Why Would Anyone Choose Stupid

I have never understood the liberal/progressive ability to not see the obvious. Whole articles have been written explaining the liberal tendency towards Cognitive Dissonance. I even understand that people can become heavily invested in their agendas and beliefs. What I cannot accept is that someone becomes so “invested” in something that reality cannot penetrate the veil. People at this level are incapable of engaging in anything resembling honest discussion or debate. It is this chosen blindness that explains the entire Gruber incident.

The unchecked anger, rage and outright hate currently proffered in such abundance by the gays, muslims, liberals, racists and progressives is on plain display despite the “mainstream” medias best efforts to cover for their constituent audience. Consider the following examples.

Muslim understanding on display

Adherents to the religion of peace have proudly put their “understanding” on display by destroying the Armenian Genocide Memorial Church in Der Zor, Syria. The church is considered to be the Auschwitz of the Armenian Genocide. According to the Armenian Weekly, “Hundreds of thousands of Armenians perished in Der Zor and the surrounding desert during the genocide. The deaths of 1.5 million Christian Armenians during the Armenian Genocide of 1915 was part of a campaign of oppression by the last Islamic Caliphate.” In the summer of 1916 another 200,000 Armenians, mostly women and children, were brutally massacred by the Turkish Ottomans (muslims) and their supporters. The church stood on the site of a former concentration camp and burial ground for hundreds of thousands of dead. Continuing their demonstrations of understanding the so called muslim warriors burned the dangerous and extensive church library (including many very old and irreplaceable documents going as far back as 1841) and exhumed hundreds of bodies, throwing the bones into the street. I wonder, just how much more understanding can you get?

Tolerant Potty Mouths at Dartmouth College

One has to wonder just what the tens of thousands a year of tuition being paid actually buys at Dartmouth College. My guess is that an actual education is not high on the list. One genius student actually asked Governor Rick Perry (at a speaking event at the college) if he would have anal sex in exchange for $102 million in campaign contributions. I bet this students daddy can barely contain his pride. Dartmouth College Democrats President Spencer Blair offered an excruciatingly mild rebuke but did not actually condemn the sexually explicit comments. Blair blathered, “Some students chose to undermine this event by asking the governor very explicit questions, preventing a productive and engaging discourse about pressing policy issues from taking place. While I find Governor Perry’s social (and fiscal) policy vision for our country to be quite reprehensible, the questions aimed at [him] about various sexual acts were unnecessary and inappropriate, and they represented Texas very poorly.” Spoken like a true liberal. Yep. That stern critique will definitely stop the next round of offensive stupidity.

Human Rights Campaign is Flush with Compassion

The Human Rights Campaign, a Washington, D.C. based group that exists solely to perpetrate they gay lifestyle on the unsuspecting issued a report along with some scare videos called “The Export of Hate” targeting Christians and conservatives who disagree with them. One victim of the hate smear campaign, Pastor Scott Lively claimed, “HRC has targeted me for murder.” He shared the following email he received as evidence, “..please let him know we are waiting for a moment when he is alone. then we will take him to the woods, rip out his throat and show him videos from youtube where he has caused misery and suffering to the gay people of the world. then we will put a hungry rat into his throat and film it on youtube. time is coming soon.” Lively shared another example of the homocompassion directed his way, “I would love to see an angry crowd kick you in the balls until you rupture , then cut your tongue out with a knife & shove it down your throat!” The Human Rights Campaign, to my knowledge, has yet to condemn the threats of its alleged supporters or even just condemn the threats in general. The Human Rights Campaign report came with a number of videos shot in black, white filled with menacing background music and clearly designed to spread fear. The grossly misnamed Human Rights Campaign has an annual budget of around $50 million dollars. I am sure they could use just a little more money, after all they have a lot of “compassion” to spread around.

Just plain “Feel Good” Stupid
Stupidity, I fear, is the new normal. In New York assemblyman Karim Camara, apparently desiring to be the next nanny Bloomberg has introduced legislation requiring warning labels on sodas, syrups and concentrates. According to the New York Observer: “the new legislation that would slap warning labels on bottles of soda and other sugar-heavy beverages to notify consumers of the risks of diabetes, obesity and tooth decay associated with the drinks.”
“This is about a pragmatic piece of legislation,” nanny wannabe Camara defended himself. “This is not about an attack on an industry for the sake of the industry. This about doing what’s best for children and adults in our society,” he continued. I suppose he feels there is no need to burden parents with the monitoring their childs sugar intake. I guess he believes no one knows that soda contains sugar and that to much sugar isn’t good for you. Yeah, like graduates of the New York public school systems could the warning labels anyway.

Given the results of the recent midterm elections the level of vitriol by groups like these will escalate dramatically as they scramble to preserve and expand their ill found gains. Muslims have intimidated so many people into ignoring the irrational brutality of their cult that they now rape, murder and pillage without consequence over large portions of the planet, all while demanding (and getting) their welfare benefits. Having observed to deference given to lawless islam both black racists (think Al Sharpton and nearly all the Ferguson terrorists) and illegal aliens are now demanding their “right” not only to be lawless themselves, but to be protected and rewarded for their lawlessness. Progressives like Camara continue to boldly assault the tradition of American independence. Sadly, the Kenyan muslim little Barry and his evil (yes Virginia there is evil in the world) minions agree with them.

Nothing I have just said is difficult to discern. The world is awash in the blood spilled by the religion of peace. Militant homosexuals targeting Christian business are treated as conquering heroes. The public education system is this country, having produced now its third generation of liberal ideologues, is an abject failure in every other respect. We conservatives are told to shut up and get on the right side of history. I simply cannot. History will look back on the last six years with absolute amazement and contempt. History will bear out the sanity of the conservative movement because the level of stupidity required to accept the current liberal, progressive, homosexual and islamic agenda as good and decent simply cannot exist naturally. That level of stupidity must be chosen.


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