Tidbits 2

I have gathered a collection of news you will not hear anywhere else. Read on and shudder in fear and disgust. I know I did.

In Montana a former high school teacher was sentenced to 30 days plus 1 day already served for raping a 14 year old student.  Judge G, Todd Baugh suspended his initial 15-year sentence and issued this irrational 30-day sentence to Stacey Rambold, age 54, who was convicted of raping Cherice Morales at least three times. According to a local paper the judge justified his actions by claiming that the 14 year old was “older than her chronological age.” So in the twisted mind of this judge it’s the victims fault the perverted “adult” in this tragedy can’t keep his pants on. Talk about siding with a child molester! Just what are they teaching teachers now days? The rapes took place in 2008 and in 2010 the young Morales committed suicide. Her mother claimed the rapes played “a huge role” in her daughters death. The pervert is now free to pursue other underage girls. The good people of Montana need to impeach this idiot judge.

In the northern counties of Colorado the locals have had enough of the unresponsive and overbearing governor and state legislators. The governor and his cronies in the state house have recently passed laws concerning gun control, renewable energy and oil and gas production. These new laws have little support outside of the minority of liberals who support them. Tired of being demonized, ignored and abused by legislators trying to regulate or tax them out of existence the citizens of northern Colorado have begun the process of seceding from the state in hopes of becoming the 51st state. A huge chunk of the states revenue comes from this part of Colorado so the liberals are starting to worry. Also, there is precedent. In 1791 Vermont was created from New York. Soon afterward Kentucky separated itself from Virginia. In 1796 Tennessee came out of North Carolina. In 1820 Maine left Massachusetts and in 1863 West Virginia broke from Virginia.  The demonization campaign against those who support the creation of Americas newest, conservative state will begin shortly, and you can bet it will get ugly. I think we should help the good people of northern Colorado exercise their right of self-governance.

If you are one of the three people who actually watch MSNBC this story may not be news to you. Toure Neblett, a “host” on the network no one watches has come up with a new “conspiracy” theory. Apparently this “host” believes that having the media report on the killings of the Australian baseball player Chris Lane and WWII vet Delbert Belton by blacks is “a vile new tactic” by those seeking to make some “point about race in America.” One gets the impression from this intellectual pygmies argument that only white on black crime merits news coverage. The real racial tragedy is that morons like Mr. Neblett refuse to report on the surge over the last few years of black on white crimes and the fact that young black men are killing themselves off in record numbers. If there is a racist in the room I think it is the person who choose what he reports according to the color of the victims/perpetrators skin. I wonder who that could be?

Finally, the Holder Injustice Department has reared its ugly, authoritarian head again. Mr. Holder has decided that black children in Louisiana must stay in failing public schools. To ensure that another generation of “his people” remain intellectually impoverished but politically well indoctrinated he has sued the state over its school voucher program. He hides this despicable reasoning by claiming that black school children who opt for the vouchers and leave failing public schools for private ones are slowing the “desegregation process.” In what is a typical liberal thought process it is completely acceptable for children to be forced to remain in failing schools as long as the racial quotas are maintained. Remind me again, who is the racist?  


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