Why Do Liberals Love Murderers

I bet you have never heard of Leonard Peltier. Given the numerous and apparently murder tolerating liberals who have come to his defense lately that would be surprising. You would most certainly know the less than truthful “film maker” Michael Moore. Then there is the seemingly mentally unstable “commentator” Lawrence O’Donnell. Finally we must not forget the Crap star known as Common, whose only claim to fame is that he honored a convicted cop killer with his very own song.

Allow me to introduce you to Leonard Peltier, a murderer that the previously mentioned liberals, as well as many other liberals, feel deserves to be set loose on an unsuspecting public. This piece of human refuse was involved in a shoot out with the FBI. During the shoot out two agents, Coler and Williams were wounded. Laying disabled on the ground they were approached by Peltier and executed by him in cold blood.
Having been denied parole in 2009 this scumbag will not be eligible again until 2024. Far to soon for any sane human to contemplate. Still, this loser has a large number of less than sane supporters.

In 2012 the “Bring Leonard Peltier Home 2012” concert featured such unstable individuals as Harry Belafonte, Jackson Browne and Pete Seegar. Apparently these so called stars do not have a problem with the execution of law enforcement officers.
The terrorist loving Southern Poverty Law Center routinely calls for Peltiers release on its website.

The intellectually vacant public television program Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman interviewed the dirtbag Peltier and asked him what he would like to ask the Kenyan Obama. “Let me loose,” the cold-blooded killer demanded. Perhaps he feels he has not killed enough FBI agents lately.

This piece of filth even has a Lenord Peltier Defense Offense Committee working to gain his release. One wonders if these committee members too feel that not enough FBI agents are being executed in the line of duty.

Even the environmental whack job Robert Redford wormed his way into the cause. He narrated the semi factual 1992 film “Incident at Ogala.” Despite learning the facts of the case the airhead Redford insisted in an interview that Peltier was framed by the FBI. He admitted he didn’t know how the frame up occurred but he knew it must have happened. Moron.

The Kenyan little Barry has said that if enough left wing lunatics will give him the political cover, he will release the murdering Peltier. I guess he also feels that not enough FBI agents are being executed in the line of duty. Typical.

Despite all the fantastic claims of Peltiers supporters the facts speak loud and clear. The FBI Summary of the case points out the following. “Normally, a federal criminal defendant is entitled to a single court appointed attorney chosen by rotation. Peltier received five lawyers – two as trial attorneys and three as investigators. All were chosen by Peltier, rather than the normal rotation process, and all were paid for by the government. The defense received almost double the normal number of preemptory challenges during jury selection. Peltiers lawyers were allowed to personally question the jury, which is highly unusual in federal criminal cases. The trial court provided daily transcripts of testimony to the defense, a very expensive measure which is rarely allowed. After his conviction, Peltier was allowed to dismiss four of his five trial attorneys and hire new ones for his appeals. Peltiers arguments have been presented repeatedly to a U. S. Magistrate, three U. S. District Court Judges, the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. The U. S. Supreme Court has twice denied requests to hear the case after reviewing defense arguments.”

Somehow liberals like Redford, Moore and Common still believe the scumbag Peltier was framed and railroaded into prison. These peoples thinking skills are clearly questionable. I guess the next thing the likes of Redford and Moore will be telling us is the earth really is flat and probably hollow as well.

Frankly, there is more evidence to support that theory than there is to believe that the murdering Peltier was actually framed.

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