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There’s A Hole In Your Head

There’s a hole in your head where Truth once stood

There’s a psycho gleam in your eye

There’s no need to understand

Your narrative must never die


There’s a hole in your head where Reason once stood

The truth, it doesn’t matter

You never need to listen

The unwashed can only blabber


There’s a hole in your head where Merit once stood

You’ve become a wealthy grabber

No one’s allowed to compete with you

Your power is all that matters


There’s a hole in your head where Compassion once stood

No one cares as much as you

You are the source of fairness

You get to tell me what to do


There’s a hole in your head where Fairness once stood

You’re the night in shining armor

Our outcomes will all be the same

Except you’re higher up the ladder


There’s a hole in your head where Decency once stood

No morals seem to matter

Men now stand where women once sat

The library’s full of painted men of blather


There’s a hole in your head where Honor once stood

To you your lies don’t matter

Your ethics are fluid, your reasoning dead

You deploy hypocritical chatter


There’s a hole in your head where Equality once stood

The law you seek to shatter

Historical revisionism got to you

Now black lives are all that matter


There’s a hole in your head where Justice once stood

Your crimes you freely scatter

Rob, rape, burn and pillage

Your humanity lays in tatters


There’s a hole in your head you’re to blinded to see

You’re so busy being righteous

All that was good in you, evaporated by hate

Your only thought is to fight


There is a hole in your head

Our nation grieves

Innocence is lost, stolen and beaten

For a terrible, frightening little while


There’s a hole in your head, no impure thoughts allowed

You may win the prize

Destroy all you see

Only then the cost you will realize


Truth, Reason, Merit, Compassion, Fairness, Decency, Honor, Equality and Justice

Easily, readily, willingly sacrificed

For social, racial, environmental justice

Your illusions well practiced


In the end the hole will still be there

The fire long gone

Your thoughts now empty and still

Without you, your life has moved on

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Do I Live in A Very Small World

To the casual observer we have become a nation that is rapidly losing its collective mind. It is an observation that, despite the small number of actual protesters, is difficult to dispel. Everywhere one looks hate seems to reign supreme. For the most part we have, in my small neck of the woods, managed to avoid the insanity. Still, I can’t escape the feeling sometimes that I live in a very small world.

Consider the state of America today.

Rioters and looters, despite hours and hours of video footage to the contrary, are deemed by the anti-American media and liberal democrats to be “peaceful protesters.”

Americans have lost the ability to do math because apparently the $5 billion needed to secure the border is much too expensive but the $1.5 trillion for free health care that includes illegal aliens is quite reasonable.

Open racists push the malignant, hate filled poison of made up history called the “1619 Project” on school children using “educators” who hate America almost as much as the racists or have themselves been drastically mis-educated.

When a man pretends to be a woman we are now required not only to participate in his delusion with him but to endorse his behavior and indoctrinate our children into his way of life.

We are told in no uncertain terms that it is un-American for the census to count only American citizens. In fact it is said to be brutally racist to even ask respondents if they are citizens. Democratic groups that instruct illegal aliens to lie about their citizenship on the census are heralded as hero’s instead of the subversive criminals they are.

Constitutionally guaranteed freedom to practice your religion is sacrificed to a mildly dangerous Chinese disease while mobs of rioters and looters have no obligation vis a vie the same virus.

So called Inflammatory rhetoric, no matter how true, is outrageous when it counters the accepted liberal narrative. Harassing and assaulting people in restaurants based on lies and myths is somehow a display of virtue now.

Russians supposedly influencing our elections (there has never been a shred of evidence that this ever happened) is evil beyond measure but allowing illegal aliens to vote in our elections is the decent thing to do.

If you question the right to kill a baby that survives an abortion you are guilty of denying women access to health care.

Illegal aliens with tuberculosis, polio and dozens of other medieval diseases are welcomed with open arms but you better be able to prove your children have been vaccinated.

If a citizen cheats to get into college they go to prison however if you can sneak over the border you get go to college for free.

Joe Biden blackmails the President of Ukraine with your tax money and we are told by the anti-American media there’s nothing to see there. If Donald Trump asks about it he must be impeached.

A twenty year old combat veteran cannot buy an alcoholic drink but liberals now want 16 year old’s to be able to vote.

Thugs and rioters can shout their mindless drivel in packed crowds without fear of transmitting the Chinese virus but singing in church must be banned to “protect” everyone.

Hardened, brutal career criminals when caught are let go with no bail or simply released from prison allowing them to continue their crime sprees because keeping them in prison is a violation of their right to not catch the Chinese virus.

Democrats and their allies believe people who have never owned slaves should be required to pay slavery reparations to people who have never been slaves.

Liberals demand that people who have never been to college should be required by law to pay the debts of college students who took out huge loans for their worthless degrees in gender studies, structural feminism or black lesbian dance theory.

An British doctor or German electrical engineer who wants to immigrate to America must go through a rigorous vetting process but any illiterate gang-banger who jumps the border is welcomed with free everything.

Liberals who insist that there is no such thing as gender are demanding a female President.

We watched Venezuela, once a wealthy and vibrant country, go socialist and collapse into a hellhole in one generation. Democrats think we should do the same to America.

Finally, somehow pointing out all this makes us haters, racists and misogynists?

What we are seeing today is the end result of a long standing policy by people who hated America. The individual policy items, deconstruct the nuclear family, eliminate Christian religion, normalize homersexuality and other deviant sexual behavior, transform the media into a mere propaganda pipeline, discredit capitalism and transform education into fully formed propaganda ministry against traditional American values are clear to see for those possessing intellectual honesty. All the guard rails that have guided previous generations to healthy, happy and fulfilling lives have been deliberately ripped away.

The marxists/communists call this stage of a well planned strategy demoralization. We have entered this stage where objective reality cannot change the true believers mind. Psychologists call this “cognitive dissonance.” It is easy to see why when talking to these people nothing makes sense. They have lost their ability to recognize reality. With no faith, family or history to ground themselves they become lost in a sea of ideological nonsense.

Right now, despite what the media would have you believe, these anarchists and marxists are a very small minority. They enforce their demands on others by threats of violence and the more dedicated revolutionaries actually perpetrate violence on nonconformists. This will engender the appearance of some support. No one wants their homes or businesses looted. No one wants to be branded as a racist/homophobe/xenophobe risking their job or families safety.

Major corporations crumble like tissue paper in the face of an angry mob when they should be the bastion of reason. Chic-Fil-A’s Dan Cathy was a pathetic letdown in this regard. The story of Aunt Jemima should be inspiring to black people, instead her accomplishments must be buried. Nike and Apple, perhaps in an effort to cover the fact that they reportedly make hundreds of millions of dollars from slave labor camps in China, give money, support and cover to America haters and violent thugs such as antifa and black lives matter.

In the midst of all this turmoil there are only two things you need to remember. First, there is no fence to sit on anymore. The militants have destroyed it. You either cow tow to their every demand or face their wrath. Second, even now, hard working, taxpaying, decent, regular patriotic Americans vastly outnumber the radical militants. It is time for us to stand up and loudly reject their agenda of hate, racism and socialism at every opportunity.

Never forget, feeding the crocodile so that you may be the last one eaten only means that you will be eaten.

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Coronavirus: A Dry Run At Total Subversion

The careful reader of my musings will remember that one of my hobbies is collecting conspiracy theories. As a collector I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest conspiracy theory. The most interesting one making the rounds right now is that the corona virus is nothing more than a test run to see how quickly and easily the American public can surrender their God given, Constitutionally protected rights. While it’s not as sexy as the idea that John Kennedy’s brain is alive and well on a yacht cruising the Indian ocean and running the democratic party, a case can be made that there is more evidence for the former theory than the latter one.

This idea is best explored in two parts. The first concerns the absolute hoax of the corona virus. The second is the coordinated appearance and actions of a bevy of liberal democrat tin plated dictators.

The Hoax

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” Camus

In the last few weeks several studies have come out confirming that the corona virus is not deadlier than the flu. Even the vaunted canard that the virus is most deadly to the over 60 crowd seems to be suspect. Consider that Bill Lapschies age 104, Keith Watson age 101, an unnamed 106 year old women, Zhang Guangfen age 103, a 100 year old Chinese man and a 102 year old Pennsylvania man all recovered from corona. In fact something over 98% of people who catch the virus completely recover. I bet you didn’t know that although I bet you have memorized the “stay home, stay safe” propaganda.

Speaking of propaganda, I’m guessing you’ve heard “flatten the curve” at least a million times by now. This position made a certain amount of sense in the beginning when little to nothing was known about the virus. The curve argument was made thus, a steep curve allowed the virus spread rapidly, potentially burying hospitals with more patients than beds, medicine and equipment could handle. The advantage of the flatter curve is that it preserves the healthcare systems ability to respond to a steady stream of a smaller number of victims.

As I look back I see it didn’t take long for those in leadership roles and the media to confuse the contagiousness of the virus with lethality. It’s true the virus is highly contagious. It’s also true that it is only barely lethal in general terms. From the so called mainstream media clear down to our local media everyone was directed to panic and panic quickly.

We know for a fact that the virus virtually ignores children. We know for a fact that half the people who catch the virus never have any symptoms. Of the remaining half most of them present symptoms so mild that they do not seek medical attention. Roughly ten percent of covids victims have symptoms severe enough to cause them to seek medical attention.

Honestly, the complete shutdown of America was provably not necessary.

The Tin Plated Dictators

“There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.” Daniel Webster

I find it fascinating that it took an imported virus from a deeply communist country to cause so many democrat and RINO republicans to reveal their tyrannical fantasies. Around the country the number of tin plated dictators with delusions of godhood seemed to explode. They stride boldly across the political stage wiping their feet on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to “protect” us from the deadly virus that carries with it a 98 plus percent survival rate. Consider the following.

Raleigh N.C. police declared the act of protesting the lockdown a “none essential activity” threatening to arrest protesters.

A Dallas salon owner is fined and imprisoned for opening her business responsibly instead of sitting around until bankruptcy was her only option.

Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Hitler, uhm sorry, Whitmer thundered righteously “All public gatherings of any size are prohibited.”

A lone paddle boarder was arrested on Malibu beach in California. This is the same state that fined people watching the sunset in their cars $1,000.

In Denver, the mayor banned playing Frisbee and Football.

The mayor of Los Angeles threatens to cut off utilities to any business that opens without his permission.

Other states have banned people from traveling between homes or visiting friends or relatives.

In some areas realtors brave a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail for showing prospective buyers a home.

A couple of states have gone as far as banning church services being held in parking lots. Little tyrant wannabes, disguised as law enforcement, went as far as recording license plate numbers of anyone attending services.

So much for the God given right to “peaceably assemble” or worship.

It gets worse. Several states have established snitch hot lines. New Yorks lecherous lover of murderous dictators, Comrade de Blasio instructed his cities useless busybodies to take cell phone pictures of anyone not properly social distancing and text them to his storm troopers. The potential fine is up to $500. The Los Angeles mayor one upped commie de Blasio by promising to reward his cities snitches.


The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” Frederick Douglass.

Despite the threats, many Americans are starting to realize they have been played. They are starting to learn that the virus while highly contagious, was no more deadly than the average flu. They are beginning to understand that they were maneuvered into a totally unnecessary shutdown. The slowly dawning realization that all the financial and emotional turmoil foisted on them was little more than a dictators wet dream being realized is beginning to stir a deeply justified righteous anger. This realization is also prompting questions, the kind of questions the little tyrants don’t well tolerate.

Why are Christian churches are forced to close while moslem mosques remain unaffected.

Why are lottery tickets, liquor stores, pot shops and abortions considered essential services?

Why are hardened criminals being released into the public instead of serving out their terms?

By what right do you get to track our every move and spy on us without due process?

By what right do you surrender our rights for us?

With no reasonable answers forthcoming, or in fact even possible, many Americans are starting to fight back.

In Denver thousands of people staged a drive by protest at the state capitol. For hours they drove by, honked their horns and waved American flags. Around a thousand more families cheered them on from the capitol lawn.

In Michigan some ten thousand protesters gathered at the state capitol.

In Kentucky angry protesters shouted down democrat governor Beshear with “Facts not fear” and “We want to work.”

A Dallas salon owner responsibly opened her business despite being fined and jailed.

A 77 year old barber fights to stay in business after the state yanks his business license.

A growing number of duly elected Sheriffs are refusing to comply with patently unconstitutional orders.

Even a handful of state governors have joined the rebellion against tyranny, notable Kemp and Desantis.

In formerly free America despotism seems to be losing some of it’s coolness. It took long enough. So, now back to the conspiracy theory.

Over the forty years or so that I have been observing liberals I have noticed that, at the highest levels of leadership, they possess a fanatical devotion to their ideology. Like the Chinese they understand and are willing to play the “long game.” It seems clear to me that the singular purpose of this pandemic was to test the waters of despotism in America.

I’m not sure which saddens me more, the number of people willing to surrender their liberties for the faintest whiff of security, the number of people who don’t know what liberties they have or the number of people willing to subjugate everyone they can. The founding principles that made America the greatest country in the history of the world escape them. Yet it would be a mistake to think there is no evil genius behind their actions during this pandemic.

While the entry level despots flail around at the local level those in the moneyed leadership positions are taking careful notes. Understand, they likely never expected this effort to succeed in completely overthrowing our republic. This was a dry run and the results were better than they had hoped for. Still, the plan was to observe and learn so that the next iteration will have a much higher chance of success.

They observe and note who among us rises to defend liberty. We will be tracked and monitored to establish what methods can be used to silence us the next time.

I can hear you now, “Wait a minute Sailor, what do you mean?” Allow me to explain.

They curate the arguments against them to create more effective answers, diversions and misinformation for the next time.

They monitor the effectiveness of social media platforms, campaigns and censorship algorithms to improve their reach and effectiveness.

They identify as many of the ways ordinary people go around those social media platforms to distribute information as they can and plot disruption techniques.

They identify and target leaders/public officials who oppose them at every level so that they can be targeted for removal from office.

They monitor the effectiveness of private groups that support them and oppose them. How can supporters be strengthened, opponents be weakened. Which groups can they rely on and for what can each organization be counted upon.

Leaders of and mid-level company bureaucrats in the business community are being identified and categorized as to their projected levels of support and influence for the next time.

I think you start to get the picture.

Understand this, these people are deadly serious about eliminating the Constitution and all the rights it safeguards for us. This current effort at total subjugation will fail, but they always expected it to. Their next attempt will be the same but different.

They will be better prepared and you will be better indoctrinated.

They will have replaced as many elected officials who now oppose them as possible with mail in voting.

Your social media platforms will be much more ruthlessly censored.

They won’t make the mistake of shutting down the schools next time. The ability to send home armies of brainwashed minions is simply to valuable to pass up.

Groups like antifa, bamn and the nation of islam will be much more active with their intimidation and civil unrest tactics.

Sadly it’s not a question of if this effort is tried again, it’s a question of when will it be tried again. My money is on the following scenario, republicans win the 2024 presidential election, hold the Senate and wins back the House. The only real questions left are, will you be ready and what will you do?


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The Most Hated Man In America

Allow me to introduce you to a close friend of mine. I have known him for many, many years. He is what my grandfather would have called “the salt of the earth” not that anyone today knows what that means. After I introduce him you may find yourself lucky enough to know someone like him. If you find that you do know someone like him count your blessings. So, who is this man? Well…

He is a forty plus year old white male who, like all the other white men he knows, is nowhere near “toxic.”

He works 40 plus hours a week, every week, seldom taking time off.

He pays his bills on time, paying them off early every chance he gets. It’s inconvenient and sometimes he has to put off till later things he or his family really want but he doesn’t want to be saddled with debt.

He saves as much money as he can, which after taxes, bills and groceries, isn’t much.

He has loved and been married to the same women for a substantial period of time. Together they have three children.

He graduated from high school with relatively good grades. His grades could have been better but as a young man full of himself he had a few minor youthful “indiscretions.”

He has some college but didn’t graduate because he started making to much money to qualify for grants and didn’t want to saddle his family with student loans.

He pays his taxes. He believes he pays to much but he doesn’t complain to loudly he just votes for people who promise, but then never deliver, real, substantive change.

He plays by the rules and expects other to do so as well.

He believes in and supports his family, often giving up things he really wants to support them.

He doesn’t understand current popular culture but tries to go along to get along with his family, coworkers and friends, as much as he can.

He knows that there are only two sexes and firmly believes that no amount of pills, creams, surgery or pronouns can change that.

He believes that God is real and while he may not always be an active church goer he has not abandoned God for the “you’re just an animal so get all you can” ideology that so many around him seem to subscribe to.

He doesn’t do much social media. He tried once but quickly tired of the shallow vapidity, anger and flat out stupidity he had to endure during the exercise. He maintains one account so he can share pictures of his kids with his parents in another state.

He is a licensed Concealed Carrier, owns several firearms and is very diligent in teaching and practicing firearm safety with his wife and children. He loves shooting and goes to the range as often as the cost of ammo will allow.

He pushes his children to do well in school although he sees vast areas in the educational system that need dramatic improvement.

He prefers outdoor barbecues with family and friend’s to the booze fests that so many of the people he knows seem to enjoy. Not that he doesn’t enjoy a drink now and then it’s just that he sees no value in being drunk.

He is moderately handy with home and car repairs, farming out to professionals the things he can’t do.

He tries to keep up on the news and current events but realizes that much of what he is exposed to is simple spin. Because of that he will do his own “homework” before he makes major decisions.

I could go on listing attributes about this fellow but I expect I have described someone, maybe more than one someones, that you know. In today’s highly PC culture these guys tend to keep a low profile. The old saying “discretion is the better part of valor” applies to these guys in spades. The fascinating part is that these men outnumber the Soviet style, gulag loving Bernie Bro’s and the republican surrender caucus types by a thousand to one and they know it. Yet they wait patiently for the next opportunity to vote instead of plying the streets with violence and airwaves with calls for revolution.

These men, and the millions of women who share the above mentioned attributes, are the real backbones of their families, communities and country. They are the ones who, by virtue of their reasoned living of life, determined self sufficiency and regular application of common sense to life’s difficulties, appear as the largest threat to liberals, progressives and democrats and their empty and often pointless lifestyles. To put it bluntly, these are Donald Trumps kind of people.

And you thought I was going to talk about Rush Limbaugh.

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Publisher vs Platform

In another display of his pathetic need for attention, Bill Maher recently inserted his hate filled ego into the news cycle again by reveling in the recent death of David Koch. What was even more disturbing was the glee displayed by his trained seal audience as Maher savaged a man who literally gave hundreds of millions to charities of all stripes but that is another article.

Right now, the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals is hearing the case brought by Dennis Prager vs Google. Google, ignoring it’s old motto of “Do no evil” because it is now evil, has determined that Prager University, with something like a billion views, must be silenced. While Google won’t admit it, Prager University is an astoundingly effective illustrator of the vile lies, tortured history and massively dramatic failures of the liberalism Google seeks to enforce on everyone but themselves.

Maher addressed this form of censorship to his trained seal audience once back when Apple, Google, Facebook, and Spotify were colluding to get conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Alex Jones and his website InfoWars removed from their platforms.

The clapping seal audience, being well trained, responded enthusiastically to the concept of censorship. In a rare display of sentience Maher rebuked his trained seal audience. “If you’re a liberal you’re supposed to be for free speech,” he offered, adding, “That’s free speech for the speech you hate.” Perhaps not realizing it, he was at the time, making Prager Universities argument for them. His trained seal audience, flexing their intolerant liberalism, refused to even listen to what he was trying to say.

Many, nearly all liberals with a few never Trumpers sprinkled in for diversity purposes, make the argument that the media “platforms” that evicted Jones were private businesses thus immune from the first amendment concerns voiced by critics like Prager University. Left unspoken by these same liberals is the clear fact that the collusion among these “platforms” is symptomatic of a raging, universal urge by those same liberals to suppress any speech that challenges their sad agenda.

It’s this collusion that brings us to the platform vs publisher argument that is the key to the Prager University case. Allow me to elaborate.

A platform is simply a vehicle for anyone to speak from. It is the metaphorical equivalent of the soap box in the public square. The only thing needed to make it work is the willingness of someone to stand up and speak. The public can choose whether to listen or not. Questions and answers can be bantered about, discussed and concepts thrashed out. Ideas can be exposed, examined or ridiculed, accepted or rejected. The process is not always pretty but it is protected in it’s entirety by the First Amendment. In fact, it is the First Amendment in action. As an aside, you will notice that Google, Facebook et al constantly refer to themselves as “platforms”. They do this for a reason. I’ll get to that point in a minute.

A publisher on the other hand is someone who determines/controls the content of what they provide. A publisher decides what you are allowed to know and when you are allowed to know it. If a publisher decides not to tell you something you will never know about that decision unless, as Google is now experiencing, a whistle blower appears. Let that sink in for a minute. If Google, as internal whistle blowers have stated unequivocally, filters and regulates content and manipulates search results, they cannot by definition be “platforms”. They are without reservation, publishers. The problem pointed out by people like me and Prager University is that Google et al continue to, falsely I propose, present themselves as platforms.

Public school victims will see publisher vs platform as a distinction without a difference. If you hold that position, your teachers were vastly overpaid. A fact, unknown to nearly everyone, is that Google negotiated with the Feds an immunity agreement that provided them protection from law suits as long as they were “platforms” and not publishers.

I hear it now. So what sailor? How does this affect me? I’m glad you asked. You see, every other publisher is responsible for the content they distribute. Don’t believe me? Ask any news director. It’s the well established legal principle, that a publisher is responsible for their content, that Google et al seek to avoid.

Like the repressive Chinese government they have so warmly supported Google seeks to limit your freedom. Google et al are simply demanding the legal right to lie to you, with only the best intentions of course, without having to deal with any consequences of being actual liars. They wrap themselves in the cloak of liberty while readying the knife they are going to use to slice and dice the First Amendment out of existence.

Like many of Hitlers brownshirts who swore undying allegiance to Hitler as they were being executed on his order, Maher’s trained seal audience would approve wholeheartedly.


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Fans of one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, C. S. Lewis will recognize the words of the title. The Abolition of Man was presented in a series of lectures by Lewis in 1943. Those lectures dealt primarily with the dangers of moral relativism. In contemplating moral relativism he pointed out what he believed were the destructive trends emerging in the so called modern world-view.

A veteran of WW I who later became a devout Christian, Lewis presented these ideas, I believe, as a way to understand those who seek Americas destruction. As a combat veteran I suspect he understood that before you can defeat your opponent you must know who he is.

Liberals, progressives and democrats have morphed over the years into the party of the Abolition of Man. Their concerted efforts have been directed at the destruction of every concept or principle that helped create the greatest nation in the history of the world. They seek the complete destruction and replacement of these ideals for nothing more than their desire to exert total control over the masses, ie you and I. In those efforts they attack the very concepts Lewis sought for us to understand. Let’s examine them briefly.

A thing that is contradictory cannot be true.

Never has such a completely self evident idea been so thoroughly abused. Today the corrupted culture of liberal, progressive political correctness demands that:

We accept men as women and women as men.

We accept that there is no substantive difference between men and women.

We accept that sex between adults and children is both normal and healthy.

We accept that a political ideology disguised as a religion is in fact a peaceful religion.

We accept the idea that anyone who can make it across our border in violation of our laws is entitled to free everything.

We accept that a black man convicted of any crime is simply a victim of white racism.

We accept that a disagreement over policy is also an expression of racism if the policy is brought forth by a “person of color” and the disagreement is raised by a “white” person.

We accept that as a nation can continue to spend billions more dollars than we actually have without consequence.

We accept that actual education can be replaced by political indoctrination without negative consequence.

We accept that factual reporting of the murderous culture of black inner cities (Chicago, Baltimore etc) is in fact racist.

We accept that we can actually create so called global warming.

This list could go on for pages but I suspect you are beginning to see the picture. The fact is that all these accepted concepts fly directly into the face of reason. They only make sense when wrapped in the cocoon of self indulgence or delusion.

Not being allowed to believe that values have any actual meaning.

Nowhere is this more evident than in today’s popular culture. Values such as honesty, chastity, hard work and sacrifice are readily and viciously attacked as backward, simple minded or outright stupid by “enlightened” late night comedy hosts and, to borrow a phrase, their trained seal audience. Consider:

The high school girl who chooses to remain a virgin until married is brutally ridiculed and scorned.

The black student who studies hard and plays by the rules is labeled an Uncle Tom or sellout.

The man who departs from the homersexual lifestyle and settles down to raise a family is vilified.

The family that goes to church and prays together is mocked as simple minded religious zealots.

The person who works hard, saves money and builds a successful business is an evil corporate fat cat.

These tragedies happen because the left is justly terrified of the damage these values can bring to the fantasy world they live in. These time honored values put the lie to liberalism’s phony values for anyone to plainly see. Thus they must be destroyed at every opportunity.

What would you die for?

No one answers this question better than police officers, fire fighters and or our military. These are people who risk everything to protect and preserve the ideals that so many American’s today have no knowledge of, understanding or experience with or sometimes even tolerance of. While there are always exceptions I believe the vast majority of these fine public servants understand the values of actual free speech, real privacy and true self determination.

Who would flatter us to sell us for a slave?

Islamic devotee and congressional headcase (watch the video of her being tossed from a Trump rally before you complain) Talib tries to bribe us with a $20 minimum wage. This proven job killer is literally insane to anyone who has even a modicum of financial education. This is nothing more than an attempt to sell as many people as possible into the addiction of government dependency by crashing the job market. But she is not alone.

Liberals demand that a five year old boy who picks up a Barbie doll be administered female hormones because he is “identifying” as a female. This turns an idle moment of curiosity into an opportunity to make him another victim of the gay agenda.

Progressives sell young people into a life of drug addiction with medical/recreational marijuana.

Democrats in leadership positions constantly strive to obtain control of every facet of your life. In this process they have developed an unquenchable taste for controlling what you think as well.

Mainstream media, having abandoned the search for truth now deluge us with daily doses of politically correct propaganda to keep people from thinking. When we think, they lose and they know it.

Legislators, in the adoption of so called hate crimes laws, seek to criminalize any thoughts they don’t approve of. In their desire to “protect” us they now seek to insert themselves into our very thought processes.

The death of common reason is the death of man.

Common sense has been under relentless assault by liberals and progressives for at least the last thirty years. No longer are we allowed to put 2 and 2 together and arrive at 4. Today we must check common sense at our door every time we step outside our home. We are compelled by our betters to accept:

That bearded man in a dress that followed your twelve year old daughter into the ladies room must be considered to be a harmless women.

The five teenage gang bangers that are trying to surround you on the subway are in fact, just innocent boys looking for directions (to your wallet).

The gay men tossed off ten story buildings by tolerant moslems weren’t really murdered, they were just inexperienced thrill seekers.

No longer are we allowed to trust our judgment. We are required to ignore our lying eyes to maintain the leftist illusion of utopia on Earth.

We need a standard outside our own opinion.

Everyone has an opinion on something and some have opinions on everything. The thing about opinions is that they can be swayed. Family, friends, peers, junk science and pop culture, to name a few influences, can reform our opinions into stuff we never would have imagined. Without a foundation to rest upon, opinions can wander into high strangeness. Lewis’s foundation came to be Christian religion. A foundation is needed to help us remain faithful to our ideals, to remind us of where we came from, where we are headed and why we are headed there. The liberal foundation of ever shifting values is a recipe for personal, financial and spiritual disaster.

See everything as something to own or control.

This is the classic definition of liberalism. You and everything in your life is something for liberals to own or control. It’s what liberals live for.

Only liberals know what is good for you to eat.

Only liberals know what is actual racism.

Only liberals know what is truly sexist.

Only liberals know how children should be educated.

Only liberals know how your business should be managed.

Only liberals know how you should spend your money (or how much you should make).

Only liberals know how healthcare should be distributed.

Only liberals know what you should think about anything

Surely you are beginning to get the picture. Liberalism or any of its disguises, socialism, democratic socialism, communism or totalitarianism all seek one thing, complete control over you and you life from cradle to grave.

Great truths from mom/dad must be taught young because as adults these concepts become difficult to understand/teach.

No greater damage has been done to the fabric of America by the left than in this area alone. Today parents are expected, by popular culture, to be mirrors of the simpletons portrayed in such missives as Modern Family. No longer are parents allowed to teach things like;

That life is seldom fair.

That no one actually owes you anything.

That there are only two genders not 42, 56 or 97.

That casual sex has no actual value and is in fact often unhealthy.

That hard work can lead to success.

That you must plan for your future.

That marriage is for life.

That God exists and both loves you and has great plans for you and expectations of you.

In these things, all of which I strove to teach my children and now grandchildren, my wife and I are, in the public perception, outliers. As an example, it is considered strange by far to many people that I have been married to the same lovely women thirty four years.

Parents teach far more by example than they realize. Children are highly observant and when parents focus on such false things as “my truth” or “my career” or “I just want to have a good time” those lessons are not only learned by those same observant children but retained. Those lessons are frequently validated by popular culture. These lessons are the stepping stones to emptiness, failure and sorrow. As a leader in my church once said, “No success on Earth can compensate for failure in the home.” I paraphrased his quote but it is painfully clear to anyone with an open mind that the Walton’s family values served the family, and by extension the nation, far better than Modern Family’s values.

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Liberals And The Digital Ghetto

In the early 1940’s, controlling what people thought was in some respects, much easier and in others somewhat more difficult than doing so today. In those times people got their news from the newspapers and newsreels shown in movie theaters. Today simply perusing your FB account allows you to be considered well informed. In countries like Germany, the official party line was the news. Books were burned in an effort to deny both their existence and the ideas they contained. As a function of their noxious ideas about Jews the Nazi’s rounded up them up into ghettos. From there it was relatively easy to ship them off to the death camps. Not only was no one watching, virtually no one could watch thus there was no one to hear their pleas for help. To some observers, that history is beginning to repeat itself only this time, it is beginning in the digital arena.

Once again the often and nearly always unfairly maligned but stunningly revealing Project Veritas enlightens anyone willing to listen. James O’Keefe, doing what real journalists used to do, has again allowed evil to speak clearly for itself. In his latest effort GOOGLE has self identified as a willing perpetrator of censorship at levels that would turn Hilter himself green with envy.

Youtube, GOOGLE and Facebook have willingly chosen to form an evil alliance based on censorship, social justice and hatred of America itself. They seek nothing less than the total elimination of anything they disagree with. An interesting concept as this is an often changing target. Ebay and Amazon are seeking to add their clout to the formation of the digital ghetto conservatives and republicans must, according to these corporations, be placed in.

Enter recently Twitter, a sewer all its own. John Lott is the President of the Crime Prevention Research Center. He wrote More Guns, Less Crime, a book scientifically destroying the gun control argument. He recently tweeted, “New Zealand’s killer’s manifesto says that he did attack to get more gun control/gun bans in New Zealand and the US, Killer was a socialist, environmentalist who hated capitalists and trade.” Lott put links in his tweet so that anyone could follow up on the accuracy of his tweet. I’ll save you the time, his tweet is 100% correct.

Twitter, being the good social justice liberal hacks that they are, blocked Lott’s account and refused to tell him why. When he appealed he was sent a reply saying he lost his appeal and again, no explanation was provided.

Truth,” Lott said “I suppose, is no defense.” He added, “I can and have proven that my tweet is factually accurate.”

The thought police are striking hard. It is in part desperation as they see some of their gains beginning to slip away. It is also in part, their nature. Like antifa, they see no downside right now to attack maliciously and unfairly anyone they disagree with. The media and shadowy money men like Soros will cover for them. Shadow banning, censorship algorithms, demonetizing, deplatforming, doxxing and outright bias are the tools of the digital oppressors. Like a thief in the night they seek to steal from you the very idea that another opinion exists. If that doesn’t work they want you to believe that you and your opinion are so far outside the mainstream that you will censor yourself. They ply their hatred unseen by a population to busy with their newest app to even notice how manipulated they are. Don’t believe me? Put down your cell phone, internet and streaming services for six measly hours. I bet you can’t.

Today’s big brother knows virtually everything about you. Your phone, computer and Alexa type devices listen to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The NSA collects all your phone calls, emails, text messages and social media posts. Using GPS your phone and now, in newer models your car, informs on you just exactly where you have been and when you were there.

I can hear you now. So what Sailor, I got nothing to hide.

Ah, the voice of innocence speaking as you head naked into that “shower” with dozens of other people just like you. It may be a digital version but it is none the less a “shower.”

If that is your response all I can say is, wow, your indoctrination is complete. I hope you remember that when you finally become one of the digital oppressors targets, which because of their wildly varying standards, will eventually happen.

If you are willing to actually listen I have two points to make. Ponder them carefully.

First, none of these organizations have any generic right to this information. Period. The fact that this even needs to be said, let alone explained, reveals just how deeply the indoctrination has taken hold.

Second. This information is being gathered to both generate huge profits at your expense and perhaps even more importantly to the digital oppressors, sort us out. The digital oppressors need to know who to target now and who may be a potential threat to their coming, if they have their way, monopoly on both thought and opinion.

There is an old saying that goes, “Just because your paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.” I am certainly not paranoid but I am observant. Call me names if it makes you feel better but I believe we have sacrificed far to much liberty and privacy for the illusion of “security” and the sake of “convenience.” When GOOGLE and their ilk admit targeting you it isn’t really paranoia to point out what they have admitted to.

My grandfather used to tell me “There’s no point in denying the obvious.” I don’t know how much more obvious GOOGLE and their ilk can be. The question is, how many more of us will willingly head into the “showers?”

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What Gay Agenda?

In 1987 Steve Warren, a militant homersexual advocate, published a chilling article titled, “Warning to the Homophobes.” I say chilling because as you read it you can see just how much of his agenda has come to pass.

Henceforth, homosexuality will be spoken of in your churches and synagogues as an“honorable estate.” Today there are, sadly, churches who actually vote on which parts of the Bible to believe. These alleged ecclesiastical leaders actively tolerate and promote homersexuality as a normal and acceptable lifestyle.

You can either let us marry people of the same sex, or better yet abolish marriage altogether. You will be expected to offer ceremonies that bless our sexual arrangements…You will also instruct your people in homosexual as well as heterosexual behavior, and you will go out of your way to make certain that homosexual youths are allowed to date, attend religious functions together, openly display affection, and enjoy each others sexuality without embarrassment or guilt. Does this really need elaboration?

If any of the older people in your midst object, you will deal with them sternly, making certain they renounce their ugly and ignorant homophobia or suffer public humiliation. Homersexuals now actively try to destroy peoples careers, businesses and families on a regular basis for no other reason than they disagree with the homersexual agenda.

You will also make certain that laws are passed forbidding discrimination against homosexuals and heavy punishments are assessed…. The over riding goal of the democratic party today is the enforced, by force of law, endorsement and celebration of homersexuality.

Finally, we will in all likelihood, want to expunge a number of passages from your Scriptures and rewrite others, eliminating preferential treatment of marriage and using words that will allow for homosexual interpretation of passages describing biblical lovers such as Ruth and Boaz or Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. The homersexuals, with the help of liberals, have been actively rewriting history for the last thirty years to make as many good and decent historical figures as possible “gay” and to clean up the filthy record of actual homersexuals like Harvey Milk.

Warning: If all these things do not come to pass quickly, we will subject Orthodox Jews and Christians to the most sustained hatred and vilification in recent memory. Don’t believe him? Try not baking a cake, arranging flowers or not wanting to photograph a homersexual wedding. Many devout Christians are even today in America, being actively persecuted for nothing more drastic than not wanting to be part of a homersexual “wedding.”

We have captured the liberal establishment and the press. We have already beaten you on a number of battlefields. Homersexuals now actively and freely preach the gospel of homersexuality in the schools down to kindergarten, hollywood and even so called pop culture.

You have neither the faith nor the strength to fight us, so you might as well surrender now.” I believe he is correct about far to many people. I am not one of them.

So, what does all this mean? Well…

A few days ago the Democratically controlled House of Representatives voted 236-173 to pass the grossly mislabeled “Equality Act.”

Tragically, eight so called Republicans (cowards all) crossed party lines and voted for this travesty of a bill. I hope each and everyone is successfully primaried.

So what exactly is this “Equality” bill? The bill amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to make “sexual orientation and gender identity” a protected characteristic under federal anti discrimination law.

I can hear you now. Big deal sailor. What harm could possibly come from making everyone equal? If you honestly can’t answer that question I suggest getting a refund for that useless public education you were given.

Here is an easy answer for your question. The first visible result will be in boys in women’s locker rooms and bathrooms. Men claiming to be women will invade about the only private space women have left. As TARGET found out during their pathetic virtue signaling campaign, the perverts will appear in droves. Do you really want to give said perverts the cover of law? Liberals do.

Or how about this. This bill requires female athletic teams to include biological males who identify as transgender girls. Every girl athlete who dreams of pushing herself toward excellence will now potentially have compete against males with their inherent biological advantages. As a careful perusal of the news would show, this is already happening in women’s sports at many levels.

In an April 29 Washington Post op-ed three elite female athletes, Martina Navratilova, Doriane Coleman and Sanya Richards-Ross warned that the so called “Equality Act” will wreak havoc on women’s sports. “The legislation would make it unlawful to differentiate among girls and women in sports on the basis of sex for any purpose. For example, a sports team couldn’t treat a transgender woman differently from a woman who is not transgender on the grounds that the former is male-bodied,” the athletes warned.

Under this identity driven travesty men who think they are women and women who think they are men would become a “protected class” by law. Many “transgenders (by the way, there is no such thing as a transgender) can and do change their minds on their perceived sex often. I know of one case locally who changes his mind up to several times a day. This bill allows him, and others like him, to gain protected class status on a whim. This doesn’t even take into account all the fraudsters that will claim protection under the new law to insulate them from what would otherwise be crimes.

As bad as this all is, it gets worse.

This deliberate assault on reason, science and logic opens the doors of litigation and potentially drastic damages with attorneys’ fees paid by the loser. Anyone found “in violation” would be subject to fines, penalties, court orders, Justice Department prosecutions and/or a whole host of other severe enforcement measures. So much for keeping the government “out of our bedrooms.”

I think it is time Americans abandoned the much ballyhooed and completely mythical fantasy of gay tolerance towards normal Americans. And yes I used the N word. By definition 1% to 2% of anything is out of the range of normalcy. If that bothers you may I suggest spending more time in the real world.

I think it is time we stopped allowing our compassion to be weaponized against us by the militant and hateful gay lobby.

I think it is time we stood up to the deniers of biological science. There are only two “genders” and nothing you can sew on or chop off will ever change that.

I think it is time we stopped supporting groups that hate us simply because we choose not to endorse their lifestyle..

I think it is time we stopped allowing homersexuals to recruit our children in schools and public libraries. Let them breed like everyone else.

I think it is far past time that we publicly recognized the thoroughly documented pitfalls of the homersexual lifestyle and taught them to our children so they can make an informed choice.

Some will accuse me of being a “hater.” In the context they offer such nonsense, that is incorrect as anyone who knows me will attest. Even so, I do hate being lied to and lied about. You should too.

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How To Lie By Telling The Truth

Here is a generic compilation of several “stories” I heard on the radio recently. The news presenter (a much more accurate term than “Anchor”) reported breathlessly, “The House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed the complete un-redacted special counsels report.” Cut to the committee chairman, “The American people have the right to see everything in the report.” The news presenter then adds, “Republicans opposed the release of the un-redacted report.” Cut to commercial. The political novice, committed liberal or casual listener will likely reach the conclusion that there must be something seriously damaging in the special counsels report if the republicans are opposed to letting the public see it. That of course, was the purpose of the story.

The liberal, progressive, democrat, but I repeat myself, aversion to truth is well known to anyone willing to pay attention. Lying for these folks, at the leadership and media level, has become so ingrained, so second nature, that they are often completely oblivious to the fact that they are doing it. It has become an almost unconscious, ingrained ability to spin virtually any event in support of what ever current narrative they are trying to advance. It happens so often, especially in the so called main stream media that even the victims of the lies don’t even recognize that they are being lied to anymore. When presented with irrefutable evidence that they are not being honest the typical liberal, progressive, democrat reaction is name calling. AOC anyone?

The current demand by democrats in the House of Representatives to release the special counsels report in un-redacted form is a case study in how to lie by telling the truth.

Now, let us unpack that news “story” just a bit. We should examine each of the main points individually.

First. The House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed the complete un-redacted special counsels report. This is completely true. What the media knows but will not tell you is that this is nothing more than a combination fishing expedition and political stunt. Democrats and their media flunkies all know full well that the report contains, among other things, grand jury testimony. They also know that it is illegal to release that testimony without a court order to do so. Even then, judges are typically reluctant to release grand jury testimony because it is nearly all allegation and speculation instead of hard facts. How do you think the ham sandwich got itself indicted?

Second. The American people have the right to see everything in the report. This is a moral high ground misdirection. How great are you when standing up for the “rights” of the people? The American people have a right to see some of the report. The American people have a right to know what conclusions were reached by the special counsel and what, if any, recommendations were made. We do not have the right to speculative and often unverifiable grand jury testimony or knowledge of secret intelligence sources or methods until such time as an actual trial is convened.

Third. Republicans opposed the release of the un-redacted report. This is the technically true portion. What is deliberately left unsaid is that Republicans are, in this instance, following the law as it is written. Again, this is added to create the impression that republicans have some dreadful things to hide. While I personally find many republicans to be dreadful, in this case they are following a sound legal principle. In order for grand juries to function effectively the witnesses brought before them must believe that their testimony will remain protected until such time as a trial is convened.

So, what have we learned in this brief civics. political science lesson?

Mainly, that is entirely possible to lie by telling the truth.

Hopefully, we have learned that often times context is an integral component of truth.

Possibly, that the truth is often a little deeper than we originally thought.

Finally, that the “truth” is out there and, because it will seldom be given to us in its fullness, it is up to us to find it. All the news presenter can do is shine a flashlight in the fog of information. It is up to you to learn the actual facts, reasoning’s and motivations of every one and everything in the “story.”

I can’t promise you that it will be easy or financially rewarding but there is a certain comfort in understanding. In my case that is it’s own reward.

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The Blank Check

Some people, ok many people, accuse me of being to political. Perhaps I am. I almost always respond with the following question, “Name one area of your life that isn’t affected by some government law, rule, regulation or tax.” Here is a hint, you can’t because there isn’t one. But this isn’t about being political. This is about right and wrong. Allow me to elaborate.

It was around ten am when we heard the alarms going off on the ship across the pier from us. Of course we had no idea what was going on but everyone readied themselves to respond if needed. Although it was unspoken by everyone present we all noticed that the comforting words “This is a drill, this is a drill” were no being offered. There are few things in life more terrifying than an unknown danger. After an indeterminate amount of time had passed the alarms were silenced. Some time later we observed four gurneys were pushed up the ships gangway. They returned into view awhile later carrying four, sheet draped bodies. All of us watching, from only yards away, felt our stomach’s knot up with a powerful sense of tragedy. Everyone knew what those four gurneys carried. We knew that four men would never return home, never see their families or loved ones again. We didn’t know them but they were our brothers still. We, each in our own way, grieved.

We learned later just how tragic that story really was. Two sailors had been sent into a refrigerated compartment, nearly 35 years later the reason they were there escapes me. Climbing the ladder down into that space they had no way of knowing a pipe carrying the refrigerant had sprung a leak. The gas that kept the food cold also displaced the air. When the two sailors entered that compartment they quickly passed out, then suffocated.

At some point another sailor happened to walk by the open hatch and saw the two men laying on the floor. Concerned he called out to them. Getting no response he called out for help then climbed down the ladder to help his shipmates. Another sailor had heard his “man down” call for help and sent yet another passing sailor to get the corpsman and some more help, then he too, climbed down into that space to help his shipmates. By this time the commotion was starting to attract a crowd. As another sailor began to climb into the space he was restrained by a shipmate who had reasoned that everyone who entered that space had, at the very least, passed out. Fortunately, the mans reasoning made sense and no one else went into that space until the rescue team arrived.

Many veterans are mercilessly teased when they note the fact that when they enlisted they wrote a blank check to the United States of America for any amount up to and including their very lives. I know, I have been so treated. Yet, it is as true a statement of fact as can be made and, sadly that check has been cashed far to many times. Democrats and their supporters label what happened that day an accident or failure of work place safety rules. Of course it was an accident. No one that day planned to die. No one that day likely even contemplated dying. Yet four men paid the ultimate price for loving their country enough to serve and caring about their shipmates. For what ever reason Democrats can’t seem to acknowledge that. That is wrong, so very wrong.

Today, our veterans need us more than ever. While there are many groups doing their level best to help as many vets as they can, it is inescapable that the government they served, considers them expendable. This is wrong on so many levels. God bless Donald Trump for doing as much as he can. Because of the nature of the executive branches powers and the scope of the problem, he will never be able to solve the many problems facing vets today on his own. He needs congress’s help to effectively address those issues. The sad fact is that nearly all of congress is only interested in securing their reelections, padding their bank accounts and increasing their own power. Time and time again when given the choice to help our vets or reward illegal aliens for making it across the border, congress has chosen the lawbreakers over it’s good and faithful servants. That, my friends, borders on evil.

Democrats, as a general rule, act this way by rote. They have mouthed support for the military while actively undermining it all my adult life. To expect of them anything else is to not understand just how much they have always despised the military. The idea that after some forty years of hating the military they will suddenly change their minds is about as realistic as that Unicorn trap available in three colors for $19.99. Don’t misunderstand where I am going here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but as a veteran there is no way I could ever support a democrat or a republican that acts like a democrat. The lives and well being of my brothers and sisters is far more important than congressman Skippy’s next PAC contribution or choice committee assignment.

Today, when it comes to the treatment of our veterans vs illegal aliens, tragically, far to many republicans behave like democrats. Again, don’t misunderstand where I’m going here. As a first generation American I totally support legal, merit based, moderate immigration levels. However, I see no need to import millions of welfare recipients or people who proactively hate America. As a veteran I am both deeply offended at the treatment of my brothers and sisters by the country we served, and the demand by that same government that people who have no legal right to be here should be cared for better than those of us who wrote that check.

You can call me to political. You can say I’m being overly melodramatic. You can say anything that makes you feel better. A $255 death benefit and a folded flag is nothing compared to free housing, food stamps, free medical care and education as well as being protected from the consequences of violating the law. As for me, every time I see a story about an illegal alien getting special treatment in a sanctuary city, every time I hear about a rape, robbery or murder committed by an illegal alien, I flash back to those four gurneys being wheeled down the pier.

The government cashed those four brave men’s checks to cater to an ungrateful, America hating group of lawbreakers. Perhaps the biggest tragedy of all is that so many Americans simply don’t care. Because I know this I weep for my brothers. I weep for my sisters. Most of all, I weep for my country.

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