B5 A Warning From The Past

I am a longtime fan of B-5. I have the entire series on DVD and have watched it over and over. One of the things that drew me so deeply into the show was just how well developed the personal relationships were. Over and over they demonstrate their dedication to the concepts of trust, loyalty and devotion. The command staff of B-5 are the truest friends of the highest order. They are the kind of friends we would all give our eyeteeth to have and few of us have the courage to be.

I recently re-watched seasons two and three Babylon Five. As I journeyed through the many travails and adventures of my television friends I couldn’t help feel a strong but familiar undercurrent. It was as if this was frighteningly all too familiar.

Not familiar in the sense that I had watched the shows before, as I have many times but familiar in a more visceral sense. It wasn’t just that I could understand the problems and emotions my TV friends were experiencing in an intellectual sense. It all seemed to strike a previously unknown and powerfully resonating chord within me. Then I realized all the travails of the B5 command staff seem to be happening in real time today. (I especially remember the scene where the shop owner is being intimidated because he is protesting the president.) That realization suddenly made perfect sense of that vague, unsettling feeling that had been with me as I watched. It was as if back in the nineties when the show was filmed, we were being given a preview of what was to happen in the political/social arena today.

As I thought about the concept numerous parallels jumped out at me in mere moments. As I continued to delve into the similarities I realized that these parallels existed not just at the surface but often times in layer upon layer.

Instead of President Clark think Barrack Obama.
Is being willingly used by an unseen power (Soros, Muslim Brotherhood). Assumed and maintains his power deviously (outright lies about nearly everything, voter fraud). Ignores the laws that interfere with his agenda (instructing ICE not to enforce deportation laws). Like President Clark, seeking to create his own police force (admitted to in a speech). Surrounded himself with un-elected advisors (Czars) to avoid dealing with elected representatives. Changes laws and policy through executive fiat rather than the legislative process (countless executive orders and signing statements). Will only use the legislative process when the outcome is assured. Does not tolerate dissent in any form (IRS targeting/NSA spying/data collection).

Instead of PSI Corp. think of the National Democratic Party.
Like being born a telepath, many people are “born” Democrat, accepting the party dogma without question (The corps is mother, the corps is father/democrats care for the little guy). Maintaining at the request of the president, files on all who dissent. Serving as a platform for routine character assassination of any who question the party, its goals, activities or its leaders. Actively promoting the election of “pliable” candidates to any and all elective offices. Helping to indoctrinate the young and old alike. PSI Corps has its own school system, the DNC has the American public and higher education system.

Instead of Ministry of Peace/Night Watch think Department of Justice/NSA.
Secretly spying on peoples phone calls/emails/ friends lists and encouraging citizens to spy and report on each other. Setting up hotlines for people to call such as in Arizona. Practicing selective enforcement of the law in the extreme. Initiating and enforcing speech and thought codes. Intimidating dissenters with actual and threatened lawsuits, regulations, search and seizure and “enforcement” actions, in the name of “protecting the public” from the “evil” right wing and tea partiers (alien influences in B5 parlance).

Instead of the Shadows think militant Islam.
Seeking world domination. Denying their existence/agenda to a large extent in public while admitting it, in part, to their allies. Working in secret with top leadership who, while also denying their existence, seeks to foster the Islamist goals in the misguided belief that they will somehow profit/gain from the process.

Instead of the Ministry of Truth think mainstream media.
Dedicated to propagandizing the public through the spread of lies of omission and commission, distortions and misinformation. Its main goal is the shaping of opinion and the revision of history in line with the Democratic parties agenda.

Instead of ISN think CNN/MSNBC.
No longer an objective news source but claims vehemently to be one. Dedicated to the “official” news of the day. Its new primary function is to rationalize the Presidents agenda for public consumption.

Instead of “36 Hours” (ISN News) think “60 Minutes”, “Frontline” or” 20/20”.
A cleverly disguised attempt to shape public opinion on specific current events/topics using misinformation, dis-information and outright propaganda.

Instead of PSI Cop Bestor think Eric Holder.
Never tells the whole truth. Tries to play both sides against the middle. Willing to sacrifice anyone to further his agenda. Can anyone say Agents Terry and Zapatia? Plays the “race” card the way Bestor plays the “teep” card. Always protects himself no matter the cost.

It must be stated here that if you watch the series it is important that you start from the beginning. While each individual show stands on its own it is also part of a much larger story line. This means that there are often references to things that will not make sense if the shows are watched out of order or in isolation. There are doubtless other similarities and when I have some time I am going to watch the show again with an eye for them.

I just hope I am ready for the chills that will run down my spine.

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