Build the Fence Then We’ll Talk

As a first generation American I can no longer sit quietly as the so called “Gang of 8” reassuringly shove their immigration monstrosity on this once great country.

Referring to themselves as a gang is entirely correct. These so called United States Senators gang like actions and attitudes in regards to the immigration fiasco would be both instantly recognized and understood by your local gangbangers.

Showing no regard for the law is a hallmark of gangsters and the “gang of 8” has shown that they are hell bent on ignoring current law. They refuse, for example, to secure the border first despite the fact some of them voted for the law requiring a border fence  (much of which remains un-built) be built. They promise that at some point they will get around to securing the border but that is not the “important” issue at the moment. Yes, they say, the dam is leaking but we will fix that later. Right now we need to get all the illegals in this country on public assistance and registered to vote. Meanwhile the tide continues to rise.

This position alone demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that these anti-American senators seek only a process to legalize as many illegal aliens as possible as quickly as possible. Yes I said it, anti-American. Lets be clear, if these so called senators were the least bit concerned about this country, securing the border would be their first priority. Interestingly, despite overwhelming public support for securing the border, these so-called senators refuse to consider that option until all the illegal aliens in this country are registered democrats.

No real American could bring himself to sell his political soul to a wave of illegal aliens (translation, lawbreakers) for such a purely political purpose. Make no mistake, on the Democratic side this is exactly what is transpiring. Being able to see no farther than their next election Democrats are comfortable in their belief that the newly minted “citizens” will continue to vote for them.

To ensure the newly minted “Americans” continue to vote correctly, these political hucksters will continue to give away cash and benefits to maintain their power. Those of you who are offended by that need to be quiet and get back to work. Democrats need your taxes to payoff their new voters.

A side benefit for the democrats is that, should the gang get their way, the Republican Party will disintegrate. That suits the likes of McCain and Graham just fine, they never really liked the God fearing, gun clinging Americans that get up and go to work everyday and just want the government to stay out of their way and out of their pockets. Rubio is little better, he talks one way then votes the other way.

The Republican Party suffers from the delusion that if we grant this amnesty the illegal aliens will suddenly come to love them and will change political horses and vote for them. There is no real evidence that even hints at such an outcome.

I have a question, can any of you so-called republican senators recall what happened after the 1986 immigration “reform”? I can as I am old enough to remember. We are repeating that disaster with this current bill by orders of magnitude.

In an effort the be liked and understood by the very people who will never want to like or understand them one begins to wonder if they suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. I think they do. The victims McCain, Graham and Rubio dutifully listen to the instructions of their political enemies, line themselves and their followers up in good order, and proceed to march happily off the immigration cliff.


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