israel. Donald Trump did not provide hundreds of billions in financing and technology to Iran’s nuclear weapons program by way of a phony deal. Donald Trump did not give our military secrets to China. Donald Trump did not decimate and deplete our military and betray our veterans. Donald Trump did not increase our debt to over 20 trillion dollars. Donald Trump did not ruin our credit twice. Donald Trump did not institute unbalanced trade deals that sent billions of American dollars, jobs, and businesses to foreign countries. Donald Trump did not double African-American unemployment. Donald Trump did not open our borders, influence massive illegal immigration, or provide U.S. tax dollars to bring in unvetted Middle Eastern refugees to America. Donald Trump did not steal your rights, violate U.S. constitutional law, or commit treason dozens of times.” I could continue the list but I think you get the point.

We must begin the process of reclaiming America by stopping the election of as many democrat/progressives as possible. That includes the presidency this year. The first step in doing so is abandoning the insane unity of victim hood and second class status. Trump is a far cry from perfection but so are many of his detractors. Best of all, Hillary he is not. Voting for Trump, however unpleasant is just a first step. It is a step I will grudgingly take not because Trump is a paragon of virtue but because I am sick and tired of my parties version of “unity.”

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Truth Justice and the American Way

Lets start with the truth. After the Kenyan muslims amnesty speech it would be quite comical, if it wasn’t so tragic, to watch his lapdog media rush to defend the obviously indefensible. His defenders pretend they are unaware of the Kenyans previous statements on his constitutional inability to unilaterally affect immigration law. With the face of a classic straight man they proclaim his magical, newfound authority to act. For these useful idiots ignorance is truly bliss. Allow me to refresh their memories.

In 2010 the Kenyan muslim warned amnesty pressure groups, “I can’t simply ignore laws that are out there. I have to work to make sure they’re changed.”

In March, 2011, the anti-American Kenyan said, “The notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order. That’s just not the case. Because there are laws on the books that Congress has passed. There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system. That for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as president.”

In April, 2011 the Imam in chief doubled down with a pair of statements, “I can’t solve this problem by myself. We’ll have to have bipartisan support to make it happen.”

And, “I know some wish I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself. But that’s not how a democracy works. See, a democracy is hard. But it’s right. Changing our laws means doing the hard work of changing minds and changing votes one by one.”

In May, 2011 the man who gave weapons and money to terrorists intent on destroying America said, “Sometimes when I talk to immigration advocates, you know, they wish I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself. But that’s not how a democracy works.”

In July, 2011 the alleged constitutional law lecturer (he was never a professor) offered this revealing insight, “Now, I swore an oath to uphold the laws on the books. Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the law on my own. Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you. Not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how our system works.”

In November, 2013 our evolving El Presidente for life said, “We’re also a nation of laws. That’s part of our tradition. And so the easy way out is to try to yell and pretend I can do something by violating our laws.”

Anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to the liar in chief would have known that the Kenyan muslim impersonating our president has done little else but lie (and spend) since he began campaigning for the oval office. Thus his amnesty spiel comes as no surprise to us. Truth was never part of his agenda and will never be. That the muslim in chief would now shine a floodlight on his intention to lie and to continue to lie can only mean he is no longer worried about what average, hard working Americans think. Which leads me to justice.

American blacks have been deceived by liberals, progressives and democrats (there is no real difference between them) and their compliant media for over fifty years. Few blacks know it was the republicans that fought long and hard for black civil rights. It was democrats who fought and filibustered against the civil rights act. It was democrats who presided over the destruction of the black family. Fifty years of lying and deception by those same liberals have convinced far to many blacks that history was in fact the other way around. This explains why they vote 97% of the time for those same democrats. Because of the liberal domination of the public education system and the news media, blacks simply do not know better.

Sadly, what those 97% of blacks do not realize is that liberals have done the math. The hispanic population will soon overtake the black population as the majority, minority in America. (Think about that concept for a moment, a majority minority.) Liberals now believe that the black communities reliance on liberal paternalism is now so firmly entrenched as to be permanent. They may be right. Blacks will find themselves pushed increasingly to the sidelines as liberals attempt to do to hispanic families what they did to the black family. A monolithic black and hispanic voting base is the stuff liberal wet dreams are made of. Which brings me to the American way.

For over two hundred years the ladder of success in America was available to anyone willing to make the effort to climb it. Was the system perfect? Of course not but it was a thousand times better than any other system in the world. Generations of Americans were raised to work hard, play by the rules, respect God and family, save for retirement and leave the world a better place than they found it. Americans like these ended slavery, gave women the right to vote, survived the great depression and won world war two. These Americans, coming from every corner of the globe, desired not just a better life but they wanted to be (as opposed to todays illegal aliens who simply want to recreate the failures of their home countries here) Americans. Those Americans went on to build the freest country and greatest economic engine the world had ever known. Have we always been a perfect society? Of course not but America has always been the shining beacon of freedom that beckoned the world to follow its example. Sadly, most countries have not.

The Kenyan muslim has, with his declarations of amnesty, put the once great nation of America well on the road to serfdom. The facts, as plain as they are, do not require your belief. They are what they are. It only took fifty years for the liberals to get the dominos of American failure lined up. Amnesty was the final domino. When the so called republicans make their half baked effort stop it, and then begin to play along with the new found “rights” of the millions of new, now legal “legal immigrants” those dominos will begin toppling. I fear unstoppably. Then, an America already on life support, the America me, my father and my grandfather all served proudly, will die silently in the night.

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Bench Cleaning

Whether it was the recall of a pair of gun grabbing state legislators in Colorado, the successes and near misses of several TEA Party candidates or the defeat of Eric Cantor it seems that a “sleeping giant” is beginning to rouse. The feeling right now in the political winds reminds me of Admiral Yamamotos’ prediction for Japan at the beginning of WWII. If America could not be defeated in the first six months, Japan would lose the war. Progressive liberal democrats have had a lot more than six years to destroy the America my grandfather, father and I served. Even so, I believe there is hope.

Some fifty years ago liberals realized they could not win elections with their ideas alone. They promptly engaged in a very clever, two-prong long-term strategy. Rather than attempt to win in the arena of ideas they began the slow process of taking over the public education system. Beginning with the colleges and now reaching into the first years of school their program of indoctrination went mostly unnoticed for decades. The results? Today in some schools kindergartners are taught that homosexuality is “normal”.

Liberals are an incredibly persistent bunch. They thought (sadly incorrectly so) that Americans would soon see through their assault on education. To cover their bases they also engaged in the same kind of takeover in the judiciary. This has given us decisions like Rowe v Wade (even lawyers who supported the concept thought the court ruled in error), Kilo (giving the government the right to give your property to another private entity) and the newly acquired civil right of same sex marriage. It has gotten so bad in the courts now that some justices actually use foreign law to influence and justify decisions in American cases.

Over the last twenty years the progressives, liberals and democrats (there is no significant difference between the three) have managed to insert ideologically driven judges onto every bench you can imagine. It is time common sense replaced those judges who view their way as the only way and will creatively interpret or outright invent the law to suit their demented, progressive ideology.

When a judge decides that a sailor deployed on a submarine in the Pacific Ocean can be held in contempt of court because he cannot appear at a hearing and that judge is willing to issue an arrest warrant for the sailor, that judge needs to be impeached. Not counseled, not sent to sensitivity training, just impeached. Further, I would submit, that judge needs to be publicly and politely shamed. Note I did not say humiliated. Nor did I say disclose the judges home address or phone number over the internet or twitter. Nor did I say physically attack the judge. Note that I didn’t say attack or harass the judges family. We do not need to act like liberals to defeat liberals. I said shamed. There is a difference and if you don’t know what that difference is you need to learn it before reading the rest of this column.

This judges behavior should be spotlighted as blindingly as possible. This judge, knowing full well the sailor is deployed on a submarine, insists on abusing an American serviceman. This judge obviously hates the military. Their picture should be plastered everywhere asking why they do not like American heroes. There is no need for our “side” to be obnoxious. Simply telling the truth will suffice. There should be newspaper ads, bus signs, billboards, flyers in the judges district, radio and TV spots. Every day the courtroom should be filled with people in US Navy uniforms sitting quietly and staring at the judge. Outside of the sanctity of the judges own home there should be no respite. Everywhere the judge turns there should be reminders of this folly. This action should be repeated as often as it takes to return sanity and constitutional law to every bench in the land.

Those readers who have been paying attention over the last six years will recognize the tactic. It comes from one of little Barry’s idols, the freedom hating, America hating Saul Alinsky. It works like this, “pick your target…freeze it…isolate it…” Ask any conservative, they can tell you exactly how it works.

These actions will also serve as a warning to others. It takes only moderate effort to launch an effective guerrilla advertising campaign. The overall effect may be mixed as in some “blue” parts of the country ideology will always trump truth and reason. Truly ideologically driven judges will not be moved. Impeachment or replacement is the only solution for them. However, there are a large number of “casually progressive” judges. These are the ones that “go along to get along.” These are some of the judges who rule in favor of “gay marriage’ so they can be “on the right side of history.”

Judges of the above nature need to abandon the bench and be honest with both us and themselves. They are politicians without the courage to debate their ideas in the public arena. Since they lack the courage of their convictions it is up to us to send them packing.

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Little Barry Hates America and I Can Prove It

Many people have long wondered why little Barry acts and says the things he does. As small examples consider his refusal to wear an American flag pin, not putting his hand over his heart during the Star Spangled Banner, believing America has 57 states, focusing on the “rights” of gays and illegal aliens over those of American citizens. The list of things such as this would take up hundreds of pages. The larger, more important examples of little Barry’s actions are bone chilling.

Dinesh Dsouza believes that little Barry was brought up as an anti colonialist. Some believe he is a closet Muslim engaged in the practice of taqiyya. Strong arguments can be made for either position. My intent here is not to determine why little Barry hates America rather, my goal is to prove he does. Once that fact is established the why is irrelevant.

Lets start with little Barry’s near unconditional support of militant muslims intent on destroying modern western civilization.

The latest blindingly obvious example is the “Bagdad” Bergdahl incident. To appropriate one of Barry’s lines, let me be perfectly clear here, compassion had nothing to do with gaining the suspected traitors release. From little Barry’s perspective three important things were accomplished. First, five top Taliban leaders were set free to continue their war against the US. Second, little Barry finally found an American soldier(read Taliban sympathizer) he could relate to. Finally, little Barry would gain a valuable distraction from current scandal number 36. Thankfully the third result has not come to pass. Don’t feel bad Barry, two out of three ain’t bad.

Unwilling to interrupt his plans to attend a fundraiser in Las Vegas, little Barry was too busy to help Ambassador Stevens and the others in Benghazi, Libya while they were being murdered by his buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood. I personally believe the reason no one could find little Barry on the night in question was that he promised his Muslim Brotherhood buddies an offering on the anniversary of 9-11. (I also think the death of the SEAL Team 6 members falls into that category as well.) As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, despite the fact that no one ever heard about this video, it was the videos fault.

We recently learned that the CIA station chief in Kabul was “mistakenly” revealed by one of little Barry’s many minions. Was this an accident? Not on your life. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, we can’t have people interfering with our terrorist friends.

In an obvious attempt to give his Muslim Brotherhood buddies a country or three to operate from safely consider little Barry’s actions in Libya, Egypt and Syria. None of these countries was anything like a western democracy to be sure. Sensing weakness Barry quickly targeted these countries. Gadhafi had ended his weapons of mass destruction program and Mubarak was considered to be to “western.” At least in Egypt the people were able to remove, for the most part, the Muslim Brotherhood from power. In Syria the offending Assad has managed to beat back Barry’s brotherhood buddies, for now. I have no doubt Barry will soon pull a “Bergdahl” (ignore the law) and send his murderous brotherhood buddies weapons any way. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here’, those totalitarian regimes must be replaced by more moderate totalitarian regimes.

How can we forget little Barry’s telegraphing of his beliefs by bowing disgracefully before one of the primary sponsors of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban and many other terrorist groups, the king of Saudi Arabia. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, I forgot that under taqiyya I didn’t need to reveal myself.

On the home front little Barry has placed dozens of brotherhood buddies in sensitive government positions from the military to Homeland Security. His “brain” Valarie Jarrett is a known supporter of militant Islam. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, my brotherhood buddies have a need to know what I am doing for them and you don’t.

In the furtherance of his aiding and abetting the enemy philosophy he announced the exact date we would unconditionally leave Afghanistan. His Taliban brothers needed the encouragement a date certain would give them. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, there is no place for freedom in Afghanistan.

Sadly this list barely scratches the surface of Barry’s support of militant Islam.

While little Barry’s love of a militant, nearly Stone Age culture of violence and death is sad enough, consider what else he has done to our country.

In Fast and Furious little Barry and his evil henchman the Holder sent American weapons to drug lords in Mexico. These weapons not only killed officer Brian Terry but, according to Mexican authorities, hundreds of Mexican citizens as well. Instead of ending the travesty little Barry absurdly invoked “executive privilege.” As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, American guns are evil.

In the AP scandal little Barry sought to intimidate any reporter that dared to dig to deeply into the culture of corruption that constitutes his administration. Sadly this seems to have worked on the “lamestream” media. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, my news release are the news, period.

In the same vein he has set up the NSA to monitor every form of communication you and I use. Yes Virgina, every email, phone call, text message, Facebook post, tweet, web page and internet search you do is being recorded, monitored and analyzed. To further his ambitions little Barry is now trying to implement a plan to “identify” so called anti government individuals and groups. You know them as American citizens who disagree with the current administration. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, I need to know who to target.

Through a program that gives, for free, military technology and equipment to local police departments America’s police forces have never been more militarized. Many police forces today have abandoned traditional “law enforcement” for “shock and awe.” Well, except for Dearborn, Michigan where separate facilities for men and women and honor killings proceed as normal. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, I very well may need that private police force I mentioned before I got elected.

It is painfully obvious that government dependency has increased massively since little Barry took office. Today one out of seven Americans is on food stamps, in the 1970’s the figure was one in fifty. The Department of Agriculture advertises to get more Americans on food stamps not just here but in Mexico as well. Little Barry unilaterally removed the “work requirement” from welfare recipients. He has dramatically loosened the requirements to qualify for social security disability. Today, as many as forty nine percent of Americans live in a household that accepts some kind of government benefit. A culture of dependency is good for a tyrant. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, it’s the rich peoples fault.

You had to know this one was coming. Little Barry care. The entire concept, ie the government can require you to purchase healthcare, is an affront to common sense. Never mind that fact that little Barry has illegally changed the law some 25-30 times by using his “pen and phone.” Also, just ignore the fact that your premiums in most case at least doubled while your coverage shrank, that more often than not you don’t get to keep your doctor, that un-elected panels of cronies get to decide who gets what treatment and there is nothing you can do about it and that both little Barry and his hallelujah chorus (the media) knew all of this before the bill ever passed. The media’s response to barrycare always reminded me of the old Bill Cosby joke about the kid who sets fire to the house. Mom and dad (you and I) get upset with the kid (little Barry) while the grandparents (media) comment lovingly on how evenly the house is burning. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, I just need all your personal information and money, there is no need for you to be involved in your healthcare.

Consider little Barry’s constant nurturing of the fallacy that America is a racist nation. There will always be stupid people but this country is no longer the racist hotbed little Barry and his evil minions portray. His Department of Justice sets up an 800 number in Arizona and begs for people to call in complaints about law enforcement “profiling.” The same department sues Americas toughest sheriff over made up “profiling” violations. The Black Panther voting intimidation case is a prime example of Barry’s attempts to fuel racial tensions. The case against the Panthers was a slam dunk but Barry’s henchman the Holder, doubtless at Barry’s instruction, dropped the prosecution. Panther voter intimidation will not be impeded under little Barry’s watch. The dismissal of the case was so outrageous that three of the prosecuting attorneys at Justice resigned over it. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, in certain cities white folks shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Consider the IRS selectively harassing conservative groups. Consider that the IRS commissioner visited the White House some 155 times before the scandal broke. As a point of reference the previous commissioner only visited the white house a handful of times during the entire administration. Why do you suppose that was, to co ordinate the Easter egg hunt? As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, I have the power and I am going to use it.

We must not forget the current VA scandal. As a veteran I find this particularly offensive. This alone is a stunning example of how little regard Barry has for our men and women in uniform. It is also a preview of how a fully implemented Barry care system will work. It should scare the hell out of you. In a nutshell our bravest men left to die so union members can “earn” their bonuses. That is what I call blood money and every one of those union thugs, from the secretary on down, should spend the rest of their lives in a prison cell watching endless reruns of Mr. Rogers. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, the only thing worse than a gun owner is a damn warmongering veteran.

Consider little Barry’s unbounded support of illegal immigrants. As a first generation American I find this beyond insulting. He has allowed some 20-30 thousand illegal alien criminals to be dumped back on our streets. Obviously he cares nothing about their future victims but worships their right to commit violence and mayhem. He openly breaks the law by ordering ICE to stop deportations. He borrows hundreds of millions of dollars to give illegal aliens lawyers. He refuses to secure our border thus allowing anyone with an animus to get here with minimal effort. He sues the state of Arizona for enforcing federal immigration law. He remains stone cold silent on the kidnapping/murder epidemic in the border states of America by Mexican gangs and drug lords. As Barry might say, “Let me be clear here”, illegal aliens have more rights than you do.

This list is nowhere near all-inclusive. These are the things I could recall just off the top of my head. There are so many more examples that an enterprising author could probably write a book on them. My only point here is that it would seem obvious that there is no love lost on America by little Barry. He surrounds himself with America bashers. He fills his administration with small minded, over educated, power hungry, inexperienced minions. He insults our traditional, long-term allies while going out of his way to help and appease our self declared enemies. He is willingly spending us into oblivion. He chokes our economy with class envy, endless regulations and open economic warfare on those who would dare attempt to make a profit. He forces us to send billions of petro dollars to countries that support Islamic terror because, in part, of the environmentalist whackos (read useful idiots) who support him. Do you know the real reason there is no Keystone pipeline? Simply put Warren Buffets railroad carries the oil the pipeline would. We can’t have Mr. Buffet’s cash flow (read campaign contributions) interrupted now can we?

Very few people I know want to believe that a president that hates America could be elected. These people point to all little Barry’s glowing words and hopeful visions. Like a good magician little Barry is able to distract people with his “intentions”. However, if you simply focus on what he does as opposed to what he says a horrifyingly different picture emerges.

Little Barry hates America and all she has stood for. I suspect he always has. This explains perfectly why he has fought so long and hard to keep all his records sealed. In the electoral process he simply could not allow anyone to know exactly who he was. In any event, his actions spoke volumes to any who would see. My grandfather used to tell me that “No one is more blind than he who will not see.” There are an awful lot of “blind” people in America right now.

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