Gays, Marriage, Emotion and the Iron Ring

Poor coach Tony. He really didn’t do or say anything wrong. All he wanted was to avoid “distractions.” Now he is the focus of evil in the modern world. Welcome to the life of your average conservative, coach. And no, none of your apologies will ever help. Until you give up your faith and start advocating for the 1.6% (see below) of American homosexuals to replace the 98.4% of the rest of us you will never be “accepted” again. Just another example of gay tolerance and militant political correctness in action.

I have been listening to the whole gay marriage “debate” for the last few years now with a deep sense of sadness. The gay lobby has always reminded me of the crooked cop and tow truck driver (with the media in the supporting role of the judge) in the Alfred Hitchcock show “The Crooked Road.” I try really hard to avoid those kind of totally self interested and mean by choice people. Given gays apparent latent militancy that is becoming increasingly more difficult to do as they seek to force the label of legitimacy (can we be honest here? In a recent CDC study only 1.6% of respondents self-identified as gay or lesbian, and even less, 0.7%, self-identified as bisexual) onto their behavior.

Aside from the angry arrogance of the gay lobby I have always found it curious that they felt so absolutely entitled to rewrite 5,000 plus years of written human history with their demand to redefine marriage. It is kind of like one or two church members demanding that the Catholic Church make the Ten Commandments optional.

As presented by it’s supporters, the creation of “gay marriage” is entirely justified because of one simple “fact.” That “fact” is that two people “love” each other. It is an emotionally oriented plea designed to generate sympathy and suspend reason in those it is directed at. If one pulls the emotion out of that justification you are left in a rather tenuous position because love is not the only requirement or purpose for marriage. If you allow it, emotion will become the iron ring in your nose that others will use to lead you around with. Frankly, the militant homosexuals are pulling a lot of rings right now.

So what happens if marriage is redefined to allow for same sex couples? Potentially a lot. On what basis then could polygamists be denied marriage? I am sure that they all “love” each other. On what basis could the marriage of brother and sister be denied? I’m sure they are “committed” to each other. How do you deny the 50-year-old pedophile a “marriage” to his 16-year-old boyfriend? Before you scoff remember that the pedophile wing of the gay movement (NAMBLA) is working diligently (all the while advocating for gay marriage) to legalize adult/child sex.

Oh please the gays say, we are “committed” to each other. They beat us over the head constantly with this nonsense. Perhaps some are but in my experience, not so much. As a teen my mom had two gay male friends who spent a lot of time trying to get me (I was 15 at the time) to have sex with them. I could not have been less interested and thankfully they never forced anything but they were insistent and persistent, even to the point of trying on more than one occasion to get me high or drunk. Did that color my perception of gays, of course. Did it suspend my ability to reason on the subject, no.

The real question though is, is such behavior out of the norm for gays? During my time in the U.S. Navy I served with a gay man who constantly “advertised” his services. Avoiding him was a nearly full time occupation when we were at sea. During my nearly thirty year career with the state I worked with a gay man who averaged a new “steady” boyfriend every two to three months, for ten years. He even had a “civil commitment” that lasted all of nine months. Commitment, okay sure but committed to what?

However nothing traumatized me more than when I worked security at a gay pride event. Due to the decency standards I have I will not describe a lot of what I had to witness but one thing stands out as especially egregious. The event was opened with a parade. There is nothing like a bunch of self-absorbed narcissists in tutu’s to get a laugh going. A couple of us guards laughed so hard we were cursed at by some of the afore mentioned tutu boys, or were they supposed to be girls? I don’t remember, I was to busy laughing. Boy do they take themselves so seriously! Anyway, at the front of that parade was an angry 300-lb, biker wannabe, black spandex clad, purple haired “mother” with her daughter. The little girl could not have been more than five years old. This poor little child was made to carry a sign that was bigger than she was. The sign read “I AM A BULL DYKE!” No sweetheart you are not. You are a small child being, in my opinion, used and abused by a “mother” more concerned about her political agenda than her child. No five-year-old needs to be indoctrinated like this.

Then there are the false arguments like, “I want my partner to be able to visit me in the hospital” or “I don’t want to pay inheritance tax when my partner dies.” Well cry me a river. The fact is no hospital will deny your partners visitation and many spouses pay inheritance taxes. As for the whole inheritance issue, addressing this requires nothing more than a simple adjustment to the tax code not the redefinition of marriage.

Oh, oh, but I want benefits from my partners employer. Really? For nine months? To cover your pregnancy? What’s wrong with getting benefits from your employer? No employer should be forced to provide “gay” partner benefits. And if they choose to do so, again, all that’s required is a simple adjustment to company policy.

The whole gay marriage thing reminds me of a quote from one the Star Trek movies. Spock, in answer to a question sums up my thoughts on “gay marriage” precisely, “Nothing unreal exists.”


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