The Deafening Silence of Little Barry And His Hallelujah Chorus

On May 31st Marine Corps Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi was on his way to dinner with friends in San Ysidro, California. Having moved to San Diego only days earlier and having yet to find an apartment he had virtually everything he owned in his car with him. Everything included three legally owned and registered firearms.

Driving at night in unfamiliar territory Tahmooressi missed his intended exit. To complicate things the sign warning of the last U-turn before the Mexican border is small, blue and unlit. San Ysidro, being less that two miles from the border Tahmooressi soon found himself at the border.

According to the Associated Press, who was able to talk briefly with the decorated veteran, he thought that he would be able to explain to Mexican authorities that he wanted to turn around when he reached the border. His 911 call made shortly after he crossed the border seems to confirm his intentions.

The Mexican police had other ideas. They quickly surrounded Tahmooressi and sent him to one of the most dangerous prisons in the country, La Mesa Penitentiary. In an effort to seemingly ensure Tahmooressi would be brutalized they placed him in with the general prison population.

Not long afterwards Tahmooressi was threatened with rape and death by torture. Rather than trust his fate to prison guards more often than not paid for and controlled by the drug cartels, Tahmooressi escaped. Sadly, before he could make it to the border he was recaptured.

Prison officials then placed him in solitary confinement and chained his hands and feet to his bed for over thirty days. Tahmooressi was then sent to a maximum security facility forty miles outside of Tijuana. He is looking at serving up to 21 years in a Mexican prison for accidentally carrying his legally owned and registered firearms across the border.

The silence from this administration about the plight of this hero is deafening. Seriously, what have you heard more about recently, Sgt. Tahmooressi or Barry’s golf game? The torture of Sgt. Tahmooressi or the imagined effects of climate change? What does the lying political hack Jay Carney talk about, Sgt. Tahmooressi or the apparent fact that Barry doesn’t know anything going on in his administration until he learns about it in the Hallelujah Chorus ie, mainstream media.

Perhaps if Tahmooressi were black little Barry might be concerned enough to actually mention what had happened. Perhaps if Tahmooressi was like one of the Mexican murders, rapists, pedophiles and armed robbers he recently allowed ICE to release from U. S. custody he could be bothered to pay some slight attention. If there were some way to blame Bush there can be no doubt little Barry would be all over this but, sadly, the good Sgt. had the cards stacked against him. You see he is a veteran and we all now know exactly what little Barry thinks of veterans. Then there was the fact that he was a gun owner. That is simply unconscionable in the tiny, ideologically driven mind of little Barry. Nope, Barry will sacrifice this brave man and not lose a wink of sleep over it.

Little Barry is not alone however in his abandoning of an American hero. Glen Beck made a great observation. “You’d think,” he said “the same type of people who complain and file lawsuits when terrorists are forced to listen to loud music at [Guantanamo] would be outraged that one of our own has been chained to his bed for a month!” No Glen, they are not. Those intellectual pygmies cannot see past the fact that he was a member of the military and a gun owner. In their empty little politically correct minds he deserves everything he gets.

A final question. Where is Barry’s Hallelujah Chorus on this. What happened to “if it bleeds it leads” journalism? Why has no member of the media asked what, if anything has been done to get our wounded warrior home? Why has this outrage been given virtually no media coverage? Where is the so-called Republican leadership when one of hero’s is being tortured and unjustly imprisoned?

Sgt. Tahmooressi know that this veteran will not forget you. What about you America?


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