Meet The 800lb Duck

Who needs an 800lb gorilla when you have a duck dynasty? The “offense” mongers at GLAAD and companies like A&E and Cracker Barrel may very well be asking themselves that question today.

When Duck Dynasty family patriarch Phil, an openly devout Christian, answered a question on religion and sin his response should have surprised no one. Hundreds of millions of Christians, Jews and yes, even the Muslim “religion of peace”, hold a similar scriptural interpretation of homosexuality and sexual promiscuity.

What may have started out as a case of “gotcha” journalism almost instantly morphed into an opportunity for those looking to be offended to “be”, offended. Chief among the offended was homosexual promotion/indoctrination machine known as GLAAD.

GLAAD, doing what liberal groups always do, selectively edited the remarks to create something that “offended” them. To lend credence to their “outrage” they also had to deliberately ignore the context of Phil’s answer. They were only to aware of how the fellow travelers in the media would spin the story so GLAAD saw no risk in doing what they did. It worked, at first.

When GLAAD whined, A&E, the network that runs Phils show promptly suspended him for what they deemed as his insensitive remarks. Shortly there afterwards the restaurant chain Cracker Barrel pulled all its Duck Dynasty merchandise from its store shelves, apparently in support of GLAAD’s being offended. Twitter, for a short time, blocked access to an “I support Phil” account. The gay liberals, all 27 and 1/2 of them, were on a roll.

Then an unfamiliar concept began applying itself slowly but surely to the artificial construct created by GLAAD and their insipid followers. You and I understand this concept as reality. Having spent my entire life in reality the concept does not confuse me. A&E, Cracker Barrel and Twitter on the other hand have precious little experience in reality. They never saw it coming.

The politically correct class watched in stunned amazement as retail giant Wal-Mart sold out of Duck Dynasty merchandise almost overnight. Within days of A&E’s announcement millions of ordinary Americans, after offering blistering criticisms of the network, signed petitions to A&E to reinstate Phil. In the face of withering criticism Cracker Barrel not only restocked their Duck Dynasty merchandise but, in a rare case of corporate courage, actually apologized to their customers for having pulled it. Needless to say, I urge everyone to eat a meal at Cracker Barrel and let them know why you are there.

The Duck Dynasty flap is a small example of how the liberals and their thought police act and how ordinary people, living in the real world, must respond. Liberals, having corrupted the language and unable to argue anything factually resort to distortions and emotional appeals to “win” their arguments. Emotion, for liberals, is the iron ring in our noses with which they intend to lead us to their Promised Land.

Liberal run corporations are perfectly content to sacrifice our rights as long as their bottom line remains unaffected. In the war against liberals and their thought police, the consumers dollar speaks louder than any thing. We ordinary Americans just proved that and, I think its time we proved it some more.


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