The Politics Of The Blind

My grandfather, when dealing with someone who was somehow able to ignore the massively obvious would often say, “No one is blinder than the man who will not see.” If he were alive today he would doubtlessly direct this sentiment at those who still blindly follow the Kenyan little Barry and his minions.

In the face of numerous unmitigated disasters this alleged president still has a legion of followers who not only will not “see” but, seek to punish anyone who does “see.” Consider the case of Norina Mooney, a 20-year employee of Santa Clara county, California. 

It seems Mooney was overheard by a fellow employee who felt she was criticizing Obamacare. Mooney claims she was simply talking with another employee about how many people had lost their health insurance because of Obamacare.

In what should surprise no one (we are talking about California state government employees after all), Mooney says the office she works in is replete with pro Barry stuff. She said many of the office staff openly wore Barrys campaign oriented clothes during the Kenyans re-election bid.

Not long after the offending conversation Mooney was called into her supervisors office. Mooney says she was verbally disciplined because an unidentified person was offended by her Obamacare remarks. Mooney says the supervisor informed her that from now on if she has anything negative to say about Obamacare, or anything political to say, she must exit the building first. 

Mooney has obtained legal counsel and I hope they can find an honest judge to hear the case. Were I king for a day both the supervisor and the offended party would be collecting unemployment, after writing Mooney letters of apology.

The sad part of this story is twofold. First the behavior of the supervisor does not seem to be all that uncommon. I have a supervisor of similar attitude myself. Second, and perhaps even more disturbing, very few people seem to be concerned about his sort of behavior. The supervisor in this story clearly feels that Mooneys first amendment freedoms are subject to the approval of others. Someone should have told the supervisor a long time ago that it simply does not work that way America. In third world cesspools run by tin-plated dictators yes but not here.

It may sound melodramatic but it is none the less true, tyranny starts this way. The people who seek to control you must first eliminate free and open speech. All one needs to do to prove my point is look at any of the so-called Ivy League College speech codes. These codes are sold as efforts to stop everything from thoughtless cruelty to bigotry and even hate. As if limiting speech ever stopped someone from being stupid.

What a speech code really is, is an egregious form of thought control. Liberals, unable to win virtually any argument on the facts, have to base their “arguments” on false premises. Speech codes are put in place, in part or in whole, to firm up the basis of and create the appearance of acceptability, of those false premises.

The other requirement for the success of tyranny is that, as the saying goes, good men do nothing. When we allow ourselves to be intimidated by what others might “think” about us, we have taken a huge first step towards servitude.

It is a step I suspect the Kenyan would deeply approve of.

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