Can Black America Muster The Spirit of the 442nd

If anyone had ever experienced racism it was Sgt. Abraham G. Ohama. You won’t know this brave American because liberal American history will not allow stories like his to be told. A Japanese American, his family was interned at the Poston Relocation Center in Arizona during world war two. Placing the vile unfairness of internment aside he joined the army becoming part of the all Japanese 442nd combat unit. His last visit with his family occurred when he was the best man at his brothers wedding in Poston. Before he went back to the war he told the gathered group, “All of us can’t stay in the camps until the end of the war. Some of us have to go to the front. Our record on the battlefield will determine when you will return and how you will be treated. I don’t know if I’ll make it back.” Sadly, Abe (as he was commonly known) was killed in action on October 20th 1944 when he tried to rescue one of his men who had been wounded. For his valor he was posthumously awarded the Silver Star.

At a time when no one would have blamed young Abe for sitting around and cursing the United States he chose a different path. I think, at the end of the day he decided to continue to be an American no matter what his country thought. In the face of real, institutionalized racism, he and all the Japanese soldiers that fought and died with him showed their country in the bold colors of bravery and sacrifice, the folly of its ways.

Fast forward to today. While it is true people like Dr. Carson, Star Parker and others from the black community have risen from poverty to achieve great success in America the black community tends to see their success as a negative. This view is courtesy of the likes of the race baiting America hating Kenyan little Barry, his evil minion Eric Holder, the money grubbing Jackson and tax evading Sharpton. These instigators and their race hustling followers consistently advance the idea that racism is not just alive and well in America but thriving. There will always be stupid people (racists) but they are now the exception not the rule. The Kenyan little Barry and his malicious henchmen know this. As it does not further their racist, anti-America agenda they ignore the facts and try to get black Americans to fixate on the fantasy of America as the most racist country on the planet.

Given what seems to have become acceptable “black” behavior, one could be excused for wondering if blacks have not chosen to inter themselves. How else can one explain the crime plagued inner cities? Having abandoned (with astounding amounts of liberal and democrat support and encouragement) the pillars of civilization ie family, church, education and an honest work ethic what other outcome is possible? Can anyone honestly watch the pure joy on the faces of many of the looters in Ferguson and say with a straight face those looters are decent, honest, hardworking Americans? Of course they are not. These are not spoiled little children throwing a temper tantrum because mommy (democrats) didn’t give them what they wanted. These are people choosing to display their worst instinct’s for all to see. They were demanding the murder of a white police officer whose only crime was wanting to go home at the end of his shift. I can’t help but get the feeling that these rioters honestly believe the thug Brown had the “right” to kill officer Wilson. After all, this is a generation taught by their “leaders” that education is irrelevant, drug use is okay, that marriage, love, sacrifice and self reliance are outdated concepts, that rap music glorifying the murder of cops and rape of women is art. Continual exposure to this environment cannot be anything but toxic to ones ability to reason.

Abraham Ohama and his brothers in arms, were they able to see the black community now, would shake their head in stunned disbelief. They would never be able to relate to the black community today. The members of the 442nd never asked for, let alone demanded, special treatment. All they wanted was the chance to prove themselves. They knew full well that chance might cost them their very lives. They took that chance and prove themselves they did. In that proving far to many of them never made it home to enjoy the fruits of their labors. In my mind, any one member of the 442nd has more honor, decency, greatness and is more of an American than all the rioting thugs in Ferguson combined.

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