Multiculturalism, Islamic Rape Gangs and the Tip of the Iceberg

Beginning around 1989, in the once great nation of Britain, numerous Sikh fathers were tried and convicted for attacking muslim men. The fathers were responding to the islamic rape gangs running unchecked and unthreatened by the police in their neighborhoods. Their daughters, some as young as 11 years old, had been blackmailed, drugged or intimidated into prostitution. The muslims involved were virtually never charged as the local police, council members and even child welfare organizations refused to see what was happening right before their eyes.

I want to be clear here. Multiculturalism is the process that allows rape gangs to ply their evil trade with seeming impunity. In Britain the vastly over educated, overpaid and over tolerant “diversity” bureaucracy, often chose to blame the victims rather than the criminals. Their position is that only they are “sophisticated” enough too truly understand what is happening so only they can respond appropriately. This is a classic symptom of multiculturalism.

The vile concept of multiculturalism allows two things to happen simultaneously. First it allows the muslim community, which is fully aware of the rape gangs activity and remains silent about it, to threaten race riots if the police act. Second, these same muslims threatened to file racism complaints on anyone who pursues the rape gangs or their members.

Under the concept of multiculturalism, British law and human decency are free to be ignored. In the islamic culture, rape of non-muslims is acceptable so the British, according to the multiculturalist enablers, should just be more accepting. A few children sacrificed in the name of multiculturalism doesn’t seem to bother the multicultural “elites.”

To be fair there have been a few symbolic prosecutions of a few “gang leaders.” It is worth noting that, as far as I can determine, none of thousands of men who have participated in the rape parties have been prosecuted. How do we know there were thousands of men? These rape parties were often filmed. Even Mayberries Barney Fife could find some of these perverts to prosecute.

Another consideration that no one in authority wants to talk about is money. Each of these child prostitutes can be worth as much as $200,000 a year. In Rotherham, England the total number of girls involved so far was 1400. Do the math. That could be as much as $280,000,000 over the last twenty-five years. That could be millions a year. One has to wonder just how much of this money is used to fund the indifference of the local authorities? How much of this money is sent to terrorists? How many people have been murdered by those same terrorists with the weapons purchased by the blood money from Rotherham?

The prevailing opinion of many that have investigated Rotherham is that Rotherham is not unique. They worry that islamic rape gangs are operating all over the United Kingdom. Rotherham they fear is the tip of an iceberg that simply became too large to disguise any longer. One can only wonder how many more “icebergs” will be appearing and where.

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