ILS or Ivy League Stupidity

I do not remember where I heard the term Ivy League Stupidity (I claim no credit for the concept) but it stuck with me. I have pondered that concept for a while now and have reached some conclusions. If you are a liberal or a progressive you are probably an ILS sufferer so, this would be a good time to leave. I assume no responsibility for your feelings.

My grandfather, a crew chief who spent his days fixing the bombers that survived the daylight raids over Hitlers Germany, was a very practical person. Anytime he saw someone who was supposedly smart doing something incredibly stupid, used to say that, “it takes a college education to break things but a high school diploma to fix them.” After forty years of liberal infiltration of the higher education system I fear he was far more correct than I ever thought. Consider the following.

In a much-praised unanimous vote the Seattle City Council has voted to celebrate “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” on the Columbus Day holiday. Co-sponsoring council member Bruce Harrell said, “I make no excuses for this legislation.” That is because, outside a terminal dose of political correctness, there is no excuse for such progressive showmanship. To further illustrate the extent of his ILS, the resolution was important, he said, because he believes the city won’t be successful in its social and outreach efforts until “we fully recognize the evils of our past.”

Excuse me? As a first generation American whatever happened some five hundred years ago is not “my” past. Sorry, the liberal demand for me to feel guilty over that which I had no part in simply doesn’t work on me. Nor should it work on anyone else.

To further illustrate how ILS progresses through those progressive/liberals afflicted with it we will visit city-state of Seattle again. The uber wise and environmentally sensitive city council passed a law that allows them to fine residents for throwing away to much of the wrong kind of (essentially food) trash. It will not take long for some city bureaucrat, terminally afflicted with ILS, to start fining the few “illiterate hayseed conservatives” that still live in the socialist workers paradise of Seattle. Really, you say? Well, why not? Who will stop them? Restraint and reason are ILS’s first casualties.

In the once great state of California, where ILS has run rampant over the last thirty years,
Gov. Moonbeam, uh sorry, Jerry Brown recently signed into law a bill that requires state health care providers be trained to better “understand” the health needs of the gay community. Can anyone say state enforced reeducation? I guess being a special protected class isn’t enough for the gay community. They also need to be immune from the consequences of their lifestyle. Can we be honest here? Engaging in such high risk behavior is a choice and when someone chooses to do dumb things why exactly is it my, or your, responsibility to cover the consequences?

The bills author, Assemblyman Richard Gordon, (Democrat, big surprise there) says the measure is needed because gay patients claim to have a variety of negative experiences with healthcare professionals. How dare those health care professionals talk about STD’s and risky behavior. Just what do they mean keep your pants on? Gordon continues with the assertion that gays are not treated with “resect” by hospital staff when visiting their “life partners.” First, when a gay person starts talking about respect it is open code for the only politically correct outcome, outright endorsement of the lifestyle. In the gay community respect is a one way street, they get it and if you don’t endorse their lifestyle you don’t. Second, the health care providers in question probably realize that the average “life partner” relationship will last less than a year and those are the long term ones. Now that is no excuse to be rude but it is also a pretty shaky basis on which to demand special treatment.

Ivy League college attendance is not required to become afflicted with ILS although exposure to an Ivy League school dramatically increases the risk of infection. In Ferguson blacks believe they have the “right” to riot, assault people and steal from local businesses because one of their own tried to assault a police officer and paid the ultimate price. These thugs have chosen to accept, despite all the available evidence, an alternate reality. They refuse to seek out, let alone consider, the facts. Those same “justice” seeking thugs, uh excuse me, ILS suffers, demand to be unaccountable for their actions while demanding the imprisonment or even murder of, at this point, an innocent police officer.

Finally, in an effort to prove that ILS is multicultural, students at the University of East Anglia in Britain are now being urged to participate in a new scheme called ‘Go with the Flow’. Yes, the university that brought you the fraud (according to their own emails) known as global warming is now asking its students to save water by urinating in the shower. As my grandfather would say when confronted by insurmountable stupidity, “Well alrighty then.”

On an individual basis ILS can provide its sufferer with a wide range of side effects. A profound sense of entitlement to whatever you want, even at the expense of others is a serious warning sign of the onset of ILS. A deep seated moral superiority over anyone who disagrees with you on anything is often the next symptom. An overwhelming sense of righteous indignation when someone doesn’t accept that you know what is best for them is a dreadfully common symptom. The ability to give freely as much of other peoples money and freedom as you think is necessary to correct “societies wrongs” and the mistaken belief that you should be immune from the consequences of your actions are painfully common symptoms as well. ILS reaches its reasoning terminating phase when the suffer can no longer tolerate dissent from their correct worldview in any form. At this point the ILS victim (often by this stage living in an imaginary world of his own creation and utterly dependent on the mainstream media for his talking points) is incapable of rational thought or fact based discourse. At this stage there is virtually nothing concerned family and friends can do.

To reverse this syndrome the ILS sufferer first needs to recognize that they have a problem. Then they should seek help from someone who understands freedom, responsibility, liberty, self reliance, capitalism and a firm grasp of actual American history. I recommend an intensive study of the writings of Thomas Sowell, Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Walter E Williams, Michelle Malkin, any of the founding fathers or any of Americas founding documents.

On an individual basis ILS is sometimes funny to watch (some whacked out girl in San Francisco asking people in a restaurant not to eat her pet chicken), nearly always sad (Sandra Fluke can pay $60,000 a year for tuition but not $10 a month for birth control), sometimes frightening (the democratic governor of Colorado threatening to release a murderer if he isn’t reelected) and sometimes even tragic (the Kenyan little Barry believing the only way to stop Ebola is to import it into America).

On a national level ILS is suicidal.


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