A Hill To Die On

Senator Mike Lee of Utah (my senator) has spent the last few weeks trying to gather support for his idea of de-funding obamacare. His plan is deceptively simple. Have the house pass a funding bill that pays for everything but obamacare. This bill will then be sent to the senate for its “consideration.” The theory is that the healthcare law is so wildly unpopular that the democrats in the senate will not have the political stomach to vote for it once more. Perhaps.

I am a long time observer of the militant liberal democratic politician. I can assure you that there will be no defections of democrat senators when the house bill is sent over. Any senator who even contemplates such a desertion will have pressure put upon him by the democratic party and their subservient media that will make the pressures at the bottom of the sea look like a comparative walk in the park. While liberals like to scream about conservatives voting in lockstep it is an undeniable historical fact that it is the liberals who vote en mass. This occasion will be no different.

Upon receiving the bill from the house the senate democrats, having the majority, will simply reinstate the obamacare funding and pass the bill back to the house. The house then could re-pass the bill and send it back to a senate that would then repeat itself. This circus would continue only as long as the republicans could stand the heat being dished out by the president and his media. You know, starving old people and denying seniors their social security etc to make the rich richer. Under current republican leadership, especially in the senate, the republicans would instantly cave under the manufactured media pressure. This would give the democrats two victories for the price of one.

The first victory would be a policy one. The reprehensible obamacare would be funded and once funded, will be virtually impossible to repeal. The second victory would be political. For the next ten years all we would hear about from the democrats and their media allies is how they courageously defeated the evil republicans, saving mankind in the process. We have seen this show before. How the republicans, when faced with “the will of the people”, even though there were no people, saw the light and caved.

I am a reluctant proponent of Mike Lee’s plan. Not because I am unsure of the plan, but because I know just how weak our so-called leadership is. Even when faced with overwhelming support their most important consideration is “but what will they think of us? What if they start calling us names?”

I have news for you in the leadership. They have been calling us names for as long as I can remember and, like the schoolyard bullies they are, will continue to do so as long as it gets them the results they seek. I suspect that even if the plan fails in its political objective there will be an energizing effect on the conservative base that could end up moving mountains.

Mike Lee’s plan may or may not work. I think it is about time though that our so-called leadership finally stood for something that we conservatives actually believe in. It is time they acted like the adults we thought they were when we elected them. If Mike Lee’s plan should fail, then we take our lumps and continue to move forward. However, if my party had to pick a hill to die on this is as good as it gets.

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