The Fouth of What?

The fourth of July is a holiday that recognizes Americas independence. Well, it used to be. I think now days it is just another excuse to barbecue and drink beer. While I enjoy both of those activities the fourth means much more to me. It is a time to remember and contemplate just how we came to be. To remember how much was risked and lost in our great struggle for freedom. It is a time to honor not just our founding fathers but all those who have served this country. On this day I am both happy and humble.

What actually happened a little over two hundred years ago is not really in schools anymore. The America I grew up in, in its desperate attempts to be more “tolerant” and “compassionate” has passed into history.

In America it is now acceptable to far to many of its people to abuse and discriminate against certain classes of people. Consider these representative examples. A minister in Arizona is sent to prison for having bible studies in his own home with friends. In some restaurants in Dearborn, MI, women are not allowed in the same lines as men. A mother who renounced her brief lesbian lifestyle was ordered by a judge to give up custody of her daughter to her “partner”, even though the partner was suspected of abusing the child and had no biological relationship to the little girl. In the New York City school system kindergartners are being taught that the “gay” lifestyle is natural. Whether it is or is not, is not my concern here. My question here is why do 5-6 year olds need to know about this subject? These are the miniscule tip of an obscenely massive iceberg but they illustrate my point.

An America where clergy cannot practice in their own home, where women are relegated to second class citizens and children who are still unable to distinguish fantasy from reality are sexually indoctrinated is not the country our founders intended. It is not a country that will/can survive for long.

I come from a long line of service to my country. My grandfather served in WWII and retired after 23 years in the Air Force. My father was a combat engineer in the Army who, unlike John Kerry, actually fought in Vietnam. He served over twenty years. I spent four years in the Navy during the early eighties following Russian submarines across the Pacific Ocean. The country we willingly served no longer exists and I can prove it.

When I signed up for service it was not legal in this country for the government to take your property and give it to a private individual/organization (Kilo), for the government to force you to buy health insurance (Obamacare), for the president to kill you without due legal process (trial – drone strikes), for the president to control all means of communication at his whim (recently signed executive order), for the government to detain you and deprive you of representation without trial indefinitely (NDAA), for the IRS or any agency to actively discriminate against you, for the government to capture, store and listen to every phone call, email, text message, social media post etc that you make or that every federal agency thought of itself as SEAL Team 6.

The final nail in the coffin of the once great USA is financial. The entitlement mentality so diligently fostered by liberals in America over the last forty years has come home to roost. We are nearing (some say we have already passed) the point where it is mathematically impossible to pay our debt. When that point is inescapably reached and no one (China, Japan etc) will support our dependency any longer, America will have finally died.

The greatest experiment in human freedom will find itself bound in the chains of intolerance and economic slavery. The greatest economic engine in the world will find itself taxed and regulated out of existence. The beacon of hope and opportunity for the world will find itself poisoned to death by the vile toxins of political correctness and equality of outcome. The millions of people around the world who count on our aid during natural disasters will go without because we can no longer care for ourselves. The greatest force for good in the world will, unless much needed change is affected, descend into yet another petty third world dictatorship.

As a loyal American patriot I can no longer sit on the sidelines. There is much work to be done and that, as they say, is my next column.


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