Tidbits 4

    What is it with liberals? They simply cannot stand anyone stepping out of their rigid boundaries. Take the case of 11-year-old Oregon resident Madison Root.

    Young Ms. Root was scheduled to get braces. Being smarter, apparently, than the bureaucrats she would soon run afoul of, she knew the braces would be expensive. She told a local news station that “I felt like I could help my dad with the money.”  So one Saturday she gathered up some mistletoe from her uncles farm that she had cut and wrapped herself and headed off to the Portland Saturday Market.

    A security guard hired by the market would not allow Ms. Root to sell her mistletoe, telling the young girl she could sell outside the venue or simply ask people for money. He was, he said, simply enforcing city code.

    Unlike many of the entitlement-centered children of Ms. Roots age, she wanted to earn her money. “I don’t want to beg,” she said “I would rather work for something than beg.” 

    As further evidence of Ms. Roots good character, she simply could not understand why drug dealers were permitted in the market but she wasn’t. I confess I don’t understand either.

    Ms. Root has learned first hand that liberals cannot tolerate any form of self-reliance. I think it is a lesson she will take to heart.

    In the United States Navy the highest commendation we could earn was “well done.” Ms. Root, well done!

    This next story surprised even me. It just goes to show these people are called animal rights whackos for a reason.

    The Non Human Rights Project has filed suit in New York asking a judge to declare a 26-year-old chimpanzee named Tommy “a cognitively complex autonomous legal person with the fundamental right not to be imprisoned.”

    I guess taking a farmers land from him because it rained and his land is now classified as “protected wetlands” because there may be some critters attracted to the water isn’t enough for whackos like this.

    Let’s follow this through to its logical (if I can use that word here) conclusion. If Tommy is declared a person will he be granted the right to vote? Will he qualify for medicare/medicade, food stamps? What if he violates the law, does he go to prison or a zoo somewhere? Can he decide to marry a human female? A human male (in some states)? Suppose Tommy develops an affinity for firearms, can he own and use one? What about driving a car? Will he be allowed to go wherever he wants and do whatever he wants? He is after all a “legal” person in this scenario.

    Then there are the really important issues to deal with. What if Tommy engages in discrimination? What if he perpetuates a ‘hate crime” or sexual harassment? How is the “system” going to deal with “cognitively complex autonomous legal person” Tommy?

    I understand some will accuse me of using extreme examples. I would ask those people to think about the mindset that could conceive a chimp as a human equivalent. Once that threshold is crossed, the examples I listed may not be long in coming to pass.

    As to the next complaint I am likely to hear, I have no problems enforcing animal cruelty laws. These laws are well intentioned and only the heartless would seek their removal or abandonment. 

    As for the animal rights whackos, “We’re just going to keep filing suits.” Lovely. The sad part of this is I can actually imagine the DNC chasing after the “cognitively complex autonomous legal person” vote.

    Now a word about everyone’s favorite subject, Obamacare.

    In testimony on capitol hill, “white hat” hacker David Kennedy who tests website security told congress about the Obamacare website, “When you develop a website, you develop it with security in mind. And that doesn’t appear to have happened this time.”

    He continued the bad news by adding, “It’s really hard to go back and fix the security around it because security wasn’t built into it.”

    He further dashed liberal hopes for proclaiming the virtues of the healthcare.com website with this chilling prediction, “We’re talking multiple months to over a year to at least address some (emphasis mine) of the critical to high exposures on the website itself.”

    As a chief executive of TrustedSec, Mr. Kennedy knows of what he speaks. If this revelation does not frighten you it should. If you have already entered your information on the website, you should be very, very worried. Given the public revelations of the sites insecurities it is virtually guaranteed that hackers will be working overtime to steal your information.

The state run exchanges, according to Mr. Kennedy, are not much safer. The Vermont Health Connect website just recently confirmed a data breach. Identity thieves, if they have not done so already, are going to have a field day with your information and the Kenyan little Barry is doing essentially nothing to stop them. Thank you low information voters.

Finally, a tragedy that need not have happened.

Two years ago 33 year old Jesse Benavidas was at a birthday party. So was Santana Goana, who had recently been released from jail after allegedly raping and beating his estranged wife. While in jail he was identified as an illegal alien and scheduled for deportation. ICE officials canceled the deportation order because Mr. Goana was supposedly an informant for several federal agencies, including the FBI, who ordered the cancellation of Goanas deportation. 

Jesse Benavidas and his eight-year-old son were at the same party as Goanas. When Jesse tried to stop a fight between Goanas and his estranged wife, Goanas pulled a gun and shot Jesse. Jesse’s son witnessed the shooting and has suffered from the trauma ever since.

Federal law enforcement officers, speaking on condition of anonymity (for obvious reasons) have told many reporters that the Kenyan little Barry’s administration makes it impossible for them to do their jobs. These officers believe that pro illegal immigration groups have more say about enforcing immigration laws than they do.

A department of Homeland Security official, again speaking on condition of anonymity, said “We’ve been kept away from rallies where illegal aliens are protesting U.S. laws – we’re not allowed to make arrests, deport criminals and the system is made to work against us.”
The official continued, “What happened to Jesse is a terrible crime but it happens every day because we are kept from doing our jobs to protect our citizens. Criminals seem to have more rights.”

The president of the ICE National Council, the union that represents over 7,500 officers and staff, Chris Crane, echoes the Homeland security officials sentiments. “The toughest thing for our guys is releasing felons, these child molesters and knowing these bad guys are back on the streets.”

He continued, “It’s the policy of this administration to make it as difficult as possible for our law enforcement officers to do their job. If the American public could see what we see, they would be out in the streets demanding enforcement and change, not immigration reform.”

If I were king for a day, Mr. Goanas would be entitled to only two things. To quote one of my heroes, John Wayne, “a fair trial and a decent hanging.” 


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