Sacrificed on The Altar of Political Correctness

Before I begin I would like the reader to understand that I have great sympathy for the Martin family. Theirs is a tragedy no matter which way it is presented. While I have not lost a child I have experienced the agony of a 1 am call from the hospital telling me my 18-month-old granddaughter was dying and they didn’t think they could save her. Sitting beside a hospital bed watching for someone you loves last breath to come changes you in ways that are not easily explained. Thankfully the team assembled was able to save her and we were spared the tragedy. While I cannot say I understand exactly what the Martin family has gone through I can say I have a respectable frame of reference.
    That experience makes this column, in some respects, more difficult to write. Still, the truth has no agenda and despite what anyone “feels” they are ultimately responsible for their actions. The legacy of young Martin now will be nothing more than that of another political opportunity for the racial hucksters of the day. In their grief the Martin family has helped mightily and willingly to cement this legacy. To those who will call me a racist for pointing out the obvious, your name-calling is just another confirmation of the correctness of my argument.
    Sadly it seems that in this country, every so often, there must be a sacrifice offered to the politically correct crowd of liberals, democrats and their public school graduate/ivy league college followers. A recent example has been the U.S. military given up to the gay pride crowd. Today however, another sacrifice is being prepared.
     Within the next couple of weeks the show trial of the “White/Hispanic” George Zimmerman will get underway. Like the show trials of the old Soviet Union this will doubtless be complete with absurd amounts of political correctness, misguided racial hyperbole and overbearing concerns about “justice for Martin”.
     Those of you who are old enough or educated enough to know what I am referring to should be able to see the coming sacrifice of George Zimmerman. If you pay attention you can see the familiar patterns have already emerged.
     The mere fact that he was only arrested and charged after the racially charged outcry from political poverty pimps like Mr. Jackson and Mr. Sharpton should send the alarm bells of decent citizens and the judiciary ringing like crazy. Sadly it has done no such thing.
     The following fact has largely been buried by the media in its promoting of such a “racial” event but, police at the time had eyewitness testimony that Martin had Zimmerman on the ground and was beating him. They determined at the time that Zimmerman’s actions were justifiable self-defense and chose not to present the incident for prosecution. That is why Zimmerman was not arrested at the time.
     Two certainties can be gleaned from this. First you can rest assured this witness will be raked over the white hot, racially charged coals of indignation by the supporters of Martins family, the media and in all probability the prosecution until their testimony is either recanted or matches the prosecutions version of events. Second, your average public school/ivy league graduate will not remember, or perhaps even know, about this inconvenient fact.
     Consider also that the outcry about Martin did not come right away. It took the racial hucksters Jackson and Sharpton several weeks to organize their mobs and get their “outrage” together. It is a truism that timing is everything.
     Then who can forget the touching photo of a 12-year-old Martin the media foisted upon us relentlessly, even knowing then that the 17-year-old martin had grown considerably bigger and stronger. This was done by a media in hopes of a story that would confirm their running narrative, ie racism is alive and well in the good old USA. Have you also noticed that even after being called on this misrepresentation, certain areas of the media continue to perpetrate the hoax. In the minds of these media type hucksters the innocent skinny little 12-year-old Martin is the one killed by Zimmerman and the truth that Martin was a much bigger and stronger young man is irrelevant.   
     Then there was the whole “bloody nose” non-incident. The media made a huge deal out of a surveillance camera shot showing Zimmerman being taken out of a police car without “any blood” on him. This they claimed was shocking proof that Zimmerman was lying. What they knew at the time but chose not to tell you was that Zimmerman’s nose had been treated and thus any blood would have been cleaned up. This photo was used to further incite the Martin family and their supporters.  
     As a prime example of Democratic Party thinking, ie let no good tragedy go to waste, the media pounced yet again. In what can only be called an act of criminal proportions the 911 call by Zimmerman to police was drastically edited to portray him as a stalking racist. This had to be nothing more than another attempt to fan the flames of hatred. I suspect there were other intentions as well. Perhaps it was also an attempt to justify the outbursts coming from the Martin family and their supporters and/or a blatant effort to prejudice both the public and any jury that might eventually be seated. No other rational explanation fits the facts.
     Perhaps the best witness to young Martins attitude and state of mind is Martin himself. His life seemed, again according to his social media posts, to revolve around drugs and violence. You can bet the farm that the in the politically correct version of the Martin story the prosecution and the Martin family will do everything in their power to make sure no on knows just what reprehensible stuff Martin posted on his social media accounts. If, as the family maintains, Martin wasn’t a gangster, then he sure tried hard to perpetuate the image.  
     The Kenyan little Barry said of Martin “if I had a son he would look like Trayvon.” This is probably one of the only truths to come out of El Presidente for Life Barry’s mouth. Any son of the Kenyan would doubtless be just like his father, a racially biased, ruthlessly ambitious, the ends justifies the means Chicago style gangster. Like the Kenyan little Barry, Martin wanted to be feared for his aggressiveness not respected for his character or ability. His twitter account proves that.
     It is often said that the simplest explanation is the best. Despite all the racial hyperbole and political correctness swirling around this case the evidence seems pretty clear. Zimmerman spotted Martin. He made the 911 call and did as the dispatcher said, walked away. For reasons we may never know, Martin it seems decided to assert himself on Mr. Zimmerman. Perhaps that night, Zimmerman was taking the place of the kid Martin wanted to beat up from his twitter account.
     On the ground and being pounded into the pavement Zimmerman did exactly what any of us would have done. He didn’t call the police, Martin wouldn’t have allowed that. He didn’t try to “understand” his attacker, I suspect Martin wouldn’t have cared if he had tried. He didn’t apologize for being something he wasn’t, a racist, and he did not apologize for being where he was, nor should he have. When push came to shove Zimmerman defended himself. You or I may have chosen different tools to do so but Zimmerman used what he had. Someone long ago should have taught Martin that some times poor choices lead to very bad outcomes.
     There is a passage in the bible that tells us that those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword. There is more and more truth in those words every day. Looking back at an all to short, angry and much too tragic life, one wonders if Martin had even heard of the book.  

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