The Measure of Success

Everyone has a way to measure success. Sometimes we all agree on what constitutes success. The fastest time on the track or a winning score for example. Other times the definition of success is more subjective. Like doing one more push up than you thought you could or finishing that great American novel you have been working on for the last ten years.

    In the arena of politics numbers nearly always measures success. The most votes or the most campaign cash/donations are typical measures. It is often said that, “the numbers don’t lie.” There is much truth in that.

    In his drive to “fundamentally change” this country the Kenyan little Barry must be pleased beyond measure at the following measures of his success.

    In the month of June this year the Department of Agriculture revealed that 23,116,928 American households were enrolled in the SNAP (AKA food stamp) program. To put this in perspective there are 52% more Americans on food stamps now than when the Kenyan was elected. I know, five years later it’s still Bush’s fault.

    Conservatives like me see this as an abject failure of leadership. Liberals however view this as a stunning success. Of course they can’t come out and publicly say that but numbers like this send tingles up the legs of little Barry’s followers. These are the kind of numbers allow them to trumpet just how much they “care for the little guy.” You know, the little guy that needs food stamps in place of a job.

No one can possibly be more compassionate than a liberal giving taxpayer money to illegal aliens. Los Angeles county officials project they will pay out $650 million in benefits to illegal aliens this year. Add to that total $550 million for public safety and almost $500 million for healthcare and you can see just who liberals really care for. Little Barry and the boys view this as a tremendous success. They have successfully conditioned the people of California to not only reward those who have no respect for our laws or way of life but then to not even complain about having to do so.

On the economic front the success continues unabated. Since 2008 real median income has dropped every single year. The number of Americans living in poverty has risen in three out of four years of the Kenyans first term. One only has to look at the current job creation numbers to see how little Barry will go four for four in his second term. What the proud liberals wont tell you is that almost 75% of the recent jobs “created” by the Kenyans economic policies are part time. Vast numbers of Americans will be forced to trade full time employment for lackluster and unaffordable health insurance thanks to Obamacare.

On the international front things are progressing stunningly well. The Kenyan signed a waiver to the ban on arming terrorists. His al-Qaida supporters are having a difficult time constraining their joy but have managed to do so for now.
To understand why this is considered a success you must understand that while Barry is happy with the Iranian regime, he simply cannot wait to help install Islamic extremists in Syria. Al-Qaida needs its own country and little Barry is going to deliver one come hell or high water.  

Finally, in a story the so-called medial will not tell you, Barrys allies strike again. One brave CIA employee has refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement concerning the Benghazi cover up. He has been suspended from his job and forced to hire an attorney. Since you are likely unaware allow me to be the first to tell you. It has been reported that all the Benghazi survivors and numerous CIA and state department employees have been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements concerning their knowledge of what happened that night. To ensure compliance these people are required to undergo repeated polygraph examinations.

To the Kenyan little Barry this is a success. No one must ever know what he was doing for those eight hours between the murder of our ambassador and his nap. As for who issued the “stand down” order, well, Barry and his thugs will do anything to see that information never sees the light of day.

Yes, in the liberal mindset the last four years has been a stunning success. More Americans are on public assistance than ever and that number is projected to continue its rapid, upward spiral. We are being spied on in previously unimaginable ways and any who dare complain about it are labeled radical extremists. The Justice department and the IRS have been fully politicized, turned into the enforcement arms of the Kenyan little Barry. The media continues its slavish love affair in the mistaken belief that they will somehow be immune when the conversion of America into a tin plated, third world dictatorship is complete. Finally, the public education system has created its second generation of intellectual vacuums.
Yes, liberals are happy.

They say when a person is freezing to death that, just before the end, he feels warm and comfortable. Today, far to many Americans feel warm and comfortable.

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