The Gentle Giant And Other Liberal Myths

At least one psychiatrist has determined progressive/liberalism to be a legitimate mental disorder. Another has written a book with the same premise. Having watched liberals over the last forty years I could have told both of them that years ago. While cognitive dissonance plays a huge part in liberal thinking I cant help thinking that, at some point, liberals make a conscious choice to suspend reality in favor of the myths that make them feel better about themselves.

Once adopted, and this is where the cognitive dissonance comes into play. No fact that does not fit the myth will be tolerated. Having fully invested in the myth no objective analysis on their part is possible or even desirable. Any attempt, no matter how factually accurate or reasonable must be dispensed with, often with nothing more than vicious personal attacks. Boil down all the liberal responses to any sort of criticism, real or perceived and you will find one of only three possible responses, you are racist, you are intolerant or the science has been settled.

A question I would love to ask liberals is, “Why do you choose to live in such a small world?” The problem is that they would not understand the nature of my inquiry. Now, on to some of the myths.

Jobs Americans will not do

The Center for Immigration Studies recently released a report that showed of the “the 472 civilian occupations defined by the Department of Commerce, only six are majority immigrant (legal and illegal).” There were other findings in the study that are sure to anger progressives and the republican establishment. The study showed that “51 percent of maids and housekeepers, 63 percent of butchers and meat processors, 64 percent of grounds maintenance workers, 66 percent of construction laborers, and 73 percent of janitors employed are U.S.-born.” So much for the myth that there are jobs Americans will not do. This study shows quite plainly that there simply are not enough jobs for Americans let alone 5 million illegal aliens.

Immigration is a high priority to Latinos

Univision, not exactly a conservative group, recently conducted a poll that found that immigration is not even at the top of concerns among Latino voters. The driving concern over immigration reform seems to be a big-business (facebook, chamber of commerce) desire for cheap labor and liberals seeking to drive up the number of illegal voters. Another national poll showed that the majority of Americans want a pause on the number of immigrants coming into America. The same poll also showed that a large majority of those polled want employers to prefer American workers instead of immigrants.

The fifty percent divorce rate

Harvard-trained researcher and author Shaunti Feldhahn has good news about the state of marriage in America. Her book, “The Good News About Marriage: Debunking Discouraging Myths about Marriage and Divorce,” gives groundbreaking findings from an extensive eight-year study on marriage and divorce in America.

Her research reveals that most marriages succeed. She shows how the divorce rate has never come close to much ballyhooed fifty percent, how most marriages are happy and how small changes in a marriage make a big difference. The real shocker for liberals though is the finding that church goers have a “significantly” lower divorce rate than non church goers. In fact, she shows how since the 1980’s the “shelf life” of marriages in America has risen sharply.

White racism is alive and well

I guess electing a “black” president not once but twice didn’t mean anything. Neither does the accomplishments of people like Oprah, Bill Cosby, Clarence Thomas or any of thousands of highly successful “black” people.

Can we be honest here? Racism drives everything progressives do. The media can edit 911 tapes to make that “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman appear racist without the slightest twinge of guilt. When 59% of whites voted for Mitt Romney that was clear evidence of institutional racism on the part of white Americans but 95% of blacks voting for Obama is not. A “non-white” cop in Salt Lake City, Utah kills an unarmed “white” man and the media cannot even bring itself to notice the event any more than they will report on black flash mobs attacking whites, hispanics and asians in droves around the country or the Shariah “no go” zones that police in certain parts of Michigan avoid. Liberals and their media slaves will not tell you that 53% of murders in the US are committed by the 13% of US the population that is black. Even more sad is the fact that nearly 85% of murder victims are black. On nearly any given week an average of 25 young black men are shot in Chicago alone. In liberal eyes tough law enforcement would be racist because many more blacks than whites would be “targeted.” It is the liberal mindset that allows black folks to continue to die without notice, comment or reflection. Racism (is there another word for this level of callous disregard for human life?) is alive and well in the progressive ranks.

The gentle giant

The media narrative out of Ferguson was both predictable and completely wrong. What happened, from a media perspective is absolute proof that the so-called media has a race biased template through which every story like this is run. There was no effort by that same media that I could discern to determine what had actually happened that day. The cop was white, Brown was black and that’s all it took to prove the entire incident was racially motivated.

Even so, there were some facts available to the media within hours or days. For starters they knew Michael Brown had just allegedly perpetrated a strong-arm robbery, a fact Brown knew and probably thought that’s why he was being stopped. His brutish behavior was captured on video and can not be denied. The following soon became apparent. Wilson struggled with Brown and Brown severely beat the officer trying to escape. Once Brown was free Officer Wilson, showing more courage than any liberal I can think of, followed him and ordered him to stop. Brown turned and charged at Officer Wilson. Only one witness claimed that Brown was shot in cold blood. That was Browns alleged criminal cohort Dorian Johnson, who the police have decided not to charge as an accomplice in the robbery. The media, now trying to regain some credibility, is reporting that Johnson has an outstanding warrant for theft and plead guilty to filing a false police report at least once before. There were a dozen witnesses who corroborated Officer Wilson’s account of the story but the media and the Brown family chose to ignore the facts and pursue their racial bias. (As a parent I feel for the loss of their son but that loss does not entitle you to your own set of “facts.”)

We later learned that blood tests confirm Brown had drugs in his system. While this may be another example of why “recreational” use of pot is stupid, it also shows that Browns decision making skills were greatly compromised at the time. This is Browns fault, all 6 feet 4 inches and 290 pounds of him. Lets be honest here, if you had already been assaulted once by this guy and he decided to come back for more can you honestly tell me you would not fear for your life?

Finally I would like to dispose of the excessive force myth, ie why did Officer Wilson have to shoot him six times. Both in the military and as a private security officer I was always taught that you shoot until the threat is neutralized. Many police officers I have talked with say they are trained the same way. As long as Brown remained on his feet and continued to charge Wilson I would expect the officer to continue firing. I have no doubt that if after the first shot Brown had stopped charging and got on the ground he would be alive today. No matter his skin color Officer Wilson has the right to go home alive and that is just the way it should be.

There are many more liberal myths. Global warming, democrats are for the little guy, multiculturalism, gender inequality, more money in education gives better student performance, the religion of peace, green energy etc, etc. A complete listing of liberal myths would fill a rather large book. In the liberal progressive mind the only thing that counts is intentions. Results are irrelevant to them. I am pretty sure we all know what the road to hell is paved with. The question now is, why are progressives in such a damn hurry to get there?

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