The Third Rule

     There is an ancient Chinese proverb says that even the longest journey begins with a first step. Liberals and their allies have been taking steps, big and small, for the last fifty years. The conservative response, for the most part, has been to complain about it. The time to complain about things is long since passed. It is time now time for we conservatives to take our first steps.
     The great civil rights leader Dr. King fought a system that, while promoting separate but equal, was actually a racist system. He showed us that all evil required to progress was the silence of good people. He also taught us the three steps needed to defeat evil. The first was allowing evil to show itself for what it is. The second was not being afraid to call evil for what it is. The third was that evil must be responded to. And yes, I am equating liberalism with evil.
     When Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back of the bus, she unwittingly showed conservatives what we must do to regain our country. While few people have the courage of a Rosa Parks, we must find it within ourselves to do something. While we are not at the point yet where one needs to risk jail time in their defense of their country, it is clear that that time is coming.
     If one carefully observes the news it is obvious that there have been multiple, consistent, aggressive and insidious attempts by liberals and their supporters to criminalize simply being a conservative, a Christian or a heterosexual. If one carefully looks into recent history you can see that these attempts have been going on for the last forty years. The fact that liberals feel it is now time to demonize (not criticize) conservative thoughts (and the fact that demonization is acceptable to many liberals) should give everyone pause.
     The third rule is simply that one must act. The nature of your action is entirely up to you but there is no question that it is now time for conservatives to act. The most diligent will act once a day, in some way, to reclaim liberty. Some will only act as they feel their action is needed and some will only act on the issues they feel are important. The important thing is that all conservatives must act and must act now.
This does not mean that we must do the silly, sometimes stupid things liberals do when they “protest” something. We must not throw tampons at legislators, that is the liberal response. We can be creative and effective at the same time.
     In Utah, where I live, our legislature recently passed a constitutional open carry law. Currently citizens can only carry concealed weapons legally with a permit or carry openly if the gun is essentially unloaded. The governor promised to veto the bill even though the bill had wide support. Using the liberal argument of “public safety” the so-called conservative governor vetoed the bill.  At the end of the day, in Governor Herbert’s mind, it was really only about preserving the money that came in from the issuance of CC permits and maintaining the database of who potentially has guns.
     Allow us to use Governor Herbert as an example. What could conservatives have done to remind the elitist governor of Utah that he works for them?  There are the obvious things like writing letters and making phone calls and these should and must be done. However if this is all we do the message is soon ignored or conveniently lost.
     Some gun owners went to the next level and sent letters to the editor in support of the bill and warning the governor not to veto it. Again well and good (and should be done) but the fact is most people do not read those letters. It is a fact that newspaper circulation numbers are at all time lows.
     Visiting lawmakers is a powerful option if your visit is factual, reasoned and you have the ability to “remain on message.” Remember, politicians by their very nature, are adept at steering discussions away from your point of view and have long ago mastered the fine art of distraction. This is why so many companies hire lobbyists.
     On a wider scale, we must also attract the attention of and educated those who are not “paying attention” or “don’t understand the issue.” Rallies are good but honestly, most conservatives have jobs and lives so a rally must take that into consideration. What if instead of a rally there had been an “empty holster day” where everyone who supported the law wore an empty gun holster? I have several I could have loaned out. Talk about a great conversation starter.
     Advertising can be very effective but tends to be expensive. Joining like-minded organizations provides the power of numbers. Some residents in the state of Colorado have used the recall process to make their displeasure known. Petition drives can be effective. The main point here is that there are always options.
     Finally there is the mothers milk of politics, cash. Simply stop donating to those politicians and companies that do not support you or your beliefs. That’s why I will never buy Progressive insurance. Sorry Flo, I love you but your company funds to many vile concepts to deserve any of my dollars. That is also why I stopped giving money to the Boy Scouts. Make donations to the principled opposition where it exists and let the politicians currently in office know both that you have done so and why you did it. Nothing puts the fear into a politician so deeply as a lack of campaign contributions.
     The liberals have been relentless in their efforts to turn this once great nation into a third world socialist failure. We must also be relentless in our efforts to combat such lunacy. Every day we must do something in the defense of liberty. A letter, a phone call, a visit, a donation or a conversation with friends, relatives or co-workers, all of these things are good. Use social media, although use it sparingly as it tends to come across as “preachy” if your message isn’t humorous in some obvious way.
     Remember the first two rules, then do these things at all times in good faith, with joy in your heart and a smile on your face. There will always be those who disparage you for your actions or convictions. Understand that their level of angst with you is often just a measure of your effectiveness.  Despite all the damage liberals have done to the America my family has fought for over the last sixty years, this is still the best place on earth to live. It now falls to this generation to reclaim the legacy of America as the shining city on the hill. I know, with your help, we can do it. 

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