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Thirty Pieces of Silver

     I have been following politics since the tender age of nine. For those counting that is 41 years. What happened today in the halls of congress is, as near as I can tell, unprecedented. A major political party, the so-called republicans, has made the conscious decision, by caving entirely on the government shutdown, to simply not exist anymore.
     Even more astounding, now that they have gutted themselves before their political enemies, they seek to cut off their heads (politically speaking) with a coming full-blown push for amnesty.
     I remember a time in the seventies and eighties when the democrats owned the House of Representatives. They were so absolute in their control that they would often not even allow republicans in on committee meetings. In what can only be called a classic example of Stockholm Syndrome, republican house members simply shut up and went along with the demands of their captors. This lasted for nearly forty years. The establishment (Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Graham, Rove) wing of the Republican Party seems hell bent on not only returning the house to that condition but bringing the senate there as well.
     I am not sure the country I love will survive the Kenyan little Barry’s’ administration. I know for a fact that the America I love and served will not survive forty years of liberal domination of both the house and senate.
     Some 2,000 years ago the only perfect person to ever walk the planet, and no I don’t mean the Kenyan little Barry, although I suspect his partner in crime was there, was betrayed by someone he trusted. Today we conservative republican tea party members were given the exact same treatment.
     Today the names are different, Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Rove et al, but the results will be the same. These traitors in word and deed deserve their reward. I will send each of them 30 pieces of silver (in the form of a card as none of these individuals are worth one damn dime to me anymore). One can only hope they will, at some point in their petty, little lifes, experience the same outpouring of grief and guilt over the consequences of their actions as did that traitor all those years ago. And if they happen to be near a tree at the time, I will be happy to give them a rope.


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