El Presidente For Life

In what I can only describe as a shocking admission the Attorney General of the United States told congress that the Kenyan little Barry has the kind of power that tin plated dictators have wet dreams about.
    The evidence of little Barrys desire to turn the once great nation of America into a third world banana republic is both plain to see and overwhelming to anyone who will simply observe the obvious. Consider the facts we know.
    Since the Kenyan began his imperial presidency we have seen millions more on food stamps. Millions more on unemployment. A “healthcare” bill that even its supporters admit wont do what they claimed and the corrupt process it took to get the thing passed not to mention the billions of dollars over budget it ran up before the law even takes full effect. Hundreds of millions of tax dollars simply given to friends and campaign contributors. The vicious and unrelenting attacks on anyone who dares to disagree with his imperial highness or his cronies. Six trillion in new debt in five years. The unconstitutional policy of governing by executive order. Shipping guns to drug lords in Mexico. Sitting by and watching his militant Muslim comrades execute a sitting ambassador and his aides and then purposely blaming their actions on a “movie” no one had ever heard of. Ordering the Justice department to not enforce numerous laws he does not like. Getting himself the power to incarcerate indefinitely without charge, trial or even access to legal council any American citizen he deems to be a terrorist. I could continue this list for hundreds of pages but I think any rational person will begin to sense a pattern.
    That pattern reached its culmination with Mr. Holders assertion to congress that the Kenyan little Barry has not only the right to kill American citizens on American soil without any kind of due process but that he has the obligation to do so.
    Anyone, according to Mr. Holder, who is thought to be an immanent threat can be killed by a drone on the order of the Kenyan little Barry. This is the power little tin plated dictators have wet dreams about, killing the opposition by the push of a button.
    I understand the Kenyan despises the constitution but in America we have specially trained people whose job it is to handle these types of situations. We call them police officers or sheriffs and their deputies. Also there is that annoying, well to little Barry its annoying, bill of rights thing. You know due process, right to a speedy trial, right to confront your accuser, the right to council, freedom from coercion and improper searches and seizures etc. These are the kinds of things no self-respecting dictator would stand for and having more respect for himself than anyone, little Barry is slowly but surely eliminating these rights.
    I know there will be some out there who will applaud little Barry for his “decisive” action. These people, having no connection to reality anymore, are well and truly lost. To those who are unsure about this or maybe even think this may be a good idea I ask you to consider just what exactly has just happened.
    This so called president has claimed the right to kill anyone who he deems to be an immanent threat. I noticed that there was no definition of what constitutes an immanent threat. There was no explanation concerning why these perceived threats cannot be handled by law enforcement. Remember, we are talking about American citizens on American soil not U.S. citizens on foreign soil.
    If this so called presidents talk of openly killing Americans on U.S. soil does not scare the hell out of you then there is nothing you will not allow this tin plated Kenyan dictator to do to you. The country my grandfather, my father and I fought and served for will have died a graceless and needless death and the last best hope for humanity will have plunged into the darkness of tyranny and servitude. God help us all.


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