A Nations Last Heartbeat

When the press becomes an extension of the ruling class it is always we the people who suffer. Consider what has been happening in America recently. So called Senator Durbin, a democrat who never met a terrorist he didn’t want to try and understand, is now openly proposing that only legitimate journalists should be afforded the protections of the second amendment. One wonders just what part of  “shall not” confuses him.

He doesn’t really offer just who he thinks is a legitimate journalist but he has made clear who he thinks is not. Being unable to control all of us bloggers he is determined to find a way to silence critics of him and his demented political philosophy. As a devoted liberal seeking absolute control he understands that sunlight is the best disinfectant. He is now searching desperately for the blinds.

Consider his position in light of the now established fact that this administration has been listening in on nearly everyone. No one has been spared, not judges, not generals, not journalists, not even legislators. The “most open, transparent administration in history” now openly spies on everyone and the so-called media, after the obligatory outburst to maintain what little credibility they still have, goes dark. Spinning is one thing when everyone knows you are doing it but controlling what constitutes news and what doesn’t, let alone who is a journalist, is a level of control only sought by despots. 

One of the unstated purposes of controlling the press is the division of a countries people. As the great divider in chief the Kenyan little Barry has been more successful at this than even the shyster Bill Clinton. I never thought that would be possible but I have now been shown that there is no depth a liberal will not sink to in the advancement of their pathological political goals. Basking in the blood of murdered children the Kenyan little Barry took the parents of the Newtown tragedy who supported gun control on Air Force One as potent political props while the parents who did not support his agenda were shut out completely by the administration and their compliant press. Americans who do not read “right wing blogs” are probably not aware of that fact.

Liberals and democrats, and no there is no difference between the two anymore have spent the last nearly forty years dividing us. If you think objectively about the concept you will soon realize how ingrained it has become. Phrases like “the evil rich”, “soccer moms”, “gun nuts” and “right wingers” are bandied about constantly by media types like the mindless talking points they are. Their function though is not to describe people but to limit thought. After forty plus years of liberal domination in the public school system, critical thinking skills are now in desperately short supply.  

All tyrants know that a divided people are easier to control. The easiest group to control are those who have become dependent on the tyrant for their protection and well being. Fear and food are the great unifier s of the liberal ideology. Protect me from “them” and make sure “my” food stamps show up on time. 

For whatever reason the press in America remains largely silent on the abundant and readily demonstrable failures of both this administration and its failed ideology as well as its attempt to consolidate more and more power unto itself. To the so-called press the role of accomplice is easier than the duty of being a nations watchdog. I think that many “reporters” have as the old saying goes, have “started believing their own press”.

The complete failure of the press is the last heartbeat of a great nation and the death knell of the freedoms we have enjoyed for nearly two hundred years.


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