Rule Number Two, What Can You Do?

     The recent Zimmerman trial and reactions to the verdict illustrate to near perfection what lies at the core of the second rule. That is, there is no point in trying to curry the favor of those who will never like/tolerate you or your beliefs simply because you are who you are, ie white or conservative or republican, “rich” or god forbid, a gun owner.
     An extension of this is the much-ballyhooed concept of compromise. While it may be necessary on rare occasions in the political arena to compromise, that compromise must be a fair one. Today compromise is defined as conservatives surrendering their core values to forward a liberal agenda. That is not true compromise.
     Over the last twenty years our country has gone from the shining city on the hill, the once proud beacon of hope, freedom and opportunity to become the attempted suicide patient on life support. It is entirely reasonable and I would even say, imperative, that we conservatives make the attempt to illustrate the insanity of the liberal perspective.
     As conservatives we are oftentimes faced with a seemingly impossible dilemma. There is a deeply internal desire by most people to be liked. I don’t mean desired and adored, that’s the purview of the Kenyan little Barry. I mean that no one wants to be thought of by others as being mean or offensive. At the same time we have a strong desire to maintain our independence. We do not appreciate anyone who attempts to “lord” over us.
     These two traits often bring conservatives into direct and often unpleasant confrontations with the liberal ideology. Liberals will deny this to their last breath but the goal of liberalism is the control and domination of nearly everyone and everything. They cloak this desire in the flowery phrases of economic justice, ending discrimination, environmental protection and, in my opinion the worst one of all, fairness. If you ignore what liberals say and think about what they have done in the past, are doing now or proposing to do, that conclusion is inescapable.
     A prime example of this is the government requiring a magician to create a federally approved “disaster plan” for his one rabbit.  Really? I like rabbits as much as the next guy but in a natural disaster the rabbit is not exactly going to be my first priority. Nor should it be.
     No one, liberal, conservative or independent likes being told what to do, let alone what to think. That is why liberal politicians have had to obscure their intentions with the aforementioned flowery phrases.
     It is often difficult and far to many times virtually impossible to affect any kind of change in the mindset of your average liberal. After fifty years of domination in the public education system and years of fawning admiration of liberal politicians, policies and perspectives by the media and hollywood your average liberal is completely, often emotionally and sometimes blindly invested in their beliefs. In this context sadly, reason does not apply. So, what is a conservative to do?
     First and foremost we should continue being who we are. We get up every day and go to work on time, pay our bills on time, love our family, support charity, pay our taxes, volunteer in our communities and rear our children as best as we can. This illustrates a concept many liberals do not understand, responsibility. This reflects another concept you might have heard of, leading by example.  In this one thing alone, living your life as a conservative, you will have more impact than you will ever know.
     This doesn’t mean that conservatives abandon the arena of ideas. It does mean we must educate ourselves. It means we must teach our kids, our friends, neighbors and coworkers more effectively. It also means we adopt the one liberal tenant worthy of consideration, persistence. We must take every opportunity to educated and enlighten those we come in contact with. We must teach constantly, consistently and concisely without preaching, condemning or belittling, for those last three are the tools of liberals. We must be patient in our efforts, polite in our disagreements and absolute in our resolve. We must learn to not accept false premises and not be intimidated by, or accepting of, offensive liberal behavior. We must understand that in the liberal ideology the “truth” is always relative because in their world the end often justifies the means. We must be alert in our homes, schools, social groups and communities for those ideas that are detrimental to liberty. Finally, we must identify, promote and vote for candidates at every level of government that understand and support these concepts.
     Given the often militant nature of ideologically rigid liberals it is seldom possible to reason with them. They generally lack either the desire to understand your argument or the ability to understand your argument. We must understand then that our “job” is not to force people to our way of thinking. Force and coercion is the liberal response to those who disagree with or question them. We are simply providing a frame of reference that well intentioned, non-militant liberals cannot get anywhere else. We must be the example that puts the lie to the liberal/media stereotype of conservatives.
     Liberals have long known that their agenda is deeply resented by the majority of Americans. To survive as an ideology they did the only thing they could, they broke their agenda into tiny, bite size parts, candy coated it then never, ever gave up pursuing it. As a strategy this is outstanding. We should do essentially the same. Advance our ideas one small part at a time and never give up pursuing them. The only caveat is we need to sugar coat nothing. There are no conservative tenets that fear sunshine.
     The conservative agenda is a simple concept to promote. The US Constitution is the blueprint we follow. The bill of rights is where the “rubber meets the road.” Understanding these two founding documents is crucial. Frankly, if one will simply apply the plain meaning of the words, understanding these documents is intuitive.
     We conservatives have much unjust animus to overcome. Exactly why liberals feel the need to demand higher and higher levels of taxation, government spending, endlessly expanding regulations, extensive spying on Americans and increasing amounts of welfare dependency eludes conservatives. The fact that we speak out so plainly against these government intrusions annoys liberals to no end.
     We must never forget that the liberal tendency to “feel” about things rather than think things through is a self-perpetuating form of slavery.


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