Homo Correctus Part 2

Homo Correctus Part 2

    Now that little Barry has managed to get himself ensconced (notice I didn’t say re-elected, but that is another column) back into the white house and given his newfound support of the LGBT agenda one is forced to consider what bizarre portion of that agenda will be next be forced down the throats of a sleeping American public.
    One thing most likely to be brought up at that time is the results of a study, released on Election Day, from the Williams Institute at the UCLA Law School. The study preported to follow seventy-eight children of lesbian parents over a twenty-six year period. Given the nature of the institute and its founder this so called studies results should not be surprising. Nor should they be taken seriously. Because liberals, democrats and certain media types will accept this so called study at face value, you need to know the truth.
    According to this study, these children were happier, more tolerant and did better in school than their counterparts. Counterparts who by the way, apparently suffered from “homophobia.” Surprise, surprise, a group of liberal trial lawyers found a bunch of homophobes. Like that ever happens.
    The results of this alleged study should not be taken seriously. The liberal judges, politicians, social service workers, media types and assorted busybodies that get this “research”, will doubtlessly present this study with the utmost seriousness. If we are to believe this study, all children should be raised by happily married lesbian couples. Just think, no more bad grades in school or juvenile delinquents. Yeah, right.
    Lets do the unthinkable, well if you’re a liberal its unthinkable, and apply some critical thinking to this. We should start with the Williams Institute at the UCLA Law School. They describe themselves as an organization that does “independent research on sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy.” Really? Sexual orientation law? Does that mean it is against the law to be oriented toward sex? Or just sex with the opposite sex? In any case, this so-called research is given to the above mentioned judges, politicians and other assorted busybodies.
    The group was founded in 2001 by a successful businessman named Charles R. Williams with a 2.5 million-dollar initial endowment. He has kicked in another 13 million since. Mr. Williams is both a prominent member of the Gill Foundations OutGiving Advisory Committee and vocal homosexual advocate.
    In 2002 the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association gave him their Co-Presidents award. OUT magazine named him one of their out 100. In 2003 the L. A. Gay and Lesbian Center gave him its Board of Directors award. There is clearly no objectivity here.
    Now, lets go back to the study itself. I have two areas of concern. One is the sample, and the second, is the measurement standards.
The sample was of lesbian couples that managed to stay together for 28 years. As bad as the heterosexual divorce rate is, somewhere around 50%, the gay and lesbian divorce rate is far worse. That means this sample is in no way representative. Clearly this was a carefully targeted group selected to support a preconceived conclusion.
Secondly, while academic standards are important it seems obvious that good grades are not the prime indicator of happiness. As for the children of lesbians being “happier” than children in traditional marriage’s I cannot help but wonder just how that conclusion was justified. Personally, I don’t think it can be.
In any case, the militant homosexual advocates will not give up. Little Barry still needs their support to help pressure vulnerable democrats in towing the party line so he will likely find some agenda item to push. Maybe it will be giving LGBT individuals preference in government procurement contracts or LGBT “couples” preference over heterosexual couples in adoption proceedings.
What ever it is, it is coming because the LGBT lobby does not vote for democrats for free. The party now owes them and the party will pay. Keep your eyes open.

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