Rule One, Understand What You Are Up Against

Americans don’t like to think ill of fellow Americans. As a general rule we tend to apply the “best of intents” to most peoples actions. Nowhere is this more true than in the arena of political ideas and many times this is the correct course of action. Sometimes though, it is not. Sometimes applying the best of intentions to the actions of someone is downright dangerous. The trick as the old saying goes, is to know when to go along to get along and when to stand and fight.

For many of us conservatives the time for going along to get along has passed. We no longer feel the need to sit quietly on the sidelines because we understand that course of action has led our country to one dramatic failure after another. Frankly, a strong argument can be made that many times during the last few years strong inroads have been made in the “criminalization” of being conservative, being Christian and supporting the Constitution. (IRS scandal anyone? See last weeks column)
One of the first things conservatives must understand is who are we dealing with? It is absolutely necessary that you know who your opponent in the arena of ideas is. As Glen Beck always says, you must do your homework. In the political arena this requirement has been dramatically simplified by the Democratic Party.

Over the last ten to fifteen years the party of “tolerance” has become so ideologically rigid that it simply will not tolerate any political disagreement within its ranks. Anyone remember Senator and vice presidential nominee Joe Lieberman? Despite voting in lockstep with his party for years he crossed the line once. For that single transgression his party both deserted him and financed his primary opponent in the following election. Lieberman ran as an independent and won easily.

To confirm my point, after being elected, Lieberman still sided with the democrats. Talk about blind loyalty. Sadly this is standard DNC operating procedure. It also set the precedent for all democratic candidates since. If you want our help you simply cannot have any “unapproved” ideas. The message was heard loud and clear. Aside from a few nibbles around the edges there have been no significant voices of opposition to the liberal democratic parties destructive agenda by elected liberal democrats since.

Today’s liberal democrats are completely governed by the “ends justifies the means” idea of politics. There has been since the Clinton years a gradual but determined effort to move away from the “old school” idea of winning elections with better ideas to winning elections because you have successfully portrayed your opponent as evil incarnate. I for one am tired of being the focus of evil in the modern world.

If you question my conclusion, great! Now let me illustrate while you do your homework.

The so-called “abortion ban” bill in Texas is a prime example.  Protesters have littered the state Capitol building with orange papers in the shape footprints that say, “Maternal death from illegal abortion.” Pro-abortion activists were seen stuffing bags with tampons, fecal matter and urine. The bags were intended to be thrown at lawmakers. According to Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood abortion business director protesters also threatened to “flash their lady parts” at lawmakers. Surely these actions require no elaboration on my part.

So, who were the protesters? Citizens of the great state of Texas upset at their legislature? Well not so fast partner. Many of the pro-choice protesters came from other states. Referred to as “Orange shirts,” they arrived on buses at the West gate entrance of the Texas Capitol. Texas resident and pro-life activist Morgan McComb said she’s met hundreds of protesters who are from “other states.”

It seems not only were the protesters bussed in but some of them had to be paid for their support. A ad sought full-time activists to earn $1,300-$2,200 a month to “educate the public and identify new supporters to protect reproductive rights.”

All of this is disturbing enough on its own but it gets worse.

State Rep. Jonathan Stickland has received thousands of tweets with death wishes. One especially horrific tweet expressed the desire for his family to be “raped.”

In a press interview Stickland reported that he was constantly being followed by the protesters. “Everywhere I went, they were tweeting pictures, ‘Stickland’s in the elevator or ‘Stickland’s on the move. It was horrendous. I continue to be very concerned about it.”

State Sen. Donna Campbell received Facebook messages telling her, “I hope you’re raped” and “I hope your daughter’s raped.”

Another protester tweeted: “A woman in Texas could shoot @DavidHDewhurst and use ‘stand your ground’ as a defense. Cause that guy is threatening all women in Texas.”

As terrible as all this may sound to the average reader, I can assure you this is not uncommon. Having seen this all before I am no longer shocked by it.

One of the things that really makes me sick though is how these alleged protesters use children. Very young children were seen carrying signs such as “Every child a wanted child”, “Stay out of my mommy’s vagina”, “Jesus isn’t a d–k, so keep him out of my vagina” and the graphic “If I wanted the government in my womb, I would f*** a senator!”

That these “activities” pass for reasoned debate in the liberal mindset of today is both telling and sad. To show that this sort of behavior continues virtually unchecked consider this.

“Everyone who signed a recall petition has received multiple phone calls, mailers and face- to-face visits in an attempt to get them to remove their name,” said Victor Head, a plumber from Pueblo. “Our small town is now facing Chicago thug tactics by [those] attempting to prevent us from exercising our rights to hold our elected officials accountable for their votes.”

Head is the chief of Pueblo Freedom and Rights. The group is one of three sponsors of a recall petition against Democratic State Sen. Angela Giron for her recent gun control votes. Despite widespread opposition from state residents and law enforcement officials Democrats who control both chambers pushed through a series of radical gun control measures.

Included in the recall effort is state Senate President John Morse.

Colorado Recall Watch, a group dedicated to fighting the recall against Morse, placed a series of robocalls to Colorado Springs residents making the false claim that the recall effort was being spearheaded by outside groups. Another robocall by Colorado Recall Watch made the suggestion that signature gatherers were criminals and encouraged residents to demand they leave their property if they come to the door. “Criminals, convicted of forgery, fraud and even sexual assault – if they are not already, these workers will be in your neighborhood soon,” the call said. The message even suggested residents call the police on the signature gatherers.

Victor Head says the claim that the recall is being spearheaded by out of state interests is a complete fabrication. “No one is out-of-state. I’m sitting in my house. … I was born and raised in this town. All of us on the petition grew up in the area, and everyone involved in this process are long-term residents. Of a total of $25,000 in support we have raised, maybe $1,000 has come from out of state.”

On the other side of this recall it is a much different story. The Washington, D.C.- based Sixteen Thirty Fund has given $35,000 to help Giron fight the recall. Citizens for Integrity and Mainstream Colorado, both Denver-based organizations, donated $20,000 and $15,000 respectively. Also, the American Federation of State, Federal and Municipal Employees union, based in Washington, has contributed $3,500.

After the recall petitions were turned into Secretary of State Scott Gessler’s office, petition signers found themselves the subject of a series of intimidating tactics to get them to recant their signatures for recalling Giron and Morse.

“People who signed the petition received a phone call from a live person asking them if they wanted to remove their signatures from the petition,” Head told reporters. “This was followed up by two different mailers which contained a postcard that people could send back asking for the removal of their signatures from the petition and then after that they sent people to go door-to-door to visit the people who signed the petition.”

Before that tactic could produce results Giron supporters began increasing the pressure to levels approaching harassment.

A voter who signed the petition against Giron, Jim Elson, told the Pueblo Chieftain he was berated by a caller from Pueblo United For Angela.

“An individual called and asked if I remembered signing a petition pertaining to Senator Angela Giron. Of course I remember signing that petition,” Elson replied. “He laughed at me and said, ‘Well, do you know you signed a petition that contained false and fictitious information?’ He then went on to say that I didn’t know what I was signing. “Why do you call me at home and berate me and tell me I’m so misinformed? It was so insulting,” Elson continued.

Voters who signed the petition to recall Morse have received similar phone calls.

Sensing that their efforts to date are failing, attorneys for Morse and Giron have now gone to court. They make the argument that voters did not realize what they were signing, claiming among other things that the wording was not sufficiently clear because voters were asked if Morse and Giron should be recalled but never told that an election would have to be held to do so.

So now, in the eyes of liberal democrats, residents of Colorado not only are not smart enough to run a recall drive but they cannot even grasp the concept that a recall petition, if successful, will call for a new election.

It is a sad truth that today the liberal democrat party will do or say anything to get and maintain power. The administration of the Kenyan little Barry has given us example after example of this tendency. To these people even the law relative. They will use it to promote their agenda or ignore it at will.

One of the hardest lessons we have to learn is that most of the time there is simply no common ground for conservatives and today’s liberals to negotiate on. Meeting in the “middle” is no longer possible. Liberals feel it is their imperative, moral right to tell me how big a soda I can have, how much of and what kind of electricity I can use, what kind of gas mileage my car must get, what kind of health insurance I need, how much I must pay my employees, how much of what I earn I get to keep and what my children must know. Not content to manage their own lives they will insert themselves into my, and your, life at every opportunity.

My grandfather had two great pearls of wisdom that can sum up this column. “No one is as blind as the man who will not see,” and “There is no point in denying the obvious.”

At the end of the day we simply must understand and accept that today’s ruling liberal elite and their RINO republican accomplices seek only the acquisition of power over us. Under the cover of flowery speeches and heartfelt smiles they will slowly but surely bind us in the chains of their compassion.

We ignore grandpa’s advice at our peril.

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