Ferguson, Failure and the Coming Brown Wave

I have avoided the Ferguson controversy until now on purpose. All the lessons repeated there were taught and biases revealed by the Zimmerman/Martin tragedy. Even so, young Mr. Brown, through his brutish behavior, gave us an amazing display of how those who do not pay attention to history will repeat it. His followers (they stopped being protesters a long time ago) have also reminded us of the futility of facts in the face of a relentless mythology, ie America is a racist country. How else can we explain the successes of Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey, Little Barry etc?

The so-called “black vote” has been attached to the hip (some would say teat) of the democrat party for much of living memory. Having pondered this abusive relationship for many years I still cannot understand it let alone relate to it. Consider the following “accomplishments” just since little Barry took over. The median income for blacks has dropped from $35,387 in 2009 to $34,598 in 2013. In 2013 the number of blacks living under the poverty line topped 11 million. In 2009 25.8% of blacks lived below the poverty level. In 2013 it rose to 27.2%. Although blacks make up 13.2% of the U.S. population they make up 37.4% of the total federal and state prison population in 2013. At the beginning of 2009 46.1% of blacks owned their home. In 2013 that number dropped to 43%. For the period 2009 to 2011 black workers earning only minimum wage rose by 16.6 percent. Strangely enough blacks are fine with this. Don’t tell me they are not because they continue to vote en masse for the party that created, maintains and then blames these results on the evil rich white guys. Sun Tzu would be proud of the liberals ability to distract and deceive.

None of the racial hatred being displayed by black rioters in Ferguson right now has happened by accident. The current black entitlement mentality has been carefully nurtured and grown by the democrats since the late 1960’s. Before then blacks, as a whole, tended to have traditional families with traditional family values. The father both lived at home and held down a job. Mothers stayed home and raised their children. These families had high rates of church attendance, low out of wedlock birth rates and getting a good education was a clearly defined expectation of their children. Not that it was all storybook good but there was at least a foundation provided by the family that children could build on.

Then some over educated democrats came along and decided they knew what was best for the average black family. These caring liberals created government programs to pay young black women to have children out of wedlock, then to pay the mothers rent (it’s not fair to make the babies suffer), provided food stamps to those mothers (it’s not fair to let anyone go hungry), lowering the education standards for black children (it’s not fair to make them learn as much as other kids because they are disadvantaged) and daycare for the kids (it isn’t fair to make mom stay at home all the time). It didn’t take long before the role of parent was taken over by an “all-caring” federal government. Amazingly, it only took a couple of generations to shatter what had once been the best defense against the entitlement mentality, the traditional church going black family. The template for the Fergusons to come had been laid.

As a consequence of young people without guidance, discipline, education or direction in their lives the drug/rap culture began to develop. This was a seminal moment in black history. Blacks had gone from being slaves to being free. Now they were facing the choice of pursuing their freedom or enslaving themselves again. The attitude of the Brown followers in Ferguson clearly demonstrates they have chosen to remain on the liberal plantation.

In Ferguson we see the black community displaying the anger and attitude of an 1860 southern slaveholder when told his escaped slave will not be returned to him. Only a public lynching, they say, will slake their thirst for blood, for now. Sadly, until some grownups begin asserting themselves in the black community, there will be more Browns, more anger and more race hustling to confuse and condemn yet another generation to the plantation of liberalism.

Mindful to maintain their control over such a readily offended (controlled) population democrats swooped in to Ferguson. Minus only their sheets and hoods they paid carefully worded lip service to maintain black anger and appear “understanding.” As my TKD instructor used to tell me, “Angry people cannot think.” An unthinking person is easily manipulated, controlled or even defeated. Democrats need the black population to be angry. Think about that for a moment.

The worry that their fifty plus year run may end is making the democrats desperate to maintain power. Always on the lookout for “victims”, liberals see that that hispanics will soon outnumber blacks. In typical liberal fashion democrats see this as merely another opportunity to maintain their monopoly on “compassion.” Tragically, having established that the dependency template worked before, democrats are in the process of applying it to this countries growing hispanic population. The results at this point are mixed but by importing hundreds of thousands of poorly educated, low skilled and poverty stricken hispanics democrats believe they can speed up the dependency process. I fear they may be correct.

Sadly, the hispanic community has its share of race baiting, poverty pimps such as La Raza (literally “The Race,” as in the master race? One wonders). These hustlers are more than willing to trade their “race” for a seat at the power brokers table. In exchange for fancy homes, impressive titles, padded bank accounts and 6,000 square foot redwood decks they will condemn future generations of hispanics to the same dependency mentality that has destroyed the black community. Given the rush of so many illegal aliens to claim “their share” of government giveaways La Raza’s job may already be half done.

In the end, Ferguson may contain one of little Barry’s few “success” stories. Mr. Browns parents expect to make a small fortune selling T-shirts to their fellow, “oppressed” brothers and sisters. Finally, a shovel ready job. Talk about low expectations.

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