A brief look at some of the news you may not have heard about.

Your First Amendment Rights Are Guaranteed, Maybe.
What is it about the state of Illinois that produces such hideous politicians as Hillary Clinton, the Kenyan little Barry, Rahm Emanuel and the intellectual flyweight Senator Dick Durbin? On the news show Fox News Sunday the so called senator Durbin actually questioned whether bloggers or tweeters had first amendment rights. Apparently not content with ignoring the terrorist threat to this country, or spending us into oblivion to buy his next election he feels that anyone who is not working for an established news agency no longer gets first amendment protection. “We need to ask 21st century questions about a provision that was written over 200 years ago,” Durbin blathered. Following his demented logic to its further conclusion I suppose he would only apply the first amendment to those “official” journalists who produce news reports with a quill pen and parchment paper. If this mental midget had bothered to read the amendment in question he would have known that it does not refer to nor limit the means of expression. If he were capable of rational thought he would have understood that the first amendment was created precisely so that the people would not have to suffer the granting of the right of expression through some arbiter like, lets say Durbin. Lets be clear, this is just an attempt to censor what Durbin considers the evil opposition. 

For Liberals, One Benghazi is Not Enough.
    The Kenyan little Barry is determined to close club Gitmo. In an effort to deter those who would kill us as fast and gruesomely as possible, he intends to send some 90 Yemeni Guantanamo Bay detainees back to the terrorist supporting country they came from.  He intends to speed up other transfers as well. To those who have followed this story there is little in the way of a surprise here. Little Barry has been pushed long and hard by his political base to free the American murdering thugs now being given far more humane treatment than they deserve. Attorney General Holders previous employer, Covington and Burling, a private law firm, has given dozens of Gitmo terrorists thousands of hours of free legal representation. They have also been behind a series of sad sack stories trying to portray these murdering jihadists as just misguided, misunderstood poor people. Apparently blowing up innocent people is just another form of expression these idiots feel compelled to defend. The fact is, and both the Kenyan little Barry and his heartless minion Holder know this, that is according to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence 28% of all released detainees return to terrorist operations. Frighteningly, those are just the ones we know of. The actual number could be much higher. A prime example is that of Sufyan Ben Qumu. Released from club Gitmo its believed he went on to plan the attack on Benghazi. You know, the one that killed four Americans. The one that Hillary Clinton says doesn’t matter anymore. The only possible outcome of this rush to send terrorists back the supporting arms of their terror loving country is, big drum roll, more attacks on America and Americans. Thinking people wonder, how many more must die before The Kenyan little Barry and his evil henchman Holder are satisfied?


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